Sinner and Saint 8-11-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 11th

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Hello thank you Burgoyne less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. And Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally in arresting him and also went to a school bands of the election tanked in April 19 seventeen times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda. Right you might technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 most radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Knows sooner than those same old it's. Rhetoric and they were before it's funny here sports scene here. More reliable renewable school. I'm just maybe it's. How about Garrick it's true of the center in this Saint John and Portland sports leader 1080 in lieu. Does god. Good thing you're on a safari village for diamonds in Cambodia. And just called me up or too little homeless live right outside the dumpster outside the radio station. Yeah I've seen there appreciate you guys let me come and I give you money for awhile and then I just start to think what are you doing with that change. Right and you guys are needed it comes about a BMW with Marcus grieves in the studio. ASE and greed in addition. The sabres edition beaver believers. Usually view bullets what were the beaver boys yeah you are right Aaron Bieber book titled v.s baby yeah. The boys markets what's your Twitter handle what's your what's your thing here at markets grieves underscore and going give them a quick. What's you know the your your plug my plug gap with the what's your plug in your eye right for this and I do this. OK okay well here at the fan yet. What I do is still. In the year. Well. They pay needed just come on and they did that with me for awhile though can't who has put his leg. They did she look at yeah removed from Rio bless the I know him now I had maybe a football guy yeah. Yet they pay me to come in and I was like I don't know how did you anything and I kept doing that firm. Sit out a year and they were like take you run a Bordeaux thing no that's what you've been doing for year. The own. A kind of do at all Jack of all trades right. But I post sometimes I come to know how to run aboard. And then. And on this in broad three. On occasion drink some coffee you know that's why do most on here. I go watch ESP in the oh chill is than OJ yeah yeah I was great eye for about the coach man I'm telling you sumo wrestlers. Oh yeah I saw that yeah I was greatness or how athletes and I know they're huge pat monsters that they're actually they're some disrespect than that they meant. Were tossed together. He gentlemen. Now I should do that. Why do you sumo wrestler in all we just talked about the idea that. You were fed too much in that you threw up an organ stay well every day yeah so I'm Yuri had the experience you could just deal allotment become a sumo wrestler yourself. I don't know if they would you isn't. Could you as at least give me some motivation might moment get fat. We could try to you bull the next thing I have to ask is like how do you even get into humorous. Like let's see tomorrow we really wanted to do like this the first person I talked him. Look for sure. Look at each included Anderson it can do it he obviously know today data via the like you know clothes but the you go rocky. Yeah these degree he's the coach Bo he's these what's the State's old man you should know the name of the trainer five factories are fed the better you today Tek signed please help us with the Iraqi knowledge. And also we would like you give us your opinion about the Portland trailblazers. And their upcoming 20182019. Season the NBA schedule is released this past week. And you know the Portland trailblazers are going to play for another season markets deaths that's for sure there. The bold move and says. We'll take on the their first sixteen games the blazers face just two teams that finished below 500 last season and one of them. Is the retooled LeBron led Los Angeles Lakers. It's going to be a rough go. For the child losers to start now that's only offered just reading. You know teams and their record last year I think one of the best things about the NBA and I know this is not a popular opinion but I think there's a lot of parity when it comes to talent transfer from year to year you don't know how good teams going to be one year and the next the Utah Jazz are great example that loss Gordon Hayward and still the next year they were really quality team via. Booking at the trailblazers. In this opening game against the lakers. This is gonna be good and bad in. One of Q it's. It's bad because we're playing LeBron in his first game with the lakers he's gonna have to prove something and deeds gonna drop forty on us absolutely I'm calling that right now diary Obama ticket. Now he did and remember under. A salute. The good noise though if were able to start the season out beating LeBron. Maybe there is a lag with LeBron training with these dudes having to play with somebody like blondes a ball getting used to the fact that braided Ingram is gonna want the ball lot too. Maybe we pull off the W and it's it's a good tone for the season. Five by threes or five what a silly thing well a rarity mated bewildered. And her daughter's idea that I said the lakers are gonna win. He thinks was gonna win if you wanna make them that we can. I'm not confident. I got its idea on this show it's well known that. One thicket here why did it's I didn't let. Blow. Anti Damian Miller really apparently. While. Get it together man laid. Give it give you movement -- get out of the studio hey take it over look man I I've followed this team since I was. Five years old. Back in the ninety's I remember very very faint memories of watching. Trailers spoke against bulls in the NBA championship I remember. Very faintly the Jordan shrug off of cliff Robinson yeah and you know each year. Each year cares that you a little bit more is that more disappointing year after year. It's more this forty year to year and honestly at the age of eleven when I watched us just kind of crap away fifteen point lead against the lakers. I've now become donned a disappointment. Like every event that happened after that to me as a Jordan shrug yeah there are literally was I had the Jordan shrug every time just like that. There yeah braided Roy will never play again because his knee is completely destroyed the Greg Oden is Sam doing 2.0. There that are. Doesn't and meaning we're good excuse. I mean we'll also weigh your LeBron fan Andrea so what are your expectations at least for LeBron Lucy's. I think he does audio is just put up 2726. And the nursing is now is he's not the only ones because include everyone says that Cleveland was better than this lakers team no they're not not even I believe the it was close. Like you have Kevin Love Kevin Love was good. But after that no. No absolutely not yeah there's no chance and now he is a bunch of young athletic. Players who have a bunch of potential. And he's an LA man might. Yes let let Stephenson is the ball I don't know why do you may finally Stephens might not good as he was kid on the pacers and then he just sat. Yeah he did so according to a U will as with the clippers. Liberal know it because I think you'll have hornets after that. You go the hornets mentioned. They go JaVale McGee to that game changer right there for like that's like four points right there man you better be ready but those four points again be crazy good dunks dot they're very intense stunts that are really give the energy level. But I mean it's just it's LA men like you're gonna have high expectations for nearly every season and then now the LeBron senators just on a whole different level. Yeah I think I don't think they're going to be that bash him winning. 45 games fifty games and she's a woman thing you hope for latest release with. Lakers that you'll have someone like paraded Ingram. Like that take off the out like he'll have his year he'll have the you know the Kevin Durant. 20102011. Year where like if finally clicks and breaks through going to go all that's. That's why this guy's a huge freak you know yeah he's got the size ten frame in the shooting of Michael Jordan yeah I hope some. Warning Kerry focusing back to blazers when you take a look at the rest this schedule as well as some other kind of can a rough parts to a program has its second longest roach of the season that. Six games after thinks giving. They're going to be playing the lakers and a member fourteenth began. And then they're also going to be having a back to back Ruble and with the warriors. I mean. I don't really gets really excited win India schedules come out and it's cool because it makes you start talking about the NBA a little bit before you know things start to hit in September and October but. I don't know for me it's like you never know what's gonna happen because of the fact that teams change so rapidly personal changes so rapidly that you don't. Oh lakers talk about the beginning of this segment you may have a team like Utah where you look at it. On the schedule go yeah it's a guaranteed win but then the next year they're crazy dude yeah they're crazy did see don't know and then also the fact that now the regular season seems to have been completely. Just like wiped off the books now because we just say OK who's gonna be Golden State. Yeah it. On listening to that's why do wanna violate with the raptors every has been sued bribed about the raptors yes season like you know. Although we're all these games of the great you know. They beat Cleveland in the regular season ended I was like it doesn't there's an energy use him and then obviously come playoff time what happens. You know lead the Toronto begin to Toronto. It's just that's I think during this is it sucks because there usage is really like that now but any time you be Golden State it's like. You know it whether it's dead Bremer was Denver beat Golden State last season. And I have a bunch of Denver fans. We'll fans friends whatever it is if I were freaking out oh yeah and and we want playoffs ma duck Holbrooke well all does though did it. But gold citizens try yes I try and they obviously kill everybody. All did the trail blazers had that is well I we had point in the season or be Golden State now is on their on that like ten or eleven games swamp they didn't lose that -- row but they are just on that slump rooted in the here anymore and I think fit after last season unfortunately the trailblazers have become the case study in playoff positioning might not even matter either you know and a third seed which swept by the pelicans. Give then I understand that Western Conference. That was plans LEI it was within a game for everybody in that middle seat from three to seven -- -- wasn't too much variance between talent levels it was just hey you won one game and you didn't win games sell. I don't know what to what the cat keep track of that from the tech side five countries are five another. Middle year for the blazers flashes of brilliant games another early playoff exit and milk toast and smile and go back to their soy lattes and partly India. Or is that they mentally I feel like it's really like this every season because I guess that I'm a huge blazer fan. But there it's appoint orders like are you guys are gonna take the next step because. You have talent like Damien Lewis and we're just as feels like poses wasting his prime yeah with its horrible if I was him I would be pissed off. All that's why the reverse can heated up a lot this past offseason about the fact that maybe the blazers would look at what the lakers had in terms of assets people might want a ball bring in Ingram coups and and some picks and say hey. You wanna make this happen right now LeBron James won't give you gave me Willard and you give us a future. The I think he can debated even more lucrative deal with somebody like CJ McCollum because to me if you're LeBron James you look at either of those guys and you think of them as interchangeable right yeah it's like what can you shoot from the outside great let's get you. Like your proven I get it CJ can put up fifty. And I'm good to me yeah pair in the brawl to score I mean as we've seen it. Obviously it works hockey game a good supporting castle is not to do it all of and it works now public. You just wanna say like at this point. Like I said again I'm not a blazer fan I just wanna see who go to bed with it I feel so bad living near Portland. My egg it's always is actually it's always the same thing but. More than makes the playoffs. People get excited. I can't get excited right for the starts ago crazy. And for example when they beat the rockets every super hi does it was crazy this is Clayton super cooled seat yeah and then obviously getting killed by the spurs but it. Now it's just like we knew that when they did take the next step were. They have a player who. Obviously maybe comes off the bench and does something more. Not Meyers Leonard. You get good contracts. Like it just seems like this and it's like parlance content with being a first round they get to the first round get out or get to the same ground yeah. Well I've always. Said you know if there's some way we could drop Meyers Leonard off at a birthday party not pick him up later. How do you think Meyers Leonard feels the church but I just on a daily basis yet does knowing that boy that nobody of Portland wanted. I mean I'd have to think the millions of dollars probably help his. Right his I mean I always said that if I'm Meyers Leonard like after this season. I'm gonna retire. But let's not let's say they'll what's the point because what's gonna happen next like jagr and it's signed properly but you'll pick you up. There are gonna pay you mentioned that I can give you much for an opportunity because there's got to move yes they they've already. Clock US somebody who had potential lawsuit and won't get it back and and if you wanna do that he wanna keep playing and minimal basketball during practicing getting trash minutes okay go ahead or. Take the tens of millions of dollars that you made. And a retire early with whom somewhere in and son. NYT employees. I just feel about men like there's no like I feel you I was in his position. Yeah I would I would say. I would right along like it along message to say I'm sorry I'm sorry Portland the because it seems like no we've walked the yeah everyone I've talked at the blizzard that is like yeah we need to get remark yeah when you get them when we do in my eyes. Make even if you just of the broad view of yourself to the right now I noticed super involved and being okay good guys there that will let. I mean that we do don't do that stopped on the roster right. Maybe that's it maybe I'm wrong maybe there's. Action on the wrong you know I don't know but it. All right so all let's. Who's circle back to the blazers said 1045. All kind of do a show wrap up at that point by coming up next the University of North Carolina had what they electrical she you gate now. And it really cannon dives into the whole idea of should college athletes become their own onto pursuers and make their own money. Thorough sync. Sink in greens edition right here on Tinny bit. He went Ryan isn't texting horrendous things. Then you did excellent. Let's deal. I'm sure. The navy are comfortable they really strangely. Excited and comfortable. Yeah. A lunatic that. Take it as you will mean you know don't make me feel weird about it. It's a pretty big you sure about this is on you you're right it's almost all on him. Premiere of the new hosted the show Marcus Wright I got a code breaking in here. Listen man who quit on sorry we've got fired death the you are replaced team yes that's right Jeff said now was like listen you know. We had enough of the old bull we want to young calf yes and that's why I'm here were tired of your beard we want another beard. Right could you both have beer booze is better. Mind is it looks like a thirteen year old. I can't grow facial you can't know I mean I can you can see it but this is this is nine days. He's yes little spotty was just a little black here is that fit it could be worse men like. In high school all I can grows the bushy is mustache. And it was a it was bad so you said Blake pillow cloud the parent you're on you're opposed bad man. Who's really bad leg. I try to grow the beard and I'd acumen whose super spotty yeah didn't look right but the mustache. Like that community commercial looked perfect well how all over you. 7017. You were growing a mustache was awful this your first from a zero a mustache at seventeen I feel like that's that. That's a and advanced age facial hair I'm saying it was twisted. I keep a cutter off that I think. Like once you get to be maybe 25 then you can grow solid mustache anything before that you're being irresponsible by Greg knows is he responsible. Focus you got a full beard Mulder you look like commit so how old you know. Tony to OK you're 22 I'm thirty years old and you have tripled the beard idea you're thirty yes I'm thirty. I know it's sad when I may even have simply us missiles shoulder hair via. Happy you got back here to all but this shoulder here I never shaped it. This is thirty years of care per. Q why shall there you see moves to deploy I'm upset because there should be more I feel like I should be a bigger man at this point via. Saturday night of the salad. Yeah this state Jerusalem and it's a whole other conversation. But I'm on that trend now I'm doing it they're getting a pest Terry. I'll try it will be today seven in your life just gets better does it not really it's days ahead. You just enjoyed it. You don't enjoy food added that's really good changes you in your case for food just deploy it. So. Did you sell me your stuff. When you play or stay. As news Tripoli like it this stuff he got for free of ball games are like yeah. All but did you ever went to a bullion that's well well I know I get it yet but the apparent you get the right QG MD at the start of every season when you play college football league deal like. It's and a goodie bag for like they just give you a bunch of the 2000 August the out right just give you bunches up that night he held out he had backpacks used socks shirts what are yeah. You're selling us a mood. OK on percent every time now why did you sell that stuff. Those broke her yeah broke I needed money that and it's like if I have. I looked at a like this and I knew it was wrong was that thing but I was looking at it and I would take boxes and boxes of shoes home. So like if I have I have fab waksal plead shoes everything yeah. And in my blog eating top Roman for dinner. Or you just saw the issues in the demise of some state would only get it right but they feed you breakfast and and launch. But after that like on the weekend join your own man but that's rough that is like I need to make a living somehow and wrestled. So what you did. Thirteen players. The North Carolina university in North Carolina football team have been suspended for at least one game. As many as four games during the soft coming season because. They basically sold. Teen issued shoes Jordan brand shoes now these are very. I guess considered Bible shoes because of the fact they were Jordan brand and they were in North Carolina license so. If your sports and you understand. Michael Jordan played for UNC so. This was you know they would they were able to get some pretty good top dollar. Offers fuhrman's that now these guys are all being suspended for it it's kind of sparked this debate. Again. You know we understand that some college athletes get scholarships and they get paid their education they get. You know what they would consider a stipend each month did pay living expenses in the same time. It really isn't enough yeah and you know I hate to be. The guy who you know you're give in these opportunities they care education paid for and you're still saying it's not enough money but. It is the case and so I feel like if they're gonna give these kids this stuff what is what is the problem with selling. I don't understand the argument like why is that bad but what is he gonna do the right. That's what were they like it I guess the whole perspective right on the other side is. Well you're sullying the product we're giving these to use so you can Wear them and you can represented tune in you can. You know be an ambassador for money. Yeah and you're just basically pocketing it for money in your ripping us off. Because we spent money on you and now you're just taking down ripping us off. They get tepid at the same time these guys are making the ultimate sacrifice for their bodies for your school and you're not letting them go out and make their own money. However they may do it do with endorsements or anything else I mean. Could you tell me honestly that markets period after his first season couldn't have gone to a local business in Eugene and sponsored something. Exactly and somebody would given him everybody in Eugene was sponsored Al yeah. And he would've made an unreasonable amount of money yes. But obviously the guys with the bigwigs are they don't want anyone. And he had the power dynamic and so I think that you know we wanna make sure that we keep certain people in their place and let them know that you're gonna make this much money in need to have this kind of education in you owe us I think that's what bothers you about disposable pitches doesn't make any sense to me because they just. With the so they give you so much and I don't wanna sound ungrateful obviously got to give you so much stuff and it's great Nawaz super fortunate for the opportunity. But there's some nights men were even taught Roman you're tired. And like you know so all the law are new to like you're just tired of like struggling to find a meal times and how the walk on so a 100% I mean you'd check singers like. If you have these blocks issues like if there's no way I can eat good and I get full. The Yemen do it again and oil Hussein or use these to make us eat till we felt like we're gonna throw up yet but after the season. You're struggling man to find some food sometimes yeah and a bit everywhere tomorrow though give you some food bullet. And like this post Saturday mornings. Yeah when there's no football you're and you're hungry and you are anything but Tom rom and you get tired yeah. So I was dose of shoes men and all of them and it doesn't help to that you can't. I mean as a walk on or somebody doesn't scholarships can't get a job really. You know you can do it during the off season you can get jobs that are. You know sanction through the university in have to be approved but they don't pay any thing and really if you are recently gets. You know could playing time you need to be in a gym need to be working out yes and if you focus on global yet you have to basically dedicate your life to football and school otherwise if you don't pass classes or get. You know necessary grades to camp with the ball on the if you don't work out and train you'll be able to really go far in football itself side. It's a losing formula for players and I guess all I'm hoping is that this case with North Carolina it'll company spotlight on and hopefully some rules and change yet and you know for a fact that it's not gonna change but. Again right yeah no we definitely do you just more. I just wanna see than to publish it up a little bit like even if in the throes saying Monica and only did the whole like. Paying your players. Like sewing shoes right you can film for like. Fifty dollars because you have so many yeah we get to do with them afterwards that you're gonna make him wait for years to sell. Fifteen boxes shoes right let in his sounds super grateful that I get that. But. I think it makes sense if it but at the end of day it's just the fact that you have. But if you're struggling to eat you're showing the making money you have the issues that they give you for free you might as well. Try to make a living there because. You obviously not gonna do when you play now. But still get into. In interest in theory from Tre Boston a safety for the chargers he thinks the NFL's colluding against safeties and it kind of goes back to a continuing conversation lot of people are having about running backs are now. This is sinner in the same agrees insane additional intending to Denver first here's a noose. Just shear. Play anybody well and markets. Posting the sitter in the same on a Saturday in August. Saturday in August they birthdays come up next week and cool you know 23 when he three men to magical year for anyone listening sons eleven and half. Some small peek at your old guy. Among men and sand and good quality is would you know the senior day you have heard oh for boy. They they're measuring my hands and I will never forget this moment as Steelers guy. He horoscope you measured my hands and as soon as he said however small they were. He said it out loud in my 45 teams climbing just gave me the and shook their heads and they voted down I was like wait what's left but this book because it fell down and that's that's not a good look on the police told knows it. Well it's unfortunately something you can't change now mated so you can't play with us in the house like him thirty that's my home. There's something about that camera second how like. It if you listen dusty came came talks as hand size all the time and it is very true kids' hands are gigantic the other a huge yes like they will both envelop a toddler's head. He was talking about that at like that was one of the things during his carbine that they'd measured in the radicals like god. He has guys don't dance all out which I guess helps for catching footballs but it doesn't those. Yes doesn't it yes I capable of great. I had my hands while obviously not very good but I guess well enough but yeah I guess. Each. The gob one blogger code war most little Lucy that. That's what they lost since it's so small and they write it down to be a thumbs down and everything to really hard to drop ball. If it's. Within reason if you have gloves on. Yeah closer it's so easy net I begin to hear a jump ball flake hearing contested cover agent like somebody's draped on you look at and get. Let me if you're open yeah. There it is just catch the damn thing. Well if those studies you will a lot of us would be in the end of yeah we would when doing well. Skins Kirsten dunce and right coach input as soon bionic knees jerk again you had slammed in muscle movement on this. Death is inmate cut there. The most since lions it is also our fault right barometer on my kids one day is a that ones who made the info on the say because I have small lines markets junior that is. Marcus Jeanne. Is so weird sound that that's a leg will junior now loathed. Shouldn't be I don't want that leads to carry. On my kids actually do something like your doctor yeah like competitive chess via radio host. Was Peruvian radio or a little muscles the road to go around a diet that's why I'm here hey it's sure to go if it now. Making your card you wanna make head challenge out of making car payments. Is Ramallah showed her stitches. Tre Boston. Then named the anything for now okay. We'll show and apparently. Statistically Tre Boston was one of the NFL's best cover safeties last season when he played for the chargers. But the fact of the matter is he's really getting paid much. He's senate cardinals for one year at one point five million dollars within descendants that could push those earnings up to around just three million dollars. But the scale is one of the better players in the league what's going on well he just did. Interview with the ringer. Recently I think it was this past week saying that he thinks NFL teams are colluding. Two under pace safeties. Here is a quote. Rom or mr. Boston himself saying quote how are you going to look a whole market if you sign everybody and one person's slack. You don't put yourself in that predicament you devalue the whole market itself now this is gonna going on with it period it's starting to develop in the NFL that was. Similar to the whole running back theory that. Safeties are starting to become something you really don't need. With the development of the spread offense chip Kelly's way of playing with pace and putting mismatches all over the field safety's really. Are something that have to be universal players you have to be able to play man coverage not just kind of scouring cover three and then hit somebody really hard. Really great example of somebody who adapted well there that was tyrant Matthew. He's somebody could put me in coverage and he'd walked dudes down but he was also physical enough that he come up and he could support the run and so. There's always cover safeties. Now that are basically being devalued because they say look if you can't play man coverage. Why do I need to. Well it's the same thing there with like any I guess in position like for running back can't catch other backfield. And we're not gonna have you or if you can't block are gonna have you we obviously know you can run but you have to bring something else to the table. I wouldn't say I mean this is. In the sustained usage obviously if you if you can't tackle we've uncovered good. Will we do we're gonna have to find someone who can do both this is so ghostly now especially when you're playing with the best football players in the entire world Blake. If you're only good when did you did so it's gonna replace you because someone's gonna be better. Yeah and you know I think that also Carolyn along with the whole signing of Todd Gurley and getting all that money was at. I know a lot of people said oh well that's discussed at the table for any good running back to circuiting pay a lot to me likely beyond bell or. Carol Y guess seek Elian with his Contra kits are structured but. Oh with Todd Gurley I think really what it says the president or is it. Dude if you want to get paid this much you better be this good this means you better be able to line up in slot and run routes and catch balls and he bit better view pick of the block she. Yet CA because that you do your very right that's one thing it's totally undervalued by Todd Gurley. Really freeing go to protection yeah so I I mean I guess they get or Boston saying here but at the same time you know I think it's a developing game and it's evolving game and you know they're asking guys that's really if you don't play the quarterback position to kind of do everything. You have to have an all around skill sets. Let's put in the NFL yeah we're in elite football please do to a depth depth. Arab. It's kind of was that's weird. I mean it I guess I get you when you look but if you're just to cover guy or you're just the guy who comes down hill and smashes a ball carrier then get beat over the top every time and on his due and I'm gonna platoon. Well it's. But like I guess is such a stark contrast to what we are used to say like the whole dichotomy between Troy palm Pall mall little player like that who. Again he can play okay coverage but at same time Mino weighs in there he is down there and just stop the run yeah they got a guy like Darrell Revis switches like. If he's gonna cover all day three the silent via and so you know we've grown up watching football like that for so long just having specialty guys that now or in the case where everybody on the field has to be this incredible lastly and it's weird it's weird to see that transition in football I think. We'll. Yeah but you kind of disfigured his who's gonna happen eventually Bryce I would basketball like with the weight with the senator. You know if you can't basically shoot jumpers anymore you're. You're going to be like Dwight Howard get traded. And pulled teams because he can't shoot but he can don't you can be down publisher site. But someone like. You know stuff curry who basically. Minnesota senator is irrelevant you know this is you have to evolve your game in any way you can because it's going to be it's gonna it's gonna change eventually. Which by the way is one reason why I still others and why we keep use of her cage and please on the text and do not trade team. Give me the reason that we can shoot even if pushing me now he can shoot consistent. Where I want when I want oh and watched because blue blazes in I was so unimpressed with who's actually yeah I know well. We fell in love with him though so we had to keep it. Okay. 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That's all right periods impressed burger king and all needs fifty cents through. Now the sounds are. I hope Sadie. SP EC best known. And I want to so I receive McDonald's reports on today yeah I was bad blow. That was big tunnels. Oh super cut and a moment. Getting old Lou is. I was river that college enrollment period things view on a Sunday morning after getting drinkers the Taco Bell and I think about that now and in my. I don't think my body would be able to handle that anymore Selena actually know what I had. A bite of a chicken strip from. Dairy queen is the day. And I to go by in my stomach hurts so and I even did didn't agree all that's your problem bad I think it would have been OK with just the chicken strip but when you add the gravy it. Who thought about that who like who brought that up with the gravy what does that come from chicken angry chicken angry. A young man. I think about that a lot of who have a lot of foods like the syrup over fried chicken lawful that's that's wonderful okay now see I didn't understand that and I had it as it OK I get it makes sense yes it's very salty and savory and sweet and wonderful this is this is all coming together and I'm probably gonna go get some after this really. No because remember on trying to deceive all right. You turn it cut again. Young man. Trying to get that but yet who's done his body be deal look at online and go all I'm trying to do that name that's what I assume and every guy gets on a diet like they were on Google images and then they saw some celebrity whose body they were like I get that. Yeah. While went online and we into Google and typed in Luke Anderson a dog yeah that's she's I'm trying to look like a 38 year old dad who. This is a true story. Home work towards something in his shoulder playing drunks softball. Your line now he did that. Luke yes Luke was playing during softball and torn rotator cuff. That's what was most disappointed they have ever and it still wasn't a jerky movement either Tim Sweeney hit a bat. The conversation after that I go. Really just swung about that to happen. Because there you know and it happens you get older I think you're 38. Feet to think that shouldn't be happening. Lights out and happens to a bunch of people that all of that's not a good yeah oh yeah he should. He's the two like chess asked what is what does he do late applauding his standup comedy he does T stand company he'll tell you about it. Like thirty minute patients that that you know I like Lugo. He got an occasion and he's. So. We just been talking today about. Rose to play football and only go back to our poll. Because of the up hole this morning and it was directed one mr. Sam Arnold. I guess pre season debut last night and I asked the questions Jim Donald is blank. 5% of you said yell that dude isn't all truck. 23% he said F Ing awesome borrow. Point 4% he says human harboring the mole and then now 40% he said yeah I. Does decide those kind of what I Laura came down to you're really listed Darryl. Is all right the UV. Now that you just hope the jets won't bring him down the because like he got drafted by one of those teams where it could go seriously wrong in. You'd have to hope that. Hey if Mark Sanchez can do it for a year and a half I'm sure seemed Arnold has more talent he can do it longer you know Boeing wants Mark Sanchez play. Went on the actual rewind I was like man he's a really be that dude. And then I think it was the book fumble that really did it. Yes but formal definitely not nail this coffin the that put them up when I'm done now do you do you remember when. Mark Sanchez declared for the draft. Yes and he'd win it was after that. Super sick Rose Bowl appearance he had they beat Illinois. But the Rashard Mendenhall led Illinois team which I had that through that day. That was like one of the examples of don't let league. No champions get into bowl games exactly yes. So he led. Mark says has led DOC past Illinois and any of this press conference very came out and before he went out and spoke. It was just Pete Carroll and Pete Carroll came up onto the podium and just said some very kind of like from. But no all planet too little Kenneth things about Mark Sanchez just telling guys. He'll put a lot of effort. Did really good work here and we wish him all the best and once he was done and he got up and Mark Sanchez walked past him. Carol they need to look him in the I just give a pat on the back and walked past him she's an it was at that moment everybody was like a way out Pete Carroll doesn't think he's gonna make it league MPT Shipp played that's the hope yeah. And if he can get that feeling with players like this straight where it's like. Are they really. Is this really the time for them to come out. With startled he kind of felt like maybe that's the case to speak as well he just was not lingered so he decide to go before or distressed. Right that then he had had too many of these performances that weren't. You know weren't very good I mean the Rose Bowl is really the peak of everything and then even the Stanford game conclusions like the first can attest they had last year is. He played really well and you saw some flashes that. You know that's kind of what you're saying the conventional wisdom right that he had enough bad games that you've you've got to leave. Yet yelling what they Irish mall people still talk about your potential. Somebody is saying that they're trying to look at Paul Walker from two fast two furious on the buried today attacks on me. Well they are they are that's the picture they look at it's the a look at Oprah was all walker. That weird. No nothing's where for the show polymarker. And playing. Really. Aaron mom and you can do better in that. I am a well maybe it's like one of those attainable things you know. Okay yeah like you could do it it wouldn't be very hard to look like Paul Walker may be on the face spent like. In the body it wouldn't be too hard maybe like two weeks have died and two weeks indicting yeah. Want to any two weeks two weeks and then you know give yourself like you're creating wash. It is one agree exe com or all of your block to. Yeah that's did you lift that much really to big squat guys yeah I think the guts. 565. Who you know man Molly's should be pretty big food. There Greg chicken legs you know. Kid I'm 5565. Or six that's crushing. You know home I can learn and I can never really doesn't ACL. Little. A couple. And that that's scary way to me I was that's what we're told basically if you don't squad over 500 pounds in a plan. Ed did for me it was. You know at a certain point like the most say do you ever got was that the 400 and then after that like I couldn't really break that plane. And then like every single time I played the only thing I'd do is just put in like. Every ounce of adrenaline I had indicating anybody as like physically I'm knocking out physically you. I I will go insane and try to hit you as hard as I cannot. Because there's nothing else I have on my side right now. Well that's a Desmond. You other goods he. Doesn't look we're you know we're going to be we're gonna be a lot. Go against tougher maybe stronger boom grew that goes there's my like my second season we lost every game man. You punched every game but that's the putter podsquad gonna do for a while there begin picking up. Bridges the over. That's the future message to coaches down. Still living over you lose if you got a reply I'm bound to lose in the beginning if you can keep everyone. Under that 500 unmarked. If they lived over former pound cut. In a heartbeat. They'll finish it up she better. According to the got a good look at at the gym all summer I don't care. I don't care pack up your craft and leave get that nobody thought we do not want that. Mark this is a pleasure having enthused on men. We need to do this again concluding it's gonna take Stephen Davis family vacation your opponent is that and we are something I know. I told them that and we'll just doubles. Is live in the studio yeah. Will connect next week we will be back next week we'll probably get you were ready for football season as it approaches here at the end of August. But this yeah he's doing. Well I mean not WOO. I'll call you again we'll hear the show and you know I was I was gonna say I see Europe and made the video of them today. And clear in the bath and now I'm looking back. All right thank god. Thank you. I'm a genius stroke. Vijay Singh here on.