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Blue grosser. Clemson. That's perfect hurt. Pay but it will and and I'm actually end its screen time the weekly podcast that they had everything entertainment TV music and movie news talk of the town the talk of the what I'm from Tom Cruise thinks parade with a water out of me it. That he could beat the big microphone. And I haven't linked all the enough. You have that still refund or Matthew McConaughey finding out that since shepherd is dead at a movie premiere. Boone Matthew McConaughey it's so hot he's confident that that doesn't see it. What we talked a Valentine day upfront about it from friends pretty good friend and friends and iron down at Indian names on track. What it comes capacitance vowed to make it seemed so effort less than that I think trying to yourself. Which by the way after beyond that they're not different. A guy who shouldn't kill innocent millionaire did I think that she got tired of imminent if they're together and she don't feel they can see and no man. And speaking of the week I cannot wait to bass have went. Yeah that's educated live on air. I overheated and might cost and I do care about Nancy and energy and stayed down they. Think you do get a greetings again it's but this this is strange time that the any minute podcast to update you on all the latest and greatest in entertainment. New episodes are released each Saturday C you can go into the weekend doing the latest of what's going on on your Twitter feed cult like this story here. Clear that it's discovers his ex girlfriend they are rejection letter from his Marines who. Stage five clean air CN NS five point guy my guy I'm will and I'm actually and that's screen time. And not explaining to recording super cute is he.