Sinner and Saint 5-19-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, May 19th
An intersting trade idea for the Celtics and Josh Rosen impresses at mini-camp.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Oh. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally in arrows team paso. Went to a school bands and girl watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda and frightened by technology and there's HBO where it's like you watch it if you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Center on those same old man that should rhetoric and they were before so I'm here sports scene here. More reliable renewable school. Oh and maybe. It's good. All right that's our zoo if you miss candidate from our one's good it's edited and dot com. Atlas blog tires I got to catch up on everything why LeBron James is done according to we'll be done Pete. You know we get into a spirited conversation about the royal wedding and a four and a half minute. The two were on Albert means there. So that's what you missed will get into some more NBA playoffs the year. The future of the Boston Celtics has been determined by will in his own mind you'll explain that you. Adequate job. Mika excellent crystal balls. Fun to impact. To. Sports you know I told you did you. I told you this trade was going to be huge. The trade trade treaty. Let's get it pulls you get two poles on Twitter at at sinners they eat an eighty. Or Ted Kennedy and got her act and it fan. On Twitter you can go there will Perkins. Why it or or two polls we have up. The first poll had was because this weekend at least by sports fans accounts is not a great weekend. What's the best nine NBA viewing experience of the weekend. 10% of you said palm trees that pirates. I'm really surprised 10% of people I first place I mean look at David ego. The pirates are battling for one of the toughest divisions in baseball. 15% say royal wedding 22% say three is switches that part of the Triple Crown I found out with it the middle of the Triple Crown the lease is juicy part of it it's justified wins. Daniel have a reason to watch a Belmont Stakes that the only thing hanging on the pre and 33% say the two Stanley Cup. After. Timing ago would you watch hockey. Will bet. You a bit highlights. Oh hi yeah I know you can actually watch a game. I challenger launch I don't hockey's except. I just can't it and I try it's. With that entertaining I won't born on hockey listeners with the beacons. Just beat rule. Second Paul let's say the Celtics. Advance. In the Eastern Conference finals. And win just one game in the finals but we'll take on either used Golden State and they get beaten five games five games. You see any change. What do you do with this roster. 4% said trade Gordon Hayward. 13% say. Trade your. 18% say trade both to get quite letter. An overwhelming which I'm sure you're gonna love 65%. Say just leave it. To live. Russert and you'll you'll what do. We try to reassign. Markets are you still believe got a draft pick so you probably make some small change but here's here's your top. What eight guys Lindsay Marcus arc re signs that you've got. Carrier ring Gordon Hayward Jalen brown Jason Needham. Al Horford Terry rosier Marcus mark and Marcus Moore has not. Deep. Up nine that's all. Would you trade is that enough minutes for. Would you trade. Gordon Hayward in your first pick for Carl Anthony counts. What what's the team it's. It it. Be. It team that. He worked the whole speculation was quite on Anthony Davis write what you DeMarcus Cousins would you signed with well I would not take the X if you DeMarcus Cousins would use bossy guy free agent if I was DeMarcus Cousins. If the image is I would sign anywhere that took me because of the fact that once I got hurt my team start playing better coming out and use injuries and it's interesting I guess I mean the other guy that is supposedly on the trading block is on whites you would have to give up as much to get it's that you wouldn't be treated Gordon Hayward. Were carrier Irving for Hassan Whiteside new one of the best rim protectors and but the get correlate any towns though if he'd ever any doubt if you if you talk about a guided disappear in the playoffs. I give you Carl Anthony county was a non factor for the timberwolves in their first playoff appearance in more than a decade. But let's also look at the timberwolves and say that team kind of fell apart as the season went kind of went down a certain. He did Jimmy Butler you actually color but at the same time you are still staying in the hunt you hunt for that four to six range and then you lost a bunch of games right at the end once Jimmy Butler came back and he fell eight. Which I kidded. You know this is your first time in the playoffs since I don't know what 1213 years or something. Where or that it 1414 years think so. I would think I would say that if your boss and you have. Notably one of the best coaches if not the best coach in the game right now out of people put so and you can correlate any towns on that squad and replace. Gordon Hayward with I don't know who would you throw in for him. Jason Tatum goes small now I got Horford. I don't lead I don't know I don't think in any trade scenario on the Jalen brown orgies and in on the block Jill Brown's 21 Jason Adams twenty. Because of how old Carly really. Odyssey two. Mountain gas. I don't know I'm not. Let's I'm not saying that you don't go after him but I don't think you have enough assets. On that team that I don't beat you need to give up either of those two guys to get anybody back story to 22 area. And. No. If you're the Celtics you just look at this young roster right now and see that rebels that you premier players you're two games away from the finals. You're certainly gonna get in the finals but again what why would you wouldn't trade Jason that I did you package I Avery Irving. And Gordon Hayward together because those guys that not a new team at one more piece could add those two guys back your nine deep there's number of minutes for all those guys. Fall c'mon now. Mean you could figure out like atlas and I get that you figured out you get any easier it is. Playing out of his mind in these playoffs than you did you move him to eighth spot is. Third guy in off the bench we hope the tears here can carry that into the next season you don't wanna poll Hedo Turkoglu or is he a guy that ego oil and stocks never going to be higher he's just had a great play out on and it'll you know I mean. That's the whole thing is all of these guys are performed so well to set it. In the first hour the he had six guys in double figures the other night and and they they're winning with. Just team basketball. All of these guys are on the biggest stage the play against LeBron James getting all these extra eyeballs. So now in your scenario that you're creating them make the NBA finals every biggest these guys and action. I don't I don't you have trouble moving a whole lot of pieces. Just let the guys are and the two guys. Art you know still considered your two best players by factors or fire a warning here for an eye and that's seat district because I can't. Keeping it the way it is but I think you could really just yet. Carolina in towns with Gordon Hayward in a while all that's fine I'll tell you you want on. Our Knox has boxed her offseason the NBA offseason already is. B I'll saintly past due on do you think cattle bronze go to the process because I know you love the process. Does that does if brawn James. Goes to Philadelphia yes. Does that eliminate. The tock of the process though because the process a bit and an acquisition. The process is now free agency the process went from thinking to get draft picks to the time our plan was to have. For a two out of four top three draft picks worked out actually play eventually when they got off of injuries in the first couple seasons. So we could be a position to make runs the sect broke last week you LeBron James worked out perfectly. The process is an omnipresent. Force. A political cannot be described and you're such an idiot not in words. A rethink the process has to end with something. Did definition of the word processor series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular and we are going to do these things to get to this place yes and it's still going. Every single day by definition is in a process. Based on what you're saying not this process and you're such an idiot. Not this process yes what do haven't done it to explain me what their processes. Well it's the largest grass ducks ducks until you be good suck suck suck suck in. In very creative ways. Accepting creative ways it made bad draft XT NN news agency made what turned out to be good draft picks they were injured long enough that you were still bad. And a big that was the process here let's get a jewel on beat in 24 team but he won't play until 28 T. Which means that will be bad that entire time so we can get a guy like and Simmons. Will miss his entire official rookie season unofficial rookie season. And then he can be a rookie the next year when were able to add some free agents like JJ Redick in. Mario. Whatever his name is small it's not a principle. Belinelli Marco Belinelli mr. Benson and struggles that basic math her fault. To. I think you're just mad about the process because it's it's stupid stupid mom you're just mad because it's working. No I met because use somehow think that it's of you'd think of Portland went through the process would be worth yes it be worth it to have. Four seasons where you total sixty wins. To get to a season where it. Over. And. Be in position to get Brian. In positions getting LeBron James and again. If that's your process is let's just suck long and out and hope that LeBron James ends up being on a terrible casting its dumb luck and sent him. That's building up talent enough to attract him. And let them stay on the East Coast again I don't think that was their strategy there. So angry. It's stupid. The process were stupid. In your stupid. While and the rockets that's Capel the rockets are going to beat the warriors will darken as will tell you why next sinner and saint needed for. Our eight. Do in honor of the royal wedding and oil. So tonight you've got Celtics cavs. The cavaliers playing at home. For the first time in the series. You're expecting that the cash is all the shoot LeBron James gets out of here. Because akin and discos in the odds are probably I think by third quarter maybe two minutes left they just bench him and get the I strips on. The more intriguing game then by your standards this weekend will be tomorrow's game between the rockets and the warriors of that series is 11. Right now. The rockets just coming off of just perfect performance but this everybody on their team at forty point that thing. At a now the total score her nude. That four guys that it into the Tony's or in the twenties I think whatever reason nineteen but create an Eric Gordon. He had PJ Tucker he had James Harden I think at 27 you all these guys that does go on the played. They played as well as they could. And you know gave a pretty. In a lopsided loss to the two orders orders got beat pretty handily in game three by the pelicans. So it's you know it's not unprecedented what how do you see the warriors bouncing back and the rockets sustain this Google. I had say act and I thought gold's they would sweep of did you go to every game after game one it didn't get an the makes it looks really dad and I'm starting to get proven wrong. Well not her wrong but. Yeah essentially being proven wrong about Mike and Tony teams that I think his kind of spread pick and roll system. Is working it works in this modern NBA and I think that if they can keep that up where. They're setting up plays with eyes says but also moving the ball around once the defense collapse like. That's what's so great about James Harden is when he's really in his helmet when he gets the iso going and then he blows by defender and everybody collapses inside that's when the rockets are insanely get is when they just kick it out keep kicking out until they find an open shooter. And their shooters are gonna enough that if they're open they're probably getting hit it that's why they won game two you. Well yeah and the dude it's also the reason they lost game one is when you don't and it is open shots but that's that's the NBA I mean the the FDA now. We are you just need to make open shots and in the warriors made their open shots and in game one and they were able to get you anything or with the ball movement. No because if you look at the statistics they had they played just as much iso in game two of the ball movement looks better when it finishes with a made shot. When you make the passes and nobody's making it in the first half. Of game one was great. Amid if it is going back and forth the and what was that tied 5656. Conan after time. And they both teachers go back and forth used to look like they're gonna run with them and in the warriors just did there typical third quarter. Pull away and wants a Warners get ahead they very rarely let somebody catch up in the death lineup. Can establish an actual day you know they'd once they get on there really hard to keep up. But the rockets that the kind of the same thing backed human game twos I think this this is going to be really fun to watch and I am hoping for the sake of this NBA playoffs and it goes six or seven because it's going to be the most interesting series. That we've seen there's the really hasn't and a lot of intrigue you. Only say that now but I awesome feeling that was the Celtics advance I feel like they could take your those teams to sap TV. Users can check figured that there of the kitchen sink defensively they have to they need it. I mean I don't I. I just hope I hope so but I got size of markets Morrissey is really cause problems for LeBron Al Horford and absolute studded. Played really well I could see now I'm not saying that they're gonna win but I can see them picking somebody who's six games by just being relentless on defense giving up whatever scoring they have yet. Doubt if they have to play the warriors. If you get the warriors. In the Celtics. I didn't see and right now I think staff curry becomes the just passing noted that series I think he gets completely shut them. It said and this. Yeah I mean that they're doing with a. Cavs did in in what 201516. Yep. Where they just went all right. Whoever's. Whoever's being guarded by step Corey will go right out Amber's gonna run right down his throat make him stop us. And what it does it whereas Mallory can't go down and and be the sampler on offense and I don't know if as anything do with a knee injury but if I were a coach. And you knew a guy like stepped curry who is already not a big guy not a great defender. And now he's coming off of a knee injury that doesn't have a knee injury coming off of knee injury. Can you one more reason to go after the he's got hurt and they ones as he's coming off of an injured. Here that if you asked and they go what's what's going on with me was that he does now everything's fine physically I'm okay. Sit physically I've everything's okay with me physically and I'd just my mental head space I gotta get into. That's seems like that's seems like a more were. Problematic confession doesn't. Does my head it's at that mentally I'm not able. Mentally an idol to play the thing that I'm supposed to be incredible I've got that. This. I really wish she would quit line news media to hurts us he stokes this whole thing okay. So putters get really mad write to get pissed off at the media because they say oh you still call these lies you sail these things. Spread all these rumors to make us crazy whenever. Dude if you tell us that your need does it hurt. And then you look like your knee hurts and they go what you every time you look like crap in the third fourth quarter of game. Yeah I think and he hurts that we can only assume that they'll have funny isn't it funny like could be not saying it to protect him so like we're all of the rockets to now. Show us how they know obviously everybody forget nose and so if you're need doesn't hurt and you aren't really good physical shape right now Agassi suck you know really sucking defense and everybody does it you're probably the worst defensive guard to lead. I mean is that the case is that overtures to Syria is that he just told this your Laker then we'd say OK that's the get LeBron James. I love that into this before the show our freedom of that at the end game seven against Indiana he goes. I am so exhausted. I I can barely keep my as of right now and I have to go play a game. In Toronto less than a day. Like that's insane to me but he came out played pretty crappy until overtime and they pull that out I respected that I don't respect stepped courageous getting up they're lying to people. And then going out there and still looking like crap. I had and I just don't worry about it much and they get the idea of the chess game that is the injury lineups like a hockey with a slightly lower body injury a date because. Let's add in that coach used in that he can walk into that and sport you coached to take advantage of injuries have an insurance and it happens in the NFL. I'm sure Abbott with the young college for all of you new guy had a weakness in gaelic thickest armor isn't working let's go after that side of his. It makes sense to do that but it's funny that the he thinks he's fooling any yes it I don't hear that he lies. Because I get it take it whatever advantage you can Bill Belichick going up there we'll never comment on anybody's injury. Fine do it that way but the whole thing is it's like dude we. It's like we all know and the fact why guess I don't like about it is effective they will then say the media is spreading lies. It's like well no we're not spreading lies it's that you're lying to us yes you're lying to risk is you've visibly are her and we can all tell and if it's not the case that your hurt then I can only assume you suck. Yeah right okay so they'll start singing side. So here's a question if you're Steve Kerr what do you do with step Corey was clearly a liability on defense he's not shooting well enough offense to make huge impact on the game obviously changes await defense test applies. But do you try to put him in a different position what was that can which game was against the pelicans we came off the bench scored 28. That's an issue seeing way to think I also thought another way you can go about it having Klay Thompson run the office. Fremont agree on the offense you don't eat he can do at oracle or like Kevin Durant revamped and Shaun Livingston honoree Dolly. That's the thing about the versatility edit you can add and the number of guys. Run the offense but again it's it's well close offensively isn't traditional anyway they don't really need half court stuff it's all let's get on break away and let's make enough passes to finding outlet guy. Especially with. And just let's step for into a corner. We get the rebound say you'd run that corner over there and as we come down we'll keep throwing the ball around and when Europa and yes you easily edited just stand there and make lay yes and for you'll lay up is a three point defensively we'll hide you know high dew has. Best we can't but that's a Smart thing they used to do is making it difficult for outside dole they'll draw the offense long enough until they get the rights to each. Yeah exactly lamented again they're they're going very much of the blue caps laid out a couple years files so it's not it's it's not new but it's working yet. I understand your point with the stop lying. I guess my I think you'd be better eight. I'm glad to go minus. I fail and just tell it to a better job of it's pretty obvious. All right I've got a little Josh Rosen story for you and then she isn't. And I just teased again that is that a hot Josh. I wanna get your opinion on it AA brave reviews for Josh rouge and from ID one of OTAs. Much better than Mike and in view. Essentially through the field ever Strickland and could you explain it's so much for me that our analysts ship yet wool gets all of that next ran after the news. And on the chair and names and yeah. It ain't. I found out there's a little caveat there. And iron public you're gonna make her hand a little snack cake we'll Teddy is. It'll smoke it through Islam frank that if she's smoking meth. I'm OK with that and that is much. Let's is it just behind the curtain during every break. It's been billed as telling me that I need in London will Devi train. It wouldn't really bother me if by day to day life wasn't bothered by a little Debbie Smith years as long as she was just supportive of me. A good person good person good community member. The news all Matthew wanted. I don't care art up still keeping my car I know you little Debbie gravity. She's. If you listen and organic and there. Now I've heard word one word of her music but I mean that's pops are very early as a matter of they can saying who cares she'll pop star if you just heard about her today. Again. This decision is listed ahead of the snack cake when you searcher. She was I type too little Debbie and I got little Debbie first used to literally list of little's a blare ignored it has given a quick little I'm just. And this started from Lil Wayne today bullying yak is Kyle Shanahan dentists and apparently effort will weigh in according Chris since. Just ridiculous so here's Elisa symbol rappers and Shia do hole has to just keep people go ahead. Through now or will air in little AJ will be little baby little Barnicle will booty call my favorite will boom. Little cheaper to Nero will Cray. Old Chucky will Debbie will. Dirk will duke pulled trip will drop. All flash little flip will flop. Yeah I think we get a do you have a number count on how many there are on the Dojo 63 of them 63 levels that these are all. Currently spit and hold up there. They get a little all right so a move on load from that you've read Google that via your leisure also told me he's dead. 55305. Your thoughts own little little Debbie and with. With Willer. With me and I think she's ranked Preston pistol Pete. And that. And accredit the writer of this article because he comes up with made it favorite theory in the history of sport. But this is. From Shah on Wagner off. Held a name yet out. Have you been named gonna give credit. While our buttons from CBS sports so apparently Josh Rosen that white did day. At OTA. So date one Sam Bradford was signed in the offseason he's coming off of a knee injury ankle injury arm injury yours some sort of injury because we'd beat these inbred. And when he moves he hurts. Sam forever to see presumed starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals well they also signed. A guy named Mike. Goal and all life you may recall Mike Lennon from his days were his neck was too long in Tampa Bay order. When he moved up to Chicago and up 818 million dollars to have a giraffe neck and a quarterback well yeah. Well he signed as a free agent this offseason with a year's cardinals so he was thinking that you probably be back. Expected to get first team reps in May be chance to beat out you know whoever. After that. Starting spot after Sam Bradford got her bill have dreams share. And then just Josh Rosen was so Josh Rosen benefited from Mike Glenn and getting sick and literally pew looking all over the field in the first few minutes of practice. So Rosen immediately got thrown into splitting first team reps with an undrafted rookies so he got a chance to try to impress the cardinals and he did so. And I wanted to get your opinion on this because books of the quotes in the article from players. They were impressed with his poise is competence. And the way command of the huddle didn't really evident and he made that he sucked yeah. I admit it throws coaching staff was happy with that but the comments from the out of alignment this is how he came in the first out. Watson he has. Iman and Josh. And do Corbett today. He really said that if that's awesome. That's a itself for Johnson episode again better way to operate the guys. So if you're in the huddle that automatically has been you know like I'm in I'm in at this gang yeah yeah I mean I'm not good. Josh Rosen where he wouldn't fit in with the team right like that was the reason that he dropped to ten and end up with nearly got Arizona Cardinals which. People might forget this hasn't eaten eighteen with no David Johnson and know Carson last year yes it's a good football team so the benefit of dropping as always. Is you get with a better football teams and now he goes and and that's is opening. Yeah the whole stigma around Josh for us and I didn't understand whatsoever from the NFL it was a bunch of old timers who are. Very ignorant men who either don't believe in data anymore or just think that there's a cultural divide in the NFL between oracle colonials who were lazy and the old gridiron idiots who will do what you tell them until their drilling up their ballots at the age of 35 so. Just for a since he had the talent and the fact that he was intelligent to boot as a quarterback by the way which is the smartest position on the field next to safety. Yeah. Next to sixty yes sixty is an extremely intelligent I believe that but you're saying the quarterback is number two on and I've I'm sorry quarterback lined up you got your standard by the weight yet when you say next to safety that means yes so. To me I didn't get it I think it was so many people were turned off by Josh Harris and just because he had some opinions and yes he's the smartest person on the field. At quarterback I think I want him on my team out. I have to see him play first artists like from the players is that. He wasn't entirely grade because whenever they say well he got a lot of confidence peak in the huddle well he had a lot of energy out there that's. Players speak for days aren't bit. Nobody even you said you're like oh that's a good line that don't like so here's C guys truly nice words it's very Smart I and so here's the other thing that he was complemented on from players out. Which and and this this doesn't seem like just you know semantics out he was cute couple. Stopping in the middle of plays to stop and ask questions. To. The coaches. He got all middle of like a cadence say of the offensive coaches behind you from the huddle and from the line he would just stop and a way to do it. As to make sure that that a Nevada and that he would run it that's in me is aid next level confidence new breed go listen. I'm not afraid to say that I don't know everything about the playbook and what I'm looking at wanna make sure that I get this right. And that's in and it's extremely telling moved state wanna vote he hates your allowed not to know things yes I think that's also very good sign. Yeah I mean. Again this just. Proves more and more the fact that you put a really Smart guy at the position in football where you have to be the most intelligent. It's going to turn out really well. Nobody would Reagan do that anybody else would come in with either. Extreme stupid confidence right and upper ice hard knocks on HBO I get a due this summer watch me I mean that's a joining and so that's that's bigamy fields and yes bakery Phillips gonna go to the line he's gonna act like he does everything he's gonna act like it really doesn't matter because I know how to read offenses from. What we ran in Oakland with our idols in Oklahoma which. Really wasn't that confusing of an office it was just a bunch of option routes on whatever side he felt was bats that's sick he does okay I'm gonna read the defense a little bit. And off like golf. But Josh Rosen has the fur balls. And what you're telling me stop a cadence which what do breed is what you're supposed to be doing when hearing cadence is reading the defense and going okay how to only wanna audible from this player or what's my next decision. Or keep Bergen snapped the ball dropped back in goes a hold on Saturday to get what's going on here and that had people explain it to. On him dude yeah it's offensive lineman to say good on him as well. Because now I know that I'm gonna be able to trust the guy now that I know during a game he's gonna be even asking me questions about what I he should do. Because actually the better quarterbacks that I ever played with was wild boy go out and I always put him little bit over Sean Canfield because the fact that he would talk to people. In the huddle and ask you what your opinion wise if we were gonna run a play. If there was a league play he would go pay. Do you think that there aren't likely to blitz on this it's second down it's sort you gonna blitz or anything they're just gonna stay based coverage. And he would ask me that I was kind of taken back by as likable I don't know dude I mean yes second one and I guess you might packed box a little bit but. Who does and goes OK we'll just asking you because I'm about to call audible here if it is the case I mean he'd got you involved are frozen does that then. We'll and the other thing it does it's if you stop and and then to apply and you want the coaches to explain what's going on. You're not the only one here is that it's not pulling the sides go hey. I just wanna make sure that this is what's going on the wide receivers that tight ends up at the line is that and now you know as a quarterback that averaged in the same information. That you're getting which is to give just think it's really Smart so for all the veterans in there just knowing that the guy's gonna be competent. And here's the reason that I wanna get it wanted to give credit to Sean Wagner off from CBS sports the rate. Great it's well there's. So. The final paragraph of this review verbatim. So this is after he explains Mike Glenn and threw up all over the field had to leave ensuring that Josh is first team reps that is fish. That gets coached that he hates them. And so here here's the period from our. Here's hoping we find out in twenty years that rose and taking a page out of game of throne actually poison gland and to see secure more per ski team reps for himself as he tries to climb above the chaos of the cardinals quarterback room remember. Chaos is in a pit it's the latter. I don't you hope that's true. And oil is that it is egg salad say it it's yes stuff that he can get spurs team perhaps god I know that I guess idea to you and I. Off. Brilliant brilliant this again just a hypothesis from our friend John Wagner humans that are those the welder and writer for CBS not assume it's true I. Two in Austin this just those just I thought I would share that with you hope that it delighted used much did he is a salad stupidest. Just didn't just like it's against apple with nuclear on you all those miserable dawn and this guy's a bloody Mary and it'll drama for the and it's really bad bad he got sick you mean like that it is literally just like the what does he he's like the bookmark of me right now eleven. His is best expectations from the season that he might be the guy. That plays if Sam Bradford expert yeah that's what he was is you know not he will not be that guy if if it's one day I get it one day of OTAs I'm not just for the next Tom Brady blot. That's a good start. And the theory. Absolutely. Is fantastic. While I will also have the same opinion as well I mean if I was like and that's what I would hope for and should get paid you are Chicago. Eighteen million of the eighteenth for a million dollars yet you don't care that I don't have to snap the damn ball. The matter to me that. I what is probably indicated that I did my eleven poisoned himself is Raj you don't play this ruse to get it and make its money that'll just. A pig this I'd like to literally protect my neck it. If this thing is. Ice or either way. Clinton and himself. And a few gifts or soon enough it's going to be great enjoy your hard knocks on the way for for again Josh present I love that he did that because really the F. It sales that there were equitable all time is Miles Davis he says if you're not making a mistake it's a mistake. Which is that put yourself in the position. Yes to fail at the same time Rosen saying and that upon myself in the position to fail but. I'm also gonna cover my ass it's Smart. Is Smart and an again if you can if day one you the confidence of your veteran lion and yours your skill players you've got guys unraveling of mr. element team that's a sure fire for well Famer go in there and incompetence and those guys about. Our make our picks. You talk about competent. 00 wait till it make picks on hockey for this weekend yeah it. Anyone on their roster anyone on the biggest growth could be a good idea you've been put one in sports updates on hopes. Our act that is next crystal ball screens that are in safe return it was need to 1080. My favorite Phil Johnson. Well yeah. Just lead bravado that he has and it's like oh union eroding go out and get a fight on a Saturday night Gil drum can do that people that we do and Elton. And grab my girl or go out this fight at a dance club I don't death. I don't picture from a severe drought well that's more exits I get a belly of belly full beer that the gay thing but don't. Losing like men whose belt John. Down here that have been. The way he plays he get any hits who doesn't like aka. Jesse and he's homosexual tray young hot guy. Treat young looks like he should be delivering pizzas that. It's clear to island restaurant will be wizard and yeah can exist or some cultural stuck trio is totally looks like service industry. Yeah I think that yeah. Yeah I mean that disinterested service industry I mean at picky about who he really has about a enough education to that's what he'll end up doing what's he sucks in the NBA. Yeah is the pizza driver. So he just takes to announce Oregon pepperoni and cheese and there of the proceeds to X. All New Orleans. Or did you radio. Oh. Oh. It's here at it's near the route. In sports that are. And then proceeded to. Actually make a comic who are Olympic hockey games I think it's fund seat a little cocky jerk. We can do very quickly but it is sales that it is for hockey. That I think they have one of the best stories in sports going on right now with the golden knights they have the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing and go on the ias paean to open schoolers. The top to have it gives me NFL NBA. MLB college football soccer. And then after click on the dot dot dot. 4 o'clock to find an age ago that he can make the top bar. It's crazy. That if they did. Big keeps still he'd gone to big for sport it's. If the big states get to the finals I think you'll be the first expansion team since the sixties yet since all the teams were expansions yeah yeah. Since then since expansion meant doubling the size of the league. I thought the closest to do that recently was Jacksonville. But their expansion year two closest. Yeah but where did that make it in their expansion era committee with the receipts in and now I think that was in the first couple users. Want to check that I. I can't recall. Too long ago. Just the ninety's. And Obama but in my in my mind I guess that's what was it 95. She just wait and wait what do you make it a little. Set your watch and a choice and revolution golf Doug comfort and that is old think it's little little idea. And he ruled that via a check excellence academy will be and a little Debbie I doubt that now. C 95. Sees. And it's taking. AI Eric. Yeah they stuck their perceived yeah when did they make the AFC championship because they're second of the. All right so and it's gonna take cocky but I feel bad for hockey there period that the you'd think he could rotated during their playoff that put out there there behind soccer. And college football ballot makes. Yet but its way into the Nazi's so anyway. Capitals. Lightning. Game they've played in Tampa Bay but I will give you this bit of information to make you panic as a help A yeah. The whole team has not won a single game in the series tied 22. The capitals won both games in Tampa Bay. Lightning won both games in one should we put this in Tampa Bay this is in Tampa bad. Take the capital. And why you go to the capitals well I like the fact that no team has really won at home during the series and I think the capitals have. Stronger. And talented players at this point in the series. Are at Lal. I'm gonna get who is. Bench Keyon and the captains went well very good very good information abroad and now. Yeah I it's critical analysis I can't believe how much I don't know about hockey I think it's hard when you don't have a professionals work. In you're still NFL you have no trouble on your Los Angeles rams. Yeah that that's got to Morgan State roots there and backup quarterback in ponder played for their nights where with the that's fair that's that's by bandwagon explanation. All right so after last night the golden knights now lead the Winnipeg jets 321 just one game away for make in the Stanley Cup final they will play morrow. At 3 o'clock. A key it. And it didn't. The golden blades are up 31 in the series and he won he incomplete to close out. They are undefeated at home who will be playing in Winnipeg. But they're the hottest GM announced it would take on this one now. And regularly bitter game six. David I'd been unstoppable. Smith the great breakaway goal there at the end of O Reilly all right we've talked about a look but she got Celtics are cast. Give me the Celtics in this 19 other American tobacco industry with the crime but I think it's overwhelming at this point there is that seemly. Hasn't caught on to the idea that they're gonna have to shoot better and I don't think that's really changed rule players would go to home cavaliers win tonight and then tomorrow rockets and warriors. They say the warriors in this league he's gonna have another huge game and I think there's any possibility there's an offshoot and I think within the rockets win that and then you can warriors come back with a vengeance. Owned but I think I think it rockets blew. And then that's. All right let's everything in you've missed any part of the show you down ficus and the band that. We're the sinners in the same. He gives them a wonderful weekend. I've got back. Your drug.