Sinner and Saint 8-25-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 25th
Marcus Greaves and Will talk Beaves, sexy fantasy footabll picks and aggressive squirrels.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I. And a chance. Always it was Luther that would have been Linux yeah a kid again. The years of the best open though pressure is big so some. Which added everything that everyone wants which his animals explosions then. And a man did they say when it was that it Kosier drifter. Be spectacle drifter and then now Luke is supposed to be. Hand model apparently. Which is complete BS because if you ever fell back guys' hands they're claiming. Their disgust nude on a real well it's ugly it's only look find this just when you touch him. And he touches you it's unsettling yet definitely keep my distance from him so I don't really you know well we're keeping our distance from here will dark inside doing this show today with. Mr. Marcus treason is a what you would call an all beavers in addition. Consider in the saint I think. But it's. Well I mean this is their final week. And no real significant college football unless of course you are Hawaii. Warriors fan I apologize and I also asked by the Hillary listening just. But college football does is serve for another week that's when the beavers and ducks kick off and really all the major top 25 teams so this is kind of our interim week of hey. What should we talk about. You you know. We start off right with talk about claiming hands we did. What coach can be a problem in our league Clinton hands them. You don't really do get dry hands. Aria now fashion. Are you bashing hatchet and her experience session hints. You'll elect was my guess up anyways I don't know look at these hands I got calluses on the inside of a consumer actually go to millions. What do what I was doing you know the senior do they have four. Through football seniors obviously and Dahlia yeah the takeaways is to know Marcus is a former Oregon State's beaver linebacker. Running back from running back linebacker linebacker a deliberate on you or to a guy right. Should be yeah absolutely of course front of us square up there yeah I don't you worry every first round graphic just chose to hop on the radio stations yeah well you followed your dreams yes I'm not the god given talent that would have made you more money right your dreams yet follow your dreams. And his lawyer have been doing it right you'll need both. Man see I could've been in the league after. I I played Q I I was a full back I was really good until you know like two years after I was done pullbacks are faded out. His league said no yet we potion have a position is dedicated to just lowering your head. Incan cussing yourself on every single play I really like the way you described your big we were deeply bella says oh the downtown. So so when you put college football for me at least it was a doubt. Having absolutely no fear whatsoever. I would say that there is 85% of the guys they wind up against whether it was like take Carter at TCU. Brian Cushing. One time at USC. Like the guys go up against 80% of them could out physical the every single time. But the fact of the matter was I did not give an ass about my body or what was going on the only thing I knew was the harder hit people the more I would stay on the field. And I came back to bite me because my knees are glass. Yeah O mind to death but I was pretty blown up put it up pretty boy on a question I should. We rephrase that presented the next 00 not just gonna run and and smash somebody who's known to be honest I didn't really don't do that. My mom tells him pretty face and I wanna keep it though you're kind of hot. I appreciate that I don't know about Kennedy got to shave that beard than you think so I'm not into it. There some women might be. And I heard your into women so yeah well my name those until they rule my name was entered as a hunter. To growers. All right yes we have a sales woman here name Sierra who has sexually harassed. Markets Sierra many times the all C don't even know this we have a saleswoman who who talks. About EU in pretty salacious ways now she is married has a kid right. Well while. Early to I think Brett. If she god she talks about quite a lot. Oakley is compliment. The show today. Like we can stated from the very beginning this is the weekend before college football kicks off and you know that we have even one more week. Pre season in NFL action and so we kind of have to sit here and do the whole speculative thing but we'll try to kind of break it up she 915 coming up. In the next segment we're gonna talk about Urban Meyer and how he'd just blew it in his press conference and many in the statement afterwards kind of blew it horrible horrible. 930 Tennessee football outlook we had her Tennessee football draft presented by durden Sprague a big Al's this past weekend our accents or was this past week. Awesome we need some pretty awesome pics but then there's also. Some what we call impulse picks the ones where you think it's a really good idea and you're just gonna shove it in everyone's face and another month and it's really not. Some bull look at that good receivables at 945 the second are gonna have on her. Hey why not it's the week before football Ryan's gonna come in and doubt we're gonna do little that'd ducks and b.'s outlook. I'll look there on the NFL little bits salacious story whip whip around and then there's the story came out on ESPN about the mental health. Of of NBA players. And it kind of revolved around the idea of just battle health of athletes. Everywhere inside Carolina died in that or that but anyway as regular dude yeah let's do all that let's do all that coming up to all crap. She we have more time. So. What's. So so that's what what's what's your plane here. With having to have the ducks on there. As the ducks on air here in you and I are both beards and we have the kind of like hold our breath about it no stopping you earlier in the week about. A show idea that we had. You are this he picked OK are OK so my idea for a show for beads show is that we have a Oregon State Beavers roundtable and every episode we just talk about the time we beat USC. Oh that's Lou is good yeah right let's erase the fact that I was a part of like a one and delinquencies in the two guys affect Gaza part of that too intense season. We should just talk about the times we beat USC. All still you have to deal is just separated into the quarters straight we beat him three times in recent memory. What are home I think was in 03. There is another one that was part and lush as part of two of whom that was in 08 or nine there's over nine. And than there's another one I think in two dozen tent right yeah so all you have to do is break that out. Twelve solid episodes is going quarter by quarter and all of those games and then tease ahead. You know we Muslims do play by play. Because it would oysters to seek a regular policies blog about Clifford our salute you play we break it down. We say why ordered state beat USC. And we just keep talking about we'd be USC coming up next week. We get to the two minute mark we get to the two minute mark in that one yard rush. Yes that one yard rush that meant quite a debt. You be good be good idea I think you'd be a great idea I mean listen to them here's the sad part about that idea of yes it would work. It literally would work 'cause I I genuinely believe that beaver fans and I didn't take this from an outside perspective somebody who isn't on there I'd listen to that. Listen to that of course because I'd have to relive the glory days of flight. Organ state football wasn't so. We're looking now at Jonathan Smith right kind of taken the Helm from what you obviously experience she played in Hungarian or send I mean you needed the kind of culture there in the attitude to it it can didn't fit. Brent it didn't fit ago like not even not even a little bit in the ghettos but as we can you tell something's off about it and you could really pinpoint it. But you know just pregame stuff post game stuff like practice during the whole season it just fell off didn't feel like my first season with coach right. You know. Did so what were the feeling after the. After the civil war way. I mean did it did it was Sarah was there a change. At all or or did it just kind of stay the same and that was just one kind of you know shining moment and then after that it was kind of forgotten. Those kind of ho how we looked you know we are excited that we beat the ducks without weird. We finally obviously. Got passes slump though organs they'd been in but then after that. We arrived back to obviously you know workouts and everything like that and felt the exact who's you know it's crazy just did like. You think you would pro it would launch you into a whole different mind set you'd be super excited. You want obviously to get back on the through as quick as possible blew a moment they've burnt out a lot of those guys yeah yeah like big time I work out less. No console work like I think the strength coaches were great I love destroying coaches. And it was just. The coaching staff now I don't know what was about how does this I mean maybe users me election I know for a fact it is the youngster on beacon and nice. But I just know didn't click in did it wasn't a good fit all and like the whole outlook on organ state was way different because. I'm pretty sure I've heard him say global times that like you are Corvallis books and if your gonna coast they're like from your Arnault Corvallis is in the fun as please from the world. Like come on man you gotta enjoy Italy's. Little bit way which is complete BS because I had a blast outside a blast I have the time in my life. In Corvallis in Jews to their. I didn't use it to you well know now that was after my playing days so I went to one of the games that we won one of the times we beat cal for no reason and afterwards. You eyewitness I have this tendency Horry did have this tendency when I like to get really drunk I like to run. And there's really into just running and it caused the problem really college too because I've go to the club and I'd get my Fanny off and I drink relieved. Heavily and then just. Out of nowhere. Very in conspicuously I would I would go leave the club and then I would just go for a run. And it wouldn't really be anywhere in particular but I would just Kennedy laugh in and rename him. Rejoice thing but. Laughter what are the games they did that I stirred run again and I tripped and I curbs stop myself. In my tooth just Shia are my two front teeth just shattered. And that was a moment one of uh oh. Mediation drink if you push the root of a picture of that idea to see that. I ideal I I know I have a picture of me with my fake teeth in my first eighteenth which we built like a rabbit. Like they were just really really plastic and fugitive look like Austin Powers so what advice would you give to people who. If you're not good at drinking stop. Good like skill yeah I wasn't very good drinking. I sucked at it yet you actually Alia did I I I couldn't handle myself very well. So. While there you go that's a good story I don't think I have any drug stories like that but yeah because you're gonna drinking no issue are. You haven't shattered your teeth and Eli yet though okay. So you still really good via out. Getting very pregnant yet. No goodness we'll. And you yourself like you're really gonna drinking. And you're. A veteran Betty you are also wrote during the okay India Oman we got to owed a what do bar fight you're gonna bar fight. I wouldn't say fight serious bar fight I mean this to cuts now. OK so now what you're most legendary this morning. Most first round draft week I have have you ever after a night drinking gone to to build or really crappy Mexican restaurant eighty huge meal and then threw up a little bit afterwards. I haven't brought up today I Emeril terminate three burritos so you know. Or cap the I suppose I'm interviewing a legend Ray Lewis who's ever had those Brito who understand that three is way too bullet that's way too much and you still didn't grow up. It's a markets that they keep it under their calling. You know drinking forget Congo. Review radio. Pitches below did you play. Is going to be professional drinker can you do that you can't audit people do like a league yes so if you could end to Corvallis there's a little place called. Peacock rent you're peacock era. You could see some professional drinkers down their like noon on Tuesday. Sit outside with their. With their burners and a puff you up and you become just go and I think it was until Jeff. I'm sorry may I appreciate the offer Bostonians. And little known yeah you know I just have a different calling BI. He'd say to him hey you know. I've lived to the right page. When he threw 23. Okay ma'am I would do so you're gonna go I'd live to the ripe age of 23 and I feel like I've accomplished all I can I think I'm gonna become a bar fly. I'm just gonna go to the peacock. When it starts smoking and then drinking and and Obey my career in the notion to Beardsley the most who. Now you're in the creepy factor yeah that's on cement. So it's a lot more in this. Coming up here in the first hour but next Urban Meyer mere apology for the whole. The sexual harassment her awful that he pretty much covered up at least in the media. But the question now is is he really that sincere about it it's no we've edition with will darken the markets Greece here on the center in the saint. On tape to tape. Henderson he's got a family vacation. It's actually don't remember where. The and that's a little weird yeah camping is full and it's it's still bill speak if he does him. I try to listen it's just I forget those things you. The cards will recommend. Yeah well and I like to also. Blame it on football a lot of the time. Is it do you do that a lot like Cargill yeah yeah that are pretty important than people write what the hell's wrong with curator remember I don't like the Pope on policy. Yeah I'm and I look back in the amount of times it. I just head to head with somebody was just now lose too much really frightening it was terrible. A look at us now we made it double fine I think my leg a nice little radio shall not me but you've got a national radio show. Well Marcus your pressure in the game here for the sooner in the same tailgate show says everybody knows the least people who listen for more than a year. This time sir estate surged into the sinner and saint tailgate show where we basically do previews for college football but since this year is. Tinny the fan is the new home the organ ducks were going to be extra debt key but. Bill's got markets in the studio so mark is going to be turnaround in the second hour ever every show given us a breakdown of some games maybe even yemenis the Bieber cited thanks so I'm and I'm excited and good addition in British and Ewing Luke Luke. While it's going to be where he's not asking and after the right yeah. Sill. Then I see draft. During this breaks BBC football draft happened this past Wednesday our welfare ready else out there is. Then their fancy dress yet we still got older it time for the NFL seasons starts but it's it really sore poll question today at sinner saint 1080. On Twitter. Get on there and vote on this. Question is too well as you were adrenaline slash spicy pianist he picked. Now that's kind of like an impulse pick the one nick EU basically say hey I. Think he's gonna be really good and when he is really good on the revenue and everybody's face via despite peck. Well mine we just talked about this I did say it was Tyrone Williams because I was biased and used to be my teammate when played it was an organ then but a change remind though that we talked about it it was deck press card and the only reason why pick the moves like he kind of looks like yeah he kinda does eggs are you have better T I appreciate that. And really if you look at pictures of Jack press got its astounding that he hasn't fixed his teeth yet I don't get it. Why people who get the missing a lot of money don't fix their teeth like first thing. You don't mean. Think even I think I have okayed teeth they're find their normal but like if we a lot of money all once did that's the first thing I'm Daryn output and I'm torn African. You know globes in my now. Like I L I want that finger were flat via like when it's August I want people who. Lot of grilled just nice teeth we should just get a group of people off I can't get to grow like that gets grills or for hardcore bros. I'm not hardcore be sure your pretty hardcore man let me just say so that I driver Prius store every morning so that should be your answer while. I don't care if theater doesn't gray area that now you're taking me seriously. It's also the picture had four that said 12% he said Dez Bryant who by the way he does that routine yet and it's admittedly I actually picked them. That's 40% of you said Adrian Peterson and if you actually looked. Three watched any pre season football laissez. 56 yards rushing and no scores but a lot of bread he had a pretty awesome so I think he set himself up pretty good situation where. Dares Geist is injured and he kind of get opportunities. Toward 4% of you say Greg's are lined surprisingly he is the kicker. For the rams. And then 44 cities and Jimmy gee who is another guy that I picked out of kind of purity and he's good pick. He thinks so yeah a 100%. It's sings we're like he had that incredible run in the last five games of last season and you can't just have to base it off at that via I guess when you click the patriots use good to. Fuel as any other. It's that they kneecap had this whole thing of well isn't just bill bella checked it's making these players play well but. You know I think with fantasy picks for the most part Jimmy G is one of those guys where you have to kind of hope that the division as a whole won't be very good you know be like he's gonna be able to actually be programs. He walked you don't know. The rams into Goodman we're talking about this they're they're just on a whole different level right now I think to have the better players. They have a big obstacle to to that big. They just we just they're young and hit man then on down the shining today today he understands. 55305. Is the better you today Tex signed Texas in severe hot spicy pics of you guys have had your fares drafts are ray or the fact that you were in our procedure apple to sell over your picks. For me and other guy was saying everybody has got an Emmy for this but I drafted Aaron Rodgers in Jimmy G. Will which is about men like you said you can use Jude either one of them as you know trade bait and see that's osu battery ghostly wasted pick because. Now nobody is no one is I mean what are you gonna do one on scores a huge amount points and then you gotta sit the other ones and that's fine as a way to week three when somebody gets hurt I gonna trade him. Yeah I don't know men my team a truly confident in my team because those in front of the bunch of people in Delhi and I had to kind of talk them out. Well I look at around by the name of their own decision on whether it let's say picked up the show Watson hoping that's bad he had he did pretty good. It's pretty decent well that's what he's supposed to give me some reassurance the Shawn Watson era and after they are Christian McCaffery. This C that's a spicy kick at this place you want I think that's spicy because I know we had pretty good production last year but I know one guy now. I always go about how the running back model which is if they had a really great year don't take them the next year. That's hard to bring you had an hour right here now is he maybe he says have to have agree yeah is set to have one of those Todd earlier that I got Sony we show. Who from the patriots as. All right got big cooks supervised by had to do it there in my dad picked him as getting paid to go built close yeah he. You know. It looks kind of we're ago. He's really nice but have you. Have you ever heard the stories we're used to do before games no I remember he used to pay is toenails or color of the team that they're playing. And I never have witnessed it. But I remember storm in like a bunch of guys would tell me that that's exactly did well acute you penis toenails senate plan. The Dutch state be green and yellow. Is that we're away. I don't receive it but play like we are you in the locker. I don't know he would just paint them thinks. Hardcore. Mullah but is it going though I think you have to be a little weird to make it to be at a photo or make professionally sport you have to be. Well good pinning your tech I mean. How did he get into that usually superstitions come from via. Like Lamar is in effect right like I said superstitions where like I remember. In college at the thing where did the rainy mosque gloves on my face mass Korea are rated at one time and we want instead than I just say OK after that I was gonna do it every single time there's little superstition but. Where does that begin. Where you pay your toenails. The opposite teams color. And pissed them off all week made a big about a more stirred questioning his gender identity. So pay these things all show. Well here's the big. If he did that and he put the numbers that he did. You can do whatever you are honestly yes the umbrella do whatever you want you're doing it and he's didn't boom go bucks as you say yeah I did. Another is a guy actually miss like three or four years together so and they may fighter who's. Pain being his toenails and his nails black. And he did it till like. For some intimidation thing there are a bunch of media outlets grappled onto it and were like. Hey he's sending the wrong message to men that. EU if you're gonna be ultra macho be ultra macho don't pay your nails and dipped as they could Wear what confusing messages that. And all understand man yeah but. He's MMA fighter. One he'd probably be me out so I'm gonna go ahead not as easily smack to him and then. Cook's he's obviously in the NFL Megan Google book pro India starting receiver someone and talk bad about him either yet but I mean I might disturb it see here's the thing. We've all the success with people pinning their toenails. As soon as I leave the studio on the go home payment amounts to a bad idea I had to decide on the color and oh yeah. And it's a minute maybe this maybe this fan is coming all. I'll ask him. Hot pink it. Our way. Drink the Kool Aid. Early and drafted Adrian Peterson. I did it. I do because I first pick at running back was so bad I just thought well I can't go anywhere up from I can't go anywhere but up from here. And I drafted Joseph Nixon and nearly as they did that was because any other meaningful running back was kind of off the board at that point. I several screw it up I think it chance and then I immediately had regret right after it and then I go okay well they can't get any worse. That right. A sabbatical. Now let's just do our draft Adrian Peterson for no reason. And they did ago. And who hasn't heard of her through there. Oh win you win so elusive world and pick big job for no reason to. Each of will be bad. You'll be good. He can be bad you have to hope that like they'll just be terrible. At quarterback and rely on jobs that. You know I don't think they'll be I'm only to be terrible. I mean this is your team read the browns it's one of gave me Spragan just talk a like a handful of teams and all that so yeah I did I guess whichever one is better out of the worst since the happened to be battered did you do that thing where like they were bad you go on a hitch my. Wagon onto this and we'll see what happens. None of a conscious I think you always like bad teams man. Like I've just like L categories is something that I get some familiar. Yeah in the late you know violate the bills. Like Cleveland. Like the giants. Well Tencent to vent tube he gets a steep walls in your lifetime and then. I do like the raiders but I don't like bitter car so I'm just nodding and I'm going to be about to be put their car. He's just paid way too much to not to not do much yeah junior he's used you also kind of looks like. So like Southern California trash. But just look at a picture of him he's got that goatee and that pencil thin goatee mustache thing go India. At any kind of actually had a prolonged. Guerrilla via it was a mood on Sargent Vanessa and I feel bad. No toros a good needs them to say that just like you have like a forum like a huge role on talking my doctor OK but see I wanted to see that that's something that I think everywhere your and the station would enjoy if you had a huge Afro absolutely. Because this lap there uses a touch that oh liter yeah it's a shared no you can't. No I don't want to does matter they're claiming hands. Gross. We totally skipped over Urban Meyer 'cause I just got really excited about fantasy football but coming up next we will talk about the whole Urban Meyer scandal were read his apology. Well wolf first. Go over the video apology that he had in the and he also released a other statements and all reacted bats this is an all these addition of Sydor in the same uncanny the standard first here's the news. We want it yeah. Pretty awesome thoughts on the he said he pretext psychiatry survive. Will Smith looked into hedge drama the minute movie out of it a little boy Julius Thomas in this business. Registered in the bulletins. Why like those socks. Does absolutely dead zones folder of Soledad it's Will Smith trying to have a south African accent for two hours it was moved. I YouTube it's sometimes he does stuff like that there's just like can you shut up I went the distance. So leveraging. Actor. Limiting since. Her break the rupiah. Yeah well. But the higher cell whenever you get. The best image and spoke dogs insensitive but don't vote loses it's ugly it's like there's a ton of south African actors who could. Billy Ray ray lead a a big budget movie. That are. Somebody else takes Ian buried today tech's nine. Their car looks like CN from Toy Story. Oh mine which is very very true it's the best they have heard yet Derek Carr looks like what's it grew up into it's it also. Was somehow good it. Football like you're ready keeps trying to insist that their cars for the good of football and I don't believe it I don't get it. I think he had one really good seizing his offensive line is. Really really good in a Mari Cooper for some reason turned his brain on via put a little bit. Yeah but. I'm Tony's overpaid yes I'd I would agree that that was a good point you're actually exit via the city from Toy Story hoping that. You know I get nervous about the movement. I don't think I have a look alike. But my old teammates they actually put you've seen bugs life right. They've pulled up a picture of what I look like and they just pulled a picture of a grasshopper from bugs life in this that I looked just like that. Parents here if you look it up. We oh. I shoot at the Bob but let me ask you better start rounding it's if it's. You know I'd say I'm pretty confident start. I'm sorry. If Carol. Who has now who was let's see here on to welcome Kevin Spacey played him. Let's not very cool at all now it's not end the thing is that in animated movies they always try to make the characters look like the actor's voice because they believe it. But that voice actor be more kind of invested in the rural rent via. So I would really eating Kevin Spacey but I would say that there is some resemblance you kind of look like Kevin Spacey as. Grasshopper and bugs kind of you know does that make you feel better now actually. I'm a truce the will this move will sensitive you know LL. Mentally this show is viewed translate texting and like me that I'm a nice guy or something at least. That I sound cool Ord. Merit then my lead go. All right now did you take in this hard right this is what this show you now okay now taking their lumps on the Greg of them grasshopper. The man. It. Amid death should. And a grasshopper. All right. Let's. Complained to Italy weeks we have to actually get to the subject you know it's OK so Urban Meyer. He apologized this past week. He did during a press conference. And this was basically to announce the fact Gerber Meyer will be suspended for three weeks in this football season for. What a independent investigation found that he was dishonest. They do what is very fishy about this right. Is that they did inside it's explicitly. Used the word he lied. They kept kind of dancing around it and saying he was just dishonest and he was kind of I guess forgive or whatever. One of the more notable soundbites that came from the press conference itself was the fact that it's I reporter asked him hey what would you say right now to court he spent the wife of Zack Smith to. Is give the accused. Or is the victim who's accusing her husband of beating her. And he said well I would just say that you know I'm sorry that were all in this situation. I didn't sit well anyway. No that's. Urban Meyer rose and Richard yeah. That is at that rate the and I think it's made even worse by the fact that you know there's a real. Thick. A sense of. He would say. Kind of hypocrisy right yeah because on this wall. On the wall of the Ohio State team locker room one of the statements that in huge. Capital letters is respect women via along with other things don't do drugs don't steal. These weapon whatever. You have respect women but he's shown time and time again not only in this situation but his time at fort that. He really doesn't respectfully. And I don't think he does these kind of things to you outwardly. Offend women world go after women or attack women any sense I think he does these things because he just doesn't care via. I just don't think he really cares slowing effect it. You only get suspended for three games where you have people you have players that North Carolina who gets suspended all season for selling shoes now but you have. You know all obviously all jokes aside like urban mutt like that's that's a serious problem that if you win in your great coach. That you could sweep stuff like that under the under the road which is outrageous because obviously you'd rather take humanity over wins and losses. You know at the end dates. But this is a super serious situation. And you could tell he didn't take it that serious until it was put the spotlight and he had to obviously. Put on some front like he was actually sorry yeah right she you know he didn't care of until that point. Well and the other interesting part is that these statement itself. Or I'm sorry. 240 minutes after this press conference and the reason they say they did that was because. They said well look we didn't want it released this. Really really close up until urban Meyer's press conference because we didn't want the media to have to kind of scrambled ask questions straight. The reports twenty pages. I'm not saying you have to be a genius. Three I'm not equating high level of intelligence to be able to scan 20 pages but I am saying that if I was a reporter. When he pages wouldn't be too hard for me to just skiing and very quickly over points and then pick stuff out via our I don't have to read the whole thing I start scanning and then I find where there's details in just pick attic and you know that during the press conference if that was the fact that the media actually got their hands on the report. People would scan ask questions and while the responses were being kind of delved out grange. More I guess I'm sure you're dreaming more just saying like OK what's that. This see this kind of stuff like. At a point like this. No matter who it is if you're a coach like Urban Meyer went and simulation like listen meant like. You're done we can have that because now. Obviously if another situation pops up like this sets a precedent there are OK we'll look Urban Meyer only only was suspended for three games but you gotta you gotta cut like. I I don't care if it's bad for caught the ball some people were saying like you fire that guy because you'd take that super serious and that's the only way it's gonna change tonight. The whole culture of not respecting women even though they put on the front like they do like stuff like that you fire someone like that. Just so. Did it really shows that they're taking you serious 'cause nobody's gonna take the series now especially like how do you think they'll wife feels. Is that wants our role in the situation cornice at the ideally want. Like death Knoll are the ones that said because on the one who is in this situation you didn't do anything that's a problem. Well and so Meyer came out on Twitter just. Yesterday and facts and wrote out a statement through picture and you know it's rather long but in effect the most important part they can everybody was looking for. Was what. He neglected to do during the press conference itself or any of the administrative officials for the university of Ohio State neglected to do that was. Nick actually. Name Courtney Smith use her name and so in this statement that he posted on Twitter yesterday he says quote let me say here and now what I should have set on Wednesday. I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith in her children for what they have gone. So it it just tells you more about who Urban Meyer is as a person that he doesn't really wanna face the music in real time which is. Doing that on camera and a roomful of people. And I would like to also think probably is personal PR manager wrote that statement forum given to him goes to sorry. Jerk that are up yeah I don't care I'm just going to be spending the next three weeks watching film. The debt which is. Nation man. Better you tick check signed 55305. T when Dustin Chiming in hypocrisy with a college football coach in institution I don't. Don't know will that doesn't seem to add up he by blow of the sarcasm and I. Appreciate it happens all the time dusty you get the show. And yet those a question you know question. The hypothetical here. There's two things one what if Nick Saban did this. I don't think he would get suspended at all. No they probably takeaways coaches if that the media they would or they would say okay we'll. Alamo and a two dollars scholarly I don't know you're suspended for Dei forced him to coach from the box yeah per game and stupid like the other thing is. You have to think you bet. Jim Tressel is super pissed off right now you know the fact that he was fired for trying to cover up. You know the trading of tattoos were memorabilia by his players. And newly fired just don't understand this thing that's on him like what like he takes the plague. Like sewing shoes or stuff like that so much more serious than like. Obviously stoked some like this and it's such a huge problem what did I just don't understand but who's calling the shots that makes it. That makes those decisions well unfortunately one involves money in the other one involves people who don't care. Right it says. But college football but if they like I think if they would have fired. Urban Meyer but that would be a huge step in the right direction as much as they would lose money but who cares like this is someone's life yeah operate in this dislike. Okay you'll he's won ten games like. You mix it or almost make it to the playoffs whatever whoa wa but it's like. Like to release an entity is someone else's life and it's like they really put the winds on a pedestal compared to everything else which makes no sense. Well I think the national title really is what drives over the edge is the fact that if Urban Meyer actually didn't have a national title via well. Who really great example and maybe it's not Q exact but. If this same thing happened to Jim Harbaugh. I think he'd be looking at something different you know may be looking at six games suspended maybe even one whole season yet but the fact literate Meyer was able to take. Ohio State to national title and has. Taken them to roll a bowl games in the playoffs almost every year. He gets away with it should slate. It almost seems like someone like him or. Nick Saban like untouchable that law subject you know this is crazy man there. We'll get warned that a little bit later in the show me in the second hour becoming an extra good vs evil and then in the second hour Elmer. Taken since you next week when we actually start paying attention this show in football. That's all coming up next this is an old beavers addition to consider in the seats on Portland sports leader Kenny the fact. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand for your today in the midst of an hourly time. Well no worries rob. What does senator and those same trick and are well you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for good vs evil. Time Melbourne and restaurants and you know it's it's an eight game. No let's hope so coach where you asked of me. I'm gonna do you know where good things. Don't get past two years of course being in new ones last year and finishing off. This has been a great teammate you know a lot of knowledge. Let's child care professional and newly a point in Washington redskin Adrian Peterson this past Monday the former league MVP signed a one year deal with the skins for the veterans minimum a little over a million dollars. The senate comes after three key injuries to Washington's running back corps including rookie Darius and guys tearing his ACL. Smudge AQ I'm suffering a leg injury with brand mark Byron Marshall experiencing the same this is Peterson's fourth team that the age of 33. Do you think he can still be effective. I don't know man I want him to because I really like it computers especially have to come back from you know the two east feels good. What about after he had worked with two kids growing. Okay. Yeah and in my if you're right maybe should have to change your opinion just because they see a bad team yeah that child and yet it's terrible. I don't know man I don't know who Leo I'm sorry that I've given up continued that pretend like I did say that lower forgotten gave back into ratios. He's great player and you know move on. I had to kind of swallow my soul on this because I didn't draft him in Tennessee so I kind of hope he does well did but I still don't forget the fact that. So that a child I don't know. I think one of the more interesting thing is is how we gonna remember Adrian Peterson when he's had time because he's hearing that twilight of his career or maybe he has in your team left. And you think that's like what is going to be the main thing you're remembered for. You know like. We'll probably going to be that he thinks so yeah. Unfortunately I really depends on the ask. Don't. Mother. Everyone dreams practically. Nothing really popular. There's always going to be different between fan and appreciate your plan in the regular season but. A man kind of happy not to be playing and it you know this this is definitely good for some guys as well through. Let's first straight bad ass Iranian and NFL offensive player of the year Todd girly things coming on what is very likely the American dream. Sitting out pre season games in the NFL. Los Angeles is coach Sean made today announced Thursday the girly would not see any snaps during the first four weeks of football AK pre season. Here's the reasoning he's easily your best player he just signed a 600 million dollar contract. Not that much. But analysts had to get distraught about all of this and say that early comments were entitled. You think Gurley is acting entitled with these kind of comments. On May just want to stay healthy seasons cola they could be good news your best player dissident there's no point in anything to prove you don't just let him sit out and kick his feet up and be ready for the season. Yeah any candidate like. It's one of the things are like he deserves this break down but he pretty much care how well I don't say he carried the office don't you did he carry their health plus years should go to acted he carried their offense so it's like yeah did he deserves to be able to sit out pre season games and not have to play any of them plus. Mine it's the nature of the beast he's a running back. He's gonna get hit and more hits he takes where his career. An actor you know. Thirst taking itself so I don't know what you've been awesome if we got to sit out like. Well thought out. You go to Bruins did work there are some like ball cancer you're just like and if I could just sit out this oh absolutely in. This seemed like every fall camp almost everybody got hurt so I always had to be the one to take the majority of the bull in the majority of the hits the gas land to doing these seals. Vote no but Marcus that's your opportunity. Right. Don't you start we'll. This isn't because players are somehow run rate it would disrespect they game with outfits and have gotten. All out of pocket this is strictly a new rule directed at Serena Williams Harris and how can you treat the best player in your game this way that's utterly despicable. A Smart angry were men Jameel hill talking about a wardrobe malfunction that we apparently miss this past tennis season. The French tennis federation came out this past week and introduced a dress code to regulate players' uniforms during the French Open one of the four majors in tennis. Because quote I think that sometimes we go too far. There are many people point to an interview with the Federation's president who said Serena williams' cat suit at the French Open this past year influenced his decision. Do you think that. This is. It is it. Is it chauvinistic did did the president get. To. Much of tight pants looking at Serena and said I just got shut this down I don't know minutes from the students here be kidding me like. What does it really doesn't really bother people I've really had apparently it's. Well this is she was actually wearing the suit because the blood clots that she'd suffered from pregnancy. So it was a medical. It was it was medically cleared now she'll forget awesome wearing it no way which earlier gorgeous yeah and she'll be delicious by the way. Then she we but come on my way donut that the good she did good this those same but I just don't. You're inside. And silverlight US. She is done. That's. I sent from my favorite story of the week this line. Comes to us from Germany. And you know they say all the weirdest stories come from either Germany or Florida. He told her that I never heard that and I admitted it. Here's the headline Mihm being pursued by Davies. World calls police for help. The score ruler originally named Karl Frederick apparently a squirrels been named. Has been found to be female and renamed to keep a lot PO. So that the squirrels Davis did plot POU. Chase this man. There in Germany may not have been in danger when he called the cops sunny baby squirrel chasing him but it all worked out for the best. For the furry suspect. Emergency services and the city of I'm not even her try to pronounce that got a call Thursday for man. Panicked at that a tiny animal wouldn't stop following him around police arrived at the scene when the squirrel ultimately ended the perceived by lying down. Go east or it. And this guy rope a dope the baby squirrel he just ran it out of juice. Exclude it note to reduce the over the that's a scary did. I just don't. Respect that a judge. But it. Reroute Kobe calls you this grows Jason yeah he does get detailed. Well assists by a squirrel. And you know he surrogate freaked out and said. Screw this some call the police you know I operates two would you do in this it you're what would you do and that's the most rose following me all of those debates draw probably stop penetrating it come over via defeated. Of course it heated when you do read my knapsack Dalton. In your dad's I think. It's but it did they get on the Gurney up. And those who are people popular. People up Leo yeah. Did that favorite part about this whole thing that disclose the name so it's it's an editorial squirrel will apparently. OK but I objections that the Tories at the victorious at the good biggies so well it is guys are reasonably certain sense it's it's you know following people with. Probably it's a stalker Iowa originally called so. Well he's scared for his life apparently. Keeps your slate she would off. Walt Null. Because apparently this guy's really really weak I don't know what we don't know the full capabilities of the block PO here. A little disappointed humidity. Yeah well. The c'mon man. Squirrel. Yet and anything a squirrel. This moment like. If it was dark outside Lagos Crowe's phone in the yeah maybe you would that answer it I'll just drop Malone says here take everything in the wrong. We'll be careful. Scroll probably spend it on hookers. I. What is grossly acorn Wright did though between the nets. Yeah you read a grown too. Yeah. Welcome vs evil oppressive I ate away detect and avoid restaurants is that they're two locations on 2454 east burn side and 52. And woods southeast fifties and Woodstock. The next hour to mr. repeat one Ryan's gonna come into the studio murders gonna beaver out right actually went to Morgan state university and we were classmates we took these seem. I communication class together and it really tickets to some pretty great places their lives yeah. I'm excited you'd be used in Alaska I don't know. I hope so we'll find out a little sensitive Sydor who saved all be tradition here on Portland sports leader pity the fact.