Primetime 9.11.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 11th
Pac-12 Jambaroo week 3, including Doug Haller talking ASU, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Times. Taken on the road trip around the football universe very good and desired this golf boom burst not to back time for an inside story on the teams straight from the men who lead them. The can be great requirement where we didn't you with the distraction Rory Kennedy this is the college football to amber room. Brought to you on the stand by. Well versed market. More than just your friendly neighborhood stay countless make their future shop your team for game game. Online at borrower's market dot com blogs and she didn't really good college football chamber room part of into my guys that didn't suit going to AB. Proposed reports both man. My new and improved this year in this Erstad negated been quite strong. I seemed to jump on the conference call the pack two of which is against dale place and then audio and a moment. In ten minutes as part of the Reid doesn't Holler who has with the athletic key covers airs on state. He'll be joining us to talk about the edu at. Herm Edwards to know now ranked. It's just a first or the pack two of the got a tough when this week on the road there's the SU in it if they win that game they're going to be ranked obviously and then you know who comes calling next week where I guess there on the route it is they go up to Washington. Oh you know this is. We'll find out if there is those days for real right now a few the first two weeks by far the biggest surprise the third twenty. The real issue right now between for the whole so. Some fun McCain as our intern who was on the conference all but he's you know this to be running out but. Now he's an intern it's an employee you know those two guys named Austin. If that's Preston that we ago I did this happen former intern but now Obama can look at the minimum wage solid. We go Preston hey. Minimum wages but the door. Pretty good now. Because it's but it looks good that you may go that. John Dean Smith didn't show up today now he notion that a the U LaMont hear him now John Smith Scott did things that you patently Mario Christie vows only asked two questions instead Kelly was asked. C a question it's time now be to beat air I don't know I think I was cooking grow in Turkey deer in the U Chip Kelly portion of the conference call. Funny I asked him from. Again I just I sit on my desk and a new show prep in that I turn on the conference call instant on speaker phone them and ask questions pres like star one. Well you try to get some time to speak there's breaks in between Egypt and Wednesday. And I guess editing a really audience native I think goes to get lunch can Chip Kelly was on there any serious thing. They sent enemy along a terrible. Maybe you can beat Fresno state I think that you should have gone on and said hey I'm chip. This is the Canucks in eighty the fan Portland you ever meet I'm do you think it's time to rekindle that relationship with Willie Lyles. That offering up them and had his agreed trolls. And of the Debbie welcome back on the call that here's soup with OK get this week three that are important USC is that Texas. A oh. You know how important is that a lot of cupcakes on the schedule. And be seen Tennessee Utah and Arizona stated that San Diego State yet if if USC loses the Texas look out. The pitchforks are coming. You beat tax this and get out USC still ranked their their one loss to be to Stanford in their young team. So I do think the dad is still a significant game because we know Texas a very good at USC loses there again furthers the damage to the actor whose reputation. Cal's about two to three you know because they're playing Idaho State there's big soup with just Wilcox. Friend of the broadcast. You real quickly just talk. The clear key to your success that now with grown enough wit degree Joseph Wilcox and into repeats at. Big clear that was. That pro or the competitiveness come came from but it. Yeah. I don't know that we're. I did learn a lot that's for sure I learned a lot if you're if you know him which you do it in asking that question and you'll learn a lot to run guys like him. When he isn't WR now that delayed pictured my name and they'd they'd tell you did did did they got a lady because moderates it. And they're supposed to tell where your from whatever and she did like a Jason desperate bid to doctor from and navy fighter for Kate. IB miles and he bifurcated and he might know that it was you now you did and silly actually kind of answered and he is like via. I think I shot is weird I shot of attacks since shortly thereafter and was like hey by the way I think it's really kind of chuckled pro. And tell us to go right. They're going to be three and gets Idaho State and then remember they've got to buy an organ plays the tough one against Stanford and then they organ at their place. So it Cowell may be a little something here got a little moment and they had nice win over North Carolina nicely over BYU. I the united host it and get by and then or again if they figure out their offense a little bit because right now never they danced their starting quarterback and their goal with two freshmen. Via bowers who is their returning guy he didn't play at all against BYU and it wasn't because this injury issues bad state. But it cal to figure out there are off a little bit salty defense that's loco splits organ coming off that tough stand for game. Yeah maybe have a deliberate trap game for the Dutch keys may go down to Berkeley. Here's simply term. How bad can that team B well I just think every game but the different is it different step. I tell in this you know and in this will be trying to build as a certain standard that we play that if he can never be about he put it have to be about the standard we're gonna set. On all three phases how we play in that. Not so much right now. We just played up to our capabilities in and then you can live with the vision of the outcome of the game when you've got to leave it all on the grass when you play and we can all look at the films they you know what we it is hard we play and if it didn't work out do around. So they're using ten going super generic on you know but it I don't telling yet. Maybe there isn't genius to this he loves going generic them well and and I asked to make eight I asked him about specifics on the he let us listen you won't get near real answer. On the IP this group could be inconsistent at bat for the first two weeks. You need thicker than I doubt that plane did the play not penalty he's not giving up yards like given a point what he had been a change. In the end it be that the group through Q game. Well obviously you know we knew we changed systems. That brings the kitchen to a lot of players along with the Danny and optical wise and John who owns the whole thing. He could quote we have me. We we got a really great staff and think about all the work they put in and the players have bought into and we didn't help she were planned. Between twenty point 17 click on these. We're we're actually pretty young because with a lot of guys who are you talking about nine guys that stone is deep and it never started before we got 45 freshmen play. It impressionist. Got to actually this week in and Grover Robinson it's fun to watch how they played through a lot of passion don't do everything right old that's. McNamara but when they play harder kinda did didn't show much. That snake Pete he's fascinated but he just. He discos super generic all the time it is but they're given up they're given up ten points a game and end their one at least penalized teams. They're a really clean right now and they beat city to say which isn't gonna be a cakewalk but he did you'd expect them to come in that game. And it sets up a giant contest with the potentially an undefeated Washington team hey Mario crystal ball is on with third Sprague earlier -- and they're taken on San Jose state things got a clean up. Well to port that you don't like Q is that the quarterback was sacked once. And never happen. We have no policy around here and you can look that is unacceptable. A home a couple big protection got to shore up to wage war fighter Lee who called Lou who is or by big beetle. That's so BP green belt which means they they kind of checked the love that you're quarterbacks protect it goes up for a a home remedy its forget goes pressure the quarterback and and got to like this make sort to goes to about I think. It caught you know I Tripoli. Another one or are losing our partner like they would reflect our coverage Turkey or look like it. On the one you got bigger trucks now no credible but what it could try to come about the fact that I could but it. And try the Specter very little bit and those are really had a brother. See he gets to specific EA disinterested but I know sacked policy. That's interesting. You have made. I know sick policy could eBay your refused decent but you're sick quite a bit I'm really not. That's enough but I do get sick. Good but zero is normally it's almost one and a half is kind of the and he is kind of goal but he is he. Goodness of god sanity though. Higher in the middle of the camera here let's analysts denounces Tempe. For instance Tempe from. And learn more about Arizona State. I mean airs those states to know just beat Michigan State is a big game. Cuddled and an interesting little trap game may be here with you doubled their eyes and I'd Doug Haller is that the athletic. Longtime Kansas State. Seven this. Term being received no. It was not good added issued a lot of people criticized the move but I'm curious to know so has has the mood shifted down there. After I mean I currently in the arm. You know we're you're right wing. Containment and he was replacing tiger. Very popular. And MH. So it didn't go over real well and it didn't really help at Ray Anderson hired. A guy greater and yet play director hired a tie 88 Easter at his close friend. And his former client is an eight get on the NFL so I wrote the people the wrong way. Ray Anderson told me that I mean the people. Who don't know her I think this is this makes no it's the people who know her network kind of like okay this could work. And and at the track has kind of gone on and I think at the local me. Absorbed yeah a lot of national media cable. I'm over the off season and during the spring and tech Alabama I don't think people. Try a little bit like OK this might make sense. And you saw an eight game. Know the clock management with. Could have been better before and that's been a problem here in the past the end you know beaten a team like that. You know even if there's a homes and importantly start the desert and all that those are all factors that either. Program like Michigan State and all your second game coming off all that craziness that's involved in the coaching trip as. It was a pretty big statement. I admit I thought this was the worst tire I've seen in college football in eighteen years and both coordinators leave shortly thereafter. When you were hired as a year among true you don't wanna change anything. And he shut me up and eat you look at the it's it's it's discipline it's well coached they're not stupid penalties you mentioned that game has been a defense has given up ten points. How much of this is belongs to the staff and how much this belongs to Herm Edwards. It well I think it's a little bit of both economic god divided and at the court will initially there. But her we're gonna come in the current CEO type coached and they're going to be in coordinator while that it cap of coordinators. Left which didn't act that really kind of blew up a lot of this. A dumpster fire this week and I can work out well. But he hired in the world for senior state. Who has been the real thing you know. Equal as coach last year and winning solution you know it's coordinator entitled. Called plays. They handed over to him and to be honest that was my biggest also all of its activate the court won't come off as you know their appetite. On it over the last two years old you know to have an acquaintance game have a chance earlier. Computer in their starting. True freshman. At a linebacker. But they don't. They play hard. And earned the right position and when one person missed the tackle but now there. The pickup this team has led the country and BR played like a decade now ever given up or yeah. Eight so what did she knew. Overpopulated income change quickly as to what they have coming up on schedule but it. Nobody essentially that the nation in rushing. Even depression or turn out that that's incredible for this program. Any figures the defense plays like this with what many Wilkens who. I don't know how many people have been paying attention but this mean he looks like one of the better players in the conference when you do have the best offensive player. And indeed here at least the best receiver. You know it is their belief down there that this is is sustainable in me got ST SU streak we should be women in the huge showdown on the road at Washington. The epic records I don't know that yet I think right now we're kind of like how. You buckle up honey I was at yeah that. You know not who you bogeyed Ebola yeah. Have quite a it interesting relationship being arranged to get this right. They get embarrassed and I don't epic status should appreciate. And it looked at the last eight candidates you've been around. In the creek he's an AP poll. I mean they're seven of those countries like completely bottomed out if it's in edit after. The people here a little. I would think our. One victory mean losing your mic beaten GSA it. Eight and continue to stay amendment in the wash it now. Outlook fight that they can maybe. I hope it would additional line let you know I don't. You ability in Parker and broke it goes the sinker totally different animal but it started to shift the pressure. Minute it's sounds like given. I am quite still got to weigh in for the other shoe to drop just a little bit. Well I mean to be a bit better hold you know they were so good about opening where all of try to shut out. Gave up some points late in the net OK a lot more Michigan State and moved the ball. And they did it. It's kind of let me but don't break right ankle in it or October it's the right time. You know he could record airs at eight. I'll open or what do you only get people pick up right now in this kind of what occurred there there are. I guess in that Britain fights scheme is just. Very very. Nose tackle well not only to look at it there's not a lot of guys who started. Didn't see that starter in the pac twelve on a decent shot at the actual release on cup as well as start. A dead Pollard the athletic govern Arizona State think he'd we preach to time. I prepared for. It's soon but. It's a free fair look at it. I don't think it was a it was a home or take I will save Gonzales guy there they are kind of feature him a lot I'm watching a machine staking and he now again again. Yeah don't get and he their defense accord and Indian I'll give her credit right eat he was gonna go in their take it over and just kind of leave it status quo old coordinators bailed on him. And because he went out and found he's got a couple guys and right now it looks pretty good and I'm I'm kind of hoping for this I'd like to speak you don't beat Utah. On the run it and Arizona State to go and take your business and I wanna see that I want ST an undefeated top ten U dub at all. And if it airs as they wins will probably be. 1920. Ish I would love to see that game up at husky stadium inevitably when an idea about where to see her in person. And dampers they thought inspected they talk about those keys he did my Lear. Oh that's nice that's ahead of them thirty minute commute if there. Do you view that Wisconsin this week. I guess the big game in caused by the seat LSU Auburn that's issues ranked Auburn seven. That snuck up on us a big SEC game this early. Boise State plays at Oklahoma State that's pretty interesting both teams are ranked in the top 25. Boise State you know right now when you look at the group thought I've in a team may begin to wonder years 6 pools you know central Florida State. One of those to you in Ohio State is on the road for their first real test at TCU. I TCU's strengths fit team and of course I think it's a tough fight to those key games. This week last game by the way that Urban Meyer. And the first jobs it's made zero difference but maybe this one utilities to use what's different animal in the first two opponents who can't distract yourself. Can you big game hits his chance this is a big game to be 500 pounds and has. That listen to what I just said and I'm just totally serious at the house sad is that that I am professing directors in even less time Kansas was about 500. I think they might no one won a couple years ago right out of the gate there and want to know. After meeting line it's less I think that they were above 500 it's a good opportunity for 2009 problems big duties rock jock I. If we all need to sit some positive I'd see huge is it more or is it that in Lawrence MK Larry hill parent's weekend. Are you going down I think now now. I'm just there that the directors gave him but I'm out I'll probably live tweet it. How many times does Kansas. Get put it is the homecoming game for the parents of each game on the schedule. Mean well whenever you schedule they pay parents worry a homecoming weekend in college you always wanted to be against the team that you were going to win. That's you don't want to play Ohio State on governor Hughes never does that Syracuse who has civilians but the voice wow now did teams will play the patsy. May did it to go home coming around that because of what the flow of wind and isn't that wages get more butts in seats are crappy game that most who won't go to yes they got let's invite parents other we Andrea parents and yeah yeah yeah if I'm guessing there's a lot of parents in no given weekends on the camel's schedule and hey if you have. A board or it's a commercial break for Kansas Rutgers to move on over to Syracuse Florida state blue and sea of really tired him lose again good. Got to want that let them quick follow up there and I may have money as him but first. It's but he asked it needs going to the football games. He did go to the first one nickel state yet he was there genuine check out Suzanne about and then he taxis like you down to go beyond anymore. But now that they wanna game he might but he might be a directors get this Tom Toms. These data that they gave a look anyway as the text please I misspoke I said undefeated Washington. Yeah leading up to us Auburn but Washington is still a very highly ranked team to show up but really quick follow up to Florida State's Mike was talking about the Knowlton they barely beat Stanford last week. We were trying to social media and how the pac twelve network has no sense of humor in night they're touting their crappy S schedule. A of the Florida State. You'd ciller Muniz I didn't know this but Florida State football after they beat Stanford gets a lady that runs their Twitter accounts. And anymore news eyes she treated that'll do it in joke. Hash tag did some things in response I've seen Willie Taggart slogan of do something and need this is a Florida State fan. Did not take kindly. To her scene did seventeen. Eking out a win over Stanford he a lot of the mean they just eviscerated her and apparently then Mike said that she then goes on to her own personal Twitter account and starts. Getting into a Florida State fans about like you know Weis and get an innocent. To the point where she had to delete it changed to leader mullah county got believe there was a lot of it got racial. They get six this is news back. There is new is a lot of bad I mean it's. It's so funny like who are not getting into Twitter wars over too well don't. Yet but it's a similar amount from our training yesterday as that really is when you get on there and you try to defend the position against against the likely be Internet forward. Really is that you are battling the most infuriates sexy this great this is just eagle. Bio and sit back it is this is different than that think these these franchises they're colleges serve our businesses. They they they don't pay a lot for them for the person. Who's in charge of tweeting in running social media right so you probably get a lot of young people doing it. And they have no clue the ol' us of of and you sort of defending Israel like that girl off to tweak that clearly show was this she has no clue. Howell Florida State is what inning with a stand base to start to see right at least and I gave gonna hire young people on May be don't have the budget templates and many. He's making a lot of money on is really gonna be savvy with that but for God's sakes I mean and Lee it's it's almost like not even her fault you know sink. Deaf somebody in the air who actually understands the zoo Lovett unhappy right now that was not a great in. And you know they can play off of data like get people kind of refocused on the positive or you know I mean yeah like that hurt speed of is she is so stupid bit of course she was any get obliterated but I knew she is she's clueless sub incidental. That that's not Stanford that you beat it's the inference and the fans are gonna be happy about that as Ted did simply beaten the one organ when they citizens to beat this weekend. I want to fast for being org and hatch tag it but isn't it says Florida State at Syracuse cuffed him. 9 AM Saturday. We'll leave that very excited she's the one. Tune up. That's right they won we won your bid to Michigan and some guy name Wagner you know deep pain in losses on deep down. No guarantee you'll have him for another year enjoy him. Tony Williams and enjoy it and what I was gonna say Florida State but you know I'm pro am gonna enjoy him for as long as possible to further right he's gonna when he golf. I MTJ we'll stay forever and ever live coming up next it is time for the news we have a cougar attack in a van follow up from yesterday's very important thing and follow up next year's Mike. Thanks for 37 on the stand. We'll be back to sports momentarily there is a lot of stuff we need to discuss here you pressing matters I need my views the people. These dared do lose it is so Tuesday September 11 two Desi teen it is not. We noted newsman let's start with the follow up to yesterday's in the news and that is we were discussed scene. The middle school girl all in less land who was walking home or actually she was like she's out pretty leaders like at a clock seems like you know like a friend's house or south than any a white rusty to end with a TARP over the back windows. Apparently drove by her and what two or three times. Three times the driver made eye contact with earth she got scared went to a neighbor's house that we had an eight peavy out. White rusty Dan which. There's should always be any PB out for a white the man always yeah we we had a lot of discussion about that yes you may. Now the girl had every right to it to feel. That way and yes and by the way she acted appropriately threatening lives isn't this a million times if you are feeling comfortable in a situation get out of the situation that's instinct in in my opinion. You're overreacting over here it is a very Wesley any story next. That gated knowing care for it. Right if we don't lose big and I would do a senator for twelve years that's just something that you just try not to give in don't get an Adam BRI. You know again it's a scene gives the kid doing what she thought was the right into do you want. It. I hit good grief can meet. Can we call on the fear mongering a little bit like so it was a little thing and racism do in the sense that like to think I was just driving a V and that's what it was it was it toil. And Camry and he's not as she's not going to the neighbors know the fans think in fairness to. It is a windowless van would now our proximity dead because then now people got honest burp. For talking about this yeah I too because they civil halos send. Did that guy Joseph by her three times and again that's I said I'm not knowing is criticizing the girl for doing what she did know. But at the same time can we at least entertain the idea that it was just guy look and then we even said they're gonna drop some and offered delivery back well it turns out. They've they've done based on the guy in the cops went up to them and they found out that he was indeed it just stayed delivery dry. I ever ever driver. Didn't like it right. We've got a foot above those of an old van and then had like blood school that are like he improves on of this at freak any on the side now that's funny I. It's pretty funny and I had a bunch of people were tweeting that receive the utter delight odd child abduction is funny oh for God's. And don't show ducked anyone that got. To bring some back. He is sick and drove I didn't tell anyone he needs to get a new manner at least that portion covered by a tire tenth. Are down that's my advice to the guy hey yeah against spray paint. Music but don't paint over the rest part of the van and take down the DM tar. SA let go. You don't get a load anything in muscle and do what what delivery company time and someone deliver packages in the band members back. Love that she did a have you ever seen mikes and the like the Amazon dot caddies they did is usually it's lessens their own vehicle. Isn't as got an old band is like little face makes money in gas match ups and if I run across any kids it. If it for five Mbeki now imagine this right you're I was some friends you're out in that pearl haven't NIC be maybe kind of breaks your son and even a few too many you cult like a new excel. The idea let's all by Linda one day we'll have the next one and back at me. At that bin bulls had debris slides open is the creepy as it never. Everybody smile and don't worry about me. Today is injured or just make people uncomfortable and bad stuff the real key in this store machine so if you live in West End don't have a band are. Are gonna call the police on you you learn that the hard way. Authorities suspect a woman found dead Monday near Mount Hood was killed by 88 cougar first ever in the history of poor again. Officials on Tuesday said that Deanna Bober of Gresham was likely to make him the first ever fatal cougar attack in the wild in order to end. Get this is I think it found her car right where they found the backpack then they were like well they've got a backpack and had blood on and they're like oh crap. And since they had seen her since August 29. Yep and then did they obviously they found the car they knew where achieved high key union. They discovered by an attacker so yes a cougar a goner and that's crazy that's the bursts. Ever feel cougar too I wouldn't guess that but no in Oregon coast Lipton and again just nationally this is so very rare. They say with the with cougar attacks it's usually the cougars star meaner it's round there's something right think cougars don't look at people as a as a real threat it. The us and say that you know she was avid hiker when she hiked alone. Did they do you say that that you know can can be amended dangers to lives in groups of people are more intimidating you can than. There's an individual this is we only learned karate. Do you see food peculiar. That's horrible way to go. Cage let young yeah KGW. Giving us news we can use what do the PC cougar in the wild now do you know what to do. I think you come across as so big right there are some rocks edit. Again you don't run I know that I do think we've talked about this war but it's so worth repeating as you hikers go out there I go into my Taekwondo stance. Myself. In begin by tiger caught technique in order do committee that's just me. Com. If you think I could your careers optimal retreated giving up any leave the animal a way to escape. Yes that's the first thing but I was one of the deadly cure the script of the woods isn't that bill that weight to your article completely neither an area to escape it's the Concord area native to like a dar. Wind it was damp God's sake in the middle of the stand your ground. I maintain direct eye contact now a lot of people wouldn't guess that gap but looks and direct in the nine maintained direct eye contact. Pick up children. I stayed down my sister of the kids Adam and triple and hole so I don't know what exists in food we don't eat each slash. Terrible it is through back away slowly but by contact. Do you not run. Running triggers a chain responds yeah I do know that for you never for a raise your voice ends each firmly. That I believe means this. We've talked yet anything got to stick ad helps because that you can rest docket and cat would stick. They have room for error. They need talent. Utility gets yet tell your friends. That I know are now that I know horror. You know cookie hence he strained here Tony change. It's a man I've and I don't hike that often I go out nice fish and I'm in the outdoors little bit. I know that. Like a cougar front and look at me gag I read this this you know this is who we're gonna attack. But there is there's part of me that if side to grab clothes and it did the little peculiar noise I'd probably. I find an area. Could find him very scared. You mean like if it's a Visteon. Yes no and Lulu fear PE it might happen. And at that yet clearly already bags like at liners will stay in right now. Yes there's nothing. Expect that the US and listen I know trust B that's why don't go ninety. That's so that's why you do that. This CN this is rob doesn't and allowed it to you will be getting chicken I knew he had the bar asks if he instituted seems aggressive raise your arms make yourself look larger and clap your hands if indeed very unusual meant they could reduce its attacking you. Fight back with rocks sticks. Bear or pepper sprayed tools or any item basically. Vote trade in whale away yet they tell you that that definitely fight back black bears cougars you fight back brew beer is grizzlies you've kiss your ass goodbye you just hope that it leaves you alone. It has done volunteering at some point I remember. In Washington couple months ago we had to you guys that were attacked in in the one guy left his buddy Darren unknown guy died again you don't have to be faster than the cougar you'd just have to be faster. And the slowest person. Through miles from Clinton I think the zombie principled ride the vampire yeah no doubt about remove the voting these are all true it's. Right now. Note to self don't hype it rocked it and that's right here on your only because the kid here it's been for yourself. Deceiving you this Selig figured come out at me like our rob let's do this Ron Wolf. We had a quick. I am home if but practiced bandages you got that he got to stick to get Iraq. The keys I'm gonna get out for me he didn't run though because you're not supposed to run you literally just hide behind the tree right behind you. Just vanishes into thin air after pushing you to count. Can you describe DeVon attack I don't know what happened I felt them being pushed me from behind and encourage active and I looked doubling what was going back. I don't know what happened to all of blooper. Rob comes out the next thing I didn't go hiking reviewer you crazy now hiking and every night and it's. I. Big weather news coming up next on the pin. I think considering god 1080. I this in the news for us September 11. We did discuss. The 9/11 anniversary earlier in the upper caste. And you have a 9/11 store but I don't think we're gonna have time for all sneak it in tomorrow there's also a story to Carl for in the news. That we must just guess it's sad the story of the man who is not served fifteen years for. You know prevent things OK and then they found a dog and now he's off the hook it's crazy. I don't think I've seen them. It's on I think we're in my editor may be did you get the in doing local news you can use sure that's gonna have to be tomorrow down nationally here is so what's going on and it's. They're saying that perhaps this is the worst storm in US history. There's a hurricane by the name of Florence. Forming out today. East and southeast of I North Carolina right now category four possibly five by the time in his slam fall yeah. And yeah 130 mile per hour sustained winds and it's picking up steam. They're saying now it's just gonna be a direct hit it right North Carolina South Carolina we'll get some. Virginia as well forty inches of rain. Well I mean. And it's supposed to hit there I've just been you know in the latter half of this week. Yeah this is terrifying storms that don't worry because the president came out today insisted says the response is going to be fantastic and much like Puerto Rico even though probably 3000 people are dead in Puerto Rico it you know. I digress I can't talk about it now. ITunes that's HMO that dude said this was really frustrating to hear that today about duke and ceilings so nine elevenths and that's just rotating out there today and let's bring in all aspects you did this new Prada I'm sorry and I am not taking the bait I his red dead today and you really just stuck in my bonnet with 3000 people that died in the Puerto Rico. A hurricane but hopefully. You know fingers crossed that the people are able to it's not evaluate gets it to safer places yet evacuated over a million yeah I'd say it's supposed to be really really scary and any also hope to ridiculous analogy here this like storm of the century this is in New York remember that the one that was supposed to hit. And then they talked about it that was bad but by the time it hit it it wasn't quite as bad so fingers crossed that maybe. This dissipates or maybe takes a left hand turn and it's not quite as bad right now. If it looks pretty speaking her freaky factor is targeted to Jim about donors are Abbas and his family moves down there in the Carolinas. And he was just down there and a beach couple weeks ago and and so he's pretty near recess for some friends and in family members down there. Kelly knew they heartwarming story from Iowa where a twelve year old boy. Run is gun to school. And stood face to face with his teacher. Pulled out his gun loaded right at the instructors face him. Hold the trigger thank god he didn't realize the safety was on he couldn't figure out how to get it off. And the teacher in and someone else some references security guard or another don't we're able to wrestle. The boy to the ground in it and get the gun the gun did not fired yes safety was on the teacher was not shot. And they wrestled him down to. Nineteen appearing unique in GB torch yes and I saw that some people attempted murder by the way. And ended the parents are trying to get him released in saying that he should go to their custody and the median home school and all that. Remember that we juveniles we knew he he's not going to jail for thirty years raised twelve. Canadian home please what they eat and well yeah twelve years old about half abstain be horrified that is and think. God. For the safety imagine what that teachers think now yeah I talked about a little fear Pete liking counter an acute here. And say that's more than a little feared he there that might be fear coop. At that point is is horrifying. President is September 11 2018 I commend next in the hot five at five a little baseball a lot of college football notes to Oregon State lands another big transfer. And boy this is a really bad for one Big Ten school gets all that next on the fan.