Sinner and Saint 8-18-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 18th
Best foods at NFL Stadiums and Notre Dame swings and misses on clothing they wear while playing football. 

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Hello Becky Burgoyne less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what we're picking from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Anderson. Astronauts. Home primarily harassed you and also went to a school bands of the election tanked in April 19 seventeen times in the theater it was a different time back then. We're old arguments hot air balloon agenda and try to do my technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 most radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Pro sooner and those same old I am not sure rhetoric and they were before it funny here sports here. More loan renewals. And maybe it's. I've read our zoom yeah. The steady from our one you go on 1080 million. May end up become available at Schwab tires I'm cats. I used to do and and one of mr. yeah that guy anyway he's awesome feat in this anything on the radio dot com that. Answers to book your one and listen to us. Brilliant idea it's about time he mowed down Lana looks arable ammo along jerk what's wrong would view your neighbors. Every single time we drive by your house my wife and I do dig in your long and yeah I mean it's just. Embarrassing yourself and you know people spent a lot of money for those nice houses around duke what if we eyesore in the neighborhood you are driving the property value down sir yeah we're gonna start nature wage just to be you know mow your lawn of don't care how long Evelyn there but a little find the worst picture view possible to put on the newsletter absolutely we are now one where you thought he could pull off the tank top and you couldn't it happen. That'll teach you to shop at the made anywhere that's due to Sherwood you mow your lawn jerk. Did you read through the old Julie brand delist. I did and it was awesome all that spot on that's a very in the funny thing about it is that the bear the and many may view. That's the way you reacted players YouTube you very much have very quick one word opinions and you very rarely moved from them. It takes a lot Ed does is so. I wanna just throw a couple that they weren't sure how accurate they were and I'm just gonna it's gonna surprise you with a couple names here yeah and it's wanna get your quick reaction that I don't know that I necessarily agreed with you boy. But well a second he's not quite my boy had a look at. We hear one word opinion on that Matt Ryan can. Matthew what are your asking yeah that Ryan. Overrated. He's gonna come to did you M actually I really genuinely feel he's overrated do you really. Yes of course he has. What do you mean he took his team to a Super Bowl no he didn't yes Kyle Shanahan did. Oh given all of the coordinator Paul is I've Yahoo!'s around the quarterback had it seems pretty obvious to the fact that he had an incredible season under Kyle Shanahan and the next season he just drops off the face of the earth oh by the way you're number one receivers Julio Jones how hard is your job. Literally just breed really how hard you said strawberry thing Jalen damages that. How hard coach at this thing as Matt Stafford and Calvin John is right let's hope eyes hoping that you and. Him influencing things to clearly that's not the case I'm just gonna I'm gonna abandon this right now for. He retired adjust or returned to the browns have do you see that he could face jail time in a in a child support it's have to decorate. That's just about right. Thank the path so they apparently starting August 1 just learn. Is supposed to pay something around 6500 dollars a month based on his 800000 dollar salary to the woman who is the mother of his child and and the problem with that is that the players don't get paid W of their game check. And just hasn't exactly been a consistent present in the NFL presence in the NFL since it started in about. So his first game check shows up September 9 after they play game. So he does not get paid so he could be two facing up to sixty day old days in jail. For child support and he couldn't take hell alone really. I didn't say there's been resolved I'm just reading you the information that I have of course he can probably figure it out now yeah. Again this I borrow money in this guy just can't which is always kind of the case as much as we wanna see him on the field more simply football because these talented. This guy is a tragic is we got a can get Arizona. Well I had my day can. You know there's there's a part of me that would wanna dig deeper into. The source of Josh Gordon's. Problems really I mean this is obviously very troubled individual somebody who just isn't able to live a consistent and with CBS sports and did the short documentary on his rehab and return to the and launch it. You watch battle beauty insight I mean what does it family dad mom I didn't abandoned. It it's a little bit of everything. And you know owed some of the bad habits that he developed around around drugs and alcohol were you know he had a lot of enablers in his life because he's so talented he was going to be successful politically. In less he do you rail and they got them all in FL before you did a lot of good coaches and and supports that he had a Baylor. We're very supportive of whatever bad decisions he made same thing happened before then so. Yeah it's it's when you keep making bad decisions and you don't see any you know negative impact on your life news keeping in the football star. You keep proceeding like that's. How you should act. Well I think this is kind of indicative of a lot of players is that you. Think you grow up in circumstances that art. Art obviously ideal and then you find yourself in situations because the talent you have in circumstances that are extremely ideal in fact. There idealistic there's something that you would have never imagined and I always point back to Marshawn Lynch in this case Marshawn Lynch gave one of the greatest interviews to ESPN sixty. Ol' buddy did because they asked him at the time this is right after he got the do you live with the bills. And it civil what example do you think you set for. Potential NFL players who fall into this situation than they just get into trouble that they can't seem to handle success. And you look at the interfering goes well here's my question for EO I would liked it can you please show me somebody who grew up the way I did where. Even up until the up until the point I went to cal like I wasn't sure I was gonna have dinner on the table for my family Gupta my dad rain off and my mom's working two jobs. And then I don't go from that to. Millions of dollars each month and being completely acclaimed throughout the country and thought of as one of the best running backs indeed and have everything given to me. Like how do you think that would affect your psyche or the person's psyche who had to experience that and I guess he never really agreed to go a great point because. I think a lot of these guys come from crappy situations and great this is just completely dumped on them and they don't know how to handle it and you were good. Well but it's also its its. Also a situation where so many people benefit from their success rights you have a bunch of yes men. Around you go and yet you do what you do as long as I get to be there when we we reap the rewards right your agent chip coaches. You people I mean how often we see especially college basketball you know Michael Ford junior's looking for a college go to Olson whose dad gets a job Missouri. Yeah you and you know I mean there's things like that and the other case that I think similar to that that this is you look at it would you talk about reinforcing bad behavior. And all of us are looking at Zack Smith the wide receivers coach was fired by out of state we go off. How could they let him continue to do this bad behavior. And and keep him on staff well there's a lot of people probably think X minutes later it. And we found out some of the bad behavior that he did was. Taken a lot of new cell fees around the around the Ohio State program it's got pictures of himself. Having sexual relations with one of the OSU staffers he's got a picture of himself in the White House when they went for the national championship visit. He shot himself a little little's back next to the presidential seal on the towels in the bathroom the guy thinks he's awesome. And there's probably enough people around him telling me is awesome that he didn't think he was doing anything wrong and that's one of the big problems that we have is you have. Mean we talk about Colter and why Urban Meyer needs to be in. In some sort of you know. Punishment or their needs to be some sort of reaction Urban Meyer because of the way this guy act is he doesn't do that if everybody looks and goes sack you the worst person I've ever met. Nobody wants you around there's an okay ever negative reinforcement is that yet there's enough people are good dude this act made he's a wild card to go watch over what he does and he goes home. He didn't think in the he's the king of the world and his wife says something when he pops. Mean that's there's enough reinforcing the negative behavior of these guys do yeah and that's the problem and that's the cultural thing that we talk about whether it's Ohio State. Or whether it's Maryland is yet from the outside it's pretty obvious to go if your strength coach. Thinks that it's okay to let a guy seize up and not call the hospital and now this guy guys that's not one bad decision that's a culture that's built around these bad. Let me just say that if you told me everything about Zack Smith that you just did and you left out the part. About him. Punching hitting and pushing his pregnant wife yeah I think he's pretty funny. Your account would and I admit that he ordered you ordered what was it 2000 and the article appeared to probably take a look. He had. 4200 dollars worth of sex toys sent to the Ohio State offices back as hard core. But then you hear about his life and you go out echoes that that our core. Yeah well you know what I feel like that's that that's that says something about me that there's a part of me that likes to laugh at that kind of stuff. Yeah it's a part of me I hate but it's a part of me and I hear stuff like that empower like yeah I think that's kind of funny. And then you know it gets intense and you go well now wide my world kind of shaken up by the. Well how often does that happen where the guy that's a wildcard I mean there is there's a hell of the documentary or Erlich I guess there's holes into. Talking about how Jeffrey Dahmer was is outcast in high school and he's he had this band of misfits that kind of all around body was the greatest. We go is obviously a lunatic is an alcoholic and high school many went on they eat people. But there was and there is no hungry were you hearing from the president but there was there was an element of the culture in that high school. Then that turned him into the person that he was and reinforced everything into that he had he had guys that revered him. I mean that was one of the more sobering thing that receive nearly this guy's a complete lunatic and obviously we know that. But the same time there are these a group of people looked at him at one point missile gap crazy. Well the human psychology of of everything that happens around sports and you add more money and more fame and all of these words. And all of these spoils whether as a kid group in the circumstances like Marshawn Lynch. Or you have somebody like Josh Gordon was just kind of you know all of his bad decisions reinforced or somebody is born into privilege like Zack Smith that thought he can get away with everything. And like you said there's probably. 95 was and the guys study was just who to be around and we can't get enough of this guy he's hilarious some of the things he does or crazy and then turns out of some of the things he doesn't. Actually crazy he's five Beers guy. It's what's what's that five peers guys so five Beers guy is he's Corey to have five Beers around. But then once he polish his off the six pack and leave just wait. Because that's when S starts getting real. And I I hung out with I used to be. Five Beers gas well don't drink and who had to be out what exactly. And it's it wasn't that I would do things that were what Zack Smith was doing with her Beilin things towards women or. You know usually they they weren't proud of how did that that wasn't proud of than they thought I was really funny for doing and then you know it everybody's met that kind of guy before and you know I. I I don't know I anchored the and it's just you know. Wind windy you. When you cut him off. Yet not drink wise like when you cut him off from your life and realize like this get poisoned in July 23 yeah it was at that that was it so we adult. He's kneeling in pre season games does ESPN reacting to the here too are your three of the and the protest of feels like your fifteen dearth marine gear two of the active everybody knew I was Monday Night Football reacting to the continuation. Of the anthem protest in the NFL say that next to listening to the sinner and saint aren't any good or. Bloody hell yeah we'll snakes on your business. You looked a little music yeah. Grab these two. Yeah he's going out keyboard action and reacted this is like acid flashback of central. Acid flashback central. Boca. I'd I knew I wouldn't know what's fair. And I am. If you're acid flashbacks are two he sticks soundtrack. He. Yeah loaded very guess I just can't really didn't they can. And he must not a got very quality stuff is no established that we only view and so. The Miami don't people familiar with women yeah. I have. Seeing them play a football field before their famous for losing to the patriots when you don't think they well. And then beating the patriots and you think they suck it's very strange yeah they give you that kind of like I think that over and that's and then yet the only thing they do it and they will look and they sneak up on when you don't yeah that's very. Fair assessment. Fair assessment of the Miami. So that opens. They have players that are kneeling. Now why are they kneeling so because I interpreted their during it because they hate our troops. And I I well listen to any other opinion so go ahead and tell me why you think don't have gonna couldn't tell if and in continuation of the protests or by Colin cabinet about police violence against. African. That's what it all stems from but obviously as you said it's been it's been turnaround were now to protest of the flag. So ESPN has a new president John skipper had to leave ESPN because it's Coke problem. Or is blackmailed. Something like that. Or somebody kidnap this kid and he is working right now to try to get hammer her back so new is its president Jimmy tarot told reporters Friday that the network does not plan to televise the National Anthem is part of the noon Monday night global broadcast. This these while. What an incredible idea why didn't they do that a year ago. Well ESPN actually has not been doing it but the funny thing is that this makes news why don't all the networks just not. Broadcast well because then it's about them not broadcasting and how dare you not broadcast. American pride in page yes it's why why why so this is this just to damned if you do damned if you don't situation or just hoping that it like. What's the best scenario for the NFL but it just fades away. The best scenario for the NFL is that you convince every major network Q please not. Show players kneeling now you're not going to view. You know if you're not going to get all the residual effects seven because you're gonna have reporters and people on the ground we're going to be taking photos and videos themselves in the spray them all over social media right. That'll have been okay. But at least you got to have it over the audience that doesn't go on Twitter and look at that kind of stuff it's the dude in Nebraska who's watching his favorite team whose. 55 plus and sees that on CBS in the morning and freaks out and says oh my god they're disrespecting the. The troops just don't show it don't show it and then back I eventually will forget about it. I and that's it just why are you showing it anyway and it ought to see I think the network showed it initially. Because they like the hype around it they liked it tension and it caused a crew create a conversation. It's kind of vitamin but. On the thing it wasn't always part of the pre game the players were always part of the celebration if you are those the ceremony at. So if you can just eliminate that there's going to be a major bull back and whatever decision you make and we saw that with the NFL. And when they made their new policy were there we start fining players that they did it the Eveready retracted that statement yes and some of the no longer going to do bad. But the other thing about not televising his it if you're doing a protest. And no one's there to watch it. It's not a protest. Oh they say the tree conundrum what the other. Element of it is is is why our players still using this is an avenue to get their voice out there they're using it because we're still talking about it. So forget about the guy in Nebraska if you eliminate them the publicity around it what. Does it do for a player to go out Neal and a protest that nobody hears is not a protest if you sit here living and gone. I hate it. What ever that that people cut down trees and you just sit there and yell at your wall doesn't matter what your protest at. Yeah no funny it works on both fronts and he is the end choosing not to even televised. The amp number. Release continued than than not televising. Is the easiest way for ESP NN money and affable stand of the airlines. In that regard yes. I mean I'm. Good morning and up the united and on TV well I am Tora in this situation too because. I wanna support players. Idea because they think that in any professional sport you have to take. The kind of laws say fair. Type of opinion right you you can't benefit the owners too much because they're not the ones doing the heavy work without the players you essentially don't have a product right hip and say you need to support them in anything that they choose to do within reason and I think you know the NBA I always go back to the NBA is one of the best professional sports leagues around. And there's drawbacks to having it letting players have all their own control AK Kevin Durant and bill because it's going on the warriors together. But then you have the great moments which are a bunch of players standing up to Donald Sterling enforcing commissioner to kick him out for life. But those are the good parts and I think I would take those good parts. Over what the bad effect is which is he had so little unbalanced in terms of talent right now. And honestly the only reason and this is so maybe I'm digging another hole here but. The only reason the players are doing this I think is you can blame LeBron James. They don't have the blame him what he's done he boycott talent to be is because literally the only people the only reason people are making super teams because they don't know how to be LeBron James Wilbur the other. The other thing that when you make the NFL NBA comparison is. The audiences are not so. Mean you can you can you can sit there but the guy that you described that guy in Nebraska that's 55 and older watching his team. And sees someone Neil being upset about the flag there's a lot. Maurer. White America fan base to the NFL than there is to the NBA. I mean that middle America the veterans the flag to fly overs there's a lot heavier military presence there's a military connection. Nobody cares when the academy's playing basketball. You know I mean there's abuse of very different audience for football in this country than there is for basketball and the size of the NL NFL lights is huge. You have everything on display on a Sunday so there's a lot more criticism of the pageantry and everything that happens in basketball there's a whole game played. There's a lot more posits there's a lot more time to stop and have conversation between every play NFL game. And you have that big break between the big you know ceremony that you do at the beginning. And when they actually start playing football there's a lot of time for those announcers to bill and they start talking about it as a buried different. Reaction yeah and I think that you'd touch and a good point that you know we know the whole military comparison between two sports and I I kind of like in football to America is. Just indeed to feel like if there's a battle or war Robinson did a great book and copy the title of an eye camera one who has been talked about the history of football on where. Apple also hey you're from and asked its post civil war they didn't have any way. Further young. May holes to go out and prove their toughness and it was it was opposed civil war it's gladiator sport I mean the forward pass wasn't. It wasn't invented for you know what decade it's a mean that they played football where it was just line up. And running into each other and they invented the form passcode is fifteen people died in a college football season where they like eighteen. And Teddy Roosevelt and go whenever I guess we didn't find a way to make it safer. Look forward pass was was appointed as they can add in a little bit of trickery so that it wasn't just blunt force trauma right now. Work we're going through that again we're gonna how to make the game say for how the game made the game saver but that was that's the roots of football. Is how we make it safer. Speaking of football I'm watching a rerun of the pre season game between the Jackson the vikings yeah we're portals just threw. You do next. The most disgusting interception that intercede and literally dirt got three step drive back and Easter and a third were checked out news journey back to put it linebacker sitting right in front of the running back. He's flew to the linebacker. He did. He set you literally in his brain let others know there are all just the checked out and looked and saw purple all play the vikings just float to him. You probably portals. And I your favorite quarterback how old is he keep his job well simple he's brilliant in the fact that he's gonna go up three season and what you think that he's that bad then he goes out. And he's just a little bit better in the regular season and that's good good game. Let that get better every game every game. Awesome text by the way on the very through text and 55205. For troop hates the flag but it's only because the they're a dull than stand in the flag reminds them of Dietrich hellish Kenny Neal. Incredible question. I do not know the answers that. So I don't know we're going to next have a couple different decisions to make here I've got a list of the top ten. Best foods at NFL stadiums this year in which kind of intrigues me or. The other Monica. Commerce would that Elmhurst talk held a more Elmer stock. Or I've got the up with break fast and furious comparison yes that one place to try to do both of those who do next but first trip to the news. What does this show. The sinner and saint. I don't mean to work like. There are you doing. So really that was thinking also. We were you I having this conversations continue once came out this week yeah. And it. They look you know like the next evolution of the ducks uniforms are fine some as making fun of how big the numbers were on but I think you know they would get their bid. They kind of stepped it up but you access this every year trying to look more and more like a Tron movie. Now I think they they they take steps towards an inflated sideways step like the Lewis and Clark uniforms Ross. Yeah those are I was like hitting navy or orient Sox issues here that the orange socks and shoes and when public the full doc. So those on space scuba go towards that when they step back they always they always tend to lean that direction a little bit you expect up from the duct. They have set a precedent that they're going to come out black uniforms there are certain teams that do not need to change or uniformed. Last year Ohio State ward like the door great moments and it was like all gray on gray. Those odd there what do you do when your bureau have state you don't need to change uniform Alabama hasn't change in part of Penn State hasn't changed their USC isn't changes and they don't need to. Notre Dame should be one of those schools. They've got his strike shoulders. And a appear in dry pin striped backdrop. Of the Notre Dame emblem. In almost the Yankee. So I think the reason that. Notre Dame does these type of things they do it now for maybe about five years or so is that you. Sir helps a watcher boy portals more. Is that you have probably one of those oldest and storied college football programs in the country in that maybe about a decade ago they said a while you know maybe we should kind of get with the times. You know maybe we should kind of update and try to appeal to recruits in a different way and say hey you know we're not just the old Notre Dame we're also you know with that Burkett. Yeah what's wrong with being the old Notre Dame where you're on national television every week on NBC and have been for forty years because eighteen year old like flash and that's why a lot of the people of Southern California a lot of the big name recruits decide to go to work incas. You know you're you're pretty much at Nike university you get new uniforms get used lag here. You're also on TV quite a bit and you're also coming guaranteed to compete for the pac twelve title every single year and so. I think Notre Dame looked at that changing landscape instead of how we appeal more to these eighteen year olds well. Let's start doing weird jerseys S. I don't know I don't agree wit a pet. If you're justifying about that early were you I'm trying to see it from their point of view but I don't yeah I got I get. I just make sure that you made that point didn't believe India back the Phillies beat Notre Dame Alabama doesn't have to do this now. USC defected as well as they shouldn't have to do this. There's a certain ones don't Michigan's not end. Saturday you better yet it's that'll lead at the Maryland. Now I've beaten. No I heard that players died there they'd. Eat here it is did we talked did you talk to others on the show how point break and fast and appears in the same movie. No we haven't but it's a popular theory that I have heard before and it has validity I swear brother supple there is a new flow chart that's been put out there that you can find on twittered this is I've I've got it through for the win on USA today yeah. Are you watching point break or fast imperious. Starts with this is your hero a package young. They should be partitioned and bookish young FBI agent yes okay there's there's only one option there. Does it deduce an extreme. Sportsman responsibility for a rash of crimes yet does he tracked them two and does he tracked him by going undercover as part of the sport yes does he initially target the wrong set of criminals. Of them. The best part that goes through all of these things for the movie is exactly the same. And here's your point differentiate them is Vin Diesel in it. All right that's your that's how you can tell if it's point break. Or. It's the fast it was. Do you seek it did he. It's geared Busey important breaker who's who's simply operate with him. Real guy curator museum two point eight at no answer she uses him and willing and that. Oman just a moment just carry you he's the other agent he's the other agent after the guy this guy gets champions spoiler alert itself. I also famously Wear. Fast and furious and this is a very. Perplexing thing for most of the guys on the station is that. I got very confused by fast and furious if you watch that movie and know try to understand the plot. It is extremely hard to underhill what is on my watch point break okay can you sit safely tell me what's going on. In fast and furious Paul Walker goes to infiltrate a street racing gang to figure out who's causing these crimes. He buddies up with these guys OK for. Who who she worked for though but that's. It's never indicated that he works for the FBI. I respect what some confusing part known only thing that makes him legitimate is that he goes to a mansion during one scene any talks this indeed that the radio gear and gadgets. An eagle whoa wait a second were you meeting an admission by Ernie would you please state. And to go talk to these guys because he's not part of police or the FBI. Let's say your problem with fast in the theories is your problem. Now tell legitimate probable tell me which one of these foods sounds the best artists or use gonna rotate from this year anyway here my opinion. I've heard your head. And then we end the end of that Lou why where they are bracing. Why does he falls in love for the sport just like Johnny Utah falls in love with surfing and you give Brody is just arrived no one last lead in the disappears. They go on their race is Paul Walker finds that he really loves racing and culture. And the girl that guys like the other movie didn't diesel Paul Walker pulled to a stop sign both in just sick. Stick it awesome race. Cart whatever buffalo Buffalo Bills have a fried PB injuries and look at each other in the guy. And they don't you see anything Luke. They don't even say anything they just start racing Detroit Lions have dessert not shoes. With the base of that. They've got some fried dough underneath there it is is it like tortilla chips and chocolate moment. Well you dad took it's it cinnamon and sugar crusted like tortilla shall we have subprime Brenda U don't let you could indeed those. You can do those dessert not to isn't just regular tortilla chips continued its assault the in this week. Yeah he's supposed to be the right 11 need is would be good for who we have what you guys are great chips for when you really don't care about the quality of the chip you just want the salt. The most everything else Melissa's things that are too big into meat hamburger with absolutely everything on it I mean the the top one is Arizona has one. It's guides. Third down amber or patty. Five hot dogs five brought worse twenties slices of American cheese eight slices of bacon ate chicken tenders. Twelve ounce prize along with lettuce tomato pickles and this is the gridiron burger challenge it's absolutely that's. The sort pretty. Good solar. I cannot wait for ovals and actually do I know and we just tippy toe around all these stories. For him what we can we get to completely avoid like this doesn't really is or isn't the big story this morning is that Josh Norman always returning or Gordon was returning to poke ball a liquor yeah of course he has. Like did you really think that Josh Gordon would just not play this season to be fair overdue for crystal balls next. Locus there's nothing to Purdue doughnut and offered this this show week that was the thing we were setting it where we needed to figure out what we were doing for the football season. You are gonna have a challenge. Okay for college football on the picked Rogen who picked the games are picking every week we're gonna we're created challenge that's what crystal balls will be when I returned. And for my final vacation of the summer that's totally actually a football season that's what it will be that's what we'll do look back so figure that out next. When we do crystal balls on the senator insect anything. Your season also learn how to trying to get athletes go home. Raising kids can't wait to ignore all this crap and just watched the. I mean. Guess time that is don't think any more honestly you know on the weekend. It's can be football we do our show we preview the college football these don't watch twelve games yeah. And Sunday to sit there and veggie out who's watching you don't Pataki why if you don't interact with people. Sit there with a flat screen non induced bounce back and forth near red zone non. Yeah that's a favor par really is that Sunday when it starts to get the last couple laughed mean games and then you start to cash just go all this is going to be an awesome media get to watch Sunday football now and just hang out yeah. That's like fall to me is the greatest season. Various Bible say fall is perfectly set up to have full. All too transitions you from summer into winter and you just don't even realize the ball just. As he gets colder the games get more intense as they should it's like watching a Green Bay game a home game. In September re like all right while B interest or what are you get to December. They're planning of the vikings that home per a playoffs positioning. And it's fantastic snow's coming down sideways everything's frozen the football season and this actual season fits so perfectly together. All at it the weather queues just awesome because for you're I want my favorite thing is that we get done with the show. In September usually late September and we get outside and it's sunny like it is right now but it's crisp and cold up. And it's just doubt whether that feeling you get. It feels social all get cute you just go oh yeah it's time for me to go home and sit in front of the TV for eight hours yeah. Exactly just scroll through the game not seen anything sit down the Knute Notre Dame all three uniforms look and then just you know watch a beaver gaming get disappointed. Exactly. What are you most excited about this football season start with college and let's senate this season actually and this is a Bieber talk in here are excited to see what what's gonna along with the ducks. I I think there is a lot of good invalid hype. Around just in her roots Heisman candidacy though I don't think he'll win it because after the first four games you'll Tennessee. Who this team is maybe will be decade but they have one of the easiest nonconference schedules of any team in the power five. I think there's a lot of intrigue around that but actually is a beaver free and I'm really excited to see how these Jonathan Smith culture will look in year one because there's really no player I'm excited to look at on that team eyes of Andrea how we don't even know were quarter Rex going to be attached to stop. I'm not so I was concerned about that I'd just courtesy like. Like having done this this as our head coach and person. A civil pac twelve north that's entry and easier to judge will Justin Wilcox who came in and I think surprised a lot of people cal which is team that you're on a ton of interest and price club is one of the top candidates for the Heisman Trophy he was in scene in moments last year need to Wear that ankle injury. He might have broken every rushing record in college football. If I won the Heisman beyond us well lately I've I think for sure but I mean he's I mean. He was he was unbelievable to watch or in state exactly like you said it's like they would be can't be as bad as they were last year but even if they are I think it's gonna have. There's no way can have the same feel less Jonathan Smith quits in the new leader is back all the money I mean hello. Please do not jinx us but they're coming off the strangest college football season you've ever seen Washington State is always intriguing as long as they're Mike Leach. He tried delete you so we'll see what happens to you need a new quarterback there are so known and the postal full kerik is intriguing but. Worry and I think is right at the top of the list of of how good they're going to be put the Washington Huskies had me really intrigued people say they're deepens as good as it was two years ago. When they played mated to the college football playoff. You've got all these guys that were sophomores and freshman when they when they made that run are now juniors and seniors. So you've got you know miles gas in and and and all of these guys that have gotten bigger and smarter and gotten. Should be better football players you wondered they can actually make a legit runs off. I hope through the whole pac twelve north I think is gonna be really intriguing. Of didn't have that same height. With a high skis that get too excited about Oregon State because you go okay we'll Johnson Smith. Now pretty much for all his professional career as an understudy did it under Chris Peterson. And see kind of as a beat her fear and start to see this season as okay well what's the colts are going to be like care Chris Chris Peterson everywhere he's gone. He's instilled this very steady. Even keel and successful culture where it's about book dear job let the coaches coach you go out and play. And we're just gonna win games and hopefully you know some of those affects all rub off on organ state and we won't suck rocks. And FL what is it what's your most inch what are you most intrigued by going NFL's just frozen. Really what set pre season game lesson with him and Arizona. Q do you looks of relief could face one throws the ball well we knew that right Anthony said he was the most NFL ready arm. It happened just the way he sits in the pocket he looks looks. Pretty and lacks flaky he looks like he just kind of has been here you know he doesn't. He doesn't seem very rattled and even moments where there's one play where he was having DN trail him from behind and who's just about to hit and you could tell he could feel it but. He need to throw anyway it was a really did throw you can just tell he already has that comfortable sense in the pocket so. I LL be tested to see how he develops then. I absolutely have no interest in the Seahawks who support her fine. I just don't I've. You know. Well here let me remind you that once it's a Seahawks beat even though there part of it and I'm gonna do something very similar I didn't college football. It's a it's the NFC west. And NFC west has you have Josh Rosen which is which is part of that story line you've got a year two of what the rams are doing. And if you look at this if we go back two years ago it was and that's it was that the cal. Right out of the cowboys went thirteen and three deck press got was you know rookie of the year easy Gillick going this team is really to get some don't they kind of took a step back. Will the rams do the same thing coming off of a great season your two with Sean McVeigh. So apparently nowhere and all the right now. Now right now so bold that and they bring in markets Peters and Talib and you have all these guys were you go uh oh what's gonna happen with the chemistry on this defense. Brandon cooks is going to be out. This blue the rams are very interest in the C if they can maintain. That pace which I don't the Big Ten. You throw in the Seahawks into it in this build rebuilding their building mode whatever Berry and will. They'll at least be interesting to watch. Because they haven't been in a position where they haven't had expectations going to a new season for a very long time and then Jimmy grapple. And Jimmy Iraq or taking the reins of the team as a we knew it wasn't his season. So how good were the 49ers pretty well and there's so many unanswered questions in that division. That honestly I wouldn't be surprised if any one of those 141. And I want to spread to those same fourteen loss you don't and exhibited first last I'm not surprised to boot if the cardinals would probably be the most surprising. To finish first it would be that surprised well and I wouldn't be that's president Jimmy gee got cramps. If Oregon and thinks they're out. Of course what's crabs to Jimmy do you honestly pennies its. It's not in issue now that. How many days till football. It's or two weeks away and we have football next week we have college games on the big time college games I think the biggest game next weekend is why I did. Why me and Idaho or Iowa there's a great slate of games week one in college football be everyone in the Labor Day we cannot sit. Rock and roll out of college football season. Gap there. When them the show no. And his show and. Oh yeah about 32. This little bit sad. You're a point you know usually this is a moment in the show where we point out some weird theory about a movie or. How much you know we just did that whole last segment look at our like how much whoop some athlete. Its name sounds like a different profession usually that's where we put this but. This step that all flipped his football you know Arnold home at night. And I can't even really pay attention to what my fiancee saying anymore all I'd used to stare into space and they sent echo we read Herbie voice in the back of my mind going. Pot theory to marry than to. Wait for the ceremony to. Welcome to marry a black. Hey look we need to pay this power about. How handicap at long last summer is nearly over this show is definitely over everybody have a wonderful weekend wherever we don't play the music I know it's. End the show at 11 o'clock what time does show her. Eleven O clock it's 1057 and went down two weekends ago at the time to Indonesia. Now yeah okay buyback. If not seems Johnny alone stopping you but called. And next to mountains off in the office and saying. Vijay Singh here. Your journey.