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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 11th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Our children. Shut the hell up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. Plus. I was pretty self explanatory. And will live is because I thought we were living at 6 AM tomorrow. Flattened like this time his sleeve. We'll. Oh yeah yeah. Number I am gonna black guy. Variety and a I got a report from Lotus. Oops. It's hard when it's that way. You are because it's thick in your throat. Support despite court. Didn't. Yeah. I think you know big east she can't back again with the chicken. That's not a good movie good. I did did you have little miss sunshine. But he uses it to. Let's is nuts why might join a blink on him. Still guy Alan Arkin gallon argued he's created that movie it's a clue at all keep that that's route through that again would think she can't. That's where that comes from. Night. Clinton eighties here and I gotta tell you about this before we launch into. Whatever it is that we're gonna sexual harassment talk yet will this kind of goes along those lines a little bit. I was you grab I think grab anyone but I had something they just being wielded me and I wanna see if this never happened did you. So I'm a method to fighters concert last night with the with kids and where we're sitting in in some some good CC we are the buyout. Of a friend of ours so we work on the floor but we were in the front row. Officer. So we're really close to the stage but not like in mid. Not into the floor seats and it's mean it that you're kind of on the side kind of on the side Riley's Ferraro yet right by the speakers I can't hear this again you're damned thing to rent. That's it didn't stop them is you know what I think it's better than being on the floor. Myself easier if you're up a little mail literally you can seeing you know getting slammed in Dubai by everybody not getting sweat poured upon you yes although we feel they're girls let's several Beers to Obama's people on the floor. Throwing the Beers. Well yeah them up while they were holding Beers while rocky and him and that's not a good. A recipe for keeping the beer in the glass. There was a lot of clues flashback of Legos and Gallagher show. But a beer coming my way in your punch you know the mud boots I have a real earthy Iberia IPC bell about them today. So I don't they gonna have to go ahead and and try to clean those. So we we assume worst seats right as the opening act is is finishing up some were sitting down their mind amount of business and I was like hey this is great. There's no one around us I think maybe we'll have some. Maybe we'll have some space well no the thing starts to fill up and then I realized cave who were probably not could have been the empty seats bias. And see. These two people come strolling in and I would assume I can best describe this guy. He was about 155. And probably to sixty. Will. Uncapped. Smelled a little bit. Any was wearing a camouflage supreme hat supreme doesn't need the food and supremes like one of the it like the supremes the group always like it say it's a label where they think it's a company that takes existing products may just there was supreme on them and then there's must be worth a lot of money. Can never Italy's unkempt because he spent all his money on the hatch it was weird because they're right now I'm sure that had cost him 250 bucks the rest. Outfit aids. Yeah Keating guild this is really expense. So weak he comes walking down and then whipped him. 510. Probably half Asian half black where he'd. Let their booty shorts but high heels. Smoke show joy who escort. Unbelievable. Unbelievable hooker at the yeah. I thought became instantly that the planning to be answered our dealers for an explanation here what you don't even need to continue. They sit they sit next to us any immediately my daughter turns to me she's sitting next to me and goes why it. And we spent the next. This aid to any minutes debating what was happening. Over here. Any old hooker thing did not. She doesn't look like a hooker was she loves she wasn't I there was. There was a classy elementary she did not appear to do you. And Tonya. But she loves she. That's what we're going wit. You bring yeah squirt to make sure he can afford that hat he can afford to shine or. Army escort which you bring an escort to it. It's sure. I'm not slight think there's not any friends and you don't have good friends hang out with in you don't necessarily just wanna sleep with her. You like you're at the end of the night but you know we got some foo fighter tickets you'll end up to your only one person unite the special in the national. Right. I can't really easy UPS wants companionship you're an exact opinion got much money. For her to hang out we view that much money for the seats I I don't quiet he should Diane I was trying to strike up a conversation in the defined what was going all of it's just I believe me what do you ask him like why he was such a high cheeky troll it. I mean come on dude it's obvious what's going on there with the love you guys are all just sit there gossiping about them as they just sit and try and enjoy their show yes we where we were. We mind your own business is by far the most before the show's third it was the topic of conversation in the best part about but it appears. As we're we're kind of talking. Ice everywhere else around us all having this I. Believed that the entire section of 101 grow aides who broke probably asked. Were all having this same conversation of what. Hell is. No we don't hear young lady down more let's look at her and look. It's it it is a golden era of prostitution. Is it's it is. A lot more hotter women. Our finding that the stigma. I didn't think escorts robe like look I'm not saying that it's then it's on the open up I'm just saying that it's not as bad as he used to be in that profession yeah. And there are really bad parts of it and it's it's ugly him. That you descend the other victim there's also in on Julie Roberts out there hasn't. He won. You won a Mohawk is insane our company Jerry brought a hooker to the company Christmas party last year why do you think this is I mean Mike I don't. I don't I'm shocked that you're shocked but I. This really is crazy wouldn't this first assume that no I didn't arsenal Mormon Mike Brooks. I am who. Hope courage to ticker to a concert I've in my mind the somebody has similar to sing his for one reason and one reason only. I think it's seems kind of removed to pay someone to go to we showed we. You know because. You'll read stuff all the time. Older guys who just want to companionship. So they basically have like an escort that they go back to over and over. And I've read every articles from escorts before where they say yeah I've got the same client we don't ever have sex we just in the bad. And that's wrong that's a tiger won and yankees yeah I'm glad you are just one of the still it's complicated man so I was trying to talk this guy to kind of get a feel a bit and that I was waiting to see if there was like physical contact between unlike if they. I think my first thought was he's just got money right he's he's rich Nike's he's loaded. And when I asked him because I could drop this when I kind of did the hey is this the the first time you've seen these guys. And he said the that he was in the concert business. And so my first thought was like god how. Does any know like no he says that he travels we advance. And I was like and some maybe groupies situation. Happening here he's got the disease. But it. As late because that's right down my seeds are about my seeds from a guy that is in the music business so that's like kind of probe I kind of felt like that was a BS story. I felt like it wasn't holding up the hooker. I meteorite that was clicking there what if it was Lugar would there be. Physical interaction because there wasn't between the two it was it was. Pretty awkward. Now they're probably wouldn't. I would think you'd be less S so and so in in public McCarrick free transaction. The of the media hype class the Prez is give discounts and like bonus for concerts the year's movie tickets. Let me give you break because they get to go do those sorts of things I'm very excited to be there he did not. She was very much into the concert any heat. It was very subdued. DNA guys seem to go to Vegas more like this is not an uncommon no it's just it's just not uncommon and very. This there are a lot of high end escort places are higher end desk replace is that it's not just about they can gentlemen to whom we do it. You know it's so it's complicated so again subway sandwiches and with the you know if you are talking about feelings and food yes in fact that's how they were when they came walking down the out everyone of that section immediately turn to the person next to them. Why it took. What is happening here but it. They're happy that I did not immediately go to that it means that I had not become his dvds you that is not my first thought. Where that went well known calling me jaded and why is that jaded and Jesus. If you system that's got it. Look nice guys can get hookers too good exit when the economy I'm leading ninth. The giant game it can be a great guy who had an escort to the Foo Fighters drills a great guy and she's probably a great gal that works for both of them to the she needs money he gets off. It's what's not to like it was a wonderful transaction what is your deal and we all enjoy addition Caribbean very teacher cheap at the you gotta stop with that. As good as it was good time in section 101 last night. Now let's I can tell you. They need get a lot of attention on and it just how sin guys like that he would like they would they want to see there that is a good point that's a great. Underrated point about throwing the Julia Roberts under your arm is not just the you're gonna get laid and you can't normally do that you have to pay for it. It's day you're going to show everyone that you're your Mac daddy. Nobody is gonna know that's a hooker look it let landed and it's and in Indy fool people like you. Yeah now. Is it is why is to go that top bands like if you want it to be believable emotion we have gone a step for two downs so that was less shock I I don't really Jew I don't think he wants it to be believable if he didn't care if he just wants the hottest when he can he can now. He's rolled around in the sack with data the end of the night it was well he's. Winning it was well played. That I was gone flat and heavy bag that guy won the evening was that soon ninety's that night winning reference. It. I don't know that was 2000 or three years to get up and down is she's still alive second. Charlie Sheen. We get a run. Itself coming up next on the tenth. And accountability and large. Embarked on your weight loss journey in no way better you today dot com can. Prices are talking about prostitution. Muslim Disco with this story next. Episodes is dived head first thank you guys by the way for updated news and apparently how the world works. You're welcome and appreciate no more you know when Mike apparently knows a lot about it Mike was read articles he seems very well versed on this topic. We'll think about it like if a guy. And throws a hooker under his arm for an evening line. If he pays for it she ain't gonna say no I'm not going to the show. It's like you paying for the time yet it'll end so a lot of times it's more than just Mike is playing and it's more than just. You know just doing it that last a minute now life right it's like you panelists money's sake let's go to the show let's. It's known each other tough few drinks muted then sing. You know how works right now the other thing is they're not gonna be affectionate because they don't know each other and think about it like you they just madness it's like. We know what's gonna happen at the end of the night nine O line here you know line here. So let's yet let's rock out for a little bit it's not like they're gonna be all that you know what she say. Lot of Beers consumed their card as well and they lift them up at. I'm very young not like super early the clock was a chicken you know that. He only paid for so many hours but they didn't leave because they could like three and a half hours if I were expecting a two hour show and they've left us. He did they left right before the encore or maybe it does at the start of the young core that he had that. They can act like he didn't look down the watch is there yet we sit. What do clocks coming up redo real real suit and mystery solved. Really wasn't a mystery there but it was their teeth I didn't think that way so would you like to see your own face in porn. Another is in transition. No I don't know I don't think I will see you know that hold on deep think movement that we talked about the client is Syrian people he has a supposedly what you can do now is digitally you can just take like a celebrity's face yes they say you're doing Jennifer Aniston whatever you can. Take your face included on anyone's body and it looks. Good looks real. And you can. Help. He's obviously doing whatever. So this week. A company called not yeah America. Launched a new service that allows you to take you're own. Your own. Face. And end. Superimposed it onto the bodies of porn performers. So you can watch yourself. Any you know I'm I hates is for show research I have looked at CDs. And I can tell you that it looks. Read any real yeah I it's not like it's you know like the crying jordin none thing. When we first and this is it was a while back who was the due to gather please when you. Oh down to downtown Toledo or what counted yet that ABC news poll. Yes so does the article that we read in order that any. What was the pornographic Thibodeau I guess it was three each. Hello action. That they they had like Hillary yet at 32 clip on their but it was before. The actress did. Done anything. And it was a love of the what are women gal get over whatever and same same sort of thing you would not. Know that doubt was a doctor clip from it looked like she was. In the porno and they said that this was really freaky people out because. You know I hate it if you can do this with this technology in this is the early phases of it that what's the next step will apparently we have learned yet the next step is. NRA is is just cog in the wheel on its way to death for all of us here it's artificial until you know eastern time with but you watch the Elon Musk Joseph Rogan saying yeah. You assess the podcast what does it all the news long. But I saw yeah I saw some clips that I got drunk one night and wants the whole thing is it like an hour it's actually it's two hours and 37 minute stretch ice a couple pipe ten ms. Sosa and you've been fascinating to watch the entire thing well he was. One who was your producer Deirdre parallel I would shorter attention to her share. I would say that OK so Joseph Rogan does a podcast yup and he had Elon Musk. In for a podcast which is I mean that's a big guest get pressure and they were dealers down. Yes and so what made the news was. Joseph Rogan had. Doing her weary on reconnaissance. Doing whatever Lily Collins wrapped in tobacco. Come on kids help me out. I.s and all this about prostitution nothing about wheat or potatoes to joy and I thought I was just going. Well anyway he EU fires one out and do what they did a dude I don't know I don't know eroded the evening and beyond sitting there is very late in the contest like they did they'd been drinking whiskey they've they've porn was key. And talk keen in his really Justine and then. Rogen fires and people are saying it's a blunt works lifts split that's what does that empower. Think he gets so. Broken hands it over to him thinking you know he's not gonna smoke it but while he he takes a puppy and he looks like he doesn't even that was a -- blows on EA didn't even inhale it's like this. An and I just it's nothing it's nothing. But all you see in the headlines is on Leyland does is going off the rails because if you watch that whole podcast. That was aim. Blip on the radar though hosting Elon Musk was. When did the whole time in very interesting in the interview and it's just it's crazy how the headlines he just takes on the now easy on musty probably shouldn't be doing that as an effect he says on the podcast he started checking his phone and almost friends or someone like dude what are you doing you. And and so you he knows that but he does it Kerry streaking Elon Musk who that guy eight. He pretty much does whatever he wants right things that but anyway. He was talking in their a lot of artificial intelligence and he's been now that hockey is dead. You line is really picked up there he's like dude we have got to be careful about this he's not like fear mongering when that he's just like. This is. Once that genie is out of the bottle you are not put that thing back in in his very scary and we need to government. Oversight or oversight from somewhere to watch this and make sure that everybody's doing the age I think right because he could be amazing but it also could be. Very very very very bad we talked about it this is a lot about the Maybin like a year ago that FaceBook had to shut down their ai because it was talking to other. Ai in a language that no one no one is resilient it's only yeah create its own language and no one could break it so the artificial intelligence was communicating with other artificial intelligence and we had no idea what they were saying. Now he said he guys that. He said that he thought Zuckerberg was quite limited in the game high around even though he's talked to Zuckerberg about it I mean these are these the guys that. Did not have enough for musk is so march and he's running into some buddies like to what is it like to have your brain and he goes. He goes you wouldn't like it because it is a constant explosions. Of just as ideas can't sleep can't ease off constantly. Think dean he's brilliant you know anyway it was really get those jars there's admits in here is I think Elon Musk. He gets a lot of flak and he should he's he's had some Twitter outburst that he should be should he should have shot up. He's done he's made some mistakes on the car thing hasn't really taken off in these caveats down the well it's gonna reinvent the car business. The avenue Seattle I mean some of the ideas that he has might it's you know he had just happened he said in no way they were close to tussle was almost done yeah. But here we are ten years later in test is doing fine so anyway. Any news what are we talking return about the what is really at the porn thing in the face a AI yet yeah AM I don't know why I'm gonna be honest. I like him it might I was talking about how hysteria I can yet he was in its very interesting to hear him talk about. This stuff because it is ridiculously dangerous what can happen is if we do not pay attention to what's in. Evolving in its ranks it sounds like win. We would people talk about this it's it's like very blade runner. Movie asking people don't really given any kind of real thought it seems like such a far off problem and then you realize how far less. On it really is and some of the problems that could be presented it. Sometimes when a problem. This is so sound so great and so kinda futuristic but it doesn't seem real right it's just. There's certain things that we just don't take seriously because they seemed to. Very movie futuristic. And and people don't take him seriously and I think. AI artificial intelligence is somehow that turning on his friend had been a bad thing I think that's one of those that not a lot of people. We take seriously if you just ask the average student locker in the street is artificial intelligence of the that would scare you. Or it could be a problem either I'll tell you talking about as this in the future stuff terminator. Does this guy net. He had to got to listen these guys who know how it all works and what it's leading towards yet you know he Ellison does. Beyond those warning someone did ask you know that this is an excellent course. But he announced that it. In recent Tesla Max. Easily kicked. As as the love that you were you WR because you were where four minutes ago. That has the scars are all gonna cinnamon Elon Musk. Night he gets a lot of flak. And I feel like if he'd if you walk in other words if you watch that podcasted Joseph Rogan. You're gonna find out what Elon Musk is all about and any interest and he's. Well he's just a door he's a nerd he's an engineer even starts the whole thing by taught by Thai and how is we keep peace he says he's like this. Magnet he's like do I am not a business guy Miami freaking dork who sits in. In N engineers really cool ideas really got rich and so now he can try those out there that's really all he is he's. He just seems pretty harmless even though. He's not because he has so much money and he's trying so many different things it's just damn. And now he's he came across as quite sane and quite Smart. And yet the headlines are all like he's breaking down because he smoked. Freaking marijuana he took one puff on a podcast it's it's just weird to. All this because these are diagram would you wanna see your rooms facing forward and somehow we we ended up out here in the shows me. The the one thing to Israel is trying to joke like cup movies have taught me anything that. But if you watch the movies or even if you play video games that are based on AI stuff and it turns bad. I feel like that is actually what could happen. Like it's not just like ha ha ha yeah that's a movie so it's real you know like if you Sox Martina. That could probably happen and news and there's games out there you can play in the AI dislike. Fakes being a real human and it kills you and. Like you know imitative that if the big gal whose name escapes me from X my unit if she's the one that kills you OK with it. Here's his point connect a love her can I galvanize his point on this very simple. All he said was look in Rogen was seen the same thing you're seeing my keys like you cannot put that genie back in the bottle. So he said look if you just look logically at this. Humans have been around for. What percentage. If they're in the earth Mitt only miniscule time it's look at how far ai has come. In how little time. OK if you've just simply. Common sense. For Jack thank extrapolated it reject any sort of improvement. Why on earth would humans and knowing our limitations knowing our capacity why on earth would humans. Ever BF the top of that who changed. Yeah and why would we wanna give rise to some rain it could replace there's no chance that humans can keep up with I just think about how quickly it's come and how quickly it's it's. Just wait and right by us or hate him. In such a short amount of time just modicum amounts of improvement we are going to be rendered. Completely useless as human beings and that's his his point is. So let's monitor this let's make sure there's oversight with this we don't put ourselves in the situation where. We're grouped. I did say that it's in this kind of released a but I read an article or not. Say six to eight months have you seen that what's coming in the trucking industry. I know there there are trucks right now crisscrossing the country that are now. That are not being driven by anybody. Did this end and this is not years like nick decades off this is. Maybe just a couple years off that the entire trucking industry. Could become. Obsolete. And that it is if people realize just how big daddy is in for people without a college degree. Bets that trucking is one of the ice pain and most employable. My good jobs out there a little chalks up and they're they're gonna go away because of Elon Musk in a couple other people. There and do the whole. The idea of having to have a truck driver is going to become obsolete very very very soon. And there'd there'd this is not something that is 2030 years off this is something that is around the corner and it's been experimented on. All over the country right now with. But deliveries being made by you and I aren't regulars. Somebody's got to see these things way out into the future is solace they can see it. The dude like that. He sees hockey side he's dead. See Allison and he's in and think about that you would if you took you know if you take a million and a half people that are all Macon somewhere between. Analysts say sixty and a 100000 dollars a year and there's a blue collar jobs and legal way. You know what what to those people go do when their entire life has been driving drunk and there's no longer need to drive truck position article I was in roads don't. YE. You shouldn't holes in a fart. And say this for years are. That's next year's night. Okay why you shouldn't hold info arts. But wait first breaking news PO. I just saw this on Twitter. The tweets he had the twisters between. Trickster again that new app that's in my life where kids are doing my wife used to call it that you'd call it that she'd be taking you to sixteen again. There is a news report that says Lawrence so that's the hurricane yet building up at the coastal Carolinas Florence now contains sharks. On. Now laser sharks are just regular sharks sharks have been lifted into the hurricane easy. Realize shark NATO were were down to die right and meet ai is one thing but now cougar attacks. Shark NATO's so clearly at this point we're all gonna die. Nuts and I for one would like to welcome our new shark over the words hope. So this from Newsweek. In her life I don't think wow if Newsweek's reporting unit must be right and like to think linking Anderson for thinking of me when he saw the story. And he sent me going is it a bit disturbing know when someone sees just a story that has no real value whatsoever in the like. I immediately thought have you. Big guy is not you as you look as the club if Jeffrey Dahmer stories I know that Alex all of the time of the nineties analysts also says this is Paul's blood. What's called the shark thing. And a snow snow already but her huge Florence falcon team sharks rating falls you don't know that next month of course it does. Like I choose to leave the little wind Z in my life it's a more magical place TV in the idea that the mermaids and laser sharks and shark natives in the Choo Cabrera and whatnot kennel. Be real but rain on my operate. But that. Thank you Mike ever been in a situation yeah where passing wind is going to be hugely embarrassing you need had to hold any part. We've all been there before CO first dejesus. Let's face it. As you've just pointed out yes this reeds that we all have. Everyone has been in that situation before and you try to find a way to get her out of the car of work to excuse yourself for a little bit. In order to clear some space you return to sneak the SPD nine. It's so dangerous though it really is a dear tragically sometimes you have to because there's no other option you gotta wait for a loud noisy yeah yeah right. Boom again and truck driving nights. The car you can't blame anything else we secured a public spot you can job Bo van was that. But if you're regularly you look. You don't even make notice them if you're gonna cargo in and that ends have been bad yeah there's nothing you can do general Donald let me just start apologizing. According music trying to hold it in leads to a buildup of pressure in major discomfort a buildup of intestinal gas can trigger abdominal dissension. With some gas Rian swords into the circulation and exhale exhaled into your breath. It yes part prince Phil makes your breath smoke basically. Yes you have far breath. Holding on too long means you build up to gases and you'll eventually escape. Escape. In other words I had no idea and by the way who can hold onto a forked out long. Quoting now I'm done with the Hussein but how long how long I wonder how long but I don't like on flights before a relief on flights yeah I illiterate I. I well I just don't do it employed I just I Libby fights for. Flights concerts loud and dads that some of my favorite places because I love public parking. And I love party and as loud as I can. Knowing that no one can hear it I just he gives me great pleasure that is a great feeling best and the few fighters. I'm here until it that there must have been ten to twelve. I guarantee rocket that plays that no one was the wiser out and I love it. Is such a wonderful feeling I can't believe you hold them on a plane. I hope you know that's a free frauds except the bad behavior on an airplane would be you walk in Dubai jet wash the entire. Don't know when you are off the airplane. He released hall. The equipment but really Gloria Seattle put myself in that position now it's a very natural occurrence that we all have to some flatulence that try not to. Smoke on the out of the room but now look again at Taylor rips Eric and now you have scientific evidence is why you should you have no one in and one of green onion. Wouldn't. Another hit you with a from down south. Or is it is it worse that you give it does the fort for us. Think how how bad are we talking here we dug in like a slight tinge of fart breath or you doctor in the shark NATO far breath. And I can't imagine it's that that. You know. Cases drug testing out an airplane is going to be greeted moves. Ever prefer the term prison Roberts but to put it there's an art to it yet to a fast and you need to be sure that everybody gets the gets a west. To cover the greatest areas possible absolutely. And when you getting hit by one add an airplane like on an airplane there's party it's like all manmade you're like all right well plated. He got new doubt on Xena says what she did the next time you fill large volume of intestinal gas getting ready to do and it does try to move to anymore can convenient location. Whether you make it there or not the best thing for your digested health is to simply. Leaded guest. Well maybe we can all stop shaming one another and that's right that is part of society that's my point something you I don't. Look I don't beyond being very honest here yeah it's somebody rips apart like this down airplanes elicited. Example yet. It really doesn't bother me that much right like I mean it's like OK that's knows in the in the you look around trying to figure out who maybe did it but it's not. Meaning goes away or be laughing if you'd like bad guy. I get blamed for all the parts whether rob do editor not the good news is good if you go again that isn't really that big of downhill now people just it's so. Yes I think it's something that we get all chuckle about but it. It's Chris I would like girls think do you have for the first time you or your wife started in front of one and Michael I've told you this before. I have only heard my life are one time thing that's the big big ones kind and to this day she's embarrassed by he's been given what eighteen years or whatever you almost twenty years. He wants. Coming in believes is she is impressed right for you most she's lady awful way to go through I believe me it was a mistake and she to this day. In hunter you're the real. It's it bothers her a lot which means privacy goes to the bathroom she doesn't her locking key right yeah you know on the water or you go to different bathroom in the house or use you know like I. I don't she's doing their but I don't wanna. Home tell my gives you as telling. Told her out there just Dolan is Linda blessing when their turn drip. I just figure you know at one point I'm in Indiana and a day with a lovely gal and she's gonna let one rip and not be embarrassed than on the sale of the equal. That's all now I think Ralitsa you know that would spend let's do this and let's let's join hands are we let's roll. Coming up next John rested up. On the nobody leaves it. Now now. The Mariners Bentley. That believes it 1% chance right now to make the concealed there done when he tournament as a predictor they get a woman's chance. There's so toast here's. To secure their biggest fin Johnson can't make. Do you think like first of all I don't buy it at its hi Doug didn't. Do you think there's an actual algorithm that spit out 1%. Or is somebody making it just say you know what I just you'll. I feel suits to me this day 0% though Google. What do you think it is. Well I think we'll never zero unless they're mathematically eliminate exactly so I think there's an algorithm but I don't think anyone really cares like you get spit out any number as long as it was like low or no would you request lake who is taking the time to check. The math on the Mariners chances of making the post season. Right that's kind of what I was so you think it's really 1%. Or is it like. Or is he just didn't wanna do the math that people want. You know I think it's less than 1% at it and actually be less. I wonder if you aren't market into the bottom of percent rise of this this was maybe a week or so ago so is it me. It may be down since then policy if I can put them now. People aren't. I'm pretty serious class struggle and I think we. You're exactly. We can all agree it's less than 1% that are. Dads actually it's it is it is dip below 1%. It's now at two point eight. But look you pigment the bears' playoff chance in the mayor that editors playoff drought. It's going to be eighteen years col and it's got a blood alcohol level appointees that in death. And ultimately limit it is the legal analyst that you win that thing gets down to point five you guys answer your city you know this is it. Object aren't unbelievable and to advocate and other team that is that's not mathematically eliminated. But still has edgy as the nationals are one point 5%. Who will increase. Almost double barrels toppled mariners'. Oh they go the rays have a worse chance than you. What held his car accident in injured eighteen how do the rays period point 2%. You know it's funny about their rate this is kind of my favorite. And amongst the girder collapsed kind of might do paper I think to drop it is. Yesterday the race cup record deficit record. And that's after he bought their best two players. Like in May they be about their best two players. Like three months ago and we got in the tank and they've caught of that. There's nothing more bear that. Suze stand in. Reliever got Denard Span and column it was their closer and end all but been good I mean bands Vivica. Good player you sit 300 prisoners in Kobe's been pretty. I in the setup role but at the time the race we're just popular on the season that we got their best outfielder. And they're closer. To batters later they'll finish with a better record in the mirrors of the at all. But all our record at this point. He. The Mariners are kind of becoming the punching bag to the point where you kind of wanna keep it and nine use teacher beat him that. It's kind of fun to watch now begin as he wanted to happen even so it'll happen again next year. It it will be even worse circumstances. That will be even more. Like. Shocking and flat again you be more flabbergasted. Nation in and I want that keep escalating to the point where every mariners stand head. Truly excellence like to the point where it's like oh my god it's the most ridiculous thing ever. This team cannot make the plants it was a hundred and twelve and hello Andy did make it worked. I am dead and eleven gamely when they had the eleven game lead over the ages it was this same predictor I think you wins. He was like 84 and writing about an 84% chance that eleven game lead and now it's pointing. I would like to point out that about that time. I I was do you leave a little cautious and I think YouTube guys got art. And says the and he could easily do that I fit because I know what. And right through it unit on some everybody out. That you got whatever bundling its getting you lame hours before he gets any better and inning every game matters such as. Are prepared for that period you're rising. Really we ended tomorrow in big chicken immunity enjoying this grand opening cool stuff in shaking. Does insider show coming up next on the thing. Right shin so. Okay okay. It's hard when it's that way oh. That I know blurred. Due due due due.