Sinner and Saint 8-18-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 18th
C. J. McCollum angers people while vaca in China and Josh Allen isn't ready, Jennifer. 

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Okay. Hey happy Saturday. You'd want. Mac yeah. But. 00. What you're doing right now well. I'm back I go last again next week and then. It's all season and then you're gone another way not only now actually we're gone. It has given ducks came on the eighth of September so I guess and yeah. Now we're gonna get bumped by the ducks like week to movable tees which my dad is complete or assessed one. There were getting bumped by the how we now the pregame running right into that well honestly we should also be the halftime show can you imagine this is a half pack your Tonkin. Public outburst happened I was drinking a beer. Did you see that guy in the and a front row there decade fell sleep in his beer in his hand either through the halftime announces it sixty breakdown. Which we spend most of the time talking about organ strength coach mustache. Guy what's his name. Although I must ask yeah that guy I've had enough that guy he needs to go they've already had enough food must this guy we have even seen him on the organ sideline. Calls on the second and a look at mustache guy or again on Twitter gets handlebar mustache guess let's see here American a lot of results. Although it's could there are no images of him in or being gear yet. Still need to hear. But on second you all Erin felt. The Tony said. You said mustache guy yeah Aaron Phil is mustache guy used the Georgia strength coach Wright he and I I get it. Okay I actually do you have a series from a parent felt good veteran second app. And a lower your former rear listen do you vent about so every coaches are right so this guy is pretty much taking all the attention away. From the players. In my opinion all you didn't even know his name until you looked it up okay but the first thing that they see on his Twitter page it's a pin tweet at him doing these. Do these biceps curls and he's just speaking at the camera just yelling at it with that stupid nineteen Torre's mustache. I do go pop at a time machine and go to bring in London in the 1920s and let's see if you actually survive dude because that's facial hair doesn't bit. What type of attitude you have he's got that slicked up pair did push yourself down a toilet. Well that's telling you really feel. But when you for it to. Start a good start well I tell yet it's been hard on me. Trying to understand and come to terms with the fact that we are now home of the ducks. And that every Saturday I got to swallow my pride talk about the ducks. Half the argument we have to talk about the dire a well known only gonna stand here. We were told that the meeting no me the meeting we were exposed to oh we'll get fit him. A third time that's happened you are not enough to start I don't know what I mean here's the thing we're going to be to argument ducks anyways this is going to be one of the lose seasons for them where they've got electric third coach in three years and Super Mario is smoking because I know is excited for what was the Las Vegas bull told. Look boy that was a good game now. No one's in my part of the game was again Royce Freeman on the sideline for some reason well one of the set out when to preserve himself for the NFL draft the didn't get up the sideline. You know the team anymore yeah well it's a nasty and it's one of them there he's part of the pregame. Pump everybody up look really wanna win this game and we wanna make sure that our best player is on the sideline Ford because he is the say he does not want to play anymore. With us what do you expect from Royce Freeman with the Broncos. I don't know man you know they they can't say they're kind of pump and dump with running backs like worried when he got draft by the thing. No longer gonna last there. And it that's nothing of his talent it's just more like a felon a crappy situation no Canon moved through guys and then Angela bring an end he's keen MS there solution quarterback too so I don't know. And their public years removed from the super with Peyton Manning with normal left Indians now that has been movement quarterback apparently accidentally she's hot garbage which is fun. Yes he I heard a really good comparison if you look at a photo packs a lunch on the Google the you can see that he looks like you guy he just arrived at the billboard music awards. I perpetually. He he he looks like he's dressing up for music the music awards show all the time he he's more concerned about how he looks at how he plays that we are suggesting that would be inaccurate assessment. I think that's fair but it's funny of this this first round pick I mean this is team that that dumped rock outs Weiler. Why easily bids didn't have a replacement form it's it's very bizarre that John Elway doesn't seem to know how to value for. The other thing Q is there this team sit. Our our cattle like. Blasting in the they think they're lacking in the face of a football logic which is you know you wanna go ahead and get yourself a nice franchise quarterback and then build around him and then they go. Hey we want a Super Bowl. With a legend with one arm left and we get it through defense it's like aideed teams do that but they do one year and they don't do it again. Yeah ray bins in 2012. Why you see it's there and he doesn't want well my theory I crashed. All right well let's quickly. Hey it's. Now truly we got through it. So I was out last week's you guys did mark is do the stand up bit though it is the end of the and you didn't do it and I didn't do it I'm not qualified. Qualified now call and you do an open mind once I did a lot of open mics and I got bad reception from the go well. Oh well all let's just say the talent agents. Who were in sitting on it. It is in it there's a unity. Of theory they were not calling me back when I suspect Carter onto. You passed your card around the cart is gave up two quick comedian. Who lives in mom's basement. But again if it card I think. That's pretty apt description brought that most people would think they are. Well I I apologize are known for being out but like this and I'm still miss next week too so but we will give you one last. Pre season version of engagements. Well and we've got to do. If Griese isn't Heisman all of their notes. According to the sports book Trace McSorley of Penn State is twice as likely. To win the award then organs Justin Herbert. Personally don't care about the word I'm just excited to see these two guys not lead their team to the collectible. Along the I'm holding up. So OK you know there's the high had to happen now I had a technical mistake yeah. Well at least keeps at least you salted Trace so you don't think he's guys we can't admit I you don't want to. Fifteen to one not two DEC oh it's like he's having a spasm every time Atheros. He's got like put his whole when he got to put a whole body India you know that's not good yet it's never did especially when your plane vision when quarterback and you don't take a guess here I case you missed it this week apparel and we've been mispronouncing. Tyrod Taylor's name this holds. I am why it has at a press conference explained that people but doing so so long that he stopped correcting people. But if you wanna call and by his given name it's pronounced a manager. Are we. Play it but I think that felt the same team yeah I think they'll be pretty accurate I almost actually almost penciled in Alex Smith. But I would game manager instead as a mediocre and ever minutes. It's probably a starter for Cleveland people seemed like him there did although I are some some stuff of Betemit built from Los thing that bills game. If he's good he is really really good but I think the plan is to start Tyrod who just doesn't make mistakes and it's the same three see him and he sees potential and and you just see how crappy the offensive line is in the play calling and you just like while he'd be even better if you compare her. Every tell he's everybody would be better yet they weren't they're speaking of the Cleveland Browns Bud Light is going to give away free beer. As soon as the browns win their first game in two seasons. Cleaver hitters not super pumped about it's that it's bad enough we won one game in the last two seasons now are gonna make a strained Bledel eight. You know but like. You are under entering I think it's America's best selling years ago since. Something. I guess so Vienna out of public float what's America's bestselling restaurant and that's fine restaurants McDonald's problem naming all this moment and a and how you pulpit restaurant appreciate it here's a hot cake. So the best pancakes have ever had our McDonald's. Hotcakes if it's not their food and good dude. Like they're surprisingly. Good and I know the Embree answer probably fat and butter and fat but it's really good. Like I'd rather take that over and Elmer stack low even stuffed tiger freshman Chalmers. Why they're one of their German pancakes to people why are their video poker machines in numbers the employer video poker. Does it every breath with the you don't delete you go play video poker. Back all right very that then come right back for lunch. Hell is doing that eat breakfast at the go import three hours of video poker and ago wild hair muzzle your blt. I case you missed it this week Kobe Bryant has apparently made. 200 million dollars on these six million dollar investment in the new sports drink. Body armor on money. Since he's retire from bath bush won an Oscar he's made a 200 million dollar investment. Did you think as possible hate Kobe more after he stopped playing basketball. Now have a good for him thing you really like he needed it. I'll let her face and it's like he's doing the magic job boomers like we went out made some Smart business to you know that astronomical returns. And any sort of investments and he wins an Oscar for short film like the first piece of art that he makes. We've. And all let me say this though I don't think he's so much in your face about it. I don't everything that Magic Johnson does that considered a success like I have to hear about it from eight different people like Kobe Bryant this I remember I. I mean I've kind of barely heard about it I know his re tweet by ESPN and all that but like K. Articulate a Magic Johnson it's always like he's got to get on TV talk about how greeted job that he did. And Kobe justice Carol IKEA I I just want to make a lot of money NBA success in the business and just leave me alone please yet as he accepts the Oscar. That's fair yeah. In case you miss this week it would be hard in this the big controversy was between the Marlins and the Braves when as the rain that. Being to Ronald Cohen of the hottest baseball player a going right now pup potential rookie of the year. Well you rain it was suspended six games. For is being ball thrown at the braves' rookie all star superstar. Prodigy when everyone a college star star. Emerged start atlas person person. That person. Uranium was that not all that upset it turns out a six game suspension went for the Marlins. Is actually rewards us it is especially at this time in the season when you're not playing for anything. Now this one I liked this better go and Betsy table talk to a team that's coming up next it is definitely coming up finally in case you missed age McCarron as a broken collar bone. You know it's bad in buffalo when they're worried about who's going to fill in for the guide couldn't play ahead of indeed Dalton. And then. H Singh had jab at him Andy Dalton jab and you don't jump dare you Willis and AJ McKenna oh no we're missing AJ McCarron. The big guy couldn't start in Cincinnati. As does the half baked plan anyway it was. I think that plan was like hey we're getting get Josh Allen and then don't worry about the whole lake he'll sit behind develop quarterback Kyle we'll figure that out and it. They got down to the end of the night right it's 2 AM at the bar and they turned the lights on they're like oh crap all there is is AJ McCarron. You just grab him who cares we'll take your shirt. I would have done the joke about CJ McCollum of those jokes kind of rate themselves. Let's dive into CJ McCollum and is fun week. In another very bizarre offseason for the blazers to guard southern act Sydor and six and they did it. I. That's maybe early blazers segment today so before getting to see Jim Collins. And general. You know and you see. Blazers east Goldstein. Is doing one's ego and in the playoff upset. And then what good unruly group really dead now what game is it that we play. Basketball but did the puma what's the video games the NBA two K admit. It was like Paula duty or something. It's basketball we drafted a basketball team here in Portland. And we are apparently the best. And did you game basket and well that's something to you talk about I guess. That's a target that's dirt. Whatever. I can be televised. I don't know I was kind of like the blazers east sports team boasts a twelve and two season record in the NBA two K league. And the two days. League's first ever NDP is again it plays for the blazers it's all. Yeah the blazers five center averages 21 points per game is close fourteen rebounds to do so apparently we have a guy control and each of the guys in the NBA. Two K and and that's. They are mad and break down a bit to the a viewing Google breakdown your sorry for all got there is a guy who's. Who select and the players and then it gets the ball and leave ports are open then he goes to the next got to play boom who that your Madden impression. She she's a bad pretty terrible. Pretty terrible but apparently the league champion will split 300000. Dollars. Dude that's some change that's a that's definitely think we we drafted of a basketball team from God's point did you get basketball while I will commend the NBA for doing this is is pretty sweet that there are able to reach out to younger audience and actually like. You know Grover audience through the years on like the NFL do we know of that's happening probably. Probably. Assumption that all of this laid out the NBA there's this article washing process streaming couple weeks ago talking about how the NBA has like more than any other professional sport gotten into. The Twitter game better than any of them like they created a culture around in BA Twitter. And then he had this for their creating NBA two K leagues in I think they're trying to reach out to people who might not be basketball fans maybe video game fans think. They can be engaged on this level wanna watch some of the games as well. On the other side of the pond you have the NFL who goes well now I keep ticking the and they take a paycheck for a new and we don't care about women. Yes. Well so you're one and stereo they don't care I don't know that that's the intentional messages but yes you're absolutely right the NBA has embraced social media and Twitter we've got a couple. Players with podcasts. What is telling stories about driving through New York City with someone in a cage in the back of the car. Dude JJ Redick. Super bizarre but what is CJ McCollum. CJ McCollum is it has the podcast any we talked about this a few weeks ago but he gets into with Kevin Durant about how super teams. And then Kevin Durant just makes fun of them because. The blazers are terrible yes. So. TJ has been going on the media security called the whole super team thing disgusting but he gets on the social media try to defends so well pulled out your your your sweeping over the funny part about this he called super teams discussing in China he did. Let's turn to funny but I think we've discussed this. And got up that he did you check out these. It's resulted shined in activities CJ McCollum got all the CJ fans in China CJ asked of his own podcast. He has the Photoshop other players in blazes uniforms he is he's perpetually the little brother of the NBA so this week it got even worse and he goes on to Twitter. And and a user. They goes by the handle at chuck delight 1980. Autism Jennifer Williams. Gennifer. Says. Whit playoff game then talk. That's her tweet at CJ McCollum. And CJ. His response. I'm trying Jennifer. Who's gone. NBA but Earl yet. And it's incredible and it's incredible and Q. Two fronts first verse by yours I'm trying Jennifer T shirts yes and second. The lack of punctuation or comma after Gennifer. In a report Jennifer I'm sorry I'm trying common Jennifer yes and just as I tried the and it. They're getting huge debt more just desperate. I. This is so desperate to be defective he's getting out there putting himself out there to beat. This media. It whatever it's able lightning rod this guy he basically says look I'm wideout yup and I'm making statements that you can criticize. And pouring in on man bring it up I would invite Kevin Durant who is a known snake. And you will basically get on air any chance he gets to kind of crap on any team or crap on anybody that craps on him. Bring a moment podcasts on the talked to about my team who severely under achieved. China. And crap on Kevin Durant cameras in the NBA dude who made the same decision even lower. And a receipt. To me and all he wants to do is recruit people to Portland to build zones is he is he is. The little brother of the NBA so this led to our poll question of one of two of the result I don't look at a yet. At sinner saint and eighty we put up with two pools we the other later don't worry about that. We'll get into the bills quarterback situation. People want third CJ McCollum. Twitter poll. All right so if CJ McCollum was not a blazer how would you feel about him Jennifer. Pow do we really three way tie here who how exciting three way tie for third is hope deserves get them. Men. Why is he got a podcast and then the leader with 20% of the votes is no feeling whatsoever. Yeah if it CJ didn't play for the Portland trailblazers. I kind of agree with I don't think you would think of him so what is it is getting so much of this attention being in part. I think this kind of weird that he is getting this now is national attention like you've we called up another NBA city you know hey what do you think the C Jim Coleman the the whole Andre Jennifer the BI who. They would know it because I think he was able to spark the whole thing with the Kevin Durant interview and you know they were talking about it on PTI I was one of their leads at one point and I get it. You know inserted NBA news this is kind of slim Pickens right now you're still at this point where. I mean you know a year EI even really getting into the pre season and you know football's coming up so. The India's camper on the back burner except for free agent moves but this is just like it it's very odd that he's putting himself out here like that. Love that detects I'm the better you today attacks on 55305. I love it shows CJ McCollum is at least authentic and trying. Gotta love zephyr. Do you know. He shouldn't be authentic without forcing authentic on people you know I'm just really trying so hard. To Israel attacks and and Beers ultimately you don't need to confront. Kevin Durant you called Kevin Durant outlook for joining the team Mikey Kevin Durant made that decision. To join the war years and has been criticized by the media if you criticize into his face he's going to be defensive about it at second and blow for a team that gets swept out of the playoffs. Back to back years. Yes like you have to know that that's been authentic that's been a little desperate in my opinion. Going and doing the media tour through China to promote the NBA great but you have to cull out the teams that are better they knew you wanted to get Carmelo Anthony. You wanted to get boo he doesn't you made it known that he wanted to get those guys. You would just assume have members of team USA joining the blazers so you wouldn't dame could be on a quorum quote super team. But don't want to play with these CJ. When your defense when you go out on Twitter just big people and Photoshop them and tweet and tweet and tweet about how you need to come play with us and the new intractable you couldn't get anybody better than ever to honor to play with. Jerk. Sure yet shark while jumped Maroney also from the better you today Dick flinty mccombs should be a Toronto Raptors. Should be the next Kyle rallied and Kyle allow re not game it's the whole vibe not to disparage Canadians. This to break an -- well they don't talk about this to further show you were asking me a when he question was you go okay now who are. The Portland trailblazers on the East Coast in my immediate answer was other raptors because it's it well was raptors. It's the same thing right he had DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry and they kind of look like if Damon CJ Bennett is always the two teams are set up and sit known forget that. What is the perception of the blazers as a franchise for this season just a hole. What do people think outside of Portland tonight. I I've grown up in my whole life I've no idea. How did just disconnect from Mac and I have my image of growing up with the blazers. What do people outside of the Portland area think the blazers franchise at the IP 05 better tech side. Let's hear it I don't know I don't think that think of us and I think that they probably think of CJ McCollum Indian meal Willard as kind of desperate. Well they they they think of dame in the two bodies of the blazers yeah definitely goes to the lakers did the biggest story of game this offseason was when there is that really flighty rumor that he was gonna get traded the lakers and join LeBron and and I think back cot. The national national attention because there was like oh yeah idea I could see that David Willard and LeBron James going the other OK now I'm on board Damian Miller as a front piece lake. Incredible statistical come up front piece for a piece. But like if you take just the statistical year that he had last year. Great he was really really really good and I think he was what fit in MVP voting. I mean. You know I get it he gets frustrated that he hasn't hit a national attention to this intended just recognize where you are now that it's gonna happen this is in the ninety's anymore we're the only. There's only juror. Spots that you play in the NBA that you know I mean if if you can go and be fifteen MBB voting doesn't really matter what city here and but not all NBC's created equals look at LeBron going to Los Angeles to spew out to be and that's. All right NFL pre season is in mid swing restarted decent injuries. What does this mean for the outlook of the awful holes. Oh hot bills talk and I want to get into some hot bills Titanic. Let's get in some hot quarterback. All I like that can we talk about Sam de Arnold's dimples. Where is mole right after the news okay. This bizarre NFL season I think there's a lot of places where you're gonna have pain and starting quarterback and some of starting games for their team but you thought that you know this their first starting season like around below. We don't necessarily know what the cars and when situations he'll be ready for week one. They don't go Nichols starting to go there they're probably in pretty good shape Kirk cousins has been a starter in the NFL for a long time ago when the Minnesota out Smith in Washington. A bizarre year but I'd reiterate how bad it looks for buffalo yeah out and dad's dad says AJ McCarron. Broke his collar of his hairline fracture I've heard everything from three to ten weeks. In a different reports but it could be a very long time but I took control over the Buffalo Bills schedule for you real quick. Because. This could be the worst team in the NFL. Depending how things. Will cool well. Okay go ahead. Here's here's just a way their season starts a lets assume the worst an eight Jimmie did a major McCarron who we don't really know it is how good use. As an NFL starter may not be back firfer ten weeks of the open at the ravens. And toast the chargers at vikings act Packers titans Texans. Colts patriots. Yeah. So. We know. There there's a lot of there's going to be a lot of games or you're gonna have to try right now your choices are between. Josh Peter and no associate Peter men and Josh well first of all you. This respecting Nathan Peter in like that should indicate just enough how good in fact Josh on surrogates and peer nations meet Peter. Nate Peerman who by the way has the name of the guy who goes fishing every weekend. Does she make Peter and yet I feel like Nate Peter and bolts wagon is a dealership just outside now and it's not that crappy it's just it would. You won't go there unless you find the car on line he looked old slug. At bat in outside toyotas vendee you go out there because you like plan. But like you would expect with a Volkswagen dealership they got nice cars but it needs dealership it's like they don't have too many good cars on the lot is that he used Carla K well it's not quite as likely got the news that they got new cars and they're not great but all of the used ball as they guide you wouldn't really look at either. Doubles it's also ahead of Volkswagen ansari Volkswagen bed to. 200 meter from print so we put little pool about the bills quarterback situation will get into the rest of the NFL in this segment. We promise who wants from the all time on the bills but I think here is what the what the outlook is for our bills fans out there so that's insane 1080. Will what's our poll on the Buffalo Bills who would. You rather start at QB. Jennifer. Let's see 12% of you say Nathan Peterman. Sixteen for way. Wait 12% of the last that it likes to play safe and Peter now hear the rest your options 16% say to kids at a church code. Stacked on top of each other yes pages so. We get surges that is a whole other topic idiotic can you consider who's going to be your bottom and we'll heavier kid on the bottom. Well but the heavier can probably has better arm. Yeah he also has were speak to bring you the trade and the lighter kids at the bottom of the better be put etiquette on top mute movie bribery and now the other factors considered in that Theo is are they wearing the matching mustache hat and glasses to try to pass themselves off as an adult yes we get on the bottom doesn't need to because he's inside of the -- yeah yes we get on top with the head exposed to of course grandma or classes and or go to football element is plant built 32% said a local white bread which is. Surprising. And then finally 40% to Josh now Josh town beat out the local VoIP. Yeah I rode up by that much only 8%. And I mean this poll still out you know snow but you can still vote will take on local white bread could still win it's fair point fair point though. And let's say this might be one of the worst I will say the judge John played better yesterday. Was yesterday guys answered that they've played. Then then he didn't first pre season game he showed a reason why he was a top ten pick I suppose but. Mean according to Jalen Ramsey he's just trash dad did a lot. Kate Taylor and Ramsey's first volunteer rim zero UGQ was. Of Brigham rather than revelation like commit to awesome dude I key just dug in everything he said is completely nothing true by the way. Like none of that is like all he's just jealous because of Bob Bob Barr. Now like all those assessments are pretty act except. Well all public board you know this was pretty accurate till they Blake doesn't lead us. Through what he do that place got to do it is whoever. You don't what are things that that was it seems that went back and watch highlights of Josh Allen is that he looked better as the game went along and really bats the most encouraging thing you could take if you are looking at a guy like this who's supposed to be quote unquote developmental right when they put big big mountain purposely got a Jamie carrion to say. They let her on this guy for about eight to nine games you know if he plays pretty well screw people in the whole season and let Josh challenges Kennedy the understudy. But as the game went on you could tell that Allen was getting used to the pace of the game and it was late in the game where he made that. Bert and Sweden. Evasive action in the pocket well that's the thing I think. And through TV it's not just his arm it's also the outlets yesterday. And another guy that we got to see kind of the reason why they did what he did in Kansas City. Patrick now owns or we that roe went sixteen now I mean. The Tyreke Evans here and change in the year Irish hill here carry children yet Tyreke hill but you can make if you would go back and watch that replay some but it may miss that this is chiefs falcons' pre season. And you look at the falcons defenders. And they were not expecting the pulled to be thrown. At that point legislature were to deed on the the only kind of just let up there like our we've run somebody yards. There's no way the bulls coming and and you got to give to you pay repeal some credit for making an adjustment on the ball America's. That's not a pinpoint throw its. All right my dudes down there I'm just I can end up in the matter what shoulder goes over to the ball goes in there it's turning go the other directions but he did it in stride. It's easy makes a good adjust on the ball and if the balls hanging that much time and various hope your receiver to make the better adjustment the and you know he's set up. Holmes is set up. Really well and good team around him yeah out well and also coach I mean in theory as much as we can kind of crap on him for being a walrus like. He's a good coaching has had to develop quarter acts and so that's a cutting gives you a little bit encouragement to say that like OK he is pretty raw right now concede it's if you back watch the game. They are really rob moments Regis go where you throwing in what is your read but it's plays like that we look at you go almighty god the potential sky high for him. Will that you look at and you go how much does that change the way you have to defend the team when you have to cover as many yards down the field and you think if he scrambles outside of the pocket and you know younger guys coming back to you booted the amount of space. That you need to cover and we have to cover guy from you know. For half seconds. And the guy can just old with a on the field. Seventy yards and and that makes a huge dip at did you refer to Olympic sprint are going downfield but what they just run a go every time with Terry keel. I might even run routes. Just first one there yes it doesn't a leg seriously just put him as the acts images every time go to like you can have a number of plays and everything but just keep him out of the equation every time just like. Yeah do you run to go to second three every time on that bridge talk about it the running play I don't care run ago you know just just Kitna Spurrier stance and Kate go look it here's the problem with that issue that play only works. If you're on a third of the you can't run it inside sixty yards at the end zone OK did so let's say your and you're on the other says thirty right. Yeah and or you're you're on thirty and here you're about to score here you're getting close to the red zone if you so Terri kill the run ago at that point like. I think you could just treated as a back shoulder fade. But he wouldn't even have to really set up because he's gonna get down to the end zone before you even like finisher five step drop just like if they'd just. But not well there it goes to show this to law into. I double into three Phil roe lol it. And then just put it down 58 yards down the field. It looks like a punt if you did that. Is there a situation other than the chiefs that you are more excited about to see what's gonna look at what you yeah I've. Baker NATO. Is it really. Of course. I don't it's pretty chorus or because I kind of had the opinion. Before the pre season were actually seen him get bell helmet on that he was gonna saw will look let me let me re ask the question to make sure that I understand how your answer are you more excited to see him play are you expecting great things. I'm more excited to see what will happen. I mean it's not that I'm expecting great things it's that IA. Am pleasantly surprised how well he's fit into pre season play now of course when you actually start. NFL action you don't know what's gonna happen once you know games actually start nattering you know up playing third and fourth string defense is but I was rude pleasantly surprised to see a guy who you know is just about six foot. Be able to sit in the pocket makes super accurate throws I guess I shouldn't be because he was like dad Oklahoma. You just don't know it's like at a Texas Tech before he got a mountain and got replaced yeah and then Diego's and walks on his wherever he goes he did he's. He's got that mentality was gonna prove everybody wrong and and he and he just looks like a delight to go drinking with a that's an eight gigabyte the Fayetteville this footage of him running from the cops all the added I would have an incredible time drinking with with baker. This James Baker. Yeah of course he's gonna be fun. Or baker. All. Maker yeah when he gets older too he's got the perfect old man named. Fight Kirk. I don't know if unseen Matt. The browns mail went on games but I think they'll be very entertaining and you start watching hard knocks now. They got what they need to Imus or watching them abreast who watch our knocks but got got access HBO. That's got a mild interest get a couple browns Fran and friends. The thing is just fantastic and really jurors in his truck and the balls of people yes scratches delightful yeah and then the whole wide receiver. 500 by better you today Tex why should we catch up on hard knocks are we hurting this amount. Wall REIT will get those answers and then and more after a good vs evil we'll do that next isn't in the cinema seat on Teddy to. Zinni to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries rob. What does senator in the same trick and are well you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for a good vs evil. Tonight Mel Hawaii and restaurants I know it's fun it's. It is very easy. That was hail larger and slightly more tilted version of JJ hickson is in Zion Williamson. Be dude he's Duke's newest freshman phenom is high flying highlight dunks and look to you tutors a bandwagon college basketball fans. And excited delight he dropped 29 in his pre season debut against. Them Canadian team and not many analysts are talking about how great duke will be this season rather everyone wants to know where. Zion and Williams. Please don't let him and then we'll play pro ball DC. So I'd say I answer I say he's going to be in the NBA you people I know he's got any OK Mo Mo do you see him being a bus or successor. It's it's so large you don't know the mental makeup of these kids. But. I don't know how would that physique he he what he's 69285. Pounds there exist ten. Is a 610 wingspan oh rarer. He outweighs every NBA player except one. That's I mean the guys that Raymond Felton. It's it's been. A boom. Does very good. So I mean wit that you think would that physical side is that he's going to have the endurance to play through and into games. The guys dunking from the free throw line since death what is is in the play defense in the NBA and I don't know what is offensive game looks like outside of the highlight dunks that they've seen. But he's going to have a long NBA career just based on size. Physical ability whether or not becomes a superstar I don't know that that's the expectation that he's the next LeBron but he certainly human highlight reels so the next Vince Carter. You can kind of cute. Well again it sort the mental makeup is whether or not he wants to be a star when we saw LeBron James. When he was in high school people started projecting him as the number one overall pick in in communities junior year high school. Not just because of his physical gets to how well he understood the game. That I have not heard about Tyrone Williams so he'll be a good NBA player I don't know if he's gonna wanna take it to the next level. No news on any of the other thoughts from a health standpoint in equipment. There at all how they were. Revealed. Deep down you know I just don't want it they want to see some of these young guys. In this environment. Will step into the stadium next week for first time in Okobi a lot of. Growth. A person young guys yes person in it that was ever paid bearded tough guy Mike Tomlin and it is done in about eight days are overpaid. And even start at about his tee time assaulting two time Super Bowl winning QB Ben Roethlisberger. Reports are practicing the big entering into a team needed practice which really funny. And might have suffered a concussion that's for a couple days can find out he did not suffer concussion but he is in and protocol. As Ben Roethlisberger is back up. Ben Roethlisberger is back is Mason Rudolph who were Landry Jones right. Outcome will be feel about that or not good Linda Jones and the comes in former Oklahoma quarterback. These terrible many of these shots he is not good at football Gillibrand to deny its assessment. He trash and ask you simply would you rather taken an entry Jones is starting quarterback or. Jason white with kidneys. At the hard question. For Sam Bradford didn't. She's Oakland. I kissed Jason white just because I'd rather have enough. And they drafted Mason Rudolph for reason Big Ben is not. Reliable health wise ways get old. But he also the way he plays and the next guy in suspend. He's been perpetually hurt registries I don't recall an injury to take him out for a long chunks. But he's always beat up negatives ones and by week one every year and continues through week seventy he'll miss a couple games here and there a guy. It's as. I can't imagine what his body feels like when it's. Do you mean what it feels like after the first beer. With that after the first beer. Now I'd suspect it's definitely drinking a beer gets there's no question about. Want one thing that I thought about all of this is dead quiet never said I wanna play for the clippers. Quiet they want to play for the lakers it on fortunately. If you wanna run your organization. Based on hopes. Maybe and and and get rid of others now if I if again if I tore him down I was disrespectful to him. That's one thing but that's not the case as an analyst I'm supposed to talk about what I see. The man who is in the right place at the right time a lot of the time Bruce Bowen earlier this week the whole thing spur was relieved of his duties as a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Clippers. Because of these critical comments regarding Ben freeagent quite Leonard. Earlier this week at Boeing confirmed the reason for his firing. And the common knowledge is that Leonard will be a free agent next season and he wants to play in loss Angeles. And if you forgot the clippers play in Los Angeles. District I didn't have treatment hope that. Let's open that mr. yeah do you think the clippers and had a chance at getting quite. I mean I guess everybody is get a chance if he's going to be a free agent bay we say is locally and abroad and they did say that so that's an. He's he's from Los Angeles so he wants to go home. And in the quiet Leonard saw again I think is. One of the more bizarre just good guy doesn't talk and all things that he's the reportedly said or through. He is team in his people the rule soars. No I have no idea what that guy thinks about there's not many better places to play. If you if if you look at the NBA from the outside. Like we do then San Antonio. And I know it was a big shoe deal but I I I don't know where you go to to make yourself more high profile. And variant since the of the season goes in Toronto our game. It's yeah it's going to be. High time for us it's very early in this one comes from Florida today and the Florida story this just about a sport as you can get. They mirror on the local talent. How Lendale beach is the mayor that your keep Lundin publicly accused the commissioner. Of Florida. Some on some board of a anal bleaching. We went. And then the big political act. Is Asian yes cat. The Siler female commissioner. The six. Female conditioner. Condition and commissioner commissioner ray conditioner and yeah. Let's see here hello Bill Beach where I keep London said quotes Victor bleaching is a very up and coming business during the city commissioners budget discussion Monday night. He may have even been right but whether he thought anal bleach had anything to do with public safety budgets the topic being discussed remains unclear. And future related to the need to movement. I don't know that any of this means. Either you outlined it poorly or probably you know this is this. Sounds like it's. San squads erotic enemy but what how do any of these things make it into the minds. Of these people that are running for office. Now could you get bored. I think about it man running for public office once you actually win the campaign so boring. Arguing he's going to these meetings with like local town NEC were. He owed about you know their roads having potholes and check. If we sit here for two hours a week Jabber on the radio we we sat in protesting came to a full week you and I talking to each other when we come up with anything is ridiculous. As the conversation point as big foot erotica or or splinter bleaching. And as something to talk about. And we come aboard ridiculous things we usually the prompted by others doing ridiculous things. For that to be important number six at a political environment is insane yes a yes. Yes. I don't know I just I wanted to get anal bleaching in there he did. And I did you did I succeeded but it was brought your attention unit Disco. Man have been looking at a for months on how we can get anal bleaching into the show you Democrats that he went I was the surreal thing to see if I can get it in the years from now. Hopefully open Josh cordoned them now. Imagine. I don't know what that means fight and he hit it I don't think he would. The Hillary talking about. I haven't the functions. And it hasn't really go into our sponsor for good this is evil. Elite the takeaway and restaurants that 4454 eastern side or 52 and Woodstock. In the second hour we've got kneeling in news we've got we've got more trash talking around the NBA just corn actually has a another big issue going on as nothing to do with football. Or drugs. Jam packed second out of the senate and the same goes on next this is 1080.