Screen Time Episode 4 - 9.7.2018

Screen Time with Will and Ashley
Friday, September 7th
We cover BREAKING news of Mac Miller's death, Colin Kaepernick being in P-Town and Elon Musk loves the sticky-icky.

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Joseph Cronin has been grumbling because actually it's not me yeah. You finally getting its second easiest shot and I guess you different language you've been trying to fit this. Early don't know its largest Hannibal. Dad lets you really get anywhere and we can't really basically anything that loser show red keeping its behalf yeah. The screen time podcast similar against. Actually we talked about balance the week's biggest story streaming in the entertainment music movies TV sports and Twitter talk of the damage said calling talking. This adds it was reported Friday September 7 when he eighteen OJ Simpson received by the two legends skull cap verdict shows up in. But we begin today following breaking news that the music world's TMZ. Among other notable publications are reporting that 26 year old rapper Mac Miller has died of an apparent overdose. Jim tees were called out to San Fernando Valley home and around noon today where he was pronounced dead. Pillars notable for being a young rap prodigy who jumped to the top of billboard 200 charts in 2010. Whose debut album blues side park he went on to produce four more studio LPs including his latest one swimming. The details struggles with addiction. Miller is also white men among eight talented field that featured African American dominance except for say Eminem. It's also well documented and speculated that this prior relationship with Arianna grundy influenced his addiction actually how we remember backbone. This fine now that this when he hit home this on hunt he hit home and a million different ways that he. The best way I can describe it is Mac was. And they treated about their air Mac was this soundtrack to. DeDe some of the best memories I have ever had in couple we will ever happen. Unkind and very all the time back home my best friends Thursday and Alec in Charlie really called is trees around from super tiny small like farm town south. The culture Roseville and pray go we're always hang out like. Alex farming just he blaring kids are blue slide park in its just. This when I remember seeing the headline in just immediately called hum it was just it was it was a raffle Aniston arraf day that's a sign. Yeah Mac Miller think my memory of him of course is just dead it's. And nineteen years old these really young he's CR. And vulture actually wrote a piece on him about a week ago a an interest beside him after his touring the ANC. They had talked how he was starting to feel like. He had peaked too soon. I'm not suggesting the and you also think of it that way because he still is seen any story six years old. You don't Herman valley treating you like what age is an acceptable age to peak like if you're good a feeling you're good and you get recognized for that I don't know that. He really put a number on it wanting did you wanna say though with this is that that it's been like. They comments about Arianna Ronde her bike. Fairy disheartening you can't put it back on. Some. Huge factor in ending was his. His addiction like his his problem and. Earlier a couple of security got a new car crash and appalled many people said that she could have prevented inside. It costs you an earlier statement on the patios like issues like and his mother like no and no girl should feel like their response when no woman should feel like their response from that just. That she's probably saying all of those things to herself sound and on the Salinas she needs a world saint. I don't think sillier and I think it's also very creepy that he's 26 year old so he's 26 year old the years all in just one year off of these 27 other I did that it since you seem cheap because Mac Miller really is Elise who kind of on like the idea that. He peaked too early I think with rap. Most of the time there's a very very very select few artists who really last. The most of them either go out and obscurity horror. This her or her frankly die cache to be used at very quite frank Cali. Biggie to pock obviously in this case Mac Miller and I think for him he's talking about the vulture article just saying I'd rather early there's one quote reset I'd rather be known as the corny white guy of rapper. Then the guy who overdose and is completely forgotten in history because he said that's just no way. To be sold out so it's it's very creepy you're thinking of that and you know he uses very. I I think for you for you obviously he was somebody he was kind of is a guy started this where he caught the feeling of a generation and without a doubt really spoke to that he had. And it's just it's it's a very random. If things aren't in itself. See that's the thing is that like like do you think about like anybody knows Matt Millen knows the struggles and a kind of like. The like. You see it or the possibility but then when it happens it's just like did I think that this is calling did this did just not Mac like again denoting weenie can think that and then you're like. Like you just he wouldn't wish it on like. Whole community likes you see people from. All across the board just being like the reaction to a free easy priesthood did you know the rapper had said he was just talking back 9 this morning. I was just talking in this morning Mac in just tweeted out yesterday that he was like I'm an octagon Tora many stories like on the back and. There was video that he had posted a our record stating I think you as one of his tracks. Numbing event and its program. I mean yesterday here earlier this week fed he does obviously still very active social media allies and seems accusing good healthy classy like nineteen hours ago I it's done. It's. It's it's really off putting. Kind of news see the other thing that was very notable was that Mac Miller is actually kind of panned by most music credits when he first came out. Notably he had a one point oh rating from pitched work for his very first. Debut album which pitchfork can be quite up there are ascent. A lot of time at H. My god that Allen had about one sire whenever one Nate gave him yes shirts leave. Plays still played an artery PM and Alia. And so home. Mac Biller again dead at the age 26 I notice he. Reportedly in his home I'm sure will find out more details and probably talk about it more next week probably. Social under another four skewed by that we had this past week to a Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds is dead at the age of 82 new reports say he died of cardiac arrest at a hospital in Florida on Thursday most people. Understand Burt Reynolds in two capacities. Smokey and the bandit Reynolds and boogie nights Reynolds Hughes also known for cavorting with Hollywood starlets and posing nude in an issue of cosmopolitan on a bear rug narrow it down which each tests appear he had was equivalent to. Shares had an era. It. You're than me you are now 44 years so Tony 323 years old hat what Katrina CD number Reynolds it. Honestly I amenities and I'm an 8100% transparent here that I thought Burt Reynolds was Tom Selleck probably the majority willingness to make up my god I'm. That's my son Albert Reynolds items like. Not of Richard because they reach a different. Our friends. Money does sound like eighteen hunch and I realized that it won after Ronald and I immediately text my grandma and asked if she is okay because she always had this like posters of Burt Reynolds and disease you know like I was term how to Paul I know but I didn't know that exists and I'll I'll show that I am. Reynolds for me a you know I'm really not too far off the I'm thirty years old and for most people there really knew Burt Reynolds as a Hollywood star that he was you had to have grown up in the 1970s or eighties and how I knew him was from boogie nights is yours in the movie billionaires yeah porn producer. Who basically finds Mark Wahlberg and discovers his talent and she's nominated for Academy Award from that. It was kind of his resurgence of your career he's also known in the longest yard maybe he'll figure this one up longest yard here remember he was. The old man that quarterback alongside Adam Sandler. Does that rebuilt. Flower. That Tim let's bring about not Tom Selleck nothing if he did not come selling ish when homeland. Yes so I have firm and throw people I think in a lot of ages it's interesting because. In connection yeah Burt Reynolds kind of went away for a little while in the ninety's and then came back and boogie nights and then. I'm sure especially the picture for Reynolds. Their skill level that's Harry mentioned age is. It he count on him was known after so saying this that. This picture. In the cosmopolitan I'm guessing somewhere in the 1970s. Was a mistake he called the mistakes. On tour remember important though. It's FaceBook where around in that time that would be is covered oh let's set on now. Eat that and every in the background photo perhaps yeah. I get the full spread of thigh and instead such as he. I. And I think it's got a creepy they were talking about this because you know Matt Miller died today in Reynolds and on Thursday ends it sees fit almost kind of connection being scary Perth beyond threes and never know anyway. Oh Kitna stronghold that bash stronghold anyway he might be next that's what I am saying somebody Iran oxygen. A whole new mind he guys that he wasn't so far away at a platform for all of us I promise to not isn't it my whole life world. And she's another full life to live you can not go there aren't relaxed day away for performed well it's any more trouble let's talk about something that's vaccine. A little up lifting and then we have this night he roller coaster happening yeah like we first get into a and all those back to when they he wasn't even a huge part of it when Colin first takes me a college Packard H Frist takes me. On any chance the mullet that she using an hour something like it's been cheered I see is on ghost is seeing kids. Lacked by an NFL basically there and I gallon panic and then in English only in yes your bad for business. Yeah I am bad for business exactly. Unsaid than. Nike releases this ad this week was it was at the speaker and lastly this week. I'm just current space in and they're celebrating their thirtieth anniversary of their slogan just do it and it's kind topics statesman says believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything. And just sparked this fire really it just it. Literally golf flight yeah exactly. Exactly keyboard burning they sell they are boycotting trash and boycott night he all of this step. They were saying. Initially they're like yeah I think he stocks dropped it in minutes likable if you look at India's there's stocks dropped ceiling it was across the board right. Selling Nike does this party on campus yesterday to celebrate is at thirty anniversary it who shows up. No one and then artist and kind happening on the definition does is being. And then saying I read an article state that's said that. Duff online sales are just skyrocketing. Right now alike and read buddy is dying this outsell I'm sorry John Rich they sound manager and like really and his. Killed two socks for nothing. But yeah this article ideas or to somebody wrote this article that was like. Basically summarizing a pair phrasing here not quoting him and all on me she does ease its and the like ice. Old ladies are not Nike's core demographic Clegg they're gonna be fine you can. Yeah I have nothing to worry about what their socks and nothing nothing be afraid Ansel. A new and the next thing is gonna be his court case coming up against Ana FL they tried getting that dismissed and not in March so it actually is gonna go in front of the Corey do you think that we're kind as. Gonna see this other. Noticing a backlash because it really didn't end up being backlash for DD we're gonna go on another dead in their roller coaster of stocks in discussing stocks and everything like that when he comes as nice candidate when that goes through walls so. Probably nine and I would just reference back to what you were saying. About online sales and Nike's marketing strategy which was they looked ahead into the future at this next generation not even more any savvy looked at the fourteen to fifteen year olds that are now starting to get into their own buying cycle kids that. Presumably could make their own money getting a job and said these kids who love social causes. They wanna be apart that they want to purchase products that make them feel part of the cause and so I'm align ourselves with calling cap for nick. That is really the huge money point they were yet because exactly you're seeing with John Ray trait he has one of the first ones are going to Twitter in this happened heat. He's kind of noted as the guy who started the staking boycott that yeah I'm not sure drew that's who were imploded and so at least for now but. You said it best external white guys they're not gonna buying and yankees they're remembering their own Nikes and stick with new balance yes it's somewhere in case you don't think. Your record in Canada back. The other thing is I'm now Ayman Connolly said about how they. How they looked. And thought weekend I'm not in what it was your rating I'm sorry. Look at how. They can capitalize off that weren't sure looking to the next generation some who is. And is averaging 92 for icon tops your radio station and some idiot who's where if there are no like. I can honestly say dare values in their like the fright that people taken working their and their values align out with every single thing that the edu. So I don't necessarily know that I think that to me. I don't think that the eighth looked at this as a way to capitalize. I think that day believe I think that they're doing exactly what their slogan says I think it'll be eve in cabernet in what he's doing I like. Everybody's making it into the flag thing in the troops thing and it's like it is not about that she would you announce this this isn't even a marketing student and I it's it's good thanks Danny especially cable I think cell in looking at what it says even if it means sacrificing everything they added Nell is that okay Amy your stocks are gonna take it to ensure that maybe were in the drop by Missouri or whatever it may be. But like they believe in and they believe in this cause like I said their values line up with the way they structured their departments the way they'd do their events that we do everything. It's completely. I remember always Mark Parker sent out internal emails all the time about discussing things that are going on in the world like throughout the election I remember costly getting emails from another dislike. It is important now more than ever that we stick together as a country minister Kenseth and it's like. That's just keeps Eden and giant company like that in its in its own little community. So I think that when I think that again I mean nineties a business like get in there and their bottom line is probably always going to be sure have have Brad and you have money in mind but. I I think this one hit a little bit. My I think it was a little more than just how can capitalize on it I think it was just like you know. I see this as something as in 1990 stands for this just as much as Colin does. It for somebody to have that platform. And not be afraid to put that political stance against like on and do it like I think his incredibly admirable in our society needs it right. Law IA a year you're totally right and I think you're another thing to consider is also look at Somalia or talent that is sponsored by Nike blending LeBron James LeBron James is probably the perfect example of a socially conscious athlete yep very wealthy and wants to give back and I think. Even now when you bring on calling cap brick to me you know. Giving whatever opinion might have Vesely fine again and if you believe that he's being disingenuous slowly and fair enough so are the hard facts are that he's donated millions of dollars. Two funds for social justice is so I I think you're aligning themselves in the right way. You definitely absolute meaning at its main point that is Blake Dean Foods told him. How it's gonna ring attend actually do like I think there aren't there arc with I conceit actually said this on the show that there are arguments about asides like you and I can tell him that means don't be offended by this you know any mean but like years really he'll feel right fielder. Put it on you content. Yes and rear support you that I and I. Let's related what's training we had she stories today first one being. Sensing that like irks the living hell out of me and okay. So go find me has now promised a homeless veteran named Johnny bonnet junior Helen name. He received he regrets to this 400000 dollars in donations owed to him after a couple who raise money for him. Allegedly spent all the money on luxury items and so. Bob did this guy or this war veteran this homeless person that he became a huge nationwide story after he gave twenty dollars blastocyst when he ours mind you. You Caitlin McClure a woman who had run out of gas on the freeway ramp outside of Philadelphia. To pay it forward move coroner boyfriend cern online fund raiser for Bobbitt drained contributions from more than 141000 people the sequel but to 400000 dollars. Bob and now I suing because this couple basically took the money and just generally where I wanted wow all how chic. Every she did not actually even developed further than that because there how most discovery did this morning oh this morning did the police raided their house they did I guess they've been following them on social media and the only thing going on these trips to in new York and Los Vegas and they just recently bought a BMW. Use our W volume muted and race is sure tell the police raided a house I guess there's seemed taken boxes and silly that they said the files haven't officially been charged yet and that's legal fund all all he intends on and giving him the money but it felt he's for thought like remember in this article it said that. He. Had said he didn't receive a lot of the money had announced it was bottle and a lot of yeah IAA adds I'm sorry he is so he adds that they haven't received. I don't know if she's had received any update or just a small amount of it not the full of mountain but Denny it's sad that she had gone to really it whenever if you got any in concert and he is back to being homeless and back on drugs church so it's like the idea of giving like how it might question to go find beard to anybody would really be like. Our unity Smart about this error we just scanning give him a check for 400000 dollars like how does that word you know well I have the best speaker it is hoped that settles. Lian in the right direction to sobriety in happiness incentive but. We'll jagr had a leading into socio political argument where you say what's batter of the idea of giving. Well essentially giving a man a fish are giving Amanda fishing pole right you he gives trying. 400000 dollars and say go make your life but there are bringing probably didn't give them the right education or background to say. Now I have 4000 dollars I should go to bank yeah. And then with some of the 4000 dollars sheriff financial expert you know Giuliani again. I'll go higher real terror Hulu yeah Alison but no luck. Or there's the other side of that where you take a 400000 dollars ago fun he has and you put that into possibly government organization for homeless people or. Possibly a societal reassignment. And and type of organization that takes in homeless people and teaches them how to can re assimilate themselves and to society itself. Adding your brie at various points out it's like. Again do you from the Vichy. Hole and it is meantime is that even go find me like I'm sure illegals has to come in somewhere exceed tied homelessness hired an attorney that's how he's actually geeky and hired an attorney which is how he got to this point which is kind of what makes me believe that maybe he did see some of the money your hired an attorney and attorneys the one that went after them analysts like anybody doing to ensure that trained work and that pro Bono maybe ENC got there I mean is only I wonder if there are kind of legal legal ramifications to go find me being like no we know he's on like you know we need you they can be like no we're not we're gonna have we're gonna make you better yeah I mean he's where Italy. In a OK I think now I now locating time for Joseph Rogan unlike icy geysers is only about. Settlement does that happen within the last 24 hours led a waiting for my whole life okay clearly are things that I could've held off laid on us I recipes I'm not un itself. Last night Elon Musk was on Joseph Romans podcasts live on Joseph Rogan podcast I got the notification and iPhone and 930 right as I was getting ready go to and you better believe at 1245 and podcasts and it I was still up and going like I watched that thing through and their itself. One of the part. One of the parts of episodes this isn't like a long awaited data to go back far enough in my Twitter feed a few months back it was like when is on getting some big tease it fades that he wants coming up. They were just did it just like this is a week ago he onto pleaded it was like him and be honest podcast. 98 I actually concede that we gotta slash economic Joseph wrote an eight game and I miss that tweets the somewhere along lately noticed I was cute to sizzle side now I've never seen Joseph Rogan looks so nice for an episode like. You yourself a little thing he had never idols ever really seen Joseph Rogan intimidated by intelligence. It was kind of cool to see like he could tell he was like they are both kind of filtering themselves for the first little bit but in this is where it kind of comes and sell. How long point Joseph wrote an open the bottle whiskey and their synergistic and only skier plus anything crazy to have like how for the little lastly we literally just take BP says. Toward the many episode I think it's probably it's there's like median our left at the episode an hour and a half left me. On jelly in Jean meet our passing back and forth the joint delighted to join adding Jamie like that the joint. Hands. You even asks he's like Endesa Garth. Anyone have blood and I didn't have enjoyed a black frame. And joining headline in his joint yeah he does that's a car and shows like Joseph does he says some healing now that's marijuana and tobacco it's a joint he's like they did on average he on the first as they had talked earlier in the podcast about marijuana in you moms like. Analysts smoke like a mess is my productivity has already be very productive and obviously on musk productivity surely. Celled. Wake up this morning to headlines. And don't whole world out of that three hour podcast that talks about the dangers of artificial intelligence speaks car is all of this stuff. That kid. Either benefit or at like they mention a lot with and I harm our society. Still blind theme that everybody is freaking out about is that Elon Musk took one costs of that doing. She is even call it it looks like eating even inhale like it was a little baby calf. Okay here's what this is such a big deal. Home link to our artists I know you're outraged by the outrage. I can make here's message be DOC is he in Moscow over the past year has proven to be extremely volatile. He has done things like creating flame throwers. When he spots via car company he's talked about turning. The company Tesla pried it would you would cost and asked time and money. And he also has been beating with the tie a navy seal rescue teams saying that he was the one that actually did so. Always seems kind of converging on this one of senator Joseph Rogan where he's sitting on whiskey and just taking one hit the you have dead. Had well or is this guy is this is gonna kill a beached. Not derail. Lil evil by about it for down and think about it Ellie she is very well indeed she there's noticed. Sure it's between Donald Trump sitting there drinking a glass of ways I mean other than just sheer. It is that her downtrend is is sober but she says. That is great that data is a segment for that didn't raise gathered around yeah yeah scary thing should split like he does. What Alan page he can drink whiskey as he pleases. Makes in the funniest part. It's California and wheat is completely legal in the hole most hilarious part. As Jeannie young Jamie is passing the joints you GO. Kilos. Iran passes on cigar in and shows like you like kind of like you want it like Hannity here and Kennelly salad really do want it. And on Joe's like you probably can't link completely she sees it probably can't and the stock collisions like Allie I'd get it and Ilan like. What im. Aliases legal rain Joes like yeah totally legal any deceased one cost if that's the first time home boys taken a policy and like twenty years probably didn't feel a thing and the rest of the interview went completely fine. The great thing about this is not only that I get to watch two of like. I cons smoke the other was that. That means that are circulating on the front iron and some money then and now I mean these are my George eyes I should have expected the means seem like he see him bright before he takes ahead and then there's so many people that like his face he makes him right after in his just like these relay stations and it's like. Takes hit candidates like you on states like one that generally in. Put on I know that so my hand. Up love is secure for everything to do you what if what if we lunch from my car into space hits blunt. That's gad and they eat alliance or analog I ask well here you most. Is an interesting guy DK is how. I remember the five years ago he was held in such high esteem because is an extremely Smart person this exchange he's very intelligent and many many levels should and let me know it's a badly it just said the for like really tasteless piece some car Kiley. When illegal now he is the way more than them well. That's the company that he owns in the issue that he's having is dead heat can't create an affordable Tesla the people actually wanna violate. There's Israel latest report put out by Bloomberg the play key among every other. Low level car coming he's not a major domestic election here for a check I got. He has the most women Torre of any other low level like dealerships. I knew it is though that's come into play like solar ours are fairly new to us especially in the capacity he Meeks and you can go he is talking about one read and go zero to sixteen like. Two point six or something like yeah so it's like. Like I think the difficulty in making affordable for people like you and Irish again I can't go by volunteers now to our REI and that's generally expected think. But I totally agree with you there's this whole level of outrage that really is kind of unfounded and it's like gold group for gay. Which is so dismissive at T shirt or little hair exactly. There's a whole bunch of people who are part of this company that's publicly true who go holy (%expletive) They thought oh they are now this being cute is that if you look at the media they're like two executives have partied last I think that's obsolete after claiming you all right Ed but they're like it's their chief of like communication and there's something at HR. Each hour prison darted and gone for months. You know just Connolly gap not coming back and then another reason was RD plan leads so let's keep guys like just think she's. Soon yes Manny in eighteen is needed relief Elon Musk alone. I'm really regular drop in energy I love it caller ID. Let's end this thing in history if you have this in history richer this evening mr. hug. In 1996. It happens I'm never knew. To punk should she care should cause a cop who he was shot. This this this. Damn day its days through Iraq was shot in Nevada land the Cadillac and pulled up next to Ian is looking to music then and shy and yeah Ian. I you're being very very ferry ferry young. That was 96 than I was eight I was one. You want I was eight. And my parents for filtering all of the information about dangers charette is it your head stations guys shot because he says horrible things all the time I think is only drive home. Only goodness wells parent there. Millionaire socialists are pending now I don't ending about it until now that Mac and Tupac on the same yeah and boom yeah it's. Greek hey. This C 1813. I had to slide job. And you see it's gets sick name Uncle Sam the names like casino Wilson a meat packer from Troy, New York who supplied barely beef. The day states during. A 38 seeds. Are mean during the 1812. War. I can say with a healthy team forward. And it fit the Miami Heat while the gore team twelve mr. between us is an end point in me. For years now and then at nothing yeah cut it it. Now yes he agreed to. Well why do you have one more now let's do it was in 1936 thought the earth rock and roll singer Buddy Holly new sport. It was also looking at a stop at the voice of Marge Simpson who sported. Yeah it's gonna do leery clearly on the same mud sling it around and create a single I cannot send. Well let's serves at 42 game sweep him gets a little better again next week and probably another little bit warm. Act Miller settle find out more details about its call and you know everything that happened in new between birds sing until then plans. Plans. I'm actually talking about flying back on well. Straight down to really be nice moves in Norwegian island held in many add on and move on yeah. And that is an incident when he 330 Eileen settlement could ask her hey guys I M.