Screen Time Episode 1 - 8.3.18

Demi Lovato's status after an over dose, what Carrie Underwood is hiding and a look at Travis Scott's new album!

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Having air raids in the game patties you know playing in the beginning. Even hurt you have much. The last thing yeah an Arizona in my opinion he's taking. Here's the best food coming up fast and hurt you just heard it is very well yeah I mean even yeah. Flattened. We still have to talk about. Never been used talk about. It is yeah I think now it's over Taco Bell meat and. It's very liberal and we don't just do negative thing is Ted bachelor gave him. Building that I don't know that sounds like he should. Didn't sound like me out I got our fair share. Points time are Iowa Cubs you these screen time podcast that will work and I national bank and beer here designed by the week's biggest stories trending and entertainment music movie. This TV. That's sports and Twitter was safe the talk of the town talk of the town not only as the this observers reported on Friday August 3 when he eighteen on today's episode Carrie Underwood might be lying to us. And did you Lotto is not doing well. It's not healing like not doing well yeah that leads us to our first story. With the ongoing developments of the Demi Lovato. We should college the overdose story last week medics rushed the 25 year old singer from her Los Angeles home after an apparent overt or overdose. Reports say Lovato is suffering from extreme nausea and high fever and remains in the hospital right now the latest headlines and executed today say. She is going to. Be planning on going back to rehab here in the next couple days and she gets out. My question is do you think that this may be her rock bottom or this may be lost cause meaning he actually ever really get better. This is what's a fifth or sixth time cheese. Relapse. I. I don't ever want to assume that everybody's anybody sniffer on you know wringing his yeah any any you know this keep Leno like twelve taking Hanson and they still kind of find their way out. Yes she's young she has a completely different. Like that you and I will probably never understand. Healthy she's you've fared on I think I think she's got she's got them and she'll be shall be chilly at the idea penny should. Adobe it's just it's disturbing when you hear this on that she had roses sober right or still are not out of her anymore. And you know the reports have come at the defense of her friends at the party were saying hey when you win medic comes by and like don't turn the sirens on because we don't want people know the stem to a modest house that they're coming. See I can't even heard in I don't know if this is true this is an article I came and you remember what article was that they had said that. The group of people that she is parting ways. But they had been an art can that they've announced that narc and on the thing that'd get you out of the night you OT OT yeah I'm Carol and I think it is who is usually what the use. Com they had said at this article has said that her friends had not on hand in case anything happened to they'd been on adventure. And then they called the cops because a so it but this okay I I did discounted the story that just came out today said that her assistant found her yet. But what I heard initially when reports first started flooding everybody is trying to get it going instance where it's so much wrong link its width. Analyzing media like a lot of a lot of our news outlets with like there was article was saying that they had even now. That the people had called the medics and then did. Unless ferry and then they'd like to perform an hour Canton and it was just a whole mess that's just like me it's appreciate that does not help anybody no help turn that. Now I mean employee traffic. Now I can ninety's movie yeah that was one of the percent that are scene where they do at that as somebody to overdose. Doing ice and they drove up to did emergency room. Drop off and urged dump them out and then drove off. As the reset that echoed many think of it now also makes you think that they knew a lot of isn't hanging around some of the best people that there are more worried about her appearance in their appearance. There her own safety and the girls are you were carrying our can surely you know that you know she. Amy Willis coming via the annual it was come one come it is incoming when I eventually did the potentially I it's Tuesday it said that leading up to this hurt she had started kind of cut out the people in our life that I like trying to help bring its over really she'd just fired her like. Sobriety coach I guess like she had been to treatment she have like a coach that was just kind of like. Showing her the ways he had a hard with him like her manager Eric issues for her momma weighing. And so a lot of people around her kind of saw this coming. And even the some like her biggest her biggest supporters like her friend in some like that I had said. She may have been sober for Mike drugs or alcohol or something for a few years. But she's never completely sober from like her demons that's what they said with a guy like a which is so much deeper than us. All the guilt it's all the things that she feels old I am white we don't understand it of course we don't know yet. Personally but he opener music didn't panic here annually Janet's on daddy issues and it's like that it's a little it's a little scandalous thing you don't only listened to a near like. Yeah it's not camp rock but like it's eighteen you can hear that. Isn't it is he channel anymore this is in Disney Channel on them this is not Disney Channel diseases. Like. And TV meats like Bravo per. That that cannot activities or deed on air or what you Bravo are being we don't know says heroin and now we don't and we and we speculate that it apparently apparently is a designer and overdosed and a lot and and one of her closest reporters I don't know if it's like her. Press. I don't know who's the army or some wanna carry out whatever it may be that they had sent like a lot of blood is in the news is wrong it's false but you still haven't had specific statement from arc and they also I should note that. Annie if they're saying is like keeping her in the hospital longer it is normal for. It's kind of over she's having normal reaction she totally does which is fever in sickness and everything and think about it it was Harrell and blanket that was heroin that's normal withdrawals announced having cutting it cold Turkey which is probably what happens when you go and a half. Though. All the other thing is think about here is that bank god she was in 27 years old they'll announce a guy why doesn't have Bob Wright had Jim Morrison you have Kirk Cobain overnight rain and winehouse who have a bunch of people that are there and I think she's just another example of how if you grow up in game where you have a sustained period of fame in your life for maybe you came from nothing has incurred ELN's Casey came from nothing and and you discovered fame it. Was thrust upon you all decided yes it's at that key juncture where you're about to hit in your thirties and you're kind of at the apex of your career right you're. Here's the most talented the best look you can be at 27 in those late twenties and thirties early thirties. And it's it's a scary time for somebody like that. Yeah oh definitely yeah hope she's okay definitely been on a lighter note. Travis Scott released. Castro world today OK nice office and a solo album cover two and see what the hell's going on with the fastest don't come Astro world. Is its name after. This. Like amusement park cities to go to when he was little its now closed and every article have you listened to anybody and I listened to yet like a little bit on. Disguised and notre Scott is kind of this new wave of mumble rappers or just kind of that. Stabbed appellate kind of bubble lease down envoy idea yet the thing about this album now. Is and that's like everybody saint your read about it it's it's a it's consistent across the board as everybody is so much on the same page that. It's named after the Sunnis and parking you really do go on a ride. There are people Stevie Wonder plays harmonica in the same song wicked cut he does his like calming on days like Gloria you wonder if he's wondering heated so he is as he does this one with Drake. And Drake like starts off this personally keeping he's about to get into they indicate cut aid is cut theater I'm sorry Nike Kenny on Steve just got a DB and highways Steele got the skies in getting. Fancy handle it well yeah did you like cuts in and then does goes to town in like later on Drake had it comes back and does his thing with Ed. But it's fun nominal and many does and carousel he has with frank ocean he puts like a Beastie Boys the kind of like who run all my gosh you have to check in now it is. Five nominal he listens and he really Salomon like 2014 club days before the road via. So what is it. Well what if things going on with Cathay general with the promotion of the sound I heard that she released some photo and it's a grammar Sam thing. Or if you think the listing party they were something she'd done. I guess headline that said Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dancing pat. Like at Astro world release party. And how is the headline in a blank. He keeps happening in generally what it very lengthy genders yeah I NIC we didn't they where they also drinking water oh. Were the motivating me nerves when he beat. It did you catch a third of the doubt there is great too much. Mall. That's bad. It did back at. Still yeah I think Travis Katz insisting kind of artist because it gets new wave of rap that you and hearing you know wrap it's been pretty dormant for like. He eighteen. I'll give it ten years because really only had as Connie hip until this point liberation her in a little bit later but there really are different heights and just kind and I hate you. Had this resurgence of rappers like childish Gambino how academy is the disguise yeah who's the guy. Home. No basket well all Mike Miller. Act now are mill Mac and I he had 99 and love and he did and act. Old lady killer Mac and it came out with. A couple ideas a single what's. What's the use or something like that you're here particularly. The new wellness. Reviewed over on pitchfork and it got some crap your views from Pittsburgh but now may or before that's kind of what's expected just because of the fact that they're music snobs swimming is what he just came out went swimming Harare this album anything's deathly about heartbreak in his mental state capturing his resignation without turning sadness. Into a performance in respectable spectacle. Now I this what's the is somehow never really delegates so I have I have to check out there at the album but a lot of I just saw this quote recently about. Areas this comment on the air around Ronde are out of Ronde and Pete Davidson. Engagement because that Miller and RE earnings we're gaining GAAP for the longest time and because he was with her win like that bombing happen and oh yeah. Just all the stuff and he she was with him through a lot of his. I mean mental. Might just trying to come together tanking it he said he he would even if it yeah bike. What sort of looking for like dehumanizing. Yes the ways daddy he was like. It's just he basically was just think it's a little weird it's like like I hope that she's just as happy for me moving on a Zion for her connecting to return. 100% I really loved the comment that like he made it but at the same time I. He can only looks like feeling it's still kind of feel the heartbreak in the com may NM dislike. He's getting over his ex dad but it could face on it and maybe that's what this whole thing is about now if you look at the album cover Tim in what looks to be like some airplane installer something for average you know. Him in a pink suit with no with no flippers on the. Even now Alex kind of like Lincoln defeated businessman on the side of the street with like the keepers fact you know I mean with a bottle that's what I would picture a little straighter view community. An audio clip his posture in the way citizens and their clothes and that if you could be taken and how it. Holy hell and animal. Well look at are from that Carrie Underwood. Guess what she's in the news again for some reason while they're in the same thing last time this time she sure intense speculation from the haters rate quote unquote later in as little island of celebrities say I'm. I'm working against the haters Damon. He picked it haters just people on line. Anyway they hitters that have celta skirt that these self described gruesome injury that she sustained. Last fall in a all that she had rates of this whole thing came out the Carrie Underwood fell on her home my mind just suffered despair gruesome injury that required to have forty to fifty stitches in her face. She was out of the public eye for a number of months and then finally came back. And a lot of people Kenny said. A I don't get it nothing looks different about. Ray you are expecting this gash. And cars I'm are really acting the whole half of her face to be gone candlelight slots on the Denny's may be illegal could get gay yeah yeah yeah I played thirty feet. And so that would be the case and then it really didn't so now what's happened is a lot of people kind of caught on to that same feeling and said. I think what happened was that she had plastic surgery. And then and she basically made up this excuse to bide time to get out of the public got its system now. Ask this Indiana faces that they're staying or was it like is something else on our audience she just needed to get away from the cameras for it. Additionally a picture ever current picture again now I can't really tell for the most part it. It's kind of interesting and a lot of people see it might be just on her body not on her face okay once these are. That isn't just seeing because he'd do it when you said when he hears somebody get 40s50s. Stitches yes thank you would expect to see some sort of on the so look this is the current picture of her right. Is this exploratory thing the quickie Kelly see what what's going on here that. Scar non innocence art I can't really see it. But I mean look at how much she's beautiful were partly a really short it has so much makeup on even really it's Hollywood you can really hide anything yeah. On some maybe not the case but. I gotta tell it interest. When we first saw this we were yeah. We were Maine my fiancee first saw the story and then when she came out finally. You know out of the darker wood works whereas Al yeah when she finally care and public and she's on TV years took pictures of the may and it said I don't care what the helmet looking gash stepping on there I even asked a couple other people about this they sit down seeing different sooner. There's also speculation that her husband happily beater yes back I remember that you and I'm not that was pretty salacious that are also got my attention it. That'll do it and you don't know until this thing it didn't disturb me things. And you know I think. It's kind of interest in being this is this is the topic of discussion because you can't think it may be more stars do this in fact the get out of the limelight because you wanna do plastic surgery and you seem like. You feel like you're pressured to keep up with Hollywood's standard since the trade yourself as. I out but this is quite elaborate buyout. True right it seems dramatic like she I feel I should probably warrants contender itself then. Play you would mean then if he is gonna kind of flip because honestly I haven't even thought about I didn't even think about Carrie Underwood for like three years until this happened. And now I just wanna following until I figured out the nineteenth so she is what it quietly went to the limelight Lakeland we really have. Notice did that could be her ploy like maybe she maybe she's maybe she felt herself out aid now NASA is like oh what I had to do. You and I are Joseph and Jane consumer she just out of touch around the area under it and. It was like hey I gotta get back in the attention here my home. So yeah. It's juicy thing with her and I actually getting you know how the hell she all right you know yes she's the sending eighteen song moment I forgot about that on NFL back for half the audience and tell NBC out now she get discovered I'm completing. Merrick and I don't how is America I American Idol so her remember her IDR amber her audition and she came in and like like and jeans and just. Like country EA just. Adorable and and she sang an image is like he adds she's gonna be I did she win I don't know that she wanna take good care she was the winner of the foresees that she did win as a headwind he didn't quit her Kelly Clarkson are the only kind of successful people out of that. Do you remember air. Did you ever see a movie from Justin to Kelly of course it only a pace said that movie was like knife. Favorite movie of all time like I let it recorded a track yet at present. But if they would leave outlets like being in the all time and I remembered trying to find like the dvd or the video the VHS setting. You can't find it anywhere because it basically was just pulled off the shelves for being so bad and all and I remember really finding out they was like finding out Santa wasn't real all over again. Unethical illegal I. You can sell is flat all that is so great. The who else American and all the David Archuleta you run when spiritual right clay eight game clay clay and then they went out he had a huge run for office summaries of speaking of running for office this is totally not find anything that I plan did you hear Keane and guy who elected mayor of the town the the wrestler hey relax Ergen also that is still free in cool if you like my brother and I called my gosh I wasn't still Goldstein on stand it was Cain might all my goodness and that just let's you know that an American anything's possible and inept that he said he was the only place and gonna happen at art Harris. It's an anger I knew he was in a wrestler but he was a movie star out in many had a Jesse Ventura dew Herbert Jesse Ventura he was a and I seem a little bells a wild guy he acted in movies with Arnold for a senior he is in now predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger will. Allow me. They had to have both talked about getting into politics get there well there on the sick given this is like late 1980s but they had a glass and great the end game governor of Minnesota there. Donald Trump is. Inducted into the Debbie Debbie hall of fame in like 23 heat and now all bloody in elm and now no easy. Did he get ready he would then I'll Sione utterly out of bed and don't and I am now. I meant to speak at Donald Trump though Colin cabinet. On TVF yes so it kind pattern and his name was removed from the man soundtrack yes and it's it's just seeing a pace of its electronic arts said Thursday that the committee did not purposely omit collings property name from a song it licensed for its latest name. It said there is some. Miscommunication between them not being able to mention his name with in the game. But I didn't necessarily mean that they could mention it in the first that big Sean uses in that song mallet he used them so it was. It was like believed to from video bright everybody just assumed that it was like. NFL and EA and mad and just trying to kind of like. Dismiss him because of what he did with implements up like that. So what do you ET think that this is just another case that kind of our generation is being quick ten acting giant Diop or something before really diving in and seeing as you can clearly see dyke. Big shot a big shot like tweet it it was like this is disgraceful that these guys are doing Manson like. Everything I haven't they came back nearly no this is not on purpose and they said that there even in a re release it made up foray and W me later this month yeah. And what policy is I read their apology and IA as the I don't preview gives me Maurice played and he's played NCAA puts her but. As somebody user reasonable person I would accept their apology because I think it really was made out of just a very common mistakes out what it really getting gain if they do take his name out of the song other than pure backlash about being totally out most of the people that play manner play any of those sports the unions are good to think they're a little bit more liberal minded and they really don't care too much about the anthem protests that. Even mentioning calling cap predict any song lyric in a video game bothers them in I care about the game. Totally and I think that can be said about a lot of the NFL is easy like a lot of the like coach is licensing a lot of a a good majority of them are saying that. Even the coaches and severed being like yeah I you can charge them the fees blatantly keeping it as an overall England when I am I remember it yeah haven't we're not gonna do for them did you Alexander CNN Collins hold. Partly the premise let's around as protests so. I I don't yeah I don't think it was any like ill intention line on EA's par and like these headed and you isn't the Harry unfortunate mistake that was. Bad timing in our society and yes. An honest mistake thinking that as a generation and just where we're headed we need to be. We would we pride ourselves in being one of the most educated. Like to reach three noting generation's eyes it's like we need EU's that's a like research ship while word well hacking. If that's also asked the culture of knee jerk reactions can send you under has turned into you know used to be something where you went online and you said funny things your friends during the just kind of said what you were thinking by. Now it's become more than just a thought bubble it's a public forum in Alison ucits threat of nuclear war well yeah hurry it's for politicians that threaten each other and right now people are kind of stirring to realize that that you know this isn't just to gain anymore and this is where you actually make some press releases yet he makes statements and another great example. This was that there's a lot of professional baseball players right now that their tweets are getting an earth. From when they were seventeen that some of my brain is here ever sexist yes and you know some of them have gotten huge backlash they'd come to apologize to their team may ask the public a lot of the team its receipts of K we get a you're twenty something now that was you when you're seventeen yes. And I get that and you know you can grow out of those who told me. I think this is finally there's been just a bunch of events that have happened were finally people are realizing. This is a public forum maybe after treated as such whatever you say definitely you people are gonna believe they're gonna get taken seriously. I shouldn't I should clear that up really quick not that I'm scared that anybody nun and nothing is like necessarily. Like racists or misogynist sick but you have those things that come up on your face the feed your like seven years ago today and it's like dear god ash wide. Or picture comes up nearly why and I think that haircut when I waited out I hope nobody ever is on eases Doleac hit play differently our I don't everybody go back seven years later the you know. Yeah and you look at that. Let's see here on. Until the actors. Back. I machines or burger time magazine. In 194090. Day in 1940 now writes this day its days in history that's here. Indian sport. You'd yes and praying that he had so it says honesty in 1949 after it damaging three year battle to win both players and fans. The rival basketball association of America and national basketball league merged to form the National Basketball Association. The DA incorporated in 1946 challenging that had him. The had to learn Indiana I honestly Aaron or any of priorities he thinks it. Has been about his. It's in don't get the incentives are that they need the ABA we actually found this out that the ABA had a team called the Miami for radiance. Just redundant does that roku and you beat Miami and routers or something like 8480 and it's any critics in the mud. Portland's MLB team will be nine be really at any eye to seeing name team name now. I'd like the whole idea because lumberjacks but apparently we are the lumberjack or her problem. Bro. The cross team which that was very shortly Portland the idea we had a pro across here and really make for instance that can it was weird to me. The fact he held lumberjacks Canty on attacks into the lumberjacks to one on the day guess what the princess diary starring in half when it debuts. Your princess diary and. At. You'll watch it if they come cyanide you know watch you look at if I have nothing use that data it's raining. Julie Andrews in classic into the Andrews was and then that Fannie and happily with her out curls look at Turkey a pressure they did a great job pretty irate Democrats beautiful she's think. Read it she's incredible actress yes very very incredible artist isn't there. Let's theme. I ended in the ruin in 1926 on the state Tony Bennett the singer was born. Can we Tony Bennett is like ninety something might be a Heinz he's still my all pear Alley. Well actually that does Italian. Detonate. More on this day is obviously the guy that didn't keep people and he's. 88 days and Hugh he's alive. He's kicked in he's day to you know he was born in 1926 I think he survived two world wars Vietnam the Korean War and everything else Cha selections so far. Wow all our kicking. Well you are kicking you think at some point he's like. Okay just let me go like do you think you look at the world continues play input and I'm just dying and his son died and what did what eighty tweet like look let me go if eating. Them lol if you. You know it just does that Houston's with Lady Gaga. He did you album and three years ago and actually get nominated for Grammy one of the vetted to head Borbon is oh what what. Who would category or what what have you but. Used to do and stuff I think you know we got only knew that talented it's like he can just kind of do whatever you want to totally. I wanted Jazz Fest Borland had this odd Jazz Fest a couple months back. And it was over on the east side adding it was on Arab revolution home as an un treated I figured it was last it was his first name is Ernie he is like 92 years old. I dislike. Just incredible. Blues like blues scene very comes on stage. And you literally said he is like this could be my last showed tonight is like I go tomorrow and he went oh yeah I just didn't like it just I was the youngest one there by a solid forty years like video it was jazz show. I thought it was such a good night in now at the same as he got up and like. He he had to take a break he had a sit down for some of the songs it is he in this other woman and she was in her late ninety's human need just nailed they Aslan elements at play. And hopefully Paul McCartney and that's so that's another one that I think like hopefully Paul McCartney is like 92 in Qichen. Hey you know also another one F here what year was that this when he formed his side been wings. The trampoline. Ex wife. And that he's that are more music for and she. He hit it and a fresh start a trap Scott who did answer around it. I can't sell oil boom that's it. For this week's edition in Ypsilanti post and every single fry day it was going to be Saturday that I got lazy and said let's do Friday lets you so every single Friday you're in the immediate and some of the screen time slot again covering. All the latest and pop culture music in the news and gossip on Twitter talk of the town talk of the town. Thanks so much I play.