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Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, April 19th
Mase Funa and Hank Bachmeier join the show, plus more!

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This show is for college recruiting friends. Inside story on the ducks or beavers the national recruiting scene and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruiting where Ben remember. Jim lives in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and friends follow cool we. Drew an image blog ten AV OK and. I'm. Hello and welcome. Recording with the injured in the containing the fans. Loaded show. Absolutely loaded and new commitment that involves both the ducks and beavers. Must say food of the nation's number five outside linebacker. Is traveling to UG. And he said he's planning on doing the show as long as we don't hit him at a time when he doesn't have cell reception so we're gonna give it a go there is a chance we get him in a grey spot. And in the nation's number five pro style quarterback he bought Meyer strongly considering Oregon State he's visited once. He plans on visiting again and he may commit late in the summer organ state in pretty good shape. To potentially end the nation's number five pro style quarterback and we talked about that John does the buyer one of the things I mentioned wise. He can recruit quarterbacks in the pac twelve. You're always a really good quarterback. Away even when your back. You can potentially be one good quarterback away from me about T it's an it's an offensively. Can Hank blocked my beat the guy to talk to and receive be set up that visit CP's nearing a commitment date also it's the organ spring game this weekend. Which means or is hosting. Unofficial visitors and bear list is loaded. It might be an anti semite because it seems like lately since Willie Taggart came in in the Willie tag left now crystal balls there. Or does have a number of these weekends where we've seen 304050. Guys come to town. And twenty to 25 on four and five star prospects so we gotta go over Hu's visit. And will do that here in a second but first. Today organ state announced the signing of restart tight in defense Indian Teague and quit Soriano he's a three star prospect there were seven. Four star prospects in the state of Morgan I had to get the top five guy in the state. Six foot 7250. Pounds as a junior in basketball he led the state in points and rebounds per game so he is an elite athlete. He's a little bit on the football field and lead Catholic he was expected to sign during your early signing period with or. Didn't end up doing was expected to sign during the traditional signing period. Didn't end up doing and I do think it's fair to speculate about whether or not his organ offer was still commit. But in terms of Morgan State getting Degan good Soriano he's absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt the top in state commitment they signed last year. He's the fourth one but I do feel that if Teague and would of let his recruitment play out. And he didn't have a lot of other things going on in his life there is potential that he would have had eight. To fifteen scholarship offers really likes that addition for organ state and we keep looking over their lists of visitors seed is. Almost on a daily basis you see kids tweeting to their visiting Morgan State for spring practice. They've. Constantly. Got in state kids visiting and this weekend's not even their spring game this weekend is the weekend before the spring game. And they've got fifteen to twenty kids in state kids visiting campus. I think Jonathan Smith has done a remarkable job at quickly. Quickly building in state interest he talked to these kids and they say and they take some pride in. I'm invited to a pac twelve school I'm invited organs stay and I believe Jonathan Smith and Mike Riley can turn it around. I just. It's impressive and I have been very critical state we had a Vincent get to the recruiting coordinator on the show and he said as much I see ya been very very critical of you guys he said yes you half. Yes you half. And I know it sounds like I'm flip flop and here I'm really not there are some very basic things you can do. And one album is invite kids to campus make them feel like a priority make them feel like they matter and this spring. Jonathan Smith has done now. No are pretty Texas don't recruiting floor were done with Democrat the West Coast we're gonna make in state kids a priority is it working well. They got Teague in Pretoria idol. They got into an eagle the west Salem athlete one of the fastest gives the entire country. They got black it was defensive lineman tells the Hennessy who visited Oregon has an offer from cal potentially at a four star. They are doing really good job. But even now right now does not compare to what origin is bringing this weekend and that group. Is absolutely undoubtedly. Headlined by TI cable on the T given up. Stumbled on the name cash. Came on timid out. The nation's number one prospect eight defense event. If you're gonna turn things around and organized it crystal ball wants to make them a perennial contender in the pac twelve to do that. Part of what he wants to do is deep up things in the trenches get a bigger offensive line get a bigger defense. And he's gonna do that. I think he's gonna do getting cable on timid on campus. Is a nice that Willie get him I don't. But he got on campus. Jay didn't Daniels the nation's number two dual threat quarterback. Is going to be on campus or got a shot at that yet I think he's the number one quarterback on their board Michael Johnson junior the Sheldon quarterbacks the nation's number four dual threat quarterback. There also rumored to be hosting another top five to six dual threat quarterback. Although that young man is waiting on confirmation potentially until he either arrives or doesn't arrive on campus. So they could potentially have three of the nation's top sixth. Dual threat quarterbacks on campus the nation's number one all purpose running back Shaun dollars. We had him on the show in March said Oregon is on top for me even with the coaching changed they've never taken their foot off the gas in the air on top for me. He announced his top six just yesterday. I think there's an outside chance he commits organ this week. I do not guaranteeing that by any stretch but I think there's a decent chance Forestar outside linebacker must say photo who hopefully were gonna get a good cellphone reception spot. The nation's number five outside linebacker. Heat. Is going to be in town and not only that but if I had to pick a kid it was gonna commit this weekend he would be my number one pick. I think much safer and a potentially commits to organ this week and if he does. He will be the highest rate at linebacker. Committed in the history of the program. And give you an idea they've had very good classes the last couple years we talked about that on the show tremendous number of times. It's my safe and a commits he would be one of the top three. Defense of prospects they've got a commitment from in the last three or four year he's that special. He's a special. After Jerry and manga. A four star running back from Michigan. He has all the offers forty offers Alabama Miami Michigan it seems like everybody in the country is offered this kid he's only rated the nation's number 23 running back. But he is exactly what crystal ball wants yes he's got a smaller backs he needs a bigger back. Jared manga and here in Maine a six foot 2210. Pound bruiser. That you could potentially bearish on dollars he came out this top sixteen top twelve. This week. I think there's a chance he commits organist weakened when I guarantee absolutely not but I think there's a chance I also think they might get trivial. The three star defensive back. He's looking at organs eighty's looking at Colorado but organ would love to get his commitment early a nice long fluid aptly with offers from all over the pac twelve. He's another one mossy for Una and try to heal. The three star defensive back on the T you guys I'm really really watching. Potentially for commitments this week and sell. Loaded shell all loaded weekend we've got a lot to get cute and hopefully we get to my safe Luna. Next under green with Internet and on tanning. Clive stars don't know and trust good sweet. From Oregon law. This is returning women and remember on ten ABC Israel. Good grief. That's the score at halftime of the laser six pelican 64 blazers 45 and a good. If I told you before the series that the blazers would lose the first two games in. Kind of embarrassing fashion at home and then in game three they get slapped. Would you have what which put the odds on that have happened. Thousand to haul than. I did not expected to happen one iota I I. If anything I thought well they might lose a game at home it's still going to be close series but I never in a million years thought they were to lose ball games at home. Played pretty poorly in both of them all of still have a chance to win at the end and mess that up to a both of them and then in game three. Which is a desperation three. I'm game for them just get destroyed. Yeah I don't. I don't fully understand. What happened the pelicans entered this series is the number one team in the NBA defensively against the pick general. And then the blazers seemed absolutely married. To the pick and roll. For the first two gigs and when you. When the blazers you don't need Damian Miller to create for you you need you need Damian Miller to beat these guys they give the offense start. But when you pick and you let the defense dictate. What's gonna happen free. We must have an online we do you must say we finally got an idea and. So around here are you man you made me nervous she didn't he sweated out so we got in a place. That we can hear you goods Howard things and are are you ready to make this trip to Eugene. They're either going good right now ready to leave the house school meet up with Keon. For folks who don't know key on where Hudson obviously committed to origin just earlier this month. You are strongly considering the ducks were you patents are zero U recruitment do you feel like you're getting close to a decision do you feel like gonna take until the end your senior year. How did shake it out for you. Until recently haven't talked in my parents and where close to putting have a top five but I cleaned out our should be ready and commence soon. Realistically if this visit goes well. With the ducks is there any chance potentially that they become your leader I mean would they when they beat the team to beat with a strong visit here. And they're here that are they would be. Looking forward to out of this trip in Eugene everybody kind of years about the facilities and you're about to uniforms. Out what is the thing you're most excited about CN EG. Com well mostly courtesy of refugees is. Just what the coaches have to offer me in what the program has softened me not only for when I go there and but also for the longhorns. I don't know if you've heard the stat. If you were to pick gore now I'm not saying you well if you would if you do not. The highest rated linebacker in program history that needs potentially. It's not that selective accomplishment. There are that I go onto my parents. Now the train now I want to. Organs obviously experienced a coaching change some schools have been recruiting you for a couple years how was org and able to transition from the old staff. The new staff and staying. A program that's in the mix for you could date word was that pretty seamless or did you feel things pick up a bunch under crystal. Well as some people know organ dole has been wearing has been mired major in schools themselves a little Q Carter is watching Morgan. And there. Stifel book changes boasted about me. And so even with the coaching change are still thought that organ will still be at our school meet. We're talking a Forestar outside linebacker mossy food and he is visiting or Ginn this week in is nearing a decision. Not ready to commit just yet considering the top five but. Organs certainly in there. You go to modern day in for a long time mater Dei has been a pipeline for US seek Keon is committed to orient you called or Guinea dream school. What is it about the ducks that suddenly some of these kids from California are given a real strong look. I think you just don't know that the coaches are showing two. Two players more argued Keon. He says the organ has been the only school that's been really Constant Contact with him especially during his injury. He took that organ really wanted him more than other schools and other schools. Rarely talked to him serious injury this past year. So yeah acting is stopping rocket coaching and the way they talked about it to their and there recruits. Who's your primary recruiter and an origin and what is that relationship like. Weather's been mixed between. Coats of coach let it cook dinner and then coach Chris. How unique is that I know some programs cut out a primary recruiter I keep hearing that from recruits every almost every recruit I talked to you. It's being recruited by or again names 456. Primary recruiters. Is unique approach and what does that tell you what organ is. And he was so many different coach. You know that Israelis accept me dislike cookie onto it just shows how much of the coaches have other leaders. And you know. Just a way to talk to me coach of though is send me to mourn takes a little quotes of inspiration than simply would coached. Dennison and coached limit always check in upon me an ankle is Chris all your news. Posed Christian me especially with this in America you know it takes me every day's big chart note that. On the guard and you'll and I come back bigger stronger than before. So many recruits talk about coach Salave'a and how much they love him. What I hear it hit into what are what is it about him that makes him so special what is it of people that recruits I talk to just say all just. They love him more than coached eleven like. Yeah you don't cassava those two plain duties. Every morning practical as a wake up and McCann my phone and his view video echoes so there's sending him. So I think that's pretty funny to me it's either you go without they would go boys were now even on his own skin on their work out and just. So in that to us recruit. Modern day as a number of big time kids including you know obviously Sean dollars the nation's number one all purpose back. Jeremiah Dallack top ten corner. How much is Keon. And obviously yourself as well how much is Keon working on you guys trying to get you to come with him to Eugene and make it a modern day Eugene I. You can just Tokyo on really want to hear all of there every day he's it was. Are there wearing his or use our objectives instead of when it reached an. Talking to a script of actually blocks an avalanche after school during football you don't talk knows about organ in. And how much do you really care. How much you want as there was in Rickie keep reading it yet it. Modern day competing for a national championship I imagine in your senior year. What would it mean to you guys to win a national championship in your final. Two and a national championship this last this mine last year. You know and beat it. Just like another columns accomplishment just what bothers artwork. Only Meebo and achieving Asia Mike coaches have been Korean. Especially after last year's rent is we don't know that we going to be there we ought to be excuse to fill. Chris two dollars seniors on perhaps congress welcomed she's scoped at the news to lead this team. Along with coach Rob Lowe and his staff and just believe in them and look at where this year. A four star outside linebacker mossy from an visiting organ as we get. What's left for you on the recruiting trail obviously a visit to Oregon this weekend of any other visits planned or is it possible to take its organ visit and then. You kind of slow things down and and spend some time with family before making a decision. You know this this Dorgan trip is probably the only one I have plans so far. And then after that we'll see how to come back in public records about it and then. There almost are planning official visits in hope we will be litigated and commit. I summertime. Sounds good man thank you very much for your time I really appreciate you go across time and know you're busy and packed you packed up ready to go. Cyril Allred go good all right and saved travel is have fun with you on a Nokia itself in any trouble. Grew older. All right lynch it's time for that segment you know what it is he's got a organ yankees gone or I'm not even have to. Come on after that dude come on May I did that's your first dude come along and after that interview. During the interview he said a couple of things become a perch my Europe the first of which was. When you asked the question of one of the coaches talking to you about it he said they're talking about the stuff when I'm there in for the future. And that could mean when I'm married this weekend but I I heard that as while I'm there as a player. And the fact that he said that this is the only thing going on recruiting wise right now for him. That's it until official visits. Again. Organ he said organs his dream school any end the interview was Kodak's. Yeah. I rest my case I'm not sure it was a lynch gaveled down addresses. I'm not sure of this. But if I had to guess I I would predict I feel comfortable predicting my safer and I will commit to organ within the next week. That's that's where icy seas act again what does that mean to beat highest rate at linebacker in history. Of the program the nation's number 83 prospect and number five linebacker and you start talking about what it means potentially. To get inroads in the modern day. My days a national championship committee USC's school its USC's school. They have the nation's number one right all purpose running back I've told you are ready Sean dollars he's been on the show he says organs on top. There's a chance this is a special class modern day they're the reason there was a national title they got 456. Four and five star prospects. The headliners room call the nation's number one athlete guy. If they start to movement and it starts with key on where Hudson who committed and his story school he got hurt or is easy on this to junior year. Dorgan just stayed on while everybody else backed off USC backed off they can they can give better options or instant win. And that meant a lot to him he's close to mossy food they get mossy food and and suddenly he's in the mix and Sean dollars dreamed of going to Oregon the nation's number one all purpose running back if he goes he's best friends would Jeremiah Cray Dell. Offers from Alabama Florida State all over the place USC. You could get him to go and suddenly you build a modern day pipeline the likes of which. Only USC has ever sate. You look at mark helper to why he struggled and as much as in state recruiting was a problem in his final full recruiting class. He did not land a top four. Prospect in the state of California. We talk about what happened when mark Alpert is a recruiter the biggest issue is and he lost organ combat. That affects one or two kits the biggest issue is key absolutely. Died on the bike recruiting California couldn't get. A big time California commitment Mario crystal ball it began with Willie Taggart he deserves some credit. Mario crystal ball and his staff for turning this around credit to coach Salave'a credit to what they're doing. I think org and ends up mossy for Internet and suddenly you've got a four star defensive tackle potential top ten defensive tackle. And a top five outside linebacker. Org is beefing up things on their defense. It looks good. On paper on its always on paper on Albert that's the thing is. All of us and especially organ fans are. Waiting with bated breath to see how good of a coach in game Crist Obama's staff is gonna do it there's going to be. There's a question about the absolutely because. You saw the staff last year have some issues where you were concerned a little bit about the in game coaching you were not never concerned about the recruiting. New recruiting was legit and obviously getting. Talent of this caliber no matter what will help smooth some of some rough coaching edges if they do exist. But that's the only question I have as you get all the great players you want but he can't coach elected you're not gonna win games he had to dribble him or win the pac twelve for them. And it will matter because these modern day kids. Are going to be in the backyard USC. And if Morgan's struggles and USC as a good you're now looks like a transition year for USC was and are being on. But. If USC has Goodyear organ doesn't does that Wear on those modern day kids and they and they eventually flip I don't know probably. We don't know how to fifth but you're right probably a critical that. It looks good on paper yeah absolutely hammered. I've said for a long time organ state can improve things I do eating a big time quarterback they are. Paul Ian. On four star quarterback and Spock Myers the nation's number five pro style quarterback he's been organ state wants he's planning to come again. Could Oregon State Libya's leader how in the mix are they will ask him next. McRee with Internet spontaneous fan. Here's might sports and. It happens recruiting whether Andrew mimicked. Teacher in a million lives nor do you recruiting experts and crewmembers on generating both. In the pac twelve conference you're always. A good quarterback away from being a contender. And I think Oregon State is zeroing in on their guy he's the nation's number five pro style quarterback he's visited Oregon State once. He may visit Demi Guinea pigs boss Meyer and he joins us now take it on a show man. That you brought me so you bend Oregon State wants it sounded like you enjoyed it. Plans to visit again and and how serious injury interest in organs like. On the it's very serious. You know you interviewed me. Well last week. And like I expressed I have great relationships with the coaches that are. And I'm really big on just being accountable and just are at the relationships that are developed the country under an encouragement. Really big for me so there. I'm seriously considered the beavers. One of the things that I thought was really interesting from our interview is that you mentioned. The plots. There comes from having. Coach Smith a quarterback coach coach linger and quarterback coach and coach Riley quarterback coach all in the locker room all the practice field able to coach US. The you have three guys who really know quarterback yeah. Why is that such a big factor in what you feel like deck and potentially do for you if you were to go to court house. Looks like display explain. Mean I think it's pretty self explanatory just what those guys resonates what they've been able to do for quarterbacks whose. Really develop them and kind of get them to the next level so. Obvious for quarterbacking that's just you know Roger reminded to try to. Chase National Football League and I think that those three guys really if you are really good opportunity to negotiate entry so. For present Vienna or eight minutes very pure for me. Nine I know that Oregon State really has prioritized Hewitt seems like they're they're very much in contact that's that's something we've talked about. They also shown that was some of them and it's in the graphics they've shown including a Mickey yourself. Poster for people who haven't seen this thing explain how it got put together and and what this thing was that Oregon State sent you to show you that you were priority. Yes so on. Have been on my visit to Canada. Gave me these pictures. About forty just eight by eleven generic piece papers. So the size and it was a picture of means that they're taken. I didn't do I think I got home and I and I hope and and I had my little eight year old brother book open outlook hit. And it took us about the Dana just 'cause we opener up late at night finish at the next day. And it's about seven feet tall and it's. About what it dean of the the papers have you know. Letters from the coaches stand you know now that they want mean. It was just pretty humbling and is pretty awesome experience just to get that that's probably one of the recruiting. Tactics that are probably gotten so far is just Israelis doing is really need. You'd you sent me a photo lab in the thing I love help I'm not embarrass you here. You war Power Rangers shirt and then we got and we got to talking about cartoons you big time to say. I am a big. I mean I'm a big sponge Bob guy. Scooby Doo Power Rangers. Are you recommended record Marty and checked out and out. And then and then he and I think Cartoon Network that I meant anything. Just kind grown up this just a big. Big. Attraction for me just has used its financial and I just enjoy being happy and not have a good time not think it is not taken things too seriously. Does that interest extend into movies like Incredibles two is coming out. Does that is that a must see for you are not really. I guess simply. Something I would like to see I was big into I don't know if you saw those brackets recently. Yes I need an order of Hoosier final four I mean. Generally speaking you're you're like four big shows. You know those just I mean there was lion king and there are. Like ran to the cars that there were some tough ones there was a sports 12. And I picked Rocky Balboa throughout. Nice call. Buried here. CNN New Jersey number five quarterback and one thing I know about quarterbacks when they're highly rated is there's a lot of pressure. To commit sooner rather than later because there's kind of a trickle down effect one kid commits and then. You know look at Alabama and Baylor and everybody in the countries offered Beckett everybody's just downed number to your way high on that list. So I imagine there's pressure for you to commit sooner rather than later. When do you plan on making any decision is that is that coming or is that gonna wait until later. I mean for mean. It's it's really gonna come down to let's count what army. I have you know and I've been. No art to that you have received a lot of offers to play football and for me it just really gonna come on comfort. Could say they're all that it all the schools you know I have great facilities. Academics. And academic support they're gonna get you enamored they should and need to succeed up a deal I believe so it just really gonna come down the country could you kind of already explored. You know what you like in football program much like an academic standpoint so. Just be comfortable out university is a big thing in. Agony and you. That's the city gets you just because it could be. The week's finale could be summertime it ideally I wanted to apply my senior season where at that have gone that's that's my goal. As far as the deadline so it could be any point from their. So what you have left in terms of maybe you haven't scheduled them but. Schools you either want to see again or are in your group of top schools that you're considering where you at with that. Well you kind of hear those those three schools and I have kind of in the hub as part of that cal Berkeley police state nor state schools that. For me that I have developed very good relations with. Just as far as I've visited it they keep very consistent contact schools that have really boosted up. Just consistent contact our PBS she's. Vanderbilt Georgia. Tennessee is well. And band. He died league have actually offered me puke them. I don't need to become the you know I would like to check out but. Really go to schools. Didn't recruit me very hard and then Jordan has an Akron area aren't recently you talk as well. Such as it has been our experience and during the I get it just gonna come on comfort zone. Art and society you know could Thompson visits. I think it's just gonna help me analyzed and help me make a decision sooner date up to pound. Talking a four star quarterback can buck Meyer. I did one I'd a are you planning a visit to Oregon State again I know you went before would you like to visit again before you make a decision or is that still very much in flocks. Yeah. I was actually talking and coach lender in. I talked on the phone yesterday as the date for. And we're trying to finalize some then as far as Indian official visited our unofficial visit at least content and play his orders. A place and I would like Agassi again could when I went up there it was I think this spring break when they had just started school an eight. You patent search and want it soaks a couple of team and I and I really had been up there did you just check. This video out and check the facility and just kind of get a feel for Corvallis and I didn't really hit the as far as. Just practice and then it got so that becomes an outlet to seek counseling it was mentioned something like. But it's a quarter system trying to get. Get out there when it once school also gone on so I am still trying to figure something now been finalized that figured out what can. We based on the play. Were kindred spirits are Lovett cartoons a year automatically one of my favorites such as mark did. A nice kid I'm really rooting for you no matter where you end up I'll be rooting for you Hank thank you very much for joining us appreciate. Yeah yeah issue. Cal. Boise State. Oregon State are kind of history. But he's a lot of schools it is but he's got an offer from Georgia and Tennessee. And those schools are big time I mean this a big time program altering kid. Ninety organ states got a really. Really good chance and I don't I don't you know they've offered a number four star quarterback's a number of force our prospects in the past and we didn't have on the show to talk about it. Because I didn't necessarily feel like there was a legit shot I think there's a would she it. Chance that organ state as the nation's number five pro style quarterback. That would be incredible and speaks to what we are talking about Smith for scuff a higher he finds quarterbacks he goes after an and he knows how to recruit. A lead quarterbacks that's what you need Corvallis to turn things around. Its interest and here and say all the positive things about the coaches couple other times at least recently we talked to the potential beaver recruits. They're they're they're kind of vague about the beads and that was a very specific. Detailed. He wants to come back to Corvallis. Ballot vote that's a positive in my mind he's thinking about it it's a it's certainly under big consideration for. And what helps to his coach linger and has been recruiting him since he was freshman lingered was at Colorado. But that relationship is years long so even though it's a new staff. Some of these relationships go back a long way so it's not just in Oregon State's picked it up recently. Is that these are all set relationships he had from other programs. And now all these coaches are the same spot he likes so let that is really helped its consolidated all that interest. In the three different coaches that he knew before all one school. Oregon State is not just dangerous didn't hang bock Meyer obviously. There are a number of big time targets are going after posting a bond shot on this weekend will go over that next on agreement intranet on team defense. And so I've stars to unknown prospects. Cover the bowl from the word in the this is returning Andrew Nemeth and 1080 votes and I opened the show giving credit to Oregon State. For two and a better job with in state recruiting unit and recruiting in general you heard it from Hank block Myron that last segment the nation's number five pro style quarterback. He strongly considering the beavers. They've done a remarkable job at getting people to believe they can turn around and I think. It's a. Two headed effort you've got Mike Riley who says I won here before. And you've got Jonathan Smith is that I won here before as a player and as a quarterback I know exactly. What do ticks to build a winner in courthouse and that's resonate. And there's interest and there's not just interest for the spring game there's interest day in day out in this weekend we're seeing some and they've got a number of big time talent coming through. And are they five stars know but they're guys would multiple pac twelve offers and that's important that's something they haven't consistently hat. Especially when kids are paying their own way to get to in the spring must it's an official visit their pay in their own way. Four star wide receiver to wreak Lockett three star safety William Nemo. Three star wide receiver tight end Blake or restart tied in Diego four week month fool Lehman no. I'm not gonna get that one right. Three star defensive lineman tells Hennessy three star receiver Anthony gold the two commitments. Three star athletes Simon Thompson from west Salem the list goes on. Again these guys a pain in their own way. I just. Listen I just feel it feels different we talked about you mentioned during the break. Kate Bok Myers interest level sound is different it yes he's interested he also sounds excited about that interest and it's a level. And whether it's into gold celts and Hennessey and block Meyer were hearing a different level of excitement in the recruits boy uses about Oregon State. And it shows. The reason I brought it up about the more detail. Is. So many of the kids that you brought on. Have been very just kind of vague about org say they talk about a third. Given the generic answers and he was excited about right here and excitement in his voice he liked talking about all the coaches who have been recruiting him. And frankly I think that's kind of an inch sinking to both would abuse in the docks is that they're they both seem to be. Employing the everybody recruit kids. Method multiple Orleans multiple coaches or particular method and talked a volatile and others now there's one no and no limits on. How many messages you can pencil Schmidt himself like that of a stay on the kid and even assay for the senate that I forget. His friends Damon he's been talking about key on where beyond. That they were the only school to keep in touch when he was injured. And that's. It sounds like something that would be small like hey you know this is the message here in the air but to somebody making that big of a life choice. In. They have all these coaches buying after them. And bad Oregon was only wanna do that and stay in touch and that thrall three Oregon coach or if they coaches or are talking to Hank. That's big I insurance on everywhere but we haven't seen it as much here recently. And that was one of my big gripes about the last staff it's not I'm just I've decided okay now I'm gonna be positive about organ state. The tone is different and I and I if somebody asked me yesterday. I have you ever have you ever heard kid going to leave an official visit to lead to visit saint it's socked I hated no. That's it's it's a good point now. You can hear in the kid's voice when it's like yeah it was a good trip or me and I loved it was amazing there's a huge difference there. And maybe it quotes Reid as saying I'm not sure I'm maybe I'm too close to but a quote like it was a good trip Woolsey. It's a whole lot different than I loved it felt like home. And right now for Morgan State we're getting a lot more of the I loved it bonded with the stamp it felt like call. And sometimes it is as simple as making a personal connection and staying on acute. I talked organs recruits late in the last recruiting cycle when there was Gary Anderson Korey Hall. And you hear kids say well I hear from Morgan State about once a week one coach once a week. That's does the work you can't do that it's not it's not even hard criticism to make. You've got porting coaches like you know you heard my sickness say. Ask which Salave'a it's up every morning with an inspirational quote in and I'm talking to other coaches that's the expectation in modern recruit. And Gary Anderson and his staff weren't doing they are now and they deserve a lot of credit for they deserve a lot of credit and because it doesn't take much it's just a genuine all out approach and they are doing fine. And it's working. Two commitments early from instate the nation's number five pro style quarterback is interest it was the last time other than Derek Anderson who's from the state. Sean menu and comes to mind debt or in state seriously. May Iran any top five to ten quarterback in the entire country. With out a tie that's like my dad went there or I'm from the state it says something it means something it and it's improvement it's. Visible clear improve. It's a good sign. And again and it I don't wanna be the negative Nancy over here but. All of this is great. But once we get on the field it's going to be a whole different story and or Oregon State has a gigantic mountain to climb to gain the trust of their fans back after the last season the last season was such such an embarrassment. For a team that was expecting six wins. A bowl game that they were almost certainly could get six runs in the ball game. To have a season like that it last year and have your coach quit on you and all the bad stuff they did wind up happening. It's it's gonna take a lot to get the trust back and I know it's helpful to have Johnson spent Tuesday the hero of local hero and it's it's helpful notable long lesion. Or he says expectations are very low in terms of compared to the rest of the pac twelve so it's not going to be like oh my god instantly fire this guy but. You're gonna need to start to see some results on the field as well as continued apostle lent him off the field and recurrent. Hundreds 100% agree you're absolutely right. I have a tendency because I'm so focused on recruiting that I looked at things in a recruiting vacuum. And I see progress in the waiter approaching things in their ability to identify talent in the state. And I consider that progress but you're absolutely right lynch. A lot of progress can be und dot on the recruiting trail even if you're contacting kids every day if Euro and you have to win. Dave they need to win a few games this year to say you were better than we were lashed. It can't be in my opinion. And look at this I'm mr. Hughes fan I get being about a football so make of Eric dungy doll made don't don't pretend Syracuse is good and Donovan McNabb. Yes and Aris Freeney and Eric this is used to victories on the college that's up Katerina. When I was there wasn't relied on just give you an idol we had occurred at the Greg Robinson. And nice he was awful. Won one game a year for every euros there's understands I'm coming at you from this pedestal saying. That and this this this mess but I don't want this year to be like to wind but it looked at the most of their games. I don't wanna see that. Because that's like that's just a moral victory and who who likes moral victories. We talked to my saint Benedict the take away. I think he picks org and I think he maybe takes organist and is this week you need to get highest rated linebacker. In the history of the program the second an interview ended I was sure certain just ignore and I I picked I think he's taken or get in I don't I wouldn't guarantee I would bet my life on it. I feel pretty confident tank box Meyer looks like. A serious serious candidate. To beat a future organ state quarterback I guarantee it again now but were estates very much in the mix for the nation's number pro number five pro style passer next week. We're gonna have to wrap up this pregame visitor list. We'll preview Morgan State will go over origins I'd predicting that Oregon gets a commitment or two or three. Will be back next week pretty good Internet to contain a fan thinks.