Screen Time Episode 2 - 8.17.2018

Screen Time with Will and Ashley
Friday, August 17th
Will and Ashley remember a legend, the death of Warpped Tour and why Millenials hate mayo .... say WHAAAATT?!?!?

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Really because. Only the Murray and I hope this is. Skinny yeah there's no but as a Rihanna and Donald Glover and certainly didn't plan this week as they can be wearing on either hunting handing Cuba yeah I mean. And that's it like a landline and not like I hope I'm menacing singing queen that I would love to keep me in there. I found evidence that he's done. Anything anything is not that senator Allen beat. Omaha is and Rihanna. Liquid. We have for disease and this is the end unsettling things. Imagery on and it's less if there is she played embryonic in that movie on that dancing movie wins. Listen to bring it on. No that's ever alien for. It is original bring it on really union speaking it's funny you mention her she just uploaded this pictured in some random little controversial like she got a lot of playing from. And hanging from him look like yeah you heard coming out of unless I'm gonna run it's Graham green program. It's been phenomenally she's always working now in spring how she's so I ask every now and immediately insurance dreaming and you would just never pounding rain tonight. So I'll inside ten it. But it's like her getting out. She's like this year and I'm sort of top line where it's like she might not wearing any thinking feeling sealing her. I mean streak when I heard it like to share her body in his name yeah Obama and scrambling out are really. But there's so many people think he's feeling to be public comments on it like willow Enid I think the heat index on comments on it. Yeah they planned on. She just listening here and in the twelfth hole I'm crying and I look at the mean she's winning her. And but I'm notes that there was the movie when it went today it was one of them later bring it on us with he'd intended. Here hated him he aryan. He let pettis something. In some cheese. I was great movie but she but Rihanna played herself as like the judge in the DA on ultimately. On south like late tee options. The way I analysts and others to. Act. Rather extreme time I guess I'm world market nationally and we talked about Cindy week's biggest stories training and entertainment music movies TV sports and Twitter talk that averages say always talk that. This episode his record on Friday August 17 when he eighteen on today's upset we say good bye to a legend say hello to some crazy rich Asians and then we would either whites the heck is going online with many testimonials. But we get it with the passing of a legend Aretha Franklin these self taught piano prodigy queen of soul died in her home Thursday morning this week. After losing her battle with pancreatic cancer Franklin has been struggling or had been struggling with the help. The past couple years a musical phenomenon that crossed racial bears her song respect. Will forever be remembered as the wind market particular memories. Of Aretha Franklin I think we're both too young Forrest. I doll I am I mean I got VCR. Like me you know Mimi is playing exactly the that but yeah I'm not. Seekers from where I can remember from was issued a performance at the Kennedy senator Barack and when he thirteen cheated to Obama. I do you remember that he is now I wanna hear. Now is there really big thing that you don't need to Beckham macular Aretha Franklin did that in 1960s and 1970 absolutely. It was Karen really the whole idea of crossing racial barriers yet for a long time. You even. Correct me if I'm wrong she is even arrested at one point for her. Like. For some sort of protesters she is she's I think heating for something. Let's say you know she was huge advocate of gospel music and one of the things was that a lot of people 1960s white people in particular weren't really knowledgeable about gospel music and didn't understand it didn't like it but she is the first one who. Can energy posted to a white culture in this I don't should this is good music. So I think that's something to speak of and obviously. Well we've looked up Aretha Franklin on Google we just got some dude all right. Are you bitter over Aretha Franklin in Barbara sure shot sparks shooting in Virginia. What. It's the things that that's going on in Virginia. And the but it now I think diet and now I may be wrong my hair I mean does not have the full story is just something that I'd read about him. She had helped. Get somebody out of jail who's also down I'll I'll follow up meeting next week we'll follow up with that analysts speak ahead of myself what do. It's seeing things that came out of Aretha Franklin's death this past week and this was a horrible mistake is that Fox News did a like. One half minute segment and Aretha Franklin like hey we remember her and Mary and at that time comes Dell call. That's Patti LaBelle. And the company recognized it was penny of well they have 88 no no Aretha Franklin and then mother after and Patti LaBelle has shown in the that currently. A he would for anybody judging me for thinking that had adult power as well looks like me to me nine CD does he yeah in the picture and like it's very took a very quick look at it and then somebody like just. Gotta away from united I thank the nay if he voted present him and I had totally. Wow that's a gap so that have added that peace Aretha Franklin. You know I try to think of artists today that are all like Aretha Franklin at least artists that. You know it's kind of sparked some political debate or. Or culturally significant and away they crossed barriers act did whatever and in the year you can laugh at it and please do because it is a little ridiculous is to either swept. Okay and to excuse it because she had that whole thing where there is that promoter who would I would that's a brassy yeah to went to court sued him for a while. Are there any youth dollar bill in her next yeah. Yeah I yeah I do at entering. And I don't sent directly. To what Aretha Franklin spoke to vacuum that aero but it's just kind of something where she became part of the political social I. I would say even and this is obviously different fields by Colin Colin cabernet what he's doing with the pro yeah. But that ignited brush in different like obviously happy sleepers athlete and a very much sun or much else to kind of break that there air which is something that both very much needed to happen in is only sparking. Future in knowing mean Baghdad that's how things change so and kissing time. Just in time I'm speaking of legends. Going away we've selected by your warped tour. Warped tour like Rory is. Unofficially di doo is not devastating okay move to eighteen year old seemed kid 120 sit next year would be 25 years in 1995 having started and then 1986 as one band sponsored it. So they've been like pink haven't been very open he's like I'm not saying this at like we won't do. Even kind of room Mike talked about doing something for the 25 year anniversary next year. But he's like he's like I'm just tired when I'm tired somebody else needs the Kennedys something getting either continue later like you Neal. And uninteresting with that house advance it's an indoor skate party music venue and they have like. They have a bunch of different locations and Brooklyn at Chicago and a bunch of the bigger cities than they said the days of the house of like a bunch of dancers is very much like this is not the end of it's obviously has us doing concert had not at all can they began Catholics. In 5%. Stakes or something in the companies alike. This. But they need it very clear they like this does nothing so much to do with like. Declining sales or anything like that there really is just kind of like take a step back. Valiantly and work. I have to kind of think about too with workers who are senator on the idea of kind of punk rock and train that the plane that's that's the gist TJ and he warped tour what you'll see most of the time is anybody fifteen year olds and up at your past when he won it seems kind of weird what a day I got right. Upon croc is it is right now on the stated it and how popular it is like today it is still relevant as it was back nine easterners in 2000. Hunter prey I can and completely agree with that because even when I started going to war icon on the leader and like it in my first warp was like 2008. Meeting and it was. Like for the time pirating in high school and like I had a bad my mom to let me go because obviously sunny because we're from up. Little tiny midwestern council sending your kids ute lake Chicago originally I like. Earring yeah I it was it was a thing but. I remember getting there in it really was every single band that I had listened to for at like. Every single day and that you would scroll throughout my iPod war they were in the line up. It was cool because it was one day. So it wasn't like. Not like it's reading festivals really like okay why have to buy Ford average tickets for each day because like they're scattered out you know putting yeah so that was always convene and like everybody was there. At the same time. Was still I feel like even after that I like 2008 India want from like 20082090010. And it ended after battling yes is not the same site can only imagine the people that caught it when like sublime was there might add that I might early two thousands like him or dry. I really had that identity and attach it like you're saying is in line item Charlotte and yes that warped tour and you Charlotte yeah I mean sure there are what does it. Janet and I did newfound glory navy this year and their tune it. Hampshire. Let it. Then I was so excited to see kind of where they take it but my question now is. How long DD this until we see this sort of pattern in this kind of ethically with Coachella. Then you know again fellas and similar or different John Jeremy hey this is a very good point because I think it SaaS costs this ask countries who were not called off as well ever next year. I don't know you know it's interesting to music festivals like this you'd think they'd be moneymakers and apparently and worked towards case it's not really a financial thing it's to stay pay were tired of it thing but. Yeah I think it's huge scene look at the fact hate you have a coal group a whole age of kids these James the years to. You know white to experience things they like to have experiential type of moments with whatever products musicians athletes whatever plan they're so secluded in what they see behind a screen or what busy with their computer that a lot of times eagle what's the point in even going to a music festival I can tell you I went to SaaS question I think was for enemies in the fine no it's so much fun and I mean our ties help the entire. It Ileana and I guess there way to go at. You're gonna live leaders. Pass laws should take drugs one memory that comes in my mind and I'm pretty sure this guy how to be so incredibly out of it because he did not even flinch we're in the middle of mosh pay in like this garbage can somebody like was like crowd surfing and garbage like he knowing him like every. I yardage Gainer as hot stay and I was like two feet away from this guy and he got nailed in the head with his. And literally there was blew his blood was on my share in heat just turns around and looks to me I thought he was gonna either be like KO from the hit. Gorgeous or are now falling he'd just looks straight at me like in in my soul and just coasts. I in just like he's happy couple plays Jane an unpaid an irony like. He says this is going to be a part of the night that I am not gonna tell my mom yeah I like this is exactly why. It's IA. To fatigue. Certainly came as this week and act kind of just been building up to this last week is. A movie that's getting a lot of us from its release. John and choose rom com crazy Gingrich Asians okay want that there's a box office. With three point eight million dollars and then from a two day total was eight point eight million dollars from. Now grossing movies this past week is based on popular 2013 novel by the same name. And also notable because it has the predominantly female in Asian cast currently holds in 92% rating on rotten tomatoes. Actually FAA. I'm like G movies like this and dad get out which. Or get out during GAAP. I'm out that was predominantly African Mary cash. And he had to pick stuff like daddies can really push the envelope with the whitewash Hollywood we have now because it's. It seems like there's a movement going on where it's not so much just white people in movies but they're trying to integrate every. Absolutely acting that he can't have that with dame needs that we believe it right now it's down and think about just everything on Scarlett Hansen I think this credit to him and just went through with trans gender role as well back at SFT according Cox just aptly killing at the d'antoni Emory clinic out Susan or does new black. Over on the Cox and toddlers and Brad have friends and I had. And taxing unit didn't sound right we have heard just completely killing and Q. Yeah I think it does that's incredible. Really great people around. You know with. You know with I I don't know case leery board. 95 okay 95 so were in the same generational Rangers and become offers he is like ninety eater so yeah. So with that whole deal range apparently like our whole. All all the products studies everything and set all hey. You know this group of people wanna see more diversity in films. And a I don't wanna see this in a way that can be misconstrued but. Don't care either way. Like I go to seek out to be like watching James Bond movie and it's a really great movie but I go you know. Who would have a better the former black guys and I got very Asian women raising I get it. It did did did we wanna see more of what the reality is in front of astray because you know there's a lot more diversity in front of us even in Portland right now yeah one of the white season America but you know I. I guess the whole idea behind everything is that. You know these movies should be your reflection of our own reality and if all that seeing just white people white people white people. It's not doing its job. Speak about Hamilton and that's what Linda Wells like main focus in Hamilton was the like will I am gonna make America like I wanna tell the story of America and make it look like American deaths today. I don't necessarily I definitely. I haven't had like elves sort of noticed on icy cast them to click OK like I get it but he does need to be a line of like. If it's a director or producer whoever it is that's putting is going to be together I think he should have the ability to create his arms sort of for lack of a better word. Permission. Guests that kind of ram make it cast the way they see if it's all that they spent ten years writing a script for movie. And like the main character is why aren't the main characters lack the main character's agent and they should have that freedom to kind of say that Aaliyah and Kelly into the line of them just being an a hole and deadly you know Amy Zeller is is for the creative. I did everything I love love love the break is overseen. All I used here and yeah I think you're really worried consensus studios and that's what happens with movies is that you have to go to studios who won a finance and they have a stake in it because they wanna make money off the movie and so if you come up Norman you say. Hey you know I wanted to this movie it's mostly all women and Asian women you know. Hit a again I don't know if he could concern is racist but they probably go up. Mean you're really cutting off a huge market of people that if we released this movie we want them to watch and buy tickets to. I know personally that when I seen those movies is it really does make me respect them yeah isn't it does put that extra level of respect to them in. And when I see that diversity and so on them a lot. Some along the same lines is pretty woman just got debuted on Broadway did you hear about that follow in it's it abroad even you lately said this. Everybody's reaction and I'm telling both ways pricey perhaps some people that we're like. I think in New York Times did it. And accidentally got on its sixteenth right CNN New York Times. I NN. Go before that and I. Dave and they need to report on it and correct me if I'm wrong I think it's like the Rosen off after some sort of odd Greek something or another that says like the height. Is supposed increased performance or something along those lines at downsizing and I mean I think it's basically by saying at the yeah and if it death check it out and there is. There's kind of going both ways they're saying on the great thing about it the casting yes I'm Samantha Parker is her name Smith baker something that okay like the main characters yelling Vivian right. And she does a phenomenal and I guess the rest of the cast since Q but the comp it's can IP. Subjective I think I don't think that a lot of it is just like it's about production like some of the complaints that they're getting is that. They're saying that they should have placed that modern day. And senate has its place in the nineties it's exactly like the movie was that great hearted though is tough because like about jamaat ENBC in new Jumanji yeah I haven't seen anyone have an old blunt I have seen a lot of brotherhood said the new plan I was worried because I was like how are they even had to be able to compete like to Monty does. Fever movies are up instant classic at the pretty woman but it pretty woman is one gram like how was I watching this night kind of old and watching him on how was I watching this eight. If your criticism of pretty woman being placed. And modern times to Vegas I think about the ninety's and other on the 1990s. Art. Huge different then today I guess it's reinvention or the intervention of technology more than anything but like I am the culture and how we react to each other and how we communicate for the most part I. Inks true same. But it off premise and think about the premise a pretty woman of the prostitute yep that is completely changing herself firm male you know let's think about now. Don't blame me I like maybe they could have taken on a better approach as far as making and that's kind of what people say like. They could have made it way more pro feminist the way that like the New York Times reported that it was going to be they'd said the really I huge effect and it. But they also said. Bats it was too much like Timothy. They said that they didn't really I'm just like. Might we'd tell courtesy Greece for them to claim him. Noting meters from the ninth Alley way apple which way do you honestly yeah. In light here exactly it is they today it's multiple different there's different ways I would be very I would love to see and I think that. Men in island musical. Idea like thirty minutes to be able to be and I think it's those kind of Dicey. When you make movies into Broadway plays and they do it legally blonde and it really works that I mean girls pretty successful real it's very successful as it works in those times not so much do you ever YouTube by no mayday. Musical about Spiderman. Spiderman turn off the dark no. Yeah audience members were getting hurt because there're. Air there are like the people on wires being flown around the teetered smack in people. Yes stated says sometimes. Doesn't work out. I don't doubt dynasty. We just went inside shade Maas I healing am eighteen and say Mossad yeah I actually Illinois fusion center here in comedy club in Portland again on Wednesday. And he talks he's brother weren't they S. And they saw this billboard it was for duct dynasty the musical and they really there's no way this Israel. Absolutely no latest I don't know if a lot of inside and he said he is never an app so I got home late at night and they can after and there is patently what you peak in the that's what he said he had never lasts -- island touted as the director that he is talking to step up. All I got. He had that kind of that Atlanta mall like him. No it's trending yours was turning on Twitter in this past week so there was an article came out in the Philadelphia magazine that had kind of copy ire of a lot of from the land deals and saying is that Chad headline is. How millennial skilled mayonnaise and so it's this op Ed piece. This guy basically describing a picnic that he had with the Stanley and that that. A couple of the grandchildren that won't millennia knows when he started to put it nannies into things they got very disgusted by it and he said this is ridiculous mayonnaise is America it's what we put into everything since the 1950s and post world war two and I've bowed out and I. I doubt that after doing a little bit more research on this that thought maybe this is just one man stupid opinion. Many say I mean is sales. Have been like to drastically down in the past forty years and on top on that apparently our generation doesn't want mayonnaise on stuff now. And it just put this out here. I absolutely love me and it's and I'd also like to think it. White people love meaning it like it's a white do you think. I Arnold put Manny is on anything you put it on to know our opener on toast with an homage is a make him on a bomb it. OK so why yeah why don't you like yeah as of late not light. Me and mean it just seems like you don't like yeah I guess a deli Manning is that never a dike. On white filing UP and just this. And now I admit I'm on like in a hardcore and why don't I like. Eat Ileana burger or something really be put on a bond that's fine polite or even smile that means he'll not shift but I think. I I think a lot of it probably comes from the health factor that we're very health conscious generation. And they think Egypt there's a stigma around Manny isn't very fattening regardless of like. Depending on what your diet like the way what is failing on some of the facts in there would be at. Like because he's not he's not wrong AG's nannies for base and still not so much salad too adding that he rallies with avocados. You know the fats and studied these guys can definitely in my head I'm like okay separate tuna Aggies like Manny is in tune up to date the use of Connelly Tina. Egg salad he I he's now and I avocado and eggs on the man. You know I I can total I hear you saying he. Iran. Now I don't get it in any kind go to correlation yourself I I told deleted its taste if you don't like the taste communities what are people like what they liked. The whole help single thing to me is crazy because while many sales are going down. Energy drinks sales are huge people of energy drinks weren't around healthy and no I'm an enhanced display. Just hearing your liver apartments there so. I don't know like kick like many Sunnis one of those things where again does its biggest food and like to slop that Mac now yes Jim and make their it's slop it man now. Like a hot August day just crack literally and lets the lob in the back when you generally you're about to throw right go to Costco pick myself up and industrial Manning. It out the hot sun for an hour then crack it open and just blew it and it's not good idea. I serve out the face of escalating its. I think what we did just hear was that well Arkin is going to be the head of the Manny movement moon cash and the navy and he's not going to be training on next week's. The mad man razors. We just go around town with few students and slop on people I wished that the people listening could see how hard it to spiraled in China. That picking on that's trending right now on and a Connie she just doing an album I. Sylvia. I think you had a little bit on the map and there was something that they're thinking it was a little like hidden masses in Atlanta on. They're saying that there's 42 silence at the end of her funk which beats you then song being five minutes and twenty seconds. Which represents me 22 which is when Manchester. On what that was released me. She did forty seconds of silence on obviously on that they haven't yet. On that did she also on a happier now with their outlook on issues came out that carpal karaoke with teens cordon yes Liza. I like it I and it's they're Celine Dion. She is so glad he. She is well say a veto it and this is a continuing thing with united and I'm trying to understand why are here on the ground is so popular stance at a I've watched more and I have heard more it's like her. Voices off her voice is incredible yeah it's a really is something it's her impressions she designed on Jimmy Fallon and ink and when I'm. And she'd go with it might be an ass and now. And Yemen doesn't now it is getting and a I think am OK I have stuck you can. I'm thinking that's announce she did that. So let's get the impression I'm getting. She's an action figure that semester or else get some wacky. Originally Timmy found what they do that Deb button you press the button yeah do you like the song and in the B artist him to impersonate. She nails it every single anonymity she did like I Celine Dion was one than a Britney Spears or I the other lineup yes he did sell well. By her. She her personality really shines through the carpal karaoke ninety that was refreshing he's kind of picture her in the pony. The other I think he came out with her ray is that we'll GQ article with her now fiance. Pete Davidson says they did GQ article about hurt him gaining her. And they said that basically he proposed to her on their first breezy and saw that bringing a dude. And then she came back in response to America and goes off wanted to Mary and three years ago. Like when I first met him so okay well Mac. These don't read tell you put it it's like. I like this is gonna break up like I feel like everybody collectively just knows that like this is a work out because. This relationship became public right after the whole Manchester attacks. And I had to meet its count of those things where you have one person Arianna grundy who. Was horribly traumatized by this whole thing and rightfully so and then he has to be like Pete Davidson who's admittedly. Bipolar and struggles with. And I don't know these two people but those two problems getting together and having a romantic relationship to me just can't hippie steeple. I don't feel. I think I have my goes to the exact opposite because like (%expletive) there is a bit of time in between they started dating has now tracked her and Mac were together when Mike when it happened. And that was his picture actually for getting off the plane she flew home obviously right after the attack in there is just pick I described as fronts of the about it. She I was getting up the plane in Mac was there and link you can clearly tell she was just a mask and he was is there at like. Welcoming her and like it was the most. Like obviously and just like he said I don't know their relationship I don't know about her story as a reason that and it ensures says as toxic a believer by. I'd like. Can't separate them so hard yeah well wit that though it's you I am as far as. Traumatic. Following of everything that she's been through mixed with that like. I would hope that would be it they would be able help each other getting kind of like milk and nobody can understand addiction more than another hot actor recovered yeah I mean total L. I would I am. I'm rooting for him but it I mean like. When I say that I mean like if it doesn't matter who partnered Mac at packed and I'll analyze what I mean care. There's yeah it. Are still. Let's do it to finally there this day in history I have one for you and I hope that you recognize this individual in 1943 American film changed forever with the birth of one Robert De Niro. Product on. Was born on this day in nineteen what's your finger offered to him easily taxi driver. Taxi driver that is the complete bucking Sheehan of movies keep. Everything do you seat post here on guy. Coming back. Movie the York getting paranoid taking a job as a taxi driver and he's driving around New York Anders stuff happened. This isn't my whole theory you know decade made better news in the 1970s because they Anders did debt. It wasn't about the story it was about making your character. And then just letting stuff happen to them this. Ended they had CNN I don't know that that that that's her I think. Because movies now a day like if you know what the storyline is and they tell you right out of the game at first ten minutes and they go okay let's see what happens. In taxi driver it was just like here's this guy and that steps gonna happen and he's gonna do things and you're gonna find. I when I was little I eased again. I should Nancy when I was little I relating get it straight until like maybe two or three years ago they would always get Robertson near an income Hopkins thanks so that's fair. Always I was like oh my gosh I loved Robert De Niro and mask of Zorro. Delayed Connecticut. Are you also meet the parents. And no way you could say. I love Robert De Niro and ask if there and I debt with it eager to people big and. And meet a few. Same with Tom Hanks and they'll marry act always got that makes that. Really get it wasn't until I realized that they'll Larry was like trying cubs and the accountants we'll do it. Tom Hanks who Soviet ghostbusters. Follow. Yeah of course as. Went out lol so I feeling it wouldn't be mean and less like kind of did that sell us this day is about a week though tomorrow on this day our good friend and my personal hero Joseph Rogan was born. Happy belated to Giovanni and Joseph Rogan and I was out as I was on I was camping I was in the building is when those self service. On his briefcase lately that was only right I think he'd be very proud to due to its spiritual. Holiday review have been. No idea and now this idea it was a good weekend. Ideally he would have been very very proud. And Shannon who is mum for however many years ago. Here's another spiritual experience on the stain 1969 the groovy this event music history Woodstock music fest poll came to a close after three days in upstate New York. One all falls long lines and her whole music coastal conversation yeah I was not as high as he is seeing going to music fassel like eating and a time machine that you and like go to a music festival. Back then like experience it then because the whole plan right on Woodstock is that likely traded again in the ninety's did in 93 and I think in 97 there were like he was just one massive commercial is. Yeah insurance steamed Green Day did one of those that he green dating I did that in two fighters did line and then there and had chili peppers had one where they'll have a light bulbs on their heads ticket at the right yeah not ready I saw that because cookies hop in time machine and they go back to college at the war is kind of like the Woodstock of our generation. Move. Oh yeah Eddie don't agree and heartache because when you think of the festivals that are. As big I'm not saying that it's better than let's talk in any sort of the sense. Just as far as like. Influence in our generation and something now like all of our generation. Was probably Hardenne in some way he can make a case for I think says he. Eden. Throw out. Could Chela for that but then I would kind of crap on this. People for immediate pinch as I really can't tell it would be. The next Generation X. as an act. Yeah like years yet gag because I don't have too much interest in coach either. It's very very popular artists I guess the whole appeal that it is you can see celebrities there is they go and they try to is that the appeal it ad is I read in really judge laid. Yeah and walking around here and Leonardo DiCaprio he's been a bunch years OK it just has himself up and tries to hide it people its bottom any. If it. That it's money lots and. Well and also here's the picture right these are retouched peppers and it's time now that we're were like I was they would have. The now you are she could go back and that she. That he is a fascinating. Well well. Anything else. Have. T authentic Nasser who else but that's by the Mars global surveyor's suggesting the patents the big prize. They monotony with fake. And. We can do whole pod cast them in particular in only impact what do you want me. Why creepy all my whole and you lobby on the colony and shirts like yeah. So basically my great Graham and my it would be my Greek Graham thank my great premise. Mom's cousin's cousin's cousin's cousin's cousin's Twitter goes to four times cousin from god console cousins on dogs hijack. I am. About my diet my arms and starts out my free Corey Graham and some degree of well. And discuss my whole family academic interests you and I haven't in. Your master yeah. Polished just don't have the time and activity Higgs or anyone aid any pot can't get into at. Sure sure it listening in pockets of us every single Friday eight next week I don't know for everything can get them. Yeah Martin's. And yeah. Thanks guys I yeah.