Screen Time Episode 3 - 8.24.2018

Screen Time with Will and Ashley
Friday, August 24th
A woman tricked 100 men into a Tinder date AT THE SAME TIME - We review some new albums - NASA is NOT about that Twitter life

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Past England's pass check lesser ice cream. There's nothing better then the finding out that there's ice cream somewhere. Especially at on the middle of a work day on Friday important day yes and there's nothing better than that when they say like it was just Vanilla ice cream cookie Dell. PM yeah. The fact then you don't even have to go well you kind of stumbled upon it greatly affect who we are I got in there there's a note sitting there that says. There's ice cream in the freezer have some if you'd like he wasn't even open yet. Read before you had seven I was the only person never touched experience but I feel honored to get feel safe I think if he can't garner significant ice cream. Been javelin. And I can eat anything that I am just I'm classic chocolate guy out I get into the chocolate the chocolate Kerala chocolate now generally can't. Singleton and ice cream mint chocolate and then ice cream I'll live Vince really get. But what does scoot down the street here has a PB and dude can't go on what this Q what's what's the scale what's this kid I did say let the skit that's what the what the scoop better. If you think people do get it. Yeah I love it for a. This spring time but I guess similar interests and Ashley anchor we talked about the week's biggest stories training and entertainment two music movies TV sports and Twitter talk of the town to town talk of the town we'd say this is reported. Friday August 24 2018. On today's episode NASA is not about that Twitter life and a woman uses Twitter forger and I'm sorry Tinder for good. Ben Affleck needs help and we take a look at seven the best new music out today but we begin with the annual practice today and MTV. Trying to stay relevant in the music industry that was the MTV music video awards have been has passed. Sunday. Featured some of the biggest names in telegenic for Lopez she actually became the first routine it's when the vanguard award. Share really good performance to keep an Irish. Apparently was. Beefing not Kylie Jenner some things have a scout out Travis that's right 'cause of the whole Spotify think. Post alone sing with Aerosmith then Modano gave some half hearted half fast tribute to Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin Richards really really odd as well do you think he's dead DV amaze aren't really relevant anymore. I loved Indian Maine though aren't pretty you an idea I'd like. Hit a lot of them so watch that Niemi is indeed a bring back a lot of people that forgotten. We're yeah I think really not on the kind of introduce a lot of them. So round that I that if any being. Like it's it really is MTV Adeline MTV to go away if anything Al Alam TV come back to what it was when I was like. When I was in high school in the music video happily noted I'm land com. In their relevant enough to you. Because MTV I think is why it's. OK earlier for instance I think it's Spotify. Are dot Spotify pitchfork B website pitchfork. Is what MTV should have committed to. Even cheers Steve begins they totally lost out on the idea that nobody wants to watch music videos anymore and that's okay that's what. It's called natural selection of media write people can lose interest in the don't wanna do it anymore so they pitted and go to something else that's totally fine but what they could have done and is a lot more which. Pitchfork is which is like. He ordered becomes serious movie are music critics. And we're gonna actually your views and really make interactive videos at the top artists in doing that and just like really micro nannies and TV or not. Try to build it into this huge media empire he thing I think they went south when the eastern sea and Mike deserves it. Our idea idea let's get real world this cool aren't even cooler broad rules at a certain point out there. Over the jet engines and then in the I think you're right when it's started to lose. I think is also a difference in a firm me when I can tell that legitimacy of like a real world like I remember watching real world our sanity with first season as they're watching. And then he'll get that and then. And I never questioned. And let's sort of looking for authenticity pocket and that's exactly yeah exactly but when you see Jersey Shore I'm like okay how much of that one seeds how much of that one name you know I mean come I think and then there is scared left or. Local media it maybe isn't there see you guys did an error in the Asia it's. Maybe so on speaking of being that stupid though and this woman who recently got its year about the girl and now. Yes our garage there's a woman come on Wednesday a woman announcer new job offer a Twitter with a tweet quote every one shot. Asked. Miami wrote except she actually cents a buck on the (%expletive) up actually. Hey I got accepted for NASA it I got accepted for NASA internship. On the gentleman named homer Hickman food is to be known now as a former NASA engineer their replied with one word in one word only he said language language. Basically echoing every parent. Yeah every. Every parent every parent I can even imagine. So then she ever applied to him. As it's the first time wasn't RD enough she goes on through applying. Do you want me I. You read I thought I had it here let me see if Tucker I'll read it because I love that guy anyway. I know I'll I'll get into this because this is absolutely ridiculous hold on them scanning here OK here it is. She replied to him suck my Dick and balls I am working in NASA. Sue which he and that I'm there and thought it. And item on the National Space Council that oversees NASA. And then she lost her internship. Or that he can't but the fun part they sell after all of that. On the home made it very clear to an article in people that he wasn't the one that set her up to be fired blank had happy and was that her friends had also gotten involved somewhere along the way defending her and like someone's hacking him in our house checking NASA now. Which caught the attention and agency I guess senate offered her this internship and they really know we're not dealing. So she be sent home or with an apology. And he kind of apologized back that he was like my intention was really tip protect you like I wasn't looking to sabotage or internship. And they ended any conversation and concluded with. She he thinks that she really does deserve a spot with an aerospace and that he is sending her out for a job better than what her internship what is sadder for. More passive that's kind of where it is is going so I'm kind of like. I'm Turin do I think that we're kind of and like awarding bad behavior. Because like you almost expect more of somebody in such a then I feel it maturity and like maturity why can't ever imagined going on Twitter even. Even a regular internship let alone with the world's most. Known. Organization you know any Guinness saying something as bolder in disrespectful is that just on a broad sense. Let alone directly telling somebody. Who is involved with the company that you're Gary Kelly yeah you'd even call the company and Arlen. And I mean it's a lazy and also Jerry it's I mean they're the book October sky are red October. Something that was her rent out. That guy's life. Was based on a book a movie Mikey he's a political analyst Sergio dizzy yeah. I Sele he leads you should know who you're talking to October sky is based on his light gas so. That's the Dow was that thing it's probably get I feel like it's kind of like going to aggression story and if you see like a kid the bike. Throwing fairly young kid in the candy bar you know I mean my guess you Indians on the map by. Hopefully it's a lesson learned for her anyway. OK so there's two things that this that I have to say on the outset. One I love it when women say suck my dad only I I is one indeed like most just. Awesome things a woman can say because it's so forget empowering for them to be like. Q do you like to see it and let it really there's so many other ways to meet insane yeah they are fringe British. So ironic. So by any such a burn that leg when women do that I think it's so pretty hilarious and awesome I love that so personal like I loved just the city itself when women do it all he or she would completely too far and I think that. I think it's a little ridiculous that she's TV and has supporters people who were coming out and because that Ira a little bit into this as well and apparently. Oh what's this space dude homer moment. So apparently homer was certainly get a lot of criticism from people that were supporting hurt so now there's a theory that actually she is involved in ferraris the people who dress up in costumes and have you heard this before I think I have personally ask. And start doing each other conferences right fishing. And so this is this group of of furries stirred to attack homer and say this is very sexist of you you try to silence her. And then that's herself. Well screw you people she works for NASA she's disparaging the institution. Even if. Homers own grandson and what it is it instead everyone shut the (%expletive) up they discuss the job and NASA he would have been like language. You know I don't have anything to do the sexes and all no not really you really can't make this stuff up like twenty teen in the thirties they're gonna get a yeah. It brewery and the jury PR squad and John yeah. Our military to be spiraling disaster that Ben Affleck life at least at the moment so this massively popular actor he's back in rehab for alcohol addiction. And dad after he was actually reaching out for help from his ex wife Jennifer Gardner paying Franciscans. Amid Affleck split with his girlfriend in serie a live producer Lindsay shook us. He was even spotted on a date with a Playboy model recently and there's been reports that are coming out from. What's the place its always straight about everything. My reviewing here on this. The I mean iron out slow resource. And it has into. Jim Guillen does okay Jim any basically saying that he had been drinking in the past a police issue photos of him with big box is a Laker going into his house really bad stuff. So there's all kind of culminated in Jennifer Garner setting up an actual intervention and then a more strange anniversary is ex wife a and she set up an intervention in Dane took him to rehab and so now he's in there and he's being treated. I kind of wonder because he's 46 years old even though that's still relatively young do you think he can kind of bounced back from some electrical and you think it's not a loss. I was your gonna be a headline rate now on the night that next week or not even gonna follow them you know any mean I think it's Seattle totally yeah un especially with kids. His place in the that comes I don't edit you previous history of densely and is not Amber's time. Alcoholic for number of years she's in a high functioning alcoholics I can do has acknowledged it but hasn't openly had the trouble meaning do you buy a Republican Veres meant something like I. This is now even now right and talented. It's got so much about public embarrassing because the fact that you know he's obviously hit it very well but I think he's just had a very serious issue with it in himself and so he seat. Her he was seeking help our men that that culminated in garnered just doing this intervention in there's pictures of her even driving him. To the rehab place and he just looks all something messed up and she. I'm pretty emotional itself. Me you know at outlets kind of one of those guys to dead he's lived in the spotlight almost all his life I have been acting for quite a long time for singer can imagine him was when he was nineteen in dazed and confused. He can you see now king so he's around flu really ground are really I'm not super familiar with a lot of his. Like with his whole career I remember seeing him on like a pretty heated debate with. Jordan Peterson wanted to Eden was it maybe had to meet. He's wanted to be with somebody and he got heated in my dad hey it was it was intense but. Yeah I think he's going to be able to bounce back pretty instantaneously. Didn't say how long he's. Am nine yen. You know way its sparrows Singh's words to six months and then you know. Stay club fed. Ha ha ha I'm a celebrity millions of dollars on yes spot. So I still have to see but you know you hope the best foreign men you know he's always kind of and I think with benefit of these fringe seeing the other half of him mad demon if you win back. 21999. After they won an Oscar for goodwill hunting for writing in. You said met error met dean in would have the better career up until now the reverse. Like I can't even really think of anything relevant Matt Damon's done recently. And then now flex one another Oscar fur. That movie about the A Cuban Haas are the arrow cop hostage crisis. Slow ballads and waved more recently had a half OK I did you look any better in any. And he's fat and she really compete with that many Q what's the Matt Damon's biggest role. Let's accuse and a movie called it's. We bought a zoo. He did he didn't ask you what that's a really nice speed on that Lindy I'd done that maybe. All I hear you and it's our and is in the last episode screened at. They didn't do well not her ability in the mineral and act now on cell we have another area an interesting sort of case here so. Jiabao that woman in New York when his first set when someone like first came out we really know the back story out and we just. Heard that there is a woman. Who was in new York and she set it up to Wear a hundred guys she likes swipe right on the hundred guys on like I don't know if there was just bomb Bullard tender but if froze like animals is due to eating at sat eating out. On she brought India plays in downtown New York City and basically did liking it like a real life Tinder didn't like seeing tenor mash up. But did you come to find out I think it's today or yesterday they release that is actually social experiment have been working on for about two years and it was like. These people should they wanted to show the absurdity of our mind dating and how shallow against. So they SY strain on like hundreds of guys brought these guys to downtown new York and this girl gets up on stage. And she announces like hey I'm actually here today all of you in and like are students like alone in the nation around. Of like bright out that she's like if you're under five and if EU are wearing khakis and if your name is Jamie EU can just leave. Silly you sealing his Mormon guys leave and then like acted that instances like obstacle course of like dealing like pushups and dealing like. Sprint relay has spread like a brace your direct passes malign Everest now when she has the remaining guy in line up and literally goes left or right Mike makes them go last in this their left and obviously it's known crash. Can still like the role playing is. They're saying they're trying to show how shallow out my dating as some my question is like geez this is harsh or do you think that like they are doing what they intended to do I would is to show the absurdity I think. If they intended to do with it deer and then they also. Achieve something that I don't think that they meant to achieve which is. Mineral get pissed off at the smallest things. Because if this was a new in doing into a woman released yet by the way that's a show. The bachelor's Lenny. You know nobody would bat and I've but the fact that a woman goes and does it men have to get their complete uproar about it and go absolutely nears its it does so disrespect. We'll see who cares steel Los an afternoon I think the exact opposite I guess he like what if it was a guy that brought a hundred girls did women would be screaming sexism right now of course they would have I only. Think they would have. Well let's say I don't think that they would have the public backing. Will laugh at him you a in this situation and I think did in that situation. People would kind of shrug it off and they would just kind of sit like Al that's kind of funny aero whatever. And because this is tween teen re kind of hold me to move and has really progressed women's rights to point that the Fed didn't happen. You would have and have people come on into wow this is a chauvinistic thing ever seen in my life. But it's like Xena freed this dare not. Making any progress toward an eating like we are determined not but I feel like it's just so unnecessary like a beast to people who have been spending two years of their lives trying to prove this thing on my dating a cell absurd. Until animal can I just don't do that and don't come the ads like when I think as like. When I was looking at the video is YouTube video on this and it's like shows today and shows people. I just marketing and I'm like. These hundred guys who thought that they were going on one single date with the girl that they were in just sit and so that's like 99. To what however many people that are there. Like in guy is that like Maine not have gone with media what is what is even find of those guys had the lowest self esteem. And they get. Match with this girl they're like hell yes finally get a date but I do get to go with this girl in the Nikkei humiliated and Alison viral headline a dislike than you gotta I was. Writer and I got to look like you don't know how that's gonna play in a feeling that is just not worth their brain is like acting is just so unnecessary they're trying to prove a point. Unlike. A some sort of I don't need no one point that they would be kind of good you know I mean there isn't a bigger jets I would be like okay. Like he spent two years of really honest but. Honestly at the end of this video I was just completed just meaning battles like affiliates completely insensitive and see Brad necessary until. Lane that's the other side of it and you know it's very relevant it's it is it's good to me it's a very very valid opinion yeah I think ideally I'd take any at this hour and a gays is awesome I think this is great because they think that women have to go through this kind of stuff constantly where there. What nine actually I found out the guy that's behind this whole stand he was the same one dead head producing part of the video the capped call woman in New York Q now this bad read they'll know how they were Herat MRI machine Cicero harassed constantly by men on the sidewalk there is capped call are seeing now. Think his recent them the killing of Molly Molly tenets at 390 the Irish and the and you can make it more of like an immigration thing and it's like me think about in this sentence like yes you ever ask a woman if they've been our run in public if they've ever been. Indian lake someone harassed or felt uncomfortable. And felt uncomfortable like it's it's it's an issue I just think that maybe these people to swing path that the wrong. Well. I laughs yeah. And I didn't crash it Canon I didn't have had time and I think. C. TU AB segment that we're going to do you leave you always promises Miree beginning of these that says that we'll talk about music at some point only and so there has been a lot of great music as you pointed out this week. Up coming out recently it's only interview. Maybe some albums that we like to actually can you start something. Sell. It when. But when things that I found very interesting with the in his last week is that three albums like our released. That are all kind of be seen with each other like I guess it's two against one can think he's yelling Travis got the release Astro world can do you have air on Friday Arianna Friday who released sweetener. Sweeter sweetener I think is read their kids and then you have me demonized really clean sniff on his cell Travis Scott. His album hit number Wyden and queen was number two great. And Mickey. The teen eighteen times Clinton money go without a fight the F and so she started beating with Travis thing the only reason he reached number one and was because of his he packaged it with merged. And then he also had highly release that they that was like hate come see story me an eye on tour. On Sunday and not letting that go in and last night it was either last night or Wednesday night on air around Arianna Ronnie was at a show in Chicago. NAS scooter and his his or her manager was on season he was talking about how Sweden is gonna come up a number one in no time and meet demonize and Ahram micron air PS that's. So in making was carried out our round I was like wait we saw a three days let you never know it Travis can poll. Legacy. Angling back tennis center shares a day drew some shade on the but it's interesting I would say if you asked me though I am and Travis got out does all of them. Like I would have easier. Easier and maybe that's just like the wraps slant I have more than anything else but I. Scoff that Astro world at first I thought it was kind of the same old crap that he does which is kind of re verbs in modulated voice and it. It and it had a lot of yeah way out but like them or more you listen CA I'm sick of modes probably one of the better sons absurd for. This year in terms of rap. But I mean dude these music is falling tree where it's like I can kind of crap on a little bit because it's a little bit repetitive through the same thing I can just something always able IKEA I'm always Internet emotional I could say yes and then recognize the sounds very strange it's since nine. She does make it DJ call in reference that is probably the only time on every in the human gosh credit. That where she mentions what he doesn't eat. I am men all all in is it is gold it's someone it's I think it's in quake. What is it could be him. Athlete that's showed how much you know about her album doughnuts and had someone on the lines whenever main ones but. I think that Travis Scott just with all the collapsed that he did I guess Stevie Wonder playing harmonica and many have liked it Beastie Boys references as nice lady sings like I can't. None. I see that I'm losing sight of wide DJ cal lead is popular I don't know I kind of went and got in war started he I don't know either he just kind of was here like I Philip that was Kevin Hart too late can. And who. Came up a spaceship and Allison was a huge deal and every Lam yeah and it's good there's a lot of stars like get to where they just kind of come out of nowhere and you don't know what happened wanna. TDs in the building was. Twins hold they HR manager Ares it's like 'cause I love co lead to break the lead artist Khalid American teen twenty year old adorable little human. Love hand and the HR manager it was talking didn't wanna PDs in the PD does. Tino actually is like a SaaS the TJ college. Borrowing are no like Brian we have. TJ colleges they will question my care. I learned how honored he may access to our cell. I think I believe we can talk about absolutely love him and he's a cut no and you don't think I know I AC program. Yeah. Mom banks did or didn't ask you is this your. Though I had was. The high. R&B. Her own genre that I think's been missing for real long time might be actual RMB genre some self. I felt like after the 1990s. You kind of had this drop off of everything that was popular R&B in all just kind of encompass and rap and pop possession went off from their that this is like the first true R&B album that I've heard it's really really good it's. Kind of what you they'd considered to be low by. Low fire rap today I like does that does that sensors that track with you and dad. So if you wanted a lot of younger people now are using that whole a term that whole genre of low fire route to kind of define what R&B it's. But little. Listen to this album a high volume the high of by the Internet to hide their inbred and that is the band it's. He's got a PS eleven but none of great market it's it's really it's a really great on the something really since you if you wanna see what true R&B style isn't that. You know it might be something that's gonna come back here since I have hopes yeah I hope so the 1990s. For the 1990 or do you streaks and he had a virtual IK stressing and really streets just keep it. Now is in hill on my Dick in a boxing with just since it. It doesn't have teeth I was playing on yeah and he chooses new meaning you may have a whole the only hurdle true there on OK okay. Still what else happens. On the stain. That the stained history or get a really good one for you and this is going to be there be a singer actually are we even in the same thing okay you go first. No orient assailants at the same time. Mar 1981 David Chapman or Chapman she. Since the two years of life for the murder Jon Garland. A founding member of The Beatles went and most successful bands in history can easily have talked about that the finally talked about Johnny getting shot yes we've made a reference a bunch of times we have what they did no listen when I was reading this article I found out that eat it at his trial when he got sentenced yet it was still raining Heche in Iraq. Yes we need a inside an apartment after he shot him four times. Com and decide and read catcher in the rye and still conscious that now they get even at his trial he used his don't read it. What is about that but it. Really get that either leg in week circle about this before but the fact that that book caused him to wanna murder John Lennon. I hear slimmer and this is just I'm. This is just me speculating. But I I heard it that I read somewhere at that it was armed like the whole premise of I'm Holden Caulfield is that he thinks a lot of people are phony it's the that's when this year reunion yeah yea act and I think that there's some relevance in saying that John Lennon was becoming a phony by doing he was like. Kind of parting with the and to be line calling itself is a male crowd and the and that has cents. Water. You and it's generally makes you can I get excited and I hope it does because I think this is your style this day in 1981 this very day the same day. That. Mr. de Mark David Chapman was sentenced to change when he years until life Chad Michael Murray was born. The last this day it's almost like it was this circle of life where one man I was and then Chad Michael Murray was sending us into the future. I had a when now there is dating Michael we really have one tree hill. We wouldn't have Woolley mine but it would be the same it would have a Cinderella story there would be able to see Hillary done that yankees hat or a note to doctors have doesn't have. LA dodger about what's key in a freaky Friday in the Arab salute you would Lindy plowing seemingly heard this 100% of. Really read or heard this this was good dug another little. And she showed it did anybody sentence so loose the other guy. A whole. Freddy prinze junior he's beaten at CIQ like those two dudes were very similar in their career paths to the super cute young. Michael mine brand OK unleash successful in the discount for trucked up like and I can tell you as Harrison and then within that timeframe to who was it who is like one tree hill and the only Beverly Hills 9021 note kind of like where they all around and watching Gillick even out a little came after it. Oh how that came after having a what's the hold on Google lane grew laying. Mr. oh boy he does though very cute today had just now her really unfortunately. Think. And that's a much he's trying to look like he's he looks like a C version of Chris Hemsworth stunning. I think he's cute and Christians. It's fair. She a campaign Holbrooke. I guess on that and more my three wise men which I can only seems to marry Christmas so either made for TV Chris disparity. That's yet to be really. That's my guess okay. That's I think. That may look good use in seven record so set records that he was HBO's sear. Do need this. And OC MT OK so Chad Michael Murray not working go higher in the pierce into the east and where does bring him to me even better. These episodes are closer every single fry today actually I am excited for anything this week. On this week. Speak and weekend we can't. How going to the beach each economy to mind could mother Helen. App that Kos is sending some ago Pam with some friends. Possibly you're gonna yard work for me take a hit yeah found dead heat its energy guys I guys. And stuff.