Primetime 9.11.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 11th
A funny Josh Wilcox story that he just told us, Rams are GOING FOR IT HARD, Bad QB play, and the best/worst tweet from this week.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less rob tires sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time I think in some. A compromise sports to. Who is. Dropping in again. And I. Can see. Eight. Let's get Tuesday how's everybody it is Tuesday it rained. Today etc. the colors you guys get some rain delay. We actually got quite a bit of rain. He has nice well it's hard to tell how much dreamy guy but everything was wet it was like he was a smattering of what this. It's raining pretty hard I went running and it was pouring and Donald Trump would say it was very big and it was very wet with. Mike sweaty. Rain run yes those are found that it was hot. You look cut to take your shirt off you flip your head like flip your area here it's all when he flipped him like rock stars and I didn't look hot and go out and I did not put my hair what I was doing was just trying to get back if that's what the it's hard when it's that way is so hard. It really is can we go ahead and you have to can be market but he is rob talked over protecting Harrison you blame in the united taco I hope I everytime Hillary drop like that because that's great that's that that's one that needs to be is targeted. When it's let. Yes very very difficult challenging if you. Andy showed today guess real big feeling pretty good about it Daria. Well I've begun to. Well I mean look at the jamboree it was a bit of problem last year. Yet you were admitted you were not happy you now have to bitch fit about it and not I've come to love it there I think the first easily done this year being great you've come to embrace white you know don't. Don't take all the credit our take all the credit but I told you. Then we were gonna make it tolerable for you this year and now they've admitted tolerable but you've now begun to enjoy my life did I like the rule I'm unhappy. Ends me happy you know is it mandate makes me happy when when mom Iraq is happy everyone's happy well that was a digital segment with the last year but now skid but I mean we've got we we put gas in there yet it's every Tuesday at four constable. And as of today we have a guess Mayer's onstage where it talked about the is surprised and maybe not just of the pac twelve bit Corpas who won the surprise of the of the country right now and then. You tackle the tough questions of Herm Edwards on the pac twelve. Coaches conference call really windy today with Justin Wilcox do you asked him the probing questions that no one else was willing that Josh was just in here I saw it was weird because I was on the congress companies as having some fun with his Brothers that coach cal. And sure enough we are rolling here in a news there but the greatest that is just Wilcox which was the subject of one of my questions. He is a man the people again is first of all he is rocking a Swede Lloyd Christmas Erica right now yeah came in I didn't know what to make it may because he's ever since I've known him for many many a moon he used he does like kind of a short does cad but yet he's lord Christmas happening right now. What a great story he just told about how well he kind of a case of Justin has always been skinny air yes. A night in just in nine Josh is bigger well Josh is that is the tide and didn't in just it was a DP but they they look like in the face no they definitely deal. And so Josh has lost some weight so now he looks more like just in his business in there and his hair has grown out of bitten in that. Probably adds to the similarities so Josh is its own story about how he was down and at cal game. And he was up in the suites or something death you know because he's the coach's brother yet. Assuming there's certain perks that go along with that any walks in he's got a beer in his hand that he walks out of the sweet you know just out into the commons area. And there's all these cal rose like brought out. Great job they do a great job with this team man buckle think it's huge that's it looked at halftime evidence of the Coors Light but wasn't even half time though the gag you said it was after I was it was late in the game in their blowing amount. And is of their first eight minutes left in the first half now okay so it was in the first half. And these bros I didn't think anything of the fact that perhaps Justin was up there just drink in you know these guys down there on the silent they got it under control. It kind of gonna go grab a quick beer. As some silver bullet so you were in Baghdad for have time cat people are stupid Fiat and it is one of those things he said the other one like they'll be in the middle of fall camp. And he'll be out golf in a Junction City where in cal deal out how gear and same thing people Buick. Had just and I decided to take a break some two days the cab of that. A quick nine in Junction City come on people. Yeah got to think a little bit more now you know. Got to think and use that brain that again it's the subtlety brave soul brother thing people just assume they they even if you don't bug that it's just one person it's one person. Yeah yay can't possibly be hey. Josh tell me all the secrets that cow but team. Don't know it's just got. I mean anti U pride nor ninety I didn't talk to my brother and we do Todd went on about that oh we don't talk about cal football and we don't load that much alike. Only nine. Big show today and picture Jim root for. It's a big chicken week. Tomorrow right am over route again with a chick. Or gone out to if you like chick in we're going to big stick in what do you like primetime and you like chicken and we got the event for you who. Finally after what sixteen years together finally. Chicken in primetime come together in one glorious productive and sort of thing afterwards it would it's big chickens grand opening MRI in Beaverton we're gonna be olive inside that chicken. And suit is gonna Wear chicken suit up and yeah I was there and eat a strong bird because that's an Amir about big shake and we're living the dream. Join us tomorrow 37 big shaken week wells not hey you know else is 9/11 so there's today yeah Deanna and I know. There is eleventh yes it is in September 11 Nadia things say about the latter don't. I feel like there isn't there's been enough of that that said I. I agree we've talked about this that I am more of the personal remembrance sort of guy. And one server then that means. I think about me on one for me mr. Graham Twitter doesn't like to share it now. Remembering all those are those things that I just kind of keep to myself and I've always talked about out. Is this fades if there's a writer wrong way I just feel like a lot of times people do that stuff not to remember just for right. It's more of hey look at me. Like the and a I remember 9/11 yeah I'm good person yeah there's there I put hash tag never forget yeah which I what do we use never forget. No one's ever gonna gonna forget I think actually some people probably do unfortunately a lot of the further you get away from and I think some of the lessons learned kind of go away they did a day for me absolutely fit in writes that there's this mean for. A lot of those things to me have always been pretty personal and I'm not a big. You know let's let's postings on there. Well I'm not either Jason. So. We'll dispute ran a man out on now insist it's kind of one of the. Things that it is sad if you didn't know take a moment in encounter remember I was and a watch and there is a piece on this that Cheney years something this morning. What are they they cable networks. I ended up watching. 35 or 45 minute thing. On it and every now on the on days like today it's disinterested to kind of go back in it it may be read something or different point of view the didn't remember I think it's an important day kinda keep that in the back in my no needs to do a lot rightly do any sort of big grandiose looking for a clinic it's obviously. One of the biggest things ever happened in in my lifetime and in our country and it's it's worth remembering obviously. So here's one that does reading about that you may not now Joseph that Seth MacFarlane was supposed to be on the first plane no. Comedian Seth MacFarlane. The he said that he got really wasted the night before. Any dispose beyond that claim. Any woke up. Cell hung over that he wasn't an ego and lowers Tony's gone from meeting or some dinner and his publicist or somebody called and said dude teacher asked the airport let's go. And so he did any rush to the airport mr. any missed it. She by a couple of minutes and that was the first that I cannot remember I remember exactly which one it was but it was the first one. Let's. Just say it turned out number exactly like where was. Coming from the end but it was he in the first when the crescent he didn't need anymore or you do realize that that was his flight until later until later on is likely crap those muscles beyond but he. He got saved. Basically by time one on him in there's a lesson that is well. I've said before booze is there anything they can't do. But as it was cut one of the things that I was that did the show I wish I could remember what it was when it was called I just was open around this morning and and I do I I sought and got he got when I realized I'd I don't think I realized before that it was September 11. Are slipping around and there was a bunch of news coverage on and I was like well Iconia. And ended up clicking on on some thin and that they were all like that but it was. Saturday in the program were kind of stories like that people led to. You know he's serendipity here whatever ended up either on camera not on them. They spent part of it talking about air traffic controllers. And what an amazing job that was and how chaotic not know weaned. You may add to land every plane in the country and needed just wants a key and it just that monumental task and they spent a good portion on that respond lots of different angles and it was just it was an interest in being in little bit of assault in the morning and I'll forming. I told the story last year but my dad was supposed to be there at the wonders of the world I the top floor for those who don't know. And at the day before his bosses told him hey you scrimmage city due to permitting any U somewhere else and I huge he watched the towers fall from his meeting. At a different building but he was supposed to be on the top or that and now. It's unbelievable you told that mr. stage even just here to now I've heard that story bunch of times and it's they can they're still like just hearing that. I don't know anyone that has a real personal. Connie connection to that you were one of the first people I knew that had it just hearing that there's a visceral reaction to it for me I don't imagine what it's like for you wouldn't. Extrapolate that almost what it's like to you know for your dad did to have that right I. I hate today because I did you see images all the time and he sees. Everyone posts the video again and I think he stopped them I don't wanna see this anymore I've seen it enough I don't want I don't wanna remember a. We are because like we some Meehan of the kids we were to do Foo Fighters last night reading about like one. I was I was kind of dragon asked this morning and I let the kids sleep in I would like I said they go to school packed half day. And I woke up this morning the alarm went off and I was like nugget get my butt to the gym. And so I woke up and I was kind of bitching and moaning and her slip my ears are ringing in. Is kind of gripe and about being up and that's a night in night turned on the TV and was like oh. It is it kind of puts into perspective it it's it's hard to kind of bitch and moan. About being tired if it and and grouchy from a concert when you realize that. You know what today was. Are we really form. We in the van follow up to the cream do US Lindsay and dude guy who the police were looking for. What they're beyond that we're not happy with the status line yesterday. Is is apparently sees some people were like there's nothing funny about child abduction except nobody abducted child abducted a job nor did anyone attempt to had been abducted just our whole point please try to pay attention settled down France's. Thomas what else we have today so much so much football let's start by eight. Putting a bow on week one of the NFL let's do it and we'll do that next it's 314 on the fan. Where buy tickets are gone ten maybe. I love you were fighting the filled you up at the Rose Garden. I was show. We can't hear anything. Got a little ringing in the ears that they played for about three and a half hours and I was it was amazing. Now I heard that there is gonna be no opening act was that true now there's an opening act to us but they went on about eight. Thirty issue in play until about 1145. And that's awesome yeah and they played a budget covers. Let it play. Although little levity covered it got some zeppelin stuff they've played some banding Palin they've played some Tom Petty and he'll yeah. Cool that they did me like them they did. Imagine by John Lennon the music wit the lyrics of inhalants joke really yes. And it was a match call. Awesome you gotta YouTube that I cannot and I'm sure it's out there. But yet they start ups plane imagine and talked about got to bringing everyone together in the may reclaim the imagine music and then they. Did joke it was not as it was quite good but they did. Yeah they've had let there be rock AC DC. A good bit. The encore was basically all covers and it was and then they did ever longer close but. It was really really stink and goat. Great well why you're there. There was the ball yes I did not get to CD raiders in the what rams yeah it was good for a half yeah I went back and you know we recorded deaths are back in was kind of flipping through and and watch the highlights and it sounds like is the first after reading is that does spunky and give it and then got their escape the second Derek Karr. Was unbelievably bad in the second yes that did depicted he had largely that the team picks that he had the floating one what. What is that. Like and I get there is some pressure they're saying is little spooked out there well that the rams pass rush is is going to be nasty and in the rams talked about I was listening to some of the the post game and you that's the first time most of them had really play together none of those guys played in the pre c.'s spin. Like McVeigh's whole thing was were not gonna get any runner in the pre season and so these first come against the rams are gonna be working out keying spent. Boy when that death star is fully operational again that may be be best roster in the NFL and they showed in the second half what they're capable. So basically instead of four pre season games it takes a half. For a team to you. Find its footing now permit that should that. For the first shooting three weeks is going to be a lot of teams that say that how were conducive Stutz first time we got it when healthy. But that the rams end and that defense of fraught with the secondary that they have. Two when nothing's cooking and I don't know what you do with brokers with sue with Erin Donald with joiner would Marcus Peters that is just ate at the desk. Why until lax ultra now as ever that today the avid they were they were making an attempt form well we knew that OK so now we're getting into the weeds I wanted to talk about crappy quarterback play now but we'll get to that. So today this story came out of what the rams idea was in in trying to get Cologne macro generators is ever for was what like maybe a week. Or so ago that they were they were after the weekend and any details on. He had but did that we knew was that the rader yes I took. The bears' offer because they thought the bears are we're gonna be way worse in the rams yeah so they got the rams are gonna pick too low in the first rapture. So then I guess it's come on now that the rams. What they're gonna do is up to the other package trade for Cologne Mac. And then trading him now. Next year they were basically he's gonna say fine we'll give away the farm get him now all look you know we're all in for this year try to win a Super Bowl. Keep our quarterback upright let's see if we do win this and then mobile deals will try to recoup everything we traded to get him during the Osce and you know season in the bit. Article me. A day or two ago in Sports Illustrated about this model and it GM's name escapes me right now I'm sorry but that. That this could be less need yeah I think that may be what it is and and go read it it's on SI dot com less media less need. And how old they are. Basically taking amid the NFL's philosophy of young and and draft bull guys and just started out the window. And that if this ends up working out that it's such a copycat league bed this may change the way other teams look at this. That so much is riding on this that basically speed has said. I'm not building for the future and I don't care about the draft we are going to win and we are going to win right now. But we have a window of opportunity and we are going in balls to the wall and we're gonna see you we can do here and I don't care about third and fourth round picks. I want stars. And will deal with the repercussion is a bit later we can kind of tweaking is an end and they're going all and especially with the young quarterback that they haven't had to pay yet. And it's kind of interesting that this just. Is it really done in the NFL and the couple times that it's been attempted it's been a disaster but a Philadelphia couple years ago when they put together their all star team. This hasn't really worked in the NFL and yet. He's gonna do this year and a lot of people think that this has the best chance to work and if it does will it change the way people think about building a team because. The general consensus is new in the NFL is you build in the draft in you build with assets in the rams are saying screw you we're not doing that so you mean. Did they're just signing a bunch of free agents yes yeah because I I'm I'm kinda gone through to try to figure out. How they sign up are like how they acquired all these guys yet there it's a man's basically saying that draft picks any young cheap talent doesn't matter right now. That we've got a window here and because they already got their young tell the draft and he had so it's not that they don't value that well they don't they RD have those guys to leave Peters Syriana rockers resigning as are all of them -- Donald brand didn't cook this draft well Danny watch it they drafted early awakenings is gone well yeah Watkins is adjusting girly they drafted goth the Japanese drafted Donald did you did you Cooper cup. Cop so I mean it's it's a mix of both its its they're basically saying they're saying we hit out all the young guys now now let's go screw the draft go off creation yet we're given up yeah that is first they're basically last year they did not have a a draft and this year they're not gonna have a draft. And you know training pay extra yeah and their their philosophy is we don't care they afford Ali's yeah Super Bowl. Look that's the thing is that eventually it's it's gonna come due but members sue a one year deal and end so this philosophy of wolves is restock the covered every year doing this we're not gonna sign a bunch of long term deals except when did you know Aaron Donald they paid him. But did they are going to kind of push this off into the future and they're going all in right now which is not really the way it's done in the NFL. Well Ciena did whitworth it was another guy they signs their left tackle who is a high priced guy. I just I was trying to think up some ahead some of the the free agents that they have signed and Andrew Whitworth even even talked about this he's quoted and that's Sports Illustrated piece and that it's great man he. He says when you're in that locker room and you see the sort of guys that we're bring an end. Is there there's a sense in in in the locker room that it's not about. Anything other than winning a Super Bowl right now that this is so many times he died about Cincinnati there's always this sense of well we're building for the future and it's a couple years off and he says you look around this locker room in no one's talking about next year note was talking about down the road are worried about getting paid. Were all talking about one common goal and that is we know we've been put together to win a Super Bowl. He says the first time in his career that he's really have that this is there was it was an agency being dizzy. You think about how many teams the NFL they saying it you know were were were contenders we're gonna win a Super Bowl but how many people that locker room really feel like they're going for like if you grant or not the rams but the raiders. And EC would they did with colonial Mac does anyone out locker room really feel like the rams are committed to winning a Super Bowl this year. Or wonder if you're gonna be around when they do find the kind of did everything together and if you're the rams locker room you're not thinking that you're thinking and guys who were we've been put together. For one common purpose and it's kind of an inspiring day. Well they'll win it. I wonder. Then Howard indeed this well and that's they do is then their amass their own and then your like your drive picture like the Seahawks out. Right where these guys all start point fingers at each other and you're the reason we didn't win in her. This happen and and we should in on now the sudden guys are like nominee goes some are you know I mean my this. I don't I see what they're doing in terms of just. The year to year thing every year's different it'll worry about next year next year but that. Boy. Well and that's when you say you have to win a Super Bowl in order to have a successful season he really setting yourself up for for failure. Automatically said it is at this works it could it could fundamentally change because this is a copycat league could fundamentally changed so some teams go about it but if it fails. Every team in the NFL's get a look at it and be like seed that's why you don't do that and it'll it'll kill. Kind of this young they are doing you're saying if it works everybody will copycat what does that mean everybody will just start signing free agents out of the but what's different about what they've done verses what all the other teams have tried to do this. Have done and failed well just as they've they've been smarter about who they went after well I guess we'll we'll find out they've been healthy on the I don't know it's strange it's just isn't a big goes against the trend of stockpiling. Assets. That assets or have been viewed as commodity young cheap draft picks. Those have been kind of the building blocks of of Super Bowl champions in the rams are saying no we're not doing that. Well again I at a tush tags and they are doing now with a few those guys but after I get your point where and when you when you have a quarterback do you think is a franchise guy and he's he's exact because once he gets paid a 140 million dollars at all this change OK but what happens if they don't draft off in the draft somebody who's a bust that your view him when he did you sign I mean how the million acquire. The yet cleaned up that's the one piece is you. You throw Teddy Bridgewater out there you gotta go after quarterbacks if you like the raiders if you of the titans a few bucks right now. You're asking yourself the question did we draft the right guy or did we screw us us it's this idea of once you know once you think you have the right guy quarterback. Less needs said let's go let's go let's go right now we have to Pam and let's just do this yes we're cheap and where young right now. And we can afford to to spend were other teams can't let's do it and let's do it now and then as you said. You make if you get the Cleo Mac right we signed some of these guys in if we have to weaken jettison them and can try to get some of those assets back but. Yeah we've we've got a window here and we're not gonna screw it up. Also he wondered two people a Texan he had better each day attacks on I five through five if does being in Los Angeles helps them certainly or because you know free agent destination guys wanna go play their. And you know they have to sell some meals brought up they have to sell. Seat licenses to new fans new stadium you gotta be dead when that thing opens there was. There is my belief out there there is a theory that one of the reasons why the rams are doing this is out of necessity. Because have you seen some of the PS cells that they're they're charging for. That that means so associate vice personal seat license and that and that's just explain us to be able. When you open a new stadium. They rip you off in multiple ways one of the main ways they rip you off the most egregious way is. They make you buy a personal seat license and just for the in tens of thousands of dollars. Just for the right. To buy season tickets to that seat. You have to give them money and then once you give them a large chunk of change then you get to spend a an even bigger chunk of change on on steep. And a lot of people are herb kind of forget are now did you know that the jets and the giants fans are currently see weaned those organizations. Because when that was it MetLife thought there are New York so when that stadium got built some of those PS also the nicer seats were like 75 grand a piece. Well then it turns out to the jets and giants Ball State. In so now you can buy a PS cells for like 2030 grand and the people that spent. 6070. Grand pursuit heat and saying Noonan and no you don't get to charge me seventy and then two years later because you suck. Drop the prices. And so there was this belief with the rams who by the way some of those seeds the PS cells they're breaking records. Some of those are between 10160000. Dollars and a PS cells. Record prices. And there is this to hear her. Then if you if you charge that and you team sucks. Your not gonna be able to to sell anymore those you'd have to drop the price and there's the fear of the lawsuits and so yes some people do you think that the rams are doing this simply because. They have to do and it's the only way they can pay. Are charged after the PS cells and they need those in order to pay off the stadium. This stadium is privately financed and I don't know if you seen if that stadium is probably gonna cost five billion dollars by the time it's done. And by the way I'm not over exaggerating their scene between four and five. Billion dollars to finish that. Pay the rams are back baby. The great they look good and that stadium everything the rams are back OK anyway there's some pottery and Scott let's get too bad quarterback play. In the NFL as we wrap up week one next here's Mike. I'm revising didn't suit on vanity so. Thanks so you're doing this inviting guests and parties. And I was much in this rams and raiders and I didn't fall asleep. And in the second half and I woke up and found out that I didn't miss much. Is clear meet my daughter were discussing this. On Sunday is there a better nap then the football map. A little while there's the golf now yeah there's the NASCAR now there's the post church now to me there's a lot of Knapp well. Church round and now not ever godless heathen like Q but until Disney oppose church Knapp is pretty solid I know for a fact you don't go to church it's been awhile but at one point. IA deters people tell me yeah it's it's been. My church malls or CNN senior in years now it's been many a moon many many many years but I think the football map is great. But you miss but always it wasn't a nap like is it a nap if you fall asleep before you go to bed sure I still don't nap. Not really that is anywhere from fifteen minutes to about an hour and fifteen miners about an hour C I think that's a great and I woke up at like. What kinda wake up. I'd I don't know I was nodding your house I was somewhere else aliens in you know I'd I didn't. But security camera wasn't turned on a good clue to. And I remember the guy is longer than. Our I loved fallen asleep in the middle of the football game and waking up like middle of the third quarter may be starting the fourth quarter and it's like the same score maybe three points your day is greed up refreshed well and you kind sharks I'd miss. Nothing you don't you kind of watch it even though you're sleeping sure because you're in and out in the years ago began playing girl. Everybody becomes more and more infrequent as the map continues to rank and I was like fifteen minutes you're like oh I'm up. And then you falsely for an hour I missed at all I love sports snaps and of the sport snaps the football Knapp is my favorite baseball is that he's pretty strong too. OK so any any news. Derek Carr sucks all the sudden action is a lot of quarterbacks are just now suck yet Mario this sucks yeah Winston sucks Carr sucks Prescott's sucks EU does not look good at all Matthew Stafford apparently. This did you see that the jets said they eat a new law the lions here signals send plays. How is that when when the lions have a new coach and it's the first game of the year how on earth does that cost him offensive coordinator now. Can but still. I guess knots and at that matters to me Heidi. Maybe you didn't do. A good enough job of disguising it I don't know maybe there's a spy game thing but that happened in the Super Bowl when the Bucs played the raiders. And that defense knew everything that the raiders were doing including checks inaudible so but that was atrocious that was as bad of a beat down in embarrassment in a one side of. There is you'll see and not kid so the top three saw us on Twitter from mom. Not sharp what's his first name. Matthew sharp iron make sure feel that the defeat wrestler he's. Simmered in fact he were that weird for embrace all the time William sharp man these are sharp football sure is good follow. On Twitter and he he posted that the top three cap hits. And not salary but cap hits for quarterbacks. I'd Jeannie the drop below its like 38 million are sub crap yeah. Others this year of course. Matt Stafford and Derek Karr. Each of them. Through each of them through a take six. And combined they had two touchdowns and ten interceptions yesterday to their mean over the weekend book car had what three. Indeed they all had I think each will casino somebody threw for is I think Jimmy G 33 I think Stafford Stafford had before and Karr had three. Yeah that's not they have two touchdowns that's that's not so good if you didn't express it waiting considering that the first play was a pick six by sand Arnold. And IRA everyone as I olive jets side and then get on our lady like oh my god yes and by the way all new coaches in the NFL a Boeing 7017. Yet with Patricia gruden both taken the hook. Oh and seven for new coach is now the last time that happened actually that's history making they said that is the worst ever. For a lot of new coaches in week 10 and seven the previous record there was Owen sixteen. By six new coaches in 2001 in wanna read you those coaches because it's funny Tim is a rich content and in there somewhere. Coach I know he is long gone male one he'd been fired. Fired by then so in 20000 and by the laid out four of the 71. Year coaches and our new coach is I should say. Lost by ten or more I mean they got smoked the out. So you know they are patrician nose doctor well in 2001 to six guys who all lost Gregg Williams them was coaching the bills here remember Greg I remember when he got a head job at the out. Butch Davis. Was coaching the browns so he came up from Miami Dick burn me ill goes to Kansas City heard. Hermit Edward and her later back when football really was football that new Yorker can see their future when he was effort is jets is that as for meals in Kansas City that's right successful ball. In March he morning way again. Did trite. And Marty Schottenheimer resurface with the scans now here's what's interesting. Morning way and he is was a broadcaster. I mean he's he's a longtime coach church but the year before he was broadcasting. Which they're drawing comparisons. Of that too who is the broadcaster the 900 endemic gruden no Schottenheimer Jocelyn Kirsch is a grid indicate Schottenheimer is a really successful ex coach. Who moved in to bride Cass dean. And then. Maybe I'm getting a backwards but anyway. There it's interesting that a lot of coaches there's some parallels in some ways reflects the group that judges went on some Jon Gruden Marty Schottenheimer being the closest parallel. There's not that this is not filled with. Great head coaches I mean for me had success. Ands. There was one other while Sean it was a really good does he wasn't with the skin now this is passing is kinda some pretty well and or was was talking about this and in every one. It. Loves to give him crap when he's wrong and it you have a show you're gonna be wrong but he is been. He he's kind of been baying in the way you jolly romp had it happened some time time Yevgeny our team here can you name a time I'd never been wrong I dare you. Went on to. The ski. You you are you are the exception the Italian B never wrong it is Isaac crop. Banana but he's been paying in the Jon Gruden overrated ground and this is a bad hire them ands. When you RC locate a grooms record. It's not active it's Chris if you go through Super Bowl winning coaches in and remember that he won. A year after he got me in the will when the year after the first year he was in Tampa Bay he won he won't what would Tony don't these guys and after that did know a whole lot. And he was good in his initial stint with the raiders right took him to a Super Bowl are on the doorstep civil I was the tuck rule game should have been new Super Bowl didn't. And then he ended up getting traded but if you look at his overall track record especially compared to people that one's Super Bowls it's. And some people make grew not to be. Like take some sort of whiz kid that we never seen in the NFL and it just it isn't the case in Iraq. I said I guys spent two years in Tampa and durden is the smartest. Football guy I've ever seen I've never been around them home with a better football IQ did blew me away but that doesn't necessarily mean the you're gonna be a great coach in fact. Never got you this about as Mike Martz Mike Martz is terrible coach is known could stand them any good relate to anybody needs with them a pain in the ass he wore thin on everybody. And there are some people that are starting to say that whether it's not that where they're not the game pass scrutiny by. It's he's going to have trouble. You know relating and he's gonna have trouble being given basically the autonomy of that team that it's it's gonna be too much and so I think where some people were just old grooves back in this is giving the greatest thing ever they could ten years. Ten years for a team that doesn't have a lot of cash. In fact it's it's probably the porous team in the NFL as far as the undergoes. It is Susan implementing cowards one of them that think this may be a long bumpy road for gruden in the in the raiders. All right so all CIA does that test so far not so good raiders got does smashed by the rams' second half 3313. Derek Karr was horrible. It's just interesting to me how many court how these quarterbacks that we think are good all of a sudden just looked terrible and it's just one week but. I think he could see it coming a little bit with Dak I don't think you can see deference that was a really weird performance by Stafford and it was a really weird when from car till. Only Stafford is in establish guy but when you talk about car Jack Mario Anna Winston and these are all young unproven guys that is shown glimpses. Shawn Watson and that makes by the way after week one if we're gonna throw the others in. That have shown flashes. And I think we throw around franchise quarterback when he too fast knew what was once viewed like this Teddy Bridgewater I get it yet is unhurt he does need folded in the wrong direction but. We talked about Teddy Bridgewater that way you know who else was another one Josh Freeman down in Tampa today from a lot of guys that have a year or a year and a half or you're lying all sky's the limit just. Think about quarterbacks is this if you start to have some success and you build upon it. It doesn't mean that you were going to continue to build. It's that there's this belief that you only get better that you don't regressed that you do you can't get worse. It's just not the case and now this is the two names that they did joy got to meet all the other big proudly old noodle and see if I can find some others but. I promise you that there are did beat this scrappy but the NFL is littered with quarterbacks. Who at one point after a year or two we're like well quarterbacks. Solved for that team. And then someone told Lee Corso it's a not so fast are you saying that's. Am Donald won't put up 48 every week or latter is not that I think they will probably be say ebbs and flows sand Arnold's the first quarterback to win is. A rookie debut by 31 points since Tom Brady. Really announced 2001. Well then clearly some seemed Arnold's the man then we can just put the label on him right now franchise quarterback the jets are five for the next what fifteen years threat jets are fine. Bills. Alan sacks. When us what other weather conclusions can we draw well the bill stuck in general did you see that there they're still. Well I guess they haven't been full committal to it but it looks like navy Peerman and the it's really are in so Allen's done series did Arnold's the man NDP's. Multiple. Oh you know Jerusalem don't you know who else was a franchise quarterback that was gonna change the game and made a Pro Bowl Sage Rosenfels rookie of the year do you remember. Ricky we're ORG three. There's another one to. Lot. That's a good one though I wasn't thinking of RG three but it's it's very similar to this guy that's gonna change the way the game was played was Ricky beer and and made a terrible as first year RG three is a great when by the way that dude was. Right changing the game made the playoffs no one can stop him. Three years later. No one wants Vince Young. Diana Pro Bowl role if you lie yet gonna get a change the game and didn't. Not so much okay we had break coming up next. Pac twelve football. I hope he I gotta say about it really bad tweet. You know like to point point out that deletes your. For England's under the tree son with the tweets down this was funny at dot yesterday 349 on the damn it's hard when it's that way out of ten it's. I think you can JD Ed Jim Bruce coming up next is sitting at two segment affair. You'll hear big soup lids done Justin Wilcox I think Herm Edwards and Iran get her daily show or late Mike Leach because he wouldn't talk. All right then Els and it's it's likely. Actually also had done Holler whoo represents. The athletic Arizona. I he's an issue reporter and you talk about sandals that'll be a fourth of teens who got locked and loaded jamboree new imprint jamboree this year just are in the pac twelve right now. Yeah that'd be your devil's mine air prison was out and that was that I never doubted for a second. Somebody mentioned on Twitter that we should make it in new bit. At the other day did the best and worst of Twitter get the best was that Damian Miller was pre teen medianews for the second. Let it was within 23 days he broke the moon and yeah I guess where where media members were going and the worst was that wise guy and Mike wise or whatever who mentioned that. The reason you're not getting more national. Reporters. Piling on Nike is because for the happening thing is because of the Nike employee store or discount. And that's real. So Susan they treated me and said you know you should make added Daley did that's that's great like the best and worst of Twitter today and that's really dead although. I would say that you don't wanna put them it's time into a right hook and knowing that but I'm not on there. It's so much today you know I don't think it will be at that get every day right maybe maybe a weekly. That would be get like compile some good stuff for a week and that's a just maybe three or four things that there that are good that over the week that's a good idea now doubtful this. This one goes in the worst category or hurt the best you tell me. Because I don't know if they're trolling or if they're serious. But pac twelve network tweet about their lineup for the upcoming week okay. And I'll read to you it's got a picture and it says hash tag pac twelve football upcoming broadcasts. UC Davis vs Stanford. Undefeated. UC Davis and that played very well right now if you talk today of Asia New Hampshire vs Colorado who. San Jose state verses or again. He's serious Idaho's state vs cow. Eastern Washington verses Washington State. And southern Utah vs Arizona like oh ball real walking through that door anymore. Nobody eastern Washington is at least at least that's a real school may be Washington State two years I think stop justifying that that's the worst lineup of all time now here's what they wrote that on top of the a so that's that that's the line up it shows to game times and everything pitcher and then they wrote. What have beens or these Saturday for hash tag pac twelve football ditch your popcorn ready. They have to be trolling I know it's got to be a troll or not true that's troll. I think it is true. So a 100% troll there are no way there's no way you put that right IE big that's what I thought binge worthy sat well here's here's the reason I think it's real. So the first game starts whether god first game Saturday as Davis 11 AM yeah and may have games in the pac twelve men are from 11 AM to I imagine 88 PM game in. Whatever person is turning their social media probably doesn't know any better. And I think they're saying it's a look at this it's nine. Or 211 straight hours of yeah ball can all had twelve newsworthy in all caps now I think it's real Mike has had decent point there you can't. It. Paula said every you have a responsibility to be better to your audience you can't save it's. We would say we. That lineup and then we would be like oh did you Bob Gordon red view it's gonna be a better Saturday when you. Seen in social media account people not know anything about their product. In just have to be overly positive about. A lot about dog crap but I know I don't wanna step debate that's. Pat Nolan can look at New Hampshire didn't feel like that's the most I the most watched game as much as I would like to be neutral I don't think it's at my TV is gonna be allergic to the pac twelve network you wind should be grip for the you don't have. The pac twelve networks and you don't have to make this. Well I hate I think Mike is on some then I don't know I can't imagine there that did over there that they control their own. Lineup like I'm sure that would be. Frowned upon. But at the same time that is a troll like if you're ever gonna do it it would be for that lineup but they're getting I mean you read the comments under that they are getting pub I mean just. A hilarious show. It could somebody wrote. It that big Eddie cupcake and guess they're over they showed his just. Pocket and out. Taste pastries in the pac twelve. Just throw them out there and actually has the real game with Utah are on the road but I I think I saw men fox probably yeah. I think they may get that game more of binge drinking worthy Saturday perhaps. And I don't again I don't know that's a joke but. I wanted to point that out as I did the best or worst it's the best if they're trolling it's their own product it's the worst if they're serious idea this release it is about my dog all the time we like he's in says it's. And the first. All under one. So what you have here that's the best and the worst of the Internet rolled into one. You want Jesse Tyson goes the pacts all from the network take themselves way too seriously to allow someone who works for them down to mock combat team that yeah this is my whole dealt with at arsenal's right before we have we know how they are about this this is my hope is rob especially knows how they are about its. That there is another very sensitive. Laid out actually is what happens when you're the worst conference in the current daily media web why would you do that with the what what are your friends and me only no but well you should know about it. Which one east have a weekly gas from the I told not work. Oh that mysteriously stopped and I told him as products out. The and they stopped coming up. No it was it was the guy like look guys over there like it's like Yamon those guys you know those guys ever get it they'll they'll come on a pre reach out the Booker guy the guy who's a gay you want to you wanna dig I guess this week. Any in I'm on the set it up like through email stuff in and out I told this is two years ago then he I say okay we'll surely you me no gimme the lineup of your games and so he shoots me Goliath and it was like that magnolia no thanks. And he was TJ I think you literally responded with you. Are now Imad said ha ha. And we used to give a gas we use to get some of the pack to a network on Glenn Parker you amber yeah he dropped out of every thirty every he stopped communicating mysteriously. That stopped you're right you're after don't let them. Then these these social truth of one Isaac drop. Well let it suck. Here's my point here that crap. Is that you work. I mean he could have taken the joke and left him like I know sorry but who do you want right and he didn't GM which makes me think there's no testing way that's sweet is a -- you know. I wanna believe that inside that network there's a resistance like in the presidency I think there's some and it's right in the New York Times op Ed piece there's one guy that was like Cain. I'm gonna do this. Any sugar into his boss he's so dumb that he didn't realize that the guy was trolling camp and that he's sitting it is underground bunkers somewhere Laffey right now knowing that he got out by the exacts that the actual network. Right or the countless hacked. That's ponds known as Lou that let's go with that go with that okay we're cutting into jamboree time to jamboree is next soup with Herman. Su win at Wilcox and some of the stuff on the tenth.