Sinner and Saint 5-19-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, May 19th
Lebron James big test and Elfrid Payton (spelling) cuts his hair.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Happy Saturday kids thanks for joining us I still love that show open. Great great way to kick things it's exciting the razor cat version the star spangled banner has everything that we want explosions. Wildcats. It's extremely American. Way could you fit more American than that though. Not sure you could. Like if we can get in the background like this is old barbecue. Is not an. Present views of the explosion. At that the news. You probably are grilling me but I you know a lot that's what I loved about Marshall opens it could not be more America. We could not have been any more English this weekend at least you can. The royal weddings and he can rule of the oh highlight of the royal wedding oh god it's the pageantry the pageantry selling chanting it's sweeps me away. Tell tell our listeners how you. Ingested the Olympic sport. I'm usually pretty pretty camera early every morning around 430 and I got up at 430 today to go work out they turned on NPR because I remembered it was there a wedding and go oh I bet they're doing something about it. They play by play a radio play by play. Of the royal wedding. How long did you listen to the radio wave my boys of the way Q3 minutes but it was pretty funny as it was this woman who was describing everything as it was happening when there were moments of quiet. She would your camps have dementia wearing an ostrich act and pass and things. It's been Terry comes in he's all black god this is brothels on the front. It is the design and she just really is our choice to in the short pants who knows talked about. Everything people were wearing and I can't live she's like every theory English and ache and patient. That that's what the royal wedding really is for people who get excited about it's about what people are wearing in just look at it. It's not so bushel wedding it's just the fact that oh everybody's all dressed up. Has been to dress up all the time it's it's despot so it's an international stage it's exciting. It's now. The Mariners as they said man update at one fiber enough by bright reds seven then they take up the tigers' odd hour we got to pay attention to that Felix de. All. On the mound. He feuds and that's used in all I only reference to mr. king. Although that's all line now. At a huge Mariner's king Felix tell except that did everybody know about this. Did what's up I mean everybody it was everybody watching this Mariner's game what's the entry for the international body. Number trying to claim the game was the most interesting thing happened. I guess just to to be. The pageantry. And the pomp and circumstance that is the royal wedding yeah. Is fairly and interest. And a former. Nazi impersonator getting married to a an American television start. Do a whole lot form I absolutely love the newspaper gonna pay. It's amazing. Organ not T shirt to a Halloween party this people. Yeah yeah. By that country it was a very lazy not accustomed to what's it like Hughes a buttoned up knots now now bury lethargic Nazi didn't bothered you Di's hair blond and it's a blonde content are a blue contacts and said he didn't tucked in shirt but against. I knew the market and helpful area that you could have urged on helmet. As pretty lazy just say it it was just like here's my teacher did not Giambi in non also say that I still am assuming too much but it's a dress and Nazi guard. When you do with a group of friends not by yourself yeah I think you wanna be part of them would be a group right. Wouldn't be just on your own I mean how did you think of that idea on your own and then dressed. On your own vetting process for filing the big guys is amid drew support him Nazi well you're the prince. My country you do is under extra that might Abbie good idea there eight or light. It's really unity. Do you think he just he. He slapped it together like that. He told the cocktail in the picture that the tablets at the famous patriots. Yeah. So bronco gasping you know I can't say much about the guy. Saloon that Prince Harry served in the military I know that yet they tyrants and cast its military in some capacity but he clearly he he's a couple tours in Iraq. Yeah it's pretty impressive. Genuine service. Anyway it's very very fascinating we will conclude our royal wedding thought better. I'm but we will have music dedicated to the brits today in honor it's five selections. Spice Girls are at. Did you get Spice Girls of the spice to. If not well will's will sit you can. Listen I will allow you to get your rocks off. Because we know much of the ruling make comments all the songs picked it and figured once. You can tell me what's wrong with spice up my life. I apologists cannot do that but. At this point in the show we need to get to very important. Civic duty that we do for the people that only listened to the center in the saint get all the sporting news for the entire week. You do a weekly recap and we call it. In case you missed it. And let today in case you missed it this of US Supreme Court. Live in Murphy beat. Collegiate athletic association. That these are professional and amateur sports protection. Violated the tenth amendment of the US consultation. Essentially ruling that individual state to legalize sports gambling as they wish I. Will it got bad news for this does not mean this will legalize your underground cock fighting. We've for crickets. Crickets. Are act. In out of the pop doing. I read a prepared for. And all call. Now you may be wondering what this means for organs relationship with the NCAA if you remember in 2007 they eliminated the very popular sports action. Alex because they wanted to get NCAA basketball tournament games played in our state ball well the NCAA has responded. And they have temporarily suspended their prohibition on championship events being played since states that allow sports betting because. The whole goal. You may have also noticed this week. You may have missed it this week. Moderately talented NBA player Alfred patent. That is signature and ridiculous hair cut up this week that crazy hair so this officially marks the last time we ever need to talk about L for Peyton. Felt a line. Where is the arms. Punch on what. Of this. Well let's as the series of it was that the senate is coming it was it was a short punch line to set up. The if you never saw his old Erekat. That we wanted to yeah. Just imagine a flat topic grew into a tsunami. Nominee don't think self. I can I thought wet noodle. Well listen I've got more don't worry about that he also looked like he could've been the son of the old backup dancer for MC hammer that haircut like old Pope at the act. Yeah thank. Cement I'll young black man trying to go grew his hair into a replica of your grandmother's sun visors. Before I was not done. The portal for Peyton got his haircut he would take kidney played just got out of the shower. He's not bad if you never settle for patent old Erica just imagine he accidentally put online now Leno rich she's. Lionel Richie is bullet backwards it. Well there's some religious expect to his hair that were missing. No I don't think you're a 'cause I'm really hope so and were not being really offensive evidence that one of our taxes of 55 trees are five's gonna tell us that some like Jewish thing he in the week ultimately went right oh he he in the weekend yeah started there on their legend is very religious thing that were really just kind of tear apart. I don't rich he's bullet on back ports. That this was Jarrett curled up. But still what about a black more. Than a chance. Had that was that this'll James is pretty sweet you have that and that thing was. If if anything was Jerry curl out its glistening and had that window currency in Canada. Relating yeah I don't have the Ingraham I mean he never had one but I that he could. Also this week in case you missed it after the NBA mock draft suggested the Sacramento Kings would take the nineteen year old. Six foot eight European point guard Luka Don stich broke out. Don sits came out and said that he doesn't know he wants to play in the NBA next year the current kings roster is very upset with this idea. That someone like Don church could just simply refused to play for Sacramento. The team released a statement and the players were quoted as saying. Is it too late trust refused to put the kings. Yeah. I also realize that Jalen Rose said this week. That if he were LeBron James he would go to used it all but if LeBron James or Jalen Rose he'd be a mediocre NBA player with a very awkward spot for. Scenario what he has delightful and wake up his. Is smile is on grounds that he was awkward and get yeah I was a little birds like in those looks like he just part in these turned act like he did they Q. And he was a mediocre NBA player to address act. Abbott he's morrow one of those college guys your member of course let's send us an idea that Jalen Rose goes if I was LeBron you're not abroad China. What we do that all the time now if I was like portals. I should get you into this to reduce ski doo and possibly could that the best price Zuckerberg much. Jet ski coast so she said the public energy you exerting while swimming in the ocean. It could be saved by investing 15100 dollars in this callous so he jet ski Brooke you and the sick as well as you'd need to tow it. If you're good so are you getting your degree jet ski. Let me just professional and the governor let me get out by felt and you're a serious jet skier due to series jet ski. In case you missed it this way to Martin's cousin and followed the New Orleans pelicans on is to grant why I. It had this led to speculation that cousins had no chance of returning to mullah of all the 20182019. Season but I. The markets explained. Which made perfect sense the reason the on followed the pelicans is that he didn't wanna see the negative headlines after they lost in the second round of the playoffs and because they almost never post pics of their under duke it. If you missed it former NFL quarterback Chris Simms said on his podcast. That apparently his friend and 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. Named his son after a little weighing. Such a big fan. That Kyle Shanahan son is named after little land which is actually the odds second choice because his wife was not comfortable with old dirty bastard Shanahan. What is it that's that's a really weird. Thing for Palestinians and like. Yeah will apparently very stuck in the past that apparently when Kyle Shanahan was on the coaching staff is so I think as a bubble is not a newborn. But apparently when his son was born calcium and was in charge of the music practice is a little and I'm always full name is Dwayne something Carter junior the names and Carter in India will waned. I don't know I'm not sure how little Wayne speaks to his sensibilities. And now he grew up. Around the NFL and NFL royalty and Wayne grow up I'm guessing in the south in poverty don't have. So I don't I don't see how that connects. Listen if you around guys that ruling fans and you play that music constantly is part of the rotation in your medical practices maybe that's outcome on that was adapting our murmur in the locker every known issue that was. Little Wayne was pomp that's a suggestion is that any actual music they always played it he really loved it you would rotate through a lot of three. And I don't know any land. I call her little union and knowledge is the bill I don't but I cut I did it once little and then once they did little and hopes didn't catch it Lilly ID yeah. Like. As little by ignorant dip. Gobble more you have to win. They don't die or more ago I had two or quickly. Duke Kansas lead the Cleveland Browns will be on hard knock. And HBO. After the announcement HBO had to change the cat category from documentary to comic tragedy. And in case you missed it for games played in the last 88 days in the NBA conference finals. The Celtics are up 20 on the cavs and the warriors and rockets splits. Again I will say it the most exciting fourteen weeks of basketball is the NBA conference. We will start there next it was a magnificent in the same on 1080 the fan like the bank. 553. You had any great addition core that's the black looks. I was not aware of ready for the world. Foresaw the fact that our amp TW. Was that in their they are an American or and be banned from Flint, Michigan scored several pop soul and dance it. In the mid to late eighties founded by Millwood Riley and Gordon's true -- year. And they've got I think 86 piece band from the picture it's cooked away from it every single one had a stellar. Lack. That's pretty dope yeah actually read about Alpert patent bullet and apparently gave him confidence. Well he got a company has put them on its tramps and just ordinary average guy. He said it here's a quote that I like from the magic. And there MBA. Partner site pure magic which. It's a religion in itself quote I kind of liked what the error was doing Payton said with sheep it's snicker. I just let it keep growing and growing and an after school got higher and higher in earlier and earlier and I like it. No way that guy doesn't smoke less than twenty dollars a week every. No way. If he smokes he has to smoke while we. I would not be super to grow hair because that's definitely a high paying dues yet ideal particularly grow my hair out. Yet it's also of those things where like you said it's. It's they sustain high where you do it every day Riga. We've got fired at them out because it's growing it's it's it's one of those things like you sit down. And b.'s stern about it is you want but you have to be extremely patient SE and try to grow Myers several times and fairly long but never had a long and not be dedicated to actually if you have to look a certain way you actually have to haircut. In a certain kind of dashed into letting road what you want it to be and one moment of weakness and it's gone you're screwed yeah. You need you need that boost confidence in that aired just a moment when thinking about cutting its knees go pay. Straight to your monitor and really think you're thinking about cut commitments them bombshell lock the goes. Really care and then it states that's apt to everything brokering you know white treads. No yes I've thought about it and a friend in white dreads his name was squirrel. Speaking to people we brand names squirrel. Hannity get the name. To climb trees. Smoked a lot of we'd have white dreads. What else. And squirrel SQUIRL. Squirrel. Speller less than Allah. And an. The prince of Colt Brennan. Hours it was weird maybe co president took on the Hawaiian culture. Kosher or like that he adopted it you know like I'm a Hawaiian now that was a year that eluded Hawaii every one on the islands loved him everybody was about. And every kid until game against Georgia. To date she use. To ignore. That he. Sexually harass the woman in her sleep and cholera. Yes well Oka I wanted to make sure of that because I didn't know if you ever been a sports fan. Occasionally and don't that we do you do this. Right now going on with the mayors you get Robinson can now oh yes who's on an eighty game suspension for Stan it's now he broke his hand. Not have put Monday attendee BL OI Americans among the many pop star well but it's funny because it's audiences through bad for the Mariners are tough. And then the idea that. But they did it with the other teams or not really upset with them but a simply don't Nelson Cruz get treated like. We don't need an absence. Spend eighty games suspended mourners at the Rangers don't worry about that is a matter now we love it. So 5305. Of your favorite stars sports teams whatever it is what is the cut off point for you to go I can't root for you anymore. Like has there been anybody like that like who I mean. I think I'd do great hardy. Yeah Greg Hardy is the tough one half out of his girlfriend and the older he gets signed by the count or even on high yield assault rifles. It's allegedly according to reports you never convicted he was convicted and then never sentenced. On the appeal whatever was yeah. Joining me and those kind of an interest in case too because it's as if he did really anything illegal I don't think right. It is just so it's getting really apple drains well yeah. I think it was really harming people he just couldn't really messed up that he beat up. Pressure on our knees slap around him a pass bills that spread that Maria I jacket I allegedly. He can't just say things and put allegedly before. Like I'm I'm asking you I'm not telling you you're you're searching the Internet or right now but I think that was the thing. Trying to be it. Stirring the pot wellness it's can't yet do a year and yeah I guess his ex girlfriend at a but he was lucky to have survived abuse yet there you go up. There it's there's an incident where there are customs. Yes that you think that that is that because it's funny to me is that all it is it's funny about that all is exploits. Basically overshadowed this like any remember this really. Do you. Remember list and remember to run they wanted a new world this are pointed in your sort of all those that you took to pull back at Oregon State although as one. All of helmet hits shots to the head. Johnson the shots of whatever. Thrown just to deter around big dog on campus so I know. From 360 huge cubs fan I really didn't like chapel. All rolled Chapman yeah huge what was he didn't shoot through garage and it just fired a bullet. Yeah it's tough. I don't know it's it's. Sicily to dish battery that will make you Dolly like Greg owns a perfect example Greg Oden really didn't do it again it was pictures hang in some Langer at but this is after the fact for you got that assault charge you remember that in Canada. It's I got to agency he he got charged with assault but this is after he was on the bleachers but all the exploits that he had while he was on the blazers whether it was the drinking problem he had the Cokie did Andy kind of you know go around town messing with chicks and the winner picks. It kind of all built up two point oracle don't like deck and I don't support. We have but that's also in part because he's never healthy enough to be on the floor. If he had gone to be a dominant senator but he was dominantly. Kid but he didn't play long and again it's it's but he didn't play because of his expletive good because he injured students and I don't know I do what you're saying all I all my all I'm suggesting is that the better the player the more they get away. Yes I can period that's what I'm saying so had he been healthy and hag Greg Oden gone on to be a perennial all star you think we'd still pick up for a I feel like there would be a little more forgiveness. His way a league forgave you know pretty well. All the time. Yeah well always forgiven Eva Pete was that he was his number announces number to be retired Memphis because of his community the outreach or whatever and then they're worse and then there's a bunch of people arrested at a parties that carrying you know pounds of you to worse as the number tired and ever. Only the first and only for the members friendship goes to me like. Mike Conley. Mike Conley still playing you know retired mark. All this all on Mike Conley will likely have their numbers retired UZ Bo. Is the this is so far so close after Z about not playing that you're gonna do. The retired and as you go into the. And. A year yeah I thought that was pretty down and then I think he was arrested in part of that greed and connection with some drugs. Alleged. Allegedly alleged we did talk anything about the cavs Celtics there's a will be that and what we'll do that next right after week due to the news. Stories music. Indicated it will darken this. Sloan. It's in. David you begin to chicks and wedding dresses. We're in hot. She's beautiful and by united that well but Ferguson the united death hot chicks on TV. I didn't watch David is a picture of her wedding dress the pictures that seem to make a mark on the no. Question your taste that's. Welcome to you welcome to do so there are other women that I find more attractive and I think she's necessarily unattractive. Others that are more appealing to me you know it's a matter of. East forethought on the where he jot a line for phantom thing for a new on the tech side 55 trees terrified yesterday arabians and cousin Sal who's is with the Bill Simmons podcast because Al is Jimmy Kimmel. Surgery details of the Florida murder case of Ray Lewis on Bill Simmons podcast every week basically just saying like he had that. What that's what turned I think that's interesting that Ray Lewis. His I Baltimore. Was really quick to forget about that like. Really quit again Ray Lewis really good too yeah that's that. And a guy. He murdered and I'm pretty sure. But here here's the thing too that I think a lot of sports fans I'm sure I'm guilty of this too. Where you'd you try to separate. From. The real world activities of these guys like you guys are athletes well. Sports is in the skate you know his use sports is a way to get away from everything that's going on in the world. Often times you know I think a lot of people tuned the station. Because you know we have a chance to kind of talk about things in up in a fun way we trapped into political we really don't wanna take it down the road where you end up having to have. Too serious of a conversation where you use and a alienating a lot of people sports is a way that you could have arguments. But at the end of the day it didn't matter if you think the Celtics can win and I think the cavs are gonna win. Aid because. Neither of us know what l.s gonna happen and be at the end of the series will have a define winner he get a political argument you just go round and round over what it is I don't know enough details about the Ray Lewis case. I've heard excerpts but IE I am one of those people the kind of pulls away from I don't know what I would have done it views on my team. But I'll be honest I did the same thing with guys that like Russell Wilson and and he does a lot of really great things but he gets a little preachy on. Oh god really helped us win that game a little bit of a turnoff to me but it IE separated out as well because you're not accepting Jesus prices lowered. That could that could be it or just keep it out of football I don't like you know going out and you just you know the whole thank god we won this football game if there is a god. And you believe in that you believed it one of his goals every week is to make sure that the guys that love Jesus the most when football games. That's insane you attacking people's religious sensibilities not attacking it's just asking people all more as they entered go and that's lines lighting up the Christians the church of football. Note trees but again I separated I watched sports enjoy the games I did mention the Celtics cavs series on purpose there. They did what to get your thoughts on it I know that you're the cavs sweeping this one just allied with the right off the bat. I know you and splitting you pick him to split games 12 and Bruntlett. You know kind of not match in game one he came and game to put up 21 in the first quarter. They took shots that John and never quite looked the same in game two that. Oregon following three in the second quarter. He's ridiculous yes the guys for eight after that. I go okay if they can't win with this kind of performance they're not gonna win the series which has led to my conclusion. They're not dwindled this. That was again this was early in the in the game Meade has denied aegis kind of go okay. That's reprieve for him miraculous if it takes that to win this series and they still can't do it. No now I know can't do it don't deal in the series to win a game I mean there's there's been a Boston. Boston is nine and OTD garden at one win on the road now as an overtime. Victory over Philadelphia it's not the same team when they travel. And I mean record wise it's not but how I see this right now is that Boston's caring so much momentum and it kind of crack the case of LeBron which you can't totally do it but you can crack it just enough to beat Cleveland I mean that's. You could say that's a Golden State does but it's really not it's pretty easy when you have three future hall favors team that's more. I don't consider him. You know you get off and we'll see fairy yeah. I think that what Boston is doing an army would almost. I think about is hearing organized basically saying to every single one of their players who look. Your responsibility is to guard LeBron James when he gets on you you can't take a playoff let's scoring be taking care of by Jason Tatum terror here. Let them do that stuff. They still need to play defense they can do a little bit but one in June Brown's forty based switch on you. You Fergie and play your ass off that's what they're sync these guys and it's working because LeBron has to work for every single shot I mentioned up following three in the second quarter with Marcus spark. Bergen draped over the do you evidence one shot again. It's one shot game but again at 42 shot because you go all week out what you see this sort this. Abbot and I I think damn might be you know over. And Al over analyzing one play as a kind of paints out whole series. And a lot of people on the text line not a personal attacks and a lot of people yesterday it's on now prime time we're talking about the big layoff because I was. One of the stories of yesterday and the day before his idea and up with who days in a row with no NBA during the conference finals what are hockey's point every single night. But I think that's kind of a benefit to LeBron James immediately how exhausted he wasn't in the Toronto cedar early and the end of the Indiana series. After game seven they were like it could sweep of Toronto play any play two games and lucky. What's that cell block. He just knows that beat that team. Again it's it's nice that they matched up with them they Ayers if you get a little rest after that series I guess is what I'm saying the way the way that lined up two point Toronto is like you know I've beaten and to be expected. But as Fergie and knows he knows it's so funny. Well I'm doing is he anybody know in their head as its is not it just gets it. But now to have this extra layoff for an so they haven't played a game since what Tuesday. So now the the slam out they're gonna play against night that's gonna benefit in. Right. I just I'm not layoff for game and you remember that that didn't turn out well. I get that put it that the indeed. They need some production from. Three of their five starters abs did nothing between Georgia will chairs Smith interest and comfortable they have eleven points image of Kevin Love had it would. Increased the point. Kevin Love is played a little bit better not all that much better but those three guys combined for eleven points yeah. Not good that that's. That's not good and amp and you have six guys for Boston scored double feet. Mean that's really the difference in the game and LeBron. And win games when he scores 27 point two begets contributions from liberty Els. But if he scores forty and gets nothing from any bills that doesn't matter. And he needs to have a balance a but he scored forty if he gets some help somewhere BD JR Smith do something besides just. Try to be kicked out of the game for shoving Al Horford some. Was awesome but I love when they get shipping. Experts. Could win NBA should be. Well I sit there and check all went to hell hole for our pat I want Charles Oakley portion people. I mean I like it when it gets he did twenty don't like each other makes it fun I mean Steve had to pull out. All of his starters at the end of game two against the rockets because. Dream on and derail both got well play get an attack but they both had pig which is the very deliberate in the game there's like that admitted flooding that our guys you idiots get out of there because there's so much emotion in these games. And they really wanna go out and you know they wanna win the game but it they keel when he just didn't chippy and and the the warriors as much as you know every other written in as the NBA champion. I think they've got a little bit of how in them when they start it down and they just got to start throwing their weight room. But don't cry baby mode pretty quickly to enhance proven that and and frame on pressure if they're not win in their. Kick and scream and fight I look bear game one. When. It was when Chris Paul bumped into. Kevin during Anderson pushed him over on a transition. Yeah they got the ball basically pushed her in over Andre were stranded fraud charge and then afterwards they come across to each other and you could see Chris Paul just work out don't whine yeah play. I Fergie is that because Kevin Durant is like the epitome of somebody that's so easy hate the dude who treated his own Twitter accounts to. Basically cover his own ass on Twitter. I know he's good out there at seven feet plainly Dirk Nowitzki. Because he refuses to play inside he'll just shoot. I can shoot death the other he has to do that acute of African pushed over by Chris Paul like yeah right you immediate tock here. Here's the thing is it if you want to see Chris Paul's I value in this series. And Trevor reason and these guys that are veterans on that team I don't see James Harden units much. But if they're Smart. And you the rockets is getting under their skin I think I think there's an opportunity to get under the skin of the Golden State Warriors and throw them off their game. I don't. You don't. It happened at the end game it's the big not being cry baby I think as long as you have Kevin Durant and they know when to turn it on illicit and if if Chris Paul starts John that Kevin Durant can get him just a little psyched out I think that I don't know but I'm not saying that it's it's a way to do that it's it's a strategy I would implore. We'll get back into the warriors and rockets and our two but I also get into a trade period that I have to get better we got now. It's far better developed don't know where presented to you earlier. That I wanna talk about gambling will do all that no way and I feel all us. We'll do all of that after good vs evil you're listening to the sinner in the saint antennae. You've been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand for your today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries brought. Because senator and those same treatment arm while you do sandbagged him right away and it's time for good vs evil. Mel Hawaiian restaurants and you know it's. Rare. Situation where the actual on field product had nothing to do with any change of ownership so of course you'll get this team every single into the Super Bowl they're in the playoffs last year that sustained success over the last several years to David tepper is expected to. To keep all these key components in place. Does your friend from camp Detrick kissing because you wanted to see what what it would be like Ian Rapoport. Is talking about the day I went out. You just talk about the big pie in the NFL this past week hedge fund billionaire David pepper hot Carolina Panthers Q point 275. Billion dollars. He million. It's a record setting sale price for any NFL team but that you hired Ashlee Simpson dissing his daughters but it's. Thing or lipstick. Some people are temper would relocate the team to another city that those rumors have died down which city you think it's FL team with the Carolina. I think Carolina's a pretty benefit from. From the back in the day when we sit here and start with the heat build. He was in Carolina when they move the team there and he said he would go to all of the ordinary games equates pre season games there. I guess a fan base is grade I mean that you don't hear rumors about. You know them not being able fill that stadium like he would Jacksonville. Cincinnati San Diego loses way before they moved so. I'd be really surprised Los Angeles with the obviously answer until a couple of years ago. I don't know the route the rumor big rumor is that they wanna move on across the pond. Death. Awful idea and now it seems terrible but the point is is San Antonio. Oakland will need another team. Portland obviously being a great option for teams India you know that's. What and about four. I don't know how well it felt we do here and you would do just fine. HBO the way they run a business here they have a thing where they elect the people want violence and they want skin like dale go for it yeah if that if he wants them both the same time. Afghan TV in his suit talking about football NFL network's I'll rant about the only sixteen seasons with Cleveland Browns have been chosen to appear in HBO's popular series. Apparently the team turned down previous offers be featured on the show and asks why. Not really sure but they would be that their team franchise to appear on. Feel that we're gonna see baker made you'll be so crazy because I cannot think we're gonna see baker V you'll do some crazy right. Now. Pat yeah. But it is not crazy. Now. Another reason to pick I think that's a big dance that well now I mean there's there's no team. That you know it's ever been in this position that you know going to be featured. Coming off it as bad of a two seasons stretches ever happen in the lions went of 116 once it. This is. And it historically bad so it'll be interesting to see because I miss intrigued I think. In the owns as any other team going into this year and for them to exceed my expectations what six wins. In hell and they're gonna be an interesting story no matter how they finished I feel I'm interested to see why they side. Meet you but again this is a very different team in the long we saw last year none of the three quarterbacks that were on the roster are back they've improved. You know across or did you have the same coaching staff. Which is bizarre and wonderful see any of the profits up with these sounds like we're out of baseball analytics guys. But it sounds like the friends he really anybody for a quarterback. I don't know it's it I think they're I think their ritual is that there is in juicy as any other football team. In the NFL at any point ever can't wait to see what they they feel does. Do you have a good Josh rooms and story later work. This sounds so cliche but I take a lot of pride taken Boller at Dane and going out there and just the NF my teammates and endowed bacon every single start of the season and even if I'm not feeling good being out there and race when he did that and I think over time in numbers are just a mast cells you can stay healthy happy that's what you're seeing now. That was sent an athletic white guy Justin Verlander he's the talk of baseball right now. 35 year old pitcher threw his first complete game shutout since August when he fifteen. And became the 33 pitcher did not 500 strikeouts and a career. Yes that allowed a single run in five of his last ten starts. Justin Verlander steroid user true or false. And a getting better with age. The leg as a pitcher like a fine line. In peaceful things if you. Have people lean that direction but if anybody's got about argue that home. It's doing pretty well on the hot wife with Kate Upton has his inspiration so. I'm gonna I'm gonna credit heard for his feeling young and idol very. Look over the suspicions there it's his wife sought. No now I'm just gonna use this is an excuse to depletion Qaeda Sig you like he's got to ignited him. Yes I'd be on digital. Here are the ones. I've I'd prefer to keep up did over and over Megan article I can find several events and it. You crazy. Who are you taking Kate out dinner amiga market like Burnett's. That would answer beyond that they're pretty. It's Phillip and. We'll tell you right now and boost. It was later them all right. Time for my favorite story that we can this one comes from the northwest. Both you and I love the story of daredevil and fabled hijacker DB Cooper and now. Another theory has presented the in an interview with the Washington Post self proclaimed pet sitter and author Carl Lohren. Says they longtime friend of his admitted to being DB Cooper is a former military current trooper. And intelligence operative even wrote a book about the experience called DB Cooper and me a little espy. My best friend. I heard a book by it oh I don't know sell more copies of mighty stupid book. We're looking at this yesterday on primetime actually talked about Muslim but the club this. Is after the FBI has closed its case on it. Well it was open between 1971. In 2016. There were more than a thousand. Suspects. That they looked at seriously. For being DB Cooper that's how many people were called in its tips. As jokes as possible guys yeah there's no that's the person's been trying to cellblock. I don't think they should turn on this January because I think they they close a KC 26 yes I just. It's so awesome that he did this and he didn't hurt anyone. Yeah it's great yeah he you've been had sorry if DB Cooper played from my football team I would root for yes I have no problem rooting for DB Cooper at all. If somebody was hurt or injured or the plane crashed and then like everybody on the crew died. Then I'd be kind of like okay yeah he probably should be cot disease he sought the because no one died nobody essentially got hurt they be emotionally dated. Now what I when he was badly in Hampshire this guy's African PA he took 200 gray and Eric and parachuted. Down. And I would bet yup. Media crazy crazy story there's no witnesses. The other get that it there's no way this book out is authentic and they don't need papers or don't know everybody confirm these. That there were good. I'm just saying this newest book is not the finally we know would he be a dog. Don't need to set about that I have ever Zabel writes about 80 wait that Eaton of Hawaiian restaurants twenty or 54. East burn side or 52 and Woodstock. Go eat it always. Cook eggs. That. Mr. spammers to be a pokey. It's good okay. All right an hour to give its import NBA playoffs. Gambling and we've got some trade scenarios that will Americans is buried stated that your view. We do that we continue this is the sinner and saint Anthony's.