Recruiting w Andrew Nemec 4.26.18

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, April 26th
Jonathan Smith joins the show, and Oregon and Oregon State spring visit talk.

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This show is for college recruiting friends. Inside story on the ducks or beavers the national recruiting scene and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruiting and damaged and lives in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and friends follow. Recruiting Andrew McLeod to an eighty's. Hello and welcome. Recurring within germanic on 1080 the fan. Huge Shia. Huge show this week we asked a recap what went on with or against or in house and home. Recruiting week. They're spring game last we can you have to preview Oregon State screens game who's visiting. Who may connect who's already committed and checking things out and then. In the second half hour the show right around 730. Oregon State coach Jonathan Smith can join the show to talk about their recruiting moment because I think things are going. Better. Then most fans I think most recruiting experts would have anticipated. Without them having wanna get things are already better than they than they were at the end of last season nothing's really changed in yet we're seeing a little momentum. But first the organ docs we previewed it last week. We said it could be some commitments we got on base the wanna. And after dish after his interview lynch you predicted he'd commit or again you predicted he could commit Dorgan this weekend I think we both did it felt. Such a sure thing after the interview that he was going to to go to Eugene and love it and and commit and some bad but that's what you listen to the shell I mean. Seeing that energy and a good job Mike Lynch and hit a great job Michael lynch I have to get I have to I'm proud because I. I am only just now entering the recruiting world. During the show if you so like my predictions make no sense to anybody because who lie. But I got her so. But it does make sense I think if you know people. And this is recruiting experts in general one you have to have the access once you're recruiting expert you know quote on quote there. You have the access and you do the interviews and from then on it's about getting to know the kids and building a relationship it's exactly like. Building the actual recruiting bond that the coaches to you gotta get to know the ticket. Meg not trying to influence them where to choose necessarily but it comes down to reading people how well do you read people. And I think so far. You've got a pretty good job reading people when we when we cut to you to make your predictions. And I guess that's true and it's. Maybe it's just because they're high schoolers may think they're being really sneaky and are not but Tyler shot got she'd go oh Yahoo! Tyler shut EV DO don't that was also my first prediction I've done some and give myself a little bit of a pass from Allen and I I feel like it's very easy to read between the lines you can tell by their answers. How passionate they are absolutely about a school or choice or their recruiting process so far and you kind of just get a vibe can happen. And we get asked about that I get asked about done on the text like all the time when do you ever hear are recruits say yadda bad visit and that's a fair question. You don't often hear kids say he had a bad visit. Let's you don't hear the passion and we talked amazed Bhutto last week you heard passion and excitement. Big time talent. Now is committed or did. When he committed he was already considered one of the highest rated in fact the highest rated linebacker in the history of the program since that time is film has been reevaluated on 24 sevenths sports. He is now listed as the nation's number three. Outside linebackers he's barely just barely missing out on fives are status I think he's three or four spots away no he doesn't knee injury. And usually when guys are hurt it's very rare for them to move up I don't know how much that's gonna impact his senior season. If he's unable to play a full senior season he's unable to do the opening somebody summer showcase events I think it's unlikely he adds that it's dark. But you're talking about kids right on the bubble and if he's healthy has a chance. To add a fifth start that's how good a linebacker you got there are sure headliner mace food out is a dock that's a big went if you just get him. You've got the modern day pairing of food and a and four star defensive tackle key on where Hudson right off the bat right way you say your front seven's more physical beauty organ docks that's something unique. That's something you needed really for years frankly is a little bit more physical. Athletic. Front sad they did that are ready but that wasn't it they also added Forestar aptly Cameron Williams. Cameron one's gonna play safety at the next level like him a lot there a lot of people on this West Coast if you like he is extremely underrated now. Under rated he's just he's a borderline for starting some other places out listed as a three star he's gonna play safety but he has offers from UCLA USC so when you talk about a kid being under rated and he's got most of the pac twelve including UCLA and USC the instate big time programs you're talking about a kid who's pretty highly right. So what he's underrated means he's pretty special I think Cameron Williams really nice addition to that step we keep seeing this coach Hayward has some real. All in the state of California. Thomas grant California can't domino lower California can't they're doing a better job in California. They also added four star athlete James Von Wilson now. Wants to be running back six foot 26012. Or attend 220 pounds and a bruising running back. But he as a chance to be special. And outside linebacker mesa and I think slides inside is a middle linebacker. Jamont Wilson wants to be a running back. Organ made it very clear. We're recruiting you on both sides of the ball you might play on either side I think he starts out running back chance to be a pretty good running back. But where he looks uniquely special where I think he has a chance to really rise up boards is an outside backer. Suddenly we look at this group and you look at what organ needs a pig organs. Pretty consistently. Getting really good running backs we'll get to that Sackett. They've got a quarterback in place we just and Herbert I think if you watch the spring game you feel really good about Tyler shucks future you know you're getting offensive lineman where the questions and or. And it's been on the defense aside the ball for years big it'll be on off on defense you know have a Forestar enforcer defense attack. One of the nation's top rated outside linebacker he's an inside linebacker what are the nation's top inside linebackers if Jim I'm Wilson is an outside linebacker you've got an extreme. Edge rushing impact full linebacker and now you've got a safety who could play either spot and be a very personal piece that's right up the middle your defense. You just improve the middle your defense and were in March where Miller and. Or any here talking about as a county on the line you're talking up the middle in the defense and you're talking about the weakest unit the organ ducks have had for a couple years and their proven them. 12345. Right here in recruiting at least stars wise and and and on tape wise and for Gannett immediately so. Probable. Yeah I. Overall you have to get organized high grade for their spring in a game an A minus I think they thought they were gonna end up with 56 or seven commitments. They got full the guy didn't mention can know Dylan is a six foot 5260. Pound. Grabbed transfer tied in from South Florida they need help Heidi and he'll come in and add some depth. If you if he stands out he's got to thin out quite a bit I mean he really tiger. Kid comes organ after tiger hits it it it telling isn't it it's a very telling if cannot Dillon can send up a little bit even get to may be 230 there's a chance to help some depth at wide receiver is a big body target either way he's going to be a tight end for shore. And help them out be looked at who else. Who else they bring UNC got three commitments for grad transfer. That's not enough to say just big time we can you look at how they did it. They brought in JD Daniels the nation's number two dual threat quarterback I think they get an official visit out of him by the end date posted cable on timid out. The nation's number one prospect of defense and it. By all accounts he was blown away by our Sean dollars the nation's number one all purpose back had a chance to talk to him the nation's number one all purpose back. So let a leak running back and he's he's getting closer to commit. And if I had to guess right now I'd say organs in the driver seat now that originates USC very much in the mix Washington in the mix Georgia is offered in Florida State's offered him. But organ looking like they have a chance to get Sean dollars we talk about how are you improving your team your your proving the core of the defense and you're getting potentially running back. Jeffrey Carter the nation's number three quarterback. And he had an announcement it. This week and I thought it was going to be its commitment he sounded ready as you can possibly meet at the end that we can I think you went home calmed down a little bit he released a top six. But I predicted the eventually picks org and you look at 24/7 crystal ball picks. They had a flurry. Of predictions that he's gonna end up picking Morgan he's under armour all American again the nation's number three quarterback he's on campus you have to remember. These guys are all paying their own way to beat their for the most part I think there are a couple official visits in their for the most part these are kids who paid their own way. 304050. Elite prospects in Eugene they landed three. Again for commitments if you don't grad transfer he's obviously not it ended at traditional recruit three commitments and ride on the fence for 678 more. Or get off to be stellar start and I said in a couple weeks ago. With the way organs recruiting right now they've got a chance. To have the best class that never had and we said that last year and then Willie jagr bolted and things in fall apart but they they took a step back. If this stuff stays together and they have a good fall. This could very well be organs best class ever and a top ten class there are some special things brewing in UG. Now it's Oregon State star. They're hosting approximately seventy. Kids this weekend we will preview their big spring weekend as far as recruiting next. I'm pretty with injured and on Tinny to. This is recruiting and mimicked on an eighty. Oregon State has their spring game it is their turn. To maintain recruiting slash. Lists and thought I think they've done a phenomenal job seventy kids. Coming against paint their own way and at times I'm in state talent coming in won't get to that list. But I want people understand ordered Stater in different spot so when you look organs list and see 2034. And five star talents. Don't look at Oregon states and say how come they don't have that during different places in it and if you have a hard time understanding matter how that could be. I just I don't know how else to explain it he or his state doing a very nice job acting momentum is headed in the right direction. But until they start winning some games and win a number of games. I think it's going to be realistically its gonna be a little bit of a challenge to get four and five star guys on campus that's said. A debt to find what you war being realistic about what you wall are in recruiting. Can make a world of difference don't waste your time recruiting guys the you're the third fourth option for. Go after the guys that are excited about being a part of what you're doing. It will really truly grind to be a part of it. You can you can take some fliers and you look in the hat you would like Hank pock mark the nation's number five pro style quarterback not visiting this weekend will visit in the future. I think or ST as a really good chance to land and that's a special or star prospect. But I don't think if you look at it try to compare and contrast this is still in Oregon State team it's probably gonna have a a class that's ranked in the bottom half of the pact. Organs going for the pac twelve crown this year in terms of the recruiting rankings so they're in different places but I like what Oregon State's doing an end and that list to meet. Starts with in state recruit. They need to identify a brand that is West Coast and in state kids and you look at this list. The big thing here is I think they got off to a fantastic start fantastic start. With entity gold and celts and Hennessey appeared in state commitment to Anthony Gould an electric return man. Running back receiver probably slot receiver in college. Out of west Salem committed visiting this week. Hang on your guys. Kelsey had a seat. Visited cal got an offer from cal Oregon visited Oregon organ is circling considering an offer. Three star defensive line and I think there's a chance yet supports our he's visiting this week. Corey Stover. Corn Stover is is an incredible talent on marsh field six foot 5220 pounds. He's a multi sport athlete he hasn't taken football tremendously seriously in the sense that he doesn't make it you around and it's not gonna do the seven on seven thing and and frankly I I don't even know if he's fully. Invested all the way in weight lifting and doing all that stuff. Any college level yet. And yet. He's a pretty special prospect adding you can make a strong argument he's right up there we just tells of Hennessey is the best defensive line prospect in the class for organ. In the state in the class of 2019 he's visiting this week it. Ashton Adams Alejandro Kasten chase GW Wilford Richard Australia. For. A might think beat top offensive lineman in the state of Warren I don't know which one's gonna pop. But generally when there's a group before that are this close together they are there any Mountain West Conference guys in the big sky guys and in a good jump up to pac twelve guys. Generally won a bomb may be too album takes that leak is a senior and becomes truly uniquely special so hosting all four. Of the State's top offensive lineman. They've got Diego for mono. Four Lima oh no. A three star hiked out paint a three star tight end. He's been under the radar I didn't have them on my initial rankings which was just at an absolute oversight on my part. And I apologize to him he's a talented kid he's definitely one of the top ten to twelve kids in the entire state I just haven't had a chance to see much. He's not in the greater Portland area. But I think he's talented and then lay a foundation. Witnessed things when things work for organ org state we've beaten this to death on the shelf date. Do their best recruiting when they offer first. That's when they have success so they're hosting two or three of them are excuse me for five. Of these they've offered two or three. Of the very best class of 20/20 kids in the state of war in that class of 20/20 I predict will be the best class in the history of Morgan junior Wally. John Miller who they offered Jon Miller out of Walton a middle linebacker. He's extremely. Good he's got a chance to be sidelined a sidelined three down linebacker. In the pac twelve conference he's visiting this weekend. And yell Thierry if you don't know the I'll Thierry family they had ties to Oregon State obviously in the Al theories older brother. Joseph we Alfie Aries a standout at Stanford. India Alfie airy has not gotten a lot of run he played full back a little bit. But and then you know he's kind of backup running back behind tree low train load taken off for Washington so in real fear is gonna slide in I believe in that lead running back role for jesuit. And you talk about jesuit be on the rise again they don't have the the depth of talent. That they've had in past years but when you wanna talk about stars and EL Thierry is gonna put up numbers. This fall I am really excited to see his development might end up being an outside linebacker at the college level. But to me Andy Alfie Ares just slap I think he's got a chance to be a four star prospect. As he develops. Calvin sell routers everybody talks about that central Catholic class of 20/20 it's really special and we see some of those guys haven't grown quite as much as we'd like but they're very talented the leadership qualities are there. Silas Starr is 83 Q was it Oregon last weekend Forestar prospect definitely a chance to be an all American he's top hundred receiver. In the country right now in terms of his ranking or top hundred prospect in the country at receiver right now. Cal Sadr has a chance to be better I'm not saying he will be I'm not saying yet he's got a chance and the state doesn't quite know about yet. He's six foot to six foot three great hands runs good routes gets out of his breaks well count us out as a kid that not everybody knows about that they need to know about. Organ state first to know about it first to host a great job there. That's the kind of stuff that makes you different. That's the kind of stuff that puts you back on the radar and when we talked about him you know it was in the fall really we talked about it and I you know. Which it felt like over and over I just kept saying missed opportunity missed opportunity missed opportunity. Here we are in a similar situation in terms of the star level. But the way they're handling it and the opportunity risks they're taking with younger kids. Is the other and where it's not a missed opportunity they're jumping out in front of things before they happen and and trying to make some plays on the recording for well. It's two tie this back to us we that I know very well. If this was the staff in place when Eric dungy was being recruited Eric dungy would have been getting income. An offer from Morgan State and not going to Syracuse were. I'm thankful he did but not going to Syracuse because it get any other power buy out offers that's the kind of local in state player that right now Aureus is saying hey. We see what you're doing and as cliche as it is as good coaches hitters to a public has from a state. Counselors say it's at least attempting to do that now of course you don't know it's gonna work in away were all of these kids are going to choose to go to Oregon State but. When you get out in front and you show interest early. We've heard from recruits all the time that I mean something. It doesn't mean everything we've seen a lot of the times those first schools become and wielding get passed on bigger schools come come through war they're starting goes up. But for some for some of those players they actually stick with the people who did the school that went to them first. It showed the most interest early because they've built and trust in it wasn't like oh I'm good now see you're gonna come get me. Random school in the pac twelve or or big twelve. Build organs it was only from the beginning. Like you pair Emma I'm an issues that are so I think what. The beavers are doing is betting on the fact that. If a couple of these kids pop they get bigger offers a couple double still stay in growers say because of the relationship that's been. That's a debt at two fantastic points you first Eric dungy. I know you say you're glad he went to Syracuse for people who are new to the shower analysts like you went to Syracuse or if it's not you're glad he didn't go to Oregon State you're glad he went to Syracuse. Imagine. If organ state just had aired dungy the last few years and how much better they would have done if you're Anderson muscled through their period and it's nice to be there and I know they were told that he was somebody to watch and they couldn't comment to me. But I I made a point of reaching out to Oregon State and saying. Eric judge is a guy he should take you wanna mobile quarterback instead they went to Seth Collins routes. He ended up kind of be in a receiver than a quarterback in a mirror issues. Eric dungy would have been and much much better option and it would look better to the state. The other point you made and and again and a very good point. There are guys that on this list if you offer first they're going to elevate their stock you go back just a couple years ago sure woods David more arrests. He got his first offer for Morgan State he went to a showcase event and the organ coaches who I thought did in a back then did an abysmal job in state recruiting. Asked me who indicate what state didn't even know was it was David Morrissey elect Jimmy pac twelve offers. At that point yet cal he had had Oregon State I mean he was a guy he was a forced our praise about to be a four star prospect on scout. They offer him and given more stuck with a Oregon State in the narrative the organ tried to spin it. Through people it will we didn't you know we ended up fine in other options and we didn't want David Morse known and they offer David Moore Stephen Moore stuck with a Oregon State over organ and he's made an impact. Give it seventeen tackles in in one game is it true freshman he's hurt right now missed some of the spring but. He's got a chance to be really special so it it has worked out and Boras get offers from like Stanford and other. He didn't quite get Stanford you got kind of to that point where it was on the fence you're right yet interest but he didn't quite pull in those offers but. With state offers early they're getting guys in what we're seeing an up and down this list. Isn't. It's not even their all they're hosting the op the obvious. They're not. They're hosting some of the guys on the list that that for meat and UNN a allotted time on two years ahead of the stock. Because I do it so much and in the high school community so far ahead of the recurring community eagle and that just got a chance to be special they're hosting that kid before the recruiting. Group even knows about and they're do a really nice job. They deserve to be commended so we're gonna talk to coach Smith about debt talked about what he's looking for in the spring game. Talk to about how he's built this momentum and how they become an absolute database for organ high school prospect talent next according to the Internet. On tentative fanned. Here's Mike. Sports and Belgians are returning with Andrew and American teacher nor Jim lives in Oregonian recruiting expert Andrew mimicked on generated both trends. Really like what Oregon State's do and they've got an opportunity here this weekend. Add some talent at the very least they're doing a great job bringing talent to campus. So wanted to have Morgan State head football coach Don has been on to talk about it. Coach Wright went. I'm doing well let millions argue. I'm doing really well done enjoy in the weather finally is beautiful out what what a weekend for. Spring. Not down around continue to work today in practice. You know in the mornings and you look at a couple of days of practice this week. Look important that we get. For a new coach spring matters that much more because you get an idea in a feel for your players not only on the field but personally. I imagine for you the spring game is also very important because it's the first time you're seeing guys really truly compete. What are you looking for and maybe it's coach speak to just say I'm looking for guys who want to compete but I imagine that is a big part of it right now free. Kinda question competition and to be like think or Pete regain their we're going to so I only. Yeah look at the last company allowed a crowd in Europe to respond to that. Been part of some people worshiping is the typical actors swear that's on the people watcher. Until that goalie to screen I'd like to think the culmination to an index level and some guys have gotten a lot rat and and it shook and recruitment throughout and so while will be look at her classes that pressure on Saturday in me doing it you know it. Thing going to return to a fifteen days. I'll play football again. It has been a great spring like you mentioned did not know he's got what or. Did you really pleased with the yen per Indian group. How much of your offense at this point is installed where you feel like they're gonna get live wraps added in spring and how much are you going to install in the fall. Two to Con Ed you know keeping expression and put an identity and a signature on a that is a Jonathan Smith football team. Well I think it you know we definitely aren't and we got record and ultimately Annika on the outpatient. Peeled off folks on the screens and corporation and bring to a door. A lot foundation. Including in the curry you know trying to protect your job and Courtney and not because you can other. Really looking at this bring your what was the next deputy. Cutting it in you gotta give. It a little more ready to build a cult. 0% come accusing an I don't know Morton orders are not not nearly armed groups and other. But it it can agree that could like Israelis accommodation. And go from here. Who are few of the guys that stood out this spring in the who're a couple of the kids that are may be younger the people haven't heard of debt do expect to hear quite a bit from the fall. Right I think. You take your political my conviction record skirt out of this thing I think purse and remind me and it's a career could bring. Ethnic enclave. It could catch you didn't know which become popular diet and a good thing Q on the people on the road around. And anger and make employees can. You know I think it came apart really cricket skills that you shall not pressured on a little worried about played Atlanta current. And it's a good thing so you know those that goes for Politico my and it looked like a setup like an old world group. The good improvement in the book at pick fifteen could engage. And also. We're talking Oregon State head football coach Jonathan Smith does that still sound knew when you hear that. Head football coach at Oregon State is supposed to quarterback does it. A little bit but. An ever better but you know in and beat to control how they opportunity had come back to wait. Really round and bring people coaches continued in the hunt you know. It you know coupled important and it's great place go to school until like do realistic fortunate create a culture. As Vince engines and some of the other holdovers from last or last year's group will tell you. I have been very critical of Morgan State and I keep it very real when I talk about organ and Oregon State I was I was critical of health rich when he came through in terms his recruiting effort. So I don't just blow smoke and so when I say. I see a dramatic difference in the way the U guys are recruiting. The excitement is there you haven't won a game yet as the head football coach and already the way kids particularly. In the state of Morgan view you guys it's vastly different it's night and day how would you be able to build momentum without really yet changing the record. For a tea and you know I think data. I think it is important to do to recruit Dayton coming back. I feel valleys could experience that you know on your. In 97 to 2000 Warren and we went about football games and it was a lot and it can go on the law. So I know they're good football in this state or. We won't be able to thank our car that they you know on a lot of north quit content. And those who until we do when you're in the northwest part of The Beatles and but you know California spinach huge secret us in recruiting and continue to do that's. What they're technically part of life. Clinical and are pretty sure but that they indicated they would still make our own evaluation oral in the creek expect their current hit. In it people like it. I think that's great. One of the major selling points. For you has not only did your ability to recruit quarterbacks but the fact you have coach lingering coach Riley in their TO. That's a major selling point for quarterbacks on the recruiting trail obviously we can't get into specifics and and it's specific targets by any stretch but generally speaking. That seems to be a pitch that's going to be very effective in the living room in the film room with the kids. Saying hey you're gonna have three quarterback experts. And we're gonna nitpick and all argue about different things we like we're going to be on the same page and you're gonna be a really streamlined guy. With a lot of different people are gonna have input on how you can get better deceased he worked. You know I think there's real value what he's saying you know obviously. Brian Cook a lot a lot of quarterbacks and call plays in the league can go back in the lead. Could finally go a long history here it big quarterbacks have L. I think beyond just the coaches that are built I think you know Lucy oh in Italy and you're now quarter point or university beechy angle on. And Clayton well international you know shoot you'll still playing in this league and a look at your record is your place and yet the and to work and I think there's a lot of good Kaka quarterback Kabila. Coming here and be successful. One of the things and another thing that's really impressed you're gonna go over a number of things I think you guys are doing right. I think the focus on the West Coast has really paid dividends for you in the spring instead of trying to get guys from Florida and Georgia and Texas. To pay their own way to visit in the spring. You've gotten dozens upon dozens of kids in fact it's in the hundreds I think at this point yet a hundred in one weekend. To visit your campus. It seems like the approach that we are focused on being at West Coast school is really resonating are you surprised. How well that's been received and how leak that seems to have made an impact for you guys in terms of again the general but as being very positive for organs to. Well I think I don't know about surprised I'm like where it and it and I do you approach that. You know they're just apology required on the web content and yet we're gonna make an ex or current real. They can get sick and weak computer and network and and know them or rebuilding era here at the Baltic exploration southern cal point north California. In Arizona which is no way better then not many horrible hurt. Well it was written works and it just gets that take any credit from the outside the West Coast. You think you know who it would making music you know closer and could closer here. We're gonna start with those guys as we recruit in Doug Weight and so far so good and trainer to build on. I'm a firm believer having watched the pac ten and now pac twelve for a number of years a couple decades now for me. The you're always just one really good quarterback away from being competitive in this league it's such an offensive league. And if you get the right guy in the right system you can put up points if your defense has athletes. And they can create some turnovers and you can you can create some momentum on defense you've got a chance. I know that's oversimplifying it but is there a level. Of that for you where you if we can beat. An electric offense and make some plays on defense were right in the hunt for a ball game just may be that quickly forget the right guy placed in a quarter act. I think they're concurrent cougars you know important structure of the quarterback position I think you know I think Stewart and you know. With the quarterback would look at football in general couple's teams cocaine there's a lot that goes between now expert Lauren. But you don't have a certain spot assured netbook gonna make it. Admin to the impact as anybody here it's the other guys on the field with those guys and you don't sort. It is of importance for sure I like where what development took a piece expiring at all in the world those hasn't learned liquor cigarettes are going. But at the future goes as recruiting goes. You gotta have a turn commander. To win football games in this week is its. Actually to Politico prince of quarterback. You look at it munition in April after coming videos of the going to be your. Typically in the sleet or you don't have a trick. We love to talk about in state prospects on this show. Who were a couple of Ian state guys on your roster currently. We're going to make an impact for the beavers this this fall I imagine. David Morse is one of those with an injury I believe he still dealing with an injury but who else stands out Hughes an in state kid on your roster that's made some strides may be despray. Intuit aren't being beaten me because. Freshman liberal public and outlook tackle. A guy the a good look he's played a lot of football account or younger to come true for sure. You know any longer a book about it they can consider history of its history coming in tribute goes to get out and we're. For sure and leaders feel the continued great uncle looked at will be shocked would have more than two geysers start ports that are from this state. Realistically is good some of it's going to either grow or shrink depending on how you do this fall. How do you sustain your recruiting momentum that you're building where. Up and down it'll the West Coast there's interest regardless of how you do on the field or do you think it does it is all predicated in the yen on on the record at the unity. There's no question in the you don't winning there recruiting picture is a question will a year we continue to sustain our coaching speak it planned on the wayward rightly. Apparently we're recruiting Indian and I think European op center can recruit and important. And along the place and talk about the clip in real weight is our approach. In so when he couldn't help for sure there's no question but it at all on where it is Clint. How we evaluate our crew up to call that it'll look I don't want to. Org stay head coach Johnson Smith to do the right man for the job I think you've done a phenomenal job early all the best going forward in Corvallis. I'm certainly seeing early returns on the recruiting trail thank you very much for joining. The I think the key piece again. You know she didn't back away or shy away from that idea that the right quarterback and you know he said there's more pieces to it than that but the right quarterback can really make a difference. And you look at what he isn't part of the reason I believe. Is he's a really really good corner. And if he gets hanged Spock Meyer the nation's number five pro style quarterback and they can quickly plug him in and play. They've got a chance to turn things around sooner rather than later it's certainly seems like there's at least. There's at least a road and you know last year at one of the things I question Doris it was an identity what are you on recruiting trail sometimes they sold their facilities that with with its. Sometimes they sold being an in state program and then the kids adapt I I only hear from you once a month and he didn't start pretty need to I was a junior. So what are they doing they're talking these kids earlier they have around the West Coast schools are the in state school that's what they're going to be. And they're gonna play that C Howell works while being. An up tempo like being. Gamble risk taking offense that stretches the field I think that's for their going on offensively and defensively. They're gonna bullets and try to try to make some things happen. Because the reality of the situation is when your when your recruiting. To Corvallis vs Los Angeles or Seattle or the airs on a schools are or where ever. You're probably in the recruiting rankings not gonna get the same level athletes who you're going to have to make some things happens dramatically I think. John Smith knows that he's aware of it I think he's gonna do a good job I look forward to a really nice spring game not only capital weather should be good itself. Hopefully that'll pays dividends on the recruiting trail. A ball we we get NFL draft lynch I talked about beautiful draft people every year say recruiting rankings don't matter look at baker mayfield is that true. We'll talk about it next on McRee with injured in the punting it said. I love and hate the NFL draft every year. The the football fan in me loves it because I kind of like I have my own opinions much as I watched college football. Stay home I don't like to go to organ games like to go to Oregon State games by the experience is nice but I would much rather be home usually at my dad's house. Eating potato soup watching football from about 9 AM to eleven. And I try to get an idea of of what I think of all the guys so I enjoyed that part the part I don't like. Is the recruiting. Expert side of the recruiting reporter sighed because every year somebody. It's like a two star three star and it's taken in the top ten picks and then there are a flurry of tweets. They're like up rankings don't matter. On an individual scale anybody could be anything doesn't matter whether your fives are not rated kids you have a chance to change the way you rate. Generally speaking though. The right are pretty Ding accurate 24/7 sports reporter Kevin wage weed this out I received it because I thought it was interesting. You broke on the 2017. NFL draft in the first rack. In the first round there were 115 star guys taken and twelve force our guys taken 72%. Of the first round. Was considered were considered blue chip prospects coming out of high is 72%. Now for all different in basketball and ask your a year away. People do this really with basketball rankings because if you did you'd be board there's 80% are blue chip kids the other twenty came from out of the country. The because they're there one year away. In the NBA is much more willing to base things on projection. You're trying to project how guys body's gonna fill out sometimes a guy switches position from a tight end to a defensive end. Anthony's a whole different kid and he was in high school 72%. Lynch to meet says people are you would generally. A pretty good job identifying cal and when I go to the opening. Ever and I don't have an a strong a valuation every year on guys but I've gone for four years now five years now. And they're always every year like 67 kids I go yep played in the NFL. And basically every single one of those guys Kazaa so head and shoulders above everybody else. Basically all those guys that I picked out over the last four or five years have been first or second round picks I think according to media is pretty Gingrich. I. It's into Sebring. Saw because I've I've seen. Plenty of articles where they discuss. Powell a lot of players drafted in the NFL were unrated. Or were three stars. In a super successful. But I think that I guess tends to be rounds two through seven the successful players aren't always the ones who were highly rated they were the guys are the work their ass off and and actually. Getting to integrate football shape can be good player but I mean right about the first round. The most transcendent players are transcendent for most of their careers and in football from high school on and it's very rare. For me. No star guy tee then all of a sudden shoot up to the number one pick. Or whatever whatever you wanna say the top twenty picks in the draft is very rare for that to happen because. Blocked a lot of times it is not a. The other big thing people forget. Is most years there are between 25 and 35 starts it so guys red shirt and and things like that happen but generally. Any given year. There are only third. Five start yet. In the nation. So we go to the draft and fast forward if it stands to reason approximately thirty. Former five star kids are eligible for the draft every year which is probably a little bit generous because. Kids flame out or they'd leverage our dimpled or probably less than that that are available yet spry like twenty or fifteen and so are. A three year college her in 201711. We're drafted in the first round so even if we say Eric we do that will give you thirty. Instead a twenty fight that's still means 33%. Of the guys were projected to be stars. Into this first round NFL draft picks 345 years later. I don't think people understand you watch rookies in the NBA sometimes. And not get it right projecting in three years later and they're actually at the right level. Imagine trying to watch film and project high school kids were gonna add sometimes sixty pounds. And grow inches multiple inches. And try to project who is going to be a star I just think it's overstated yes Marcus Mario it was a three star prospect and not be a big time talent. Yes baker mayfield was it to who timed walk on and ends up being the number one pick. But generally speaking. The rankings do a pretty good day dang good job there's a reason. That over the course the last five to ten draft sitting over 50% of five stars get drafted. About 25% I believe the force targets drafted and then less than 10% a three star athletes get drafted in means generally people are doing a pretty. Good job. Lynch. You had a long gain in two and updates how you feeling congested you rundown of the whole draft seems like. Every half hour quality if not even managed just I'm listening to triple and quadruple audio sometimes you get perhaps you. Listen rising ensues and then listened to the drafting cute emperor when they're ready America cut all the draft puts up. Save me into our system while blessing to both services the second 5 o'clock it's that's a whirlwind of NFL draft the fastest. Two and a half hours of my life because it's over and it's done so let's get a map running. Next week we will recap or in state spring game how to do recruits feel about it. We will also have on kuril colleges cystic coach to talk about what they're doing they are spending an entire month with parts of their staff. In this state trying to recruit it again that's next week on McRee with a Andrew naymick on Canadian fan thank you very much for listening.