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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, September 11th
Hot 5 at 5, CFB revenue list, CFB kickoffs, and some Serena Williams. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It. Find Blake lively plus one. I don't want. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best and local regional and national sports. And clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason's a cannon arm you may not do this job. Do prime time on 1080. Yeah. I welcome back it's drop in Suk choose dean's it is a big stick and we can you know that means it means that tomorrow. It's going down we're out of bigs chicken in my view meat chicken. He damn right it can't wait. We're going to be out there broadcasting live 37 tomorrow on the grand opening of bigs chicken amen to be in a chicken suit in than in Beaverton there. Tom Watson. I'm here and they make a very strong bird same guys that run more Hearst and ate away. Not run it. On it alone in December rose say Ambrose all suggest that know what they're doing. Yes so make sure you putting your I cal cannot parent John is they're gonna have happy hour specials are going to be doing some gift card giveaways suddenly happy hour when we get there at 3 o'clock all the way to close you know I understand she is they're gonna have one of those big giant. Pairs of scissors and they'll do a ridden Cardenas. Really with the city be urgent do you get to do the ribbon cutting I want nothing to do its high you have everything to do with it to what the hell you are. But we'll be out there tomorrow please join us grand opening big shake in now we have got women got out to Beaverton in awhile are out that way neither the last time is maybe our civil war partied last year we were at a big -- than that may be the last time we were on the outside the -- are reaping doesn't he fantasy draft present big Al's just a month ago blood because we're not there wasn't as last year we were invited them last year we after the civil war thing we are gonna be gals. To do for you I wouldn't have accepted him anyway. Coming up in the club get might take shots don't you write a thousand football why would you give to help hash tag mean to we've got it we've got a new guy parents in the news now. We'll talk about its stake in some flak for. Would you like to see your own face. In porn. Who got a story for you there and now my own faced with a much better body I don't. Yeah like you can now put your face into your favorite. Seen its rule. In the way that I don't think that's a whole weird. Why is that weird add zest does this mean years admitting to watching really weird porn that's that's strange. And weird. So subjective term but but but but but to find it weird yeah the yeah that is say it's redefined what a weird is. Coming up this hour we talk about football. A lot of football. And more football sent a generic in a foreign and we did talk football started the program as well. I have a bill Belichick's stat that I wanted this guests and college. Too many tech specs. For your liking oh in the Forbes. College diploma is not able team's list is out this this. In origin is on there and we'll take a look at that now all this hour but damn. Exude right now. It's very busy day in sports let's get to it it's time for the hot find it fun. Odd topics and opinions. We already own park that day and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot and private five. Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line download the reward happened starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Process. Number flying. Patriots back field takes a hit running back Jeremy hill is done for the season with the ACL injury. I new England's bye now needs a rookie Sony Michelle we get help these. Fast no because those discussed vita got the scrappy but held run for a thousand yards and scored nine touchdowns did your Mike's sports and art earlier say that taking on Varner is on the team now yet they just partner in the that I went out got a couple scrappy receivers they got Corey Davis. According Coleman or curl home an excuse me who is being cut by everybody and look Brown's death you know or trumpet crude down another guy he got cut by the browser and they send him to buffalo for like a city aero candy I can have buffalo was like yeah no. The patriots signed Corey colemans thought he'll go to the patriots now and he will become an all pro wide receiver can't they're studying Greg Olsen three fracture of the foot he had surgery on last year he is considered whatever this means month to month that's weird falcons placed linebacker and he is their top tackler Deion Jones on the IR he has a foot injury although they do expect him back later this season yen and. The other safety they went out he's done for the year that's too Pro Bowl level players they lost on their dealer floor once the season and one for significant chunk of time. The one thing you can't account for the NFL it's a war of attrition and just help. If our Oakland days. Get by the wild card game against Mike's hated yankees. Are Oakley days now they will be doing it without aids Sean mini and who has been out and now they have officially put him under the knife. He undergoes arthroscopic surgery on his shoulders of 27 starts. 359 ERA in the no hitter. I BA's are three back mail last that they are planning ahead of the Mariners in the wild cards we should be the Yankees in the days and that they allow card game yet GMs are done and so. Either raise coffee rooms the rays now have the same record of them in the rays are just part of the red lion. Look at our prayers are lawyers and our days to look good for. The Indians lead the AL central they've activated Josh Donaldson from the DL. Brewers can tie because in the NL central theme oh win at Wrigley tonight and in the Rockies lead in the NL last is back to a game and a half over the Dodgers. A Morgan State lands Oklahoma transferring the linebackers names Addison guns GUNDS. He's a former four star kitty played in four games for boomer sooner and last year this season. He suffered a he had knee injury in camp that that was season ending so he was I supposed to enter his true sophomore season nice connection to Oregon State. Is Danny as a relationship with. A former high school teammate in that said Shawn Wilson who has a beavers freshman cornerback so this is the third kind of high profile. You know force third typing kids looking good man they have they've gone after years so you don't need not just gonna after a museum to god and so this as you kids from Nebraska out. The first kid's name is tryst in. Indiana. And he is yet is he the second leading passer he's quarterback. Second leading passer in California high school history and his connection was he was recruited by John Smith and John Smith is nothing you done. So he'll be eligible next season and in that Avery Roberts syndicated transferred away from Nebraska he's a linebacker so you know this. It's good news on the organ safer. All the talk you know work and obviously they're great recruiting class with some good news for the beats Kosovo notes with hurricane Florence. Bearing down on the East Coast several games canceled West Virginia and North Carolina State. Central Florida and North Carolina both gonna try to reschedule. A Virginia's new minutes home game with Ohio over to Nashville to get a plane at Vanderbilt stadium. I Stanford is holding Bryce love out of this week's game against cal Davis well because. Mean they don't really need him now a Danish just says he'll be back for or again. It's also been announced that the Colorado players will not be punished for the played knocked Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez out of last weekend's. Games if you watch it now and then. They kind of went unnoticed at the time that. I don't remember who the linebackers its kind of gang tackle good you can clearly see on film one of the guys wraps it up around the leg nobody is laying on the ground. He does a little. Here they twisting motion I mean it's not necessarily Debbie Debbie looking to break a leg but it's it's more than just to tackle yen frost sent the video over to the Big Ten in the pac twelve foot. No disciplinary action will be taken now remember. Martinez that kid is the only scholarship quarterback left I mean they've got finished the game like Colorado and will be the guys are Martinez comes back he's or what god does not have a scholarship. You know we knew that this year for Scott kraus is going to be a legacy as a BO wash out that. This is the learning you're eager for for Scott for this is a really bad. For Michigan State new allegations. Against former spartans doctor Larry Nasr who's already in prison bent down and listen to the program. So here's the latest a former Michigan State field hockey player alleges in a new lawsuit that Nasser drugged and raped her. During a medical appointment in 1992 now she claims the assault was videotaped. So she at the time told her coach about the tape. The coach intervened and received a copy of the tape. Now entered the AD because the coach takes its the that the food chain the AD at the time his name was George her list. And he ordered the tape returned. He forced the coach to resign. And he forced the coach to sign a nondisclosure. Agreement. So per analysts interestingly enough resigned at that very same year but he is now a member of the board a train. Steve's at Michigan State so she says that's at the times of the videotape is that she went in any said she claims that that NASA gave for breast exam. In in that breast exam he put his mouth. On her bare breast and that doubt was indeed taped. And she complained about it was told to shut up and then when she went back for another exam of of a different variety she claims that. He gave her a a crushed up pale. That she fell unconscious and when she woke up he was raped beat her and on top of that she became pricing just right now and she was a virgin at the time so she ended up missed carrying the baby she did see did say she reported it to the police. But said because she was an out they'd be told that they had to go through the campus police. At which point she claims that basically of the campus told her to shut up that very powerful guy and then just this kind of got all Russia way. And if it's even. Any of this is remotely true and they also revoked her field hockey scholarship yes because for good measure why would you it just it's it's a house of horrors there and made an absolute nightmares at Michigan State. That is really bad stuff yeah we'll see what comes of that the hot times five is your fresh out of refreshed by frost brewed. Course like download course likes new rewards happen start earning points towards one of the kind experiences. Eating game tickets not that this necessarily that matters but he you know he wasn't even a doctor at the time. He was that he was a trainer. That was working towards becoming a doctor so did the the story was that when he was this renowned you know physician for the gymnastics team. The Michigan State was wanted to keep him there because the reputation. He was still bullied trader at this point in Michigan State allegedly still swept that under the rug how rich is the Oregon football program that's coming up next it's 513 on the fan. I rip tides that gives you got to think he's okay. I think seventeen on the stand this coming out. Jimmy judge faxing college football. This doesn't bother me. I wouldn't be I'd be fine getting rid of the kickoff. OK but those tees that's coming up poll I thought we are talking about it is launching right and I decided I thought we are go to I was like this do us a Taylor man all wound up from all of you are pro. Yet hot takes on the let's do it. Now is just teasing us for the excitement and to do now if you lions doesn't matter of moments passed I don't care anymore. Yeah price useless you know their minutes so we're not take care and blown it could blow not to don't really care dean. Mean who cares it's a touchback so what football's Tony five literal exactly. So college football's most valuable teams. As the together by Forbes now they've only been doing this for a couple years for college football. They do it every year and have been for quite some time for pro sports franchises who and I find this most interest in because well. I mean. College football's. Big rich sport what lol it's not it's about athletes. Will none of the notes about students. Then it's about student athletes. And then it's about learning. And it's about growing young men into productive members of society right now education. Right yeah yeah no right that's right I heard double talking about yes and bedroom for. I go. So there's a new number one on the Forbes. College football's most valuable teams list now they. They based this offer of average annual revenues. And this particular one is based off of the average annual revenues for 20142015. And 2016. And it's just off of you know records they get their holds up a records that they can get a hold of tax records and things like that. Things that are that that are public so college football's most valuable team. In its. Almaty guest is that I. Fifth. Okay. Closed state OK so average annual revenue at Ohio State a 120 million. And that is sad that that's the not a profit of 69. The case of it's not Ohio State I'll go with Texas. Amber chill. Texas. Average annual revenues of a 133. Million with a profit of 87 million. The man bad. Fourth. Average annual revenues of a 127. Million with a profit of only 59 main by the way let me get to orient their twelfth yeah that's where I saw. Yet his three Suggs this really are. Or now and the one I saw the organist twelfth average annual revenues. 92 million. Prostate 54 million. How about that so Alabama 127 million average annual the docs just 92. But the ducks under them by only five million in terms of side net net prophecy that that hole. I don't believe any of that crap when you talk about profit and indeed all that stuff is cooking the books there's so many schools that spend money just to spend money. Any instance of some of that to me is is is very skewed but I saw where the pac twelve ranked I haven't seen the list but I saw that. Well organ was on their USC was on there and you Donald was on there USC is eighteenth at the top 25 Washington is in nineteen yes they bring in about 85 million they make. While UC makes 47 million in Washington 36 award and is leading the way yeah he actually nice so will their tweeted this that I think. Some will would be on their big boys. Number one who might missing here. Or Texas in him. I would not have guessed Texas and a taxes pain and beaches being great is really expense you know the DOS would you like kind of Ingrid has ruined and I just kind of sleep on Texas saying am I announce I thought maybe Oklahoma. I think it may be LSU I thought maybe Florida are forcing but I know Florida State is kinda cheap so. That's a surprise attacks and Emma though. You look at the money they spent as far as facilities stadium upgrade and ages gauge you both Fisher eighty million dollars in guaranteed money maybe I. Shouldn't sleep on Texas native Texan I am average annual revenues a 148 million. Fifteen million more than taxes. And pride to be in the Bonner of the people down in Austin yeah considering to that Texas has their own that the the Longhorn Network that they ya. It's like 1819 million a year from that thing right and then the profit tech sing hymns the only schooled that profits. Over a hundred million there and a 107 million dollar profit board plus America it's good to be texas' them and they don't have problem. I guess you put them back into the program yesterday determines. Team revenues and expenses they relied on annual filings made by each school's athletic department to the NCAA and the Department of Education. Revenues and expenses allocated to football. Brosseau adjusted to account for differences in accounting practices among a flight departments and ass in the wintertime and it's so much stuff it's is cooking the books it's like I find it laughable wind when dabble sweetie. Is and they're talking about how we there's no possible way they can pay the players meanwhile is installing new GD slide. At the tax at the Clemson facility. Again have a little fun to slide to go from that that top deck down to the bottom deck just because they have so much money why the hell not in you know put in a slide. I teens are just. Blowing money. On stuff to deal and yet the idea of of pain the players oh my god we can't do that there's no money for it. I don't I think there is but it's so interesting to me two things jump out. Well actually the main thing that jumps out about this list and they do the top 25 number 25 on the list is Texas Tech. It just tingling enough they bring in abouts they average revenue and about sixty million enemy. Profit 31 million much that is just the people in Texas that just write checks for football like no matter well for sure but still I would like to point out I think the thing jumps out to me is. We we know who the big boys and how's the ball larger and it is absolutely. 100%. Correlated to. Revenues and profits I mean look at the difference between. The top. School a 107. And you are not even out hundreds okayed the top school is texting him and they profits and a 107 million dollars a year ago. You're not even out of the top 25. And you're at 31 million dollar profit for Texas Tech so that's only 24 spots they're a hundred and what. Under 12112120. I schools. The the disparity. Is. Jaw drop in this is why last. When will we talk about these issues in college who police say not everyone can afford to do it's we have the haves and the have nots you are already have the haves and the have nots. I mean it's not even close exists slow. There is no sport. Then it that has more. Now of the the line in the sand between the hasn't has had a nice thing college football and yet. Nobody really ever talks about that now and I guess it's just because. It's it's the college aspect DeVon it's our universities or were behind in the matter what and I guess they also the structure where. You know you can have a successful season by winning seven games and going to a bowl games are right and that takes a little DNA job but the reality is. Most schools are not competing with these top here's the top ten. It's AM Texas Michigan has three Alabama for Ohio State five Oklahoma six. I'd Notre Dame seven Auburn LSU floor you cannot win not competing you cannot win national championships Indian national power. With any sort of consistency. Without being one of those lousy one of those schools it cannot happen you catch like in a bottle. You can have a free season where things break your way you find the marquee player. But it's funny that everyone views organ is that right organ was the little upstart program yes twelfth. Elf right at the highest rank up there between. That they're writing the tree so compare Horry so when I think teen. Seed I think this list is way more accurate in terms of who you should compare your school to based on who their next you in this ranking right. So when you look at Oregon they're right in between Tennessee and Arkansas. So you're expecting eight EE I think that Tennessee won as fascinating they're basically right on par with ten with what Tennessee brings in and that is a big time now. SEC program that has won championships. So why this narrative or again. Can't write why this narrative dead or again is is never gonna compete. Well Tennessee did and has for years and they're right next to that now another one. USC OK so weak USC's eighteenth I mentioned USC up profits only about 47 million. Which is not even half of Texas CNN. Interesting those two programs right. USC continually gets bashed every year because they get all this talent and there's no reason why they shouldn't be winning multiple championships and at one James just in the past. And USC's overrated USC's overrated US he's over it right. Why we say that about them when their eighteenth on this list why are we not saying that about Texas a and M that hasn't won squat and there were in their their profit is a 107. Million dollars Briere right yeah exactly so so our perceptions. Of some of these programs not all but some of these programs is way off. Based on the what we really should be looking at which is this our perceptions of Alabama Ohio State's. Not wrong right Oklahoma whatever. Why is Michigan not taking more flack get a 127. Million dollars wired you better yes. Why are you not winning championships like Alabama Texas has the same prop you know I mean it out. So goes to show you the programs they should be lauded Wisconsin and Michigan State. They're make it probably yeah 3940. Million dollars yes and they have been consistently good over a decade plus. Not national championship you're right but should you expect national championships when you're dealing with a third of the budget. That the big boys are dealers right EL Wisconsin's Tony forth on this list. I am you mentioned Michigan State's when he said he you know else on here is Iowa got freaked I was on here. Solid they make a lot of money not championship program I think you look at where USC's like these schools USC's around maybe start comparing US Seymour to Washington boy isn't that interesting we always say the USC should be better they should just win the tackled their debt. They're not there they're pretty much on par with Washington on the beat Washington last year the differences let. With the USC is and I think why USC gets it is because he just turnaround in your backyard and you can say you you Ewing knew and they come here and and that's right but I think that is an SE had. I understand that the what I'm saying is it's maybe not about that as much as it's about. How much how much you're willing. How how deep you're willing to go into the pockets in order to witness it because they don't recruit. Mean Michigan Rick that all these schools recruited. It doesn't matter whether recruits are they're getting them okay the the question is is why are they not winning more wiser such a correlation. With the profit. And the teams that are good in the top ten every single year right and so on scene is just switch your thinking. Away from a recruiting for a fertile recruiting ground and switch is thinking away from. You know what what you think matters and look. More. At this look more at how much money these schools are bringing an end is it because it tells way more distorted than anything else. You said this for years you get out of college football what you put it. Plain and simple for the dollars and cents wise what you dubbed into it and what changed a number of years ago it organ. L liked when he sat down and had that meeting instead what we need to do to compete and we need money great I got lots of it let's dump it and so you and these top ten schools man. And they're the ones that want it more a year and year out. Or have the capabilities that some schools that this on the camera on the kicked butt of all the schools at sites like you say you. But that's my whole point is USC should be in the top ten yes but it's not not Auburn and Notre Dame art why. Well the put more out there so USC you wanna win he didn't get recruits but you really wanna win. You gotta jump into this top ten don't hire Cleo. My Macon sensor I think it make total sense Dimon himself. This moment step and then it would smell what the rockets could get. But I do think that there are programs USC they have built in advantages that should make up for some of that. Oh for sure why they're good thank you I'd look at Washington like USC in their bowl spend and write about the same in both make in the same amount of money. And I still say the USC should be better. Because US season Los Angeles and Washington is in Seattle and not. I think that's right but again this is not universal on just pointing out that this is sub something we don't pay attention to because we just don't see the numbers on an opt out resume their all make it a bunch and nobody really can't pay any players. But that it's writing your kid is so much more of a factor than anyone knows and I would love to see or anyone really gets credit for in I would love to CDs top 25 schools and in every school. Somebody to run the numbers on how successful they are on the field. Correlated to their revenues. That would be a very interesting lists in other words who is really outperforming their revenue and who is really under performing. Their revenues that would be fast and why would look on their just stuffed up my head you know that Tennessee you know that Arkansas you know that Florida. On our pipe vastly. The last handful of years under perform mean South Carolina. Vastly underperforming the amount of money that that this coming in there. One to some people are texting into in the better each state tax on by a factor of five stadium size matters chair and that is for sure true Oregon does have the smallest stadium amongst those top twelve passengers yet they're still there. But also as it pertains USC you know somebody says USC has no stadium to benefit money lies. While that's kind of my whole point is that you you better believe at Texas a and M Texas or Michigan or Alabama or Ohio State or Auburn or Florida. Did not have this. Eighty today have the same stadium as USC. What are they gonna do to correct they're gonna build the best thing that you have ever seen in your lie in athletic. Had a great stadium and the other one Goodyear would they went to the SEC you know I've won eight let alone and we have built this. But that's the analysts so Umpqua college football's most valuable teams as put out by Forbes Oregon ranks twelfth. Average annual revenues of 92 million with a 54 million dollar profit number one is Texas seen in and that's why. They expect old gym though down there. To be winning championships and they want ensued when they should be paid him eighty million dollars us but with. All right coming up next too many touch backs in college 533 years like. Yeah. Didn't know. Where I was against duke on 1080 the fan. Of the political. It's a difficult. Kind of cut the nonsense. Sports. I don't. You can do deeply and. You have a pair of big jet now pieces and you can use to get the big ticket statistical. What what did you say undercut the big chicken rib and tomorrow bigs chicken of the big chicken. Or is it a big rig minute bigs chicken I'm guessing there is gonna Libya says there's big ribbon in big scissors and by the way appeared normal scissors to be so disappointed right. I don't have the giants I would think so every City Hall has always wanted to thank you you we talked about this to get a big now we check. And use big double B scissors. He asked so hey big stick in tomorrow 37 beat their dammit CI a big scissors are. So listen. Are you finding that out neat yes maybe. Are you finding that the college football. Kickoff. Rule changes are hurting the game. Now we see many test backs. Yeah I just don't care about the touch backs they give you eliminated that altogether it just wouldn't bother me. And 95%. Of the time. Did did the date they kick off as an uneventful play mean maybe the guy takes it out to the thirties I mean how many of those really do end up being huge plays. They're exciting when their happened but if you told me that after about a touchdown. You get the ball the 25 or thirty and in a way you go it just it it wouldn't bother me I. I used to kick off now has a chance to get up and get a beverage or go to the bathroom insisted it's it's it's a non factor forming this is not a big part of my football. Watching experience can. I wonder some people feel differently to Tex the Betty today takes on by petrified now Greg Schiavo. Who is that down the defense almost eight co defensive coordinator house. You remember when directors I was Eric would grant to directors guy got paralyzed on a kickoff the app Newman I do. And by the way we've had two guys this year not paralyzed it has severe neck injuries the first two weeks of the season. On kick off place I wanna say that was. Has directors but I'm not Gaza until this shot it was a head coach Iraq when I custodian was directors and he is co chair so he saw that. And that was in 90010 their egos they're playing army sir. And done very scary I remember that when it happened. She also has said that ever since then he's been thinking of ways to eliminate. They kick off now his looked it up with something like that probably haunts you. So he said he he suggested she thinks his idea is instead of kicking off teams would punt from the 35. This would keep tacklers from slamming into blockers with a thirty yard head of steam on punts. Blockers shadow tacklers from the line of scrimmage to the point. Of the return the collisions have been a much slower speed. That's what they're trying to do you like with the NFL rules if you paid attention and that's what they're trying to do is bring the players closer together eliminate headstart on the run. And and that's why kick Yasser Ers so violin is in the olden days. Which was a year ago I hope you basically had guys getting me a 45 to fifty yard headstart. And that is the recipe for disaster in the numbers have bared out the that is life. Com teams could run one offensive play from the 35 yard line and keep the ball yet to get fifteen yards. If they didn't make the required yards the opposing team to get the ball spotted the tackle him now. These measures and actually go further into achieving that goal. That they're trying to achieve here. Yes I feel like dirt but there's you radical. Yeah they're they're trying to do away with the that the trying to be to kick out safer and I don't know why they just don't write get rid of the day that's the hope that's what he's he's saying like look if you really wanna do this let's do this let's talk about some radical ideas on what some changes it will look drastically different and of course that scares everybody counted heiress is now. Was is descending really simple. Like what's happened now which really kind of takes away from the game. Mean there's way to meet aspects of stint it's kind of stupid. It's like now because it's there it's it's a foregone conclusion concludes it's kind of become the old extra point in the NFL where they would make 99% of them so I was like well let's move it back because it said it's like. It's not really even a play it's so easy and that's the same thing now lifted with the touch back in college football and it does. This kind of suck I think I gotta go melts and she's in my notches and grab a beer it's just it's it's it's not something that that I pay any attention to so why can't get up why not just so it based on his point like eat there are some ideas to help this. But well. The way it is now wanted to skim the freaking given the ball to 25 yard line let's roll. Yeah and I it's still say if if and I guess it would take Pia. The surprise kick away in Alabama did this Super Bowl right this happened with flu shot patent. And I guess that would kind of sink but I don't I don't get why you couldn't just. In the sake of an outside. Excuse to get to bring peace why you couldn't just onside kick it like you have to make be at the announcement of it right you're like look we're behind we're we're gonna kick on side. The only thing that would eliminate is the surprise onside kick which I would argue makes an appearance by twice all year move it wouldn't be that big deals or at least then you could still have. Now you're down by two scores you score you there's thirtieth let you have to kick on side. That part I wouldn't wanna get rid of I think that is element that needs to be there. But in in large part on which he had that the big kick off is is become irrelevant in. If if you're if you're neutering it to where it doesn't matter anyways just finish the damn thing off. Our let's switch gears and our next segment and discuss something that happened over the weekend it's quite controversial. Who sports. I don't know what you speak the native well ninety tell me when it is sports is sport we look over this in rehearsal. I wasn't here for that. And is drinking is teetering in the air it's nice day out Wilcox was raining today. And that's sunny out look at that Immelman got here it was raining. Okay so are you talking about his day drinking and it was rainy don't judge me athletics is that that she's just she's the post football sports is this. Like the music guidelines couples the awful multiple throws football local local. The guy Rubin today in Wilcox here Olivia do you expect I love that those jobs are a great. But my favorite one I just learned is this one sports is business for our country because not always ask what is sports within. So all spoke and then I don't like the music I lie but no ports is business. A camera but with the Davis. Things can be more. Then one thing athletics athletics cheeses she is sports a sports Jesus Ortiz is also business like rob can be a beef cake if you'll be a humanitarian. Did you meet the song bird of our generation yes yet easy he vented here he didn't. Eight and journey coming out he's a five start and this law. Things that you are so don't put a label logs for is that it's just sports on it would like to know things. Aren't. 546 on the fifth. Brian Todd where Isaac can sue god sanity though rare. I. We are back on the broadcasts. Isaak that's me. Big Suk credit and there the Newton. And listen it was a very big sports controversy over the weekend. That so we have not had time to get to beaches well. Of football. But it's. And fur around this time a year that's probably the answer to just about any question that we have they what are you get to that and the ball off to law to get to it happens in football. And stuff just gets kind of shoved to decide this time Mir it happened but he'll look I've I've found and lead children. Religion yeah. You know right social dig in any sort of responsibility those sorts of things. I found five minutes to it is corkscrew descend. And because I think it's interesting did you see this Serena Williams flap how did you not see this Serena Williams flap. Want just loans is asking and get everyone has seen that yelling at me I am yelling that you dare you ask me that. Is she right okay so Serena Williams is in the US open final then. And she loses but during the match she gets all pissed off. At the the umpire Dion Chara. And he starts dock in her. Look long story short is her actions escalated. To the point where she not only lost appointment then her next. Outburst she lost a game. And she was up. I know she's losing 43 issue is thoroughly out played but yes she probably would've lost the match anyway yeah buddy it's hard to know that she was down 43 in the third set. Raises was no seconds and is a ministry sends straight sets you guesses the second set she was down 43 to this young twenty something. And and that and he as she gender outbursts. And slander racquet down. And broke it this year is doctor originally furrier Kirk her coach kind of signaling to her. And we she didn't seem which can't do that and she claimed BS and then she got into it with them and can and then she slams Iraqi he got her game she's now down 53 because she loses the game. And then she goes over and as I medias want. During one of the transition she said you know your if the few years stealing from me you owe me an apology. In she had certainly an outburst like he was not a good look for her own certainly. Cross some lines and is very upset. And then they get to the champ likes she loses the match they get to the ceremony and the rule. The girl who won his first ever Grand Slam win just one years old she starts crying because everybody's boo holed the whole crowd is do we need his scene and then Serena put her arms around her and and tried to kind of you know tried tried to make it a little better in it was a bad situation all around than some of the fallout. From it has his continue to be ugly well it's quite interesting because her point is. That despite her outbursts. There have been outbursts like this from men. All the time is our tax somebody told me that John McEnroe only ever got docked a point one time ambassador and McEnroe and Connors in these guys have legendary melt much it means John McEnroe yeah. And it it just happens guys in end net tennis players bark it dead cheer up they get frustrated in their rarely doctor what Serena was docked social her point is hey that's that's sex staff and this is BS a guy doing saying and doing the same things that I did would not have gotten doc. And so basically what four minus any kind of led the view in the tennis community is is that the chair umpire Ted we didn't do anything. Wrong but that he exercised very poor judgment and there should have been like out. He escalated the situation when he did. Half to yes exactly he could have just backed off in her point is Willie you all you guys almost always back off when it's a guy you know why you back off on meat and you know let's this is one of those situations where again it's it's always tough for people rather err on the fact that two things can be true ones yeah. One is she is definitely rights and she's getting applauded for calling it out. Because tennis is a sexist sport tennis has been sexist for a long time that is a really strange. It's just. It's behind the times when it comes to this kind of stuff and always has bent and two. She. Cross the line. You know that is also true yeah she got she had an outburst and she I think she even said I don't I. I was mad and I should have done addition and set it but I did and sewed so it's kind of this this dichotomy of both things are true. But one shouldn't discredit the other I like yes she was out of line but at the same time there is no she's absolutely right what she's pointing out and it's important for appointed now. Yeah there's no reason for it to go to that level I. For me did the backlash against her. That's part that I found the most distasteful I everything by the way you said hundreds and agree with. Now not having watched have been having gone back and and watched video. There is a little bit a kind of a little bit of a crybaby sort of thing married right I don't get your ass kicked on only that but you know. If you have an outburst like that don't blame it on. On the umpire doubt you were the line you can't throw it out yet but at the same time it's my understanding that from from people that have covered tennis a lot more than I do you. That there is no reason for him to. To take those sort of drastic action which makes her right that was her right her point out and then you get in today's this some of the the dude the backlash that she is face is really uncomfortable. That's where he's not a cartoon to cartoon was ridiculous that the Australian guy roads not only is it does it look like a Jim Crow era cartoon. Did you also notice that they gave I forget the name of the the gal that won. But she's a Japanese. Player. In the cartoon they made her white in belonged. And they made Serena Williams basically look like a guerrilla mean it's it's beyond offensive. And yet there's people on there that are are gonna try to defend this and to some of the comments that I've seen on social media towards her are really. Really learning Serena George Serena aren't really imports case and it's. And and that's the disappointing part is is that the sexism in the racism. That is so close to the surface that the moment like something like this happens the floodgates opened and it all comes out and that's embarrassing. It's absolutely embarrassed seen some of the stuff that is being said about her fur you know I give it having no Porsche. That was that was poor form on her part she had a melt down. But. The melt down and it does not give people the right or in any way. May did did the moon that the venom and just as the evil crap being spewed towards her anyhow air anyway justified. So it just it's it's an ugly incident and the ist Demi just disappointing that that's. A large portion of the bill audience's reaction did to something like that. Is to just go out her in the worst possible ways. All right Daryn is hot tennis talk for you guys about that in the middle of football season. That's because he didn't do much. Iowa well I didn't want to know I mean I was watching some of that. Donna I didn't see it I guess in the games that were contested. All I read was is she was the early I'll play you know the point is this he strayed sixteen defeat the point is she this did not cost her the match up. That is quite humane people here making that point. That is quite a building that's the same guy who is mad at us because a William wants a rams raiders game either but he's got a point because I feel sleeping you're a fu fighters. Yet but I saw the first half and and the raiders looked pretty good in the first half it was a good game at halftime can attend the second half the rams keep harassing their car looked horrible I can say without hesitation that the Foo Fighters was a thousand times better than the raiders there. Why did you have seen I mean I think that goes without saying to say and are you is Utley double bragged I think he was trying to make you feel guilty for your choice classless mean. Yeah complete how to biscuits spun on me if you had taken your dad out no way out. Yeah I was taken Jack you said I'd rather go whoa you don't you don't we've fellow speak via a save time and I think. Don't confuse all eyes tired about you if you fell asleep there I gave I would have fallen asleep during the two fighters tonight at all I have Dieter. Our act coming up next it is time for the club we have a new need to win a newbie to the meat to movement now once again I'd like to start my twelve part apology. Has stagnated. And why you should hold in parts. Who. Have been saying this for years it's about time the club is next on the sand.