Sinner and Saint 8-25-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 25th
P1 Ryan joins the show and we BEAV out!

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Anderson. Astronauts chrome and barely arresting him and also went to a school bands of the election Titanic like seventeen times in the theater it was different back then. We'll bargained spotted below an agenda. Right you might technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's Dick Anderson and that we have the capability to both 33 most radio show in Portland. Our new sex marriage. About sports. Sooner or those same old man should never heard another word before. Funny here sports here more reliable renewable small. Oh and maybe it's. Yeah. Starts you know dinners and today he. What first cigarette run away from his family. I'm from them before. He does that. Well you first cigarette around announcing he's coming back yeah those things where it's like coming to go pick up the pack and and ceiling he did. The Toledo's men in blue looked at the Armenians. I've had three danced with a well that's Ryan. By the way he when Ryan is in here in the studio for our two if you try it out or one. Below shot tires podcast is where you fight and at -- you can dot com's go to the on the end section and you'll find this a lovely first hour of the show but the second hour. We're bringing in are you. And I I'm still wondering that myself yes. Last Saturday morning now would you do less than a little fun out how to pops. You know some drinks yeah. Pretty go. Well I just moved downtown. Dallack in nineteen streets yeah. There play first. You know when around or out. With earnings Marcus when you go bar open two Asian jiggle the forties and go to bid. That helped keep it real and cannot look at where were you do it. Where it. Oh miles outside downtown. Under the studio did our right here's the thing. Outright I would scholars gathered via Wi class the other problem a couple of classes one in particular can you please tell a story about it which one. The one about that. Album and I think hit a drive at its. Root I don't know it was a given historic but what about that woman. I wanted to store race well I just remember. One of my favorite memories from classes half old. We got half the classic another to basically chief for the final he asks yeah we did that while hauler. Yeah we did presses well there was this summer class known as the winner class I can rumors a winner claps because. Big big Dallas at confront me yah she had a big fluffy cope with the hood on the estimate the no car to heralded. Test answer everything I was able to put her right in her hood. You're probably one of the more still fear people when it come when he came to like the competitive advantage of college. Writing tests because one of the worst parts of college to me it was that you had to take these tests where they asked you questions he did short form answers. And you know I've graduated to the point where I don't think that they're gonna and you know you have to and so you markets that. I don't think they're gonna pull our degrees. I mean if they did pull my communications degree I think I'd be okay. But you very stealthy addict and I want to get out of there is. Easily be as possible at just just to get over the hurdle and be done. You want you don't woman remember this offered it and week's guest is deodorant yes and communications degrees one of those things where you're not going to get a job as a communicators. Which nobody told me that. Until like the third year yeah I work from home. Yeah yes you have the what if I get coming here on Sarah is with markets and a turn down now well now that's one of the better parts ago than we have to have these weeks where we can talk about anything. Rea football wise because football's next week. Will be fun next week will were hidden and off we are written off so we now hold the organ ducks. And this is an all be her room. Rides beer. Mark is deeper and deeper. What do we expect. To make us happy next year from the organ state beavers like. Do you the most realistic thing to happen next year what would make you happy. Like if I told you that we're gonna get four wins would you go all dude that would that would set off for me Ayman. And their parents commit a politics. I just want I just want a full day aim of competitive global. A what does that look like this like stay for last year you have humble ball with Clinton in Atlanta Falcons in Ireland are terrible play call. I don't think I think. Eagles reasonable but. That's the thing like they don't teach on them and they didn't teach fundamentals because you know as a running back and I'm surprised no data because mine version or god yes when you get the volume a minute right what are the TG put two hands the ball you go down fast and then you take your sweet ass time getting out yet. I'm talking you stretch. Are you popular back maybe you think of the book you wanna read later locally junior and restore a sudden it was it was only coach and at that point. Yeah yeah okay UN DR Reich has that the result just about two or three games and the idea here was there. Yeah I just wanna see you might be competitive through the season and maybe they don't win. More than two games. But like as long as you can see that taken a step in the right direction in the competitive all season long. I feel like that's a special coach a season that he had the last thing we won four games we beat the ducks so war. We at least competitive through again regain which is a bit especially at Washington. You know like downward they were by far the best team in the conference and I think the program pretty decent by the end of PD uses like 41 to 28 but. You know we were competitive like and you'll see right whales like last season they go and halftime being. No they'd be losing stamina and nothing in the end you know. But your third quarter it's 48 this to like three yards how this even this is the saddest beavers roundtable ever and we are competitive right. 41 to 28. Right there and it. Other Eric we ran away with in the second half. Tonight their debt bureau saying though like at least you monorail like yes at this point you know the inaugural win. More baby more than fault for five games like if they win 45 games you know. All I'm elated oh gosh where do you sit for a win as a sounds like five too many in my brilliant I'm given I'm giving coach with the cage so here's my issue with the hole they got to be competitive thing because this is what I heard. In. Twenty years you Gary Anderson yeah like I heard why because that everybody gets a mole in your will. In my opinion unless you're going to a power house like Urban Meyer obviously wasn't and get a Mulligan or one and Ohio State's new go to Ohio State did you have the talent you have the horses to it via but you know just this is gonna get a mall in his first year and I totally fine but. Do you gotta like EE got it equal wins that I killing did at the end of the day but that was what really brought Gary Anderson down most of all was that. He might have been making progress recruiting doing kind of creative ways to recruit good players and everything but. You couldn't win enough games to get to a ball game really set the precedent when the war in the civil war and then everybody including mice was like sweet you bowl game next year yes six wins like six wins is kind of where I'm. I'm put myself and would look at that schedule I remember and even that first game against Colorado State I was like. Okay that's a W yeah should be I think no begin blown out to seek to 10 my god. It was but this is there Philly every team every year Q develop and you keep developing eyes and you get them better but it looked like that you didn't really give you better and read when you lose your starting quarterback. Goodness gracious to me started obviously you benchmark is McNair implement fourth string ya right gimme a break minister just and so were free to top five top stars in airs on like. What you want. And then coach they say and he wasn't like he wasn't this guy basically. Brian fan perspective for you on board with big Mary and be in the guy that was kind of the debate go and in that season which was okay lucky just like Marcus is saying just on the civil war for you Larry you had your way into. Well at least my perspective. I kind of just wanted coach Anderson. To pick somebody kept on jumping around core axis it's you obviously can't do that to ya pick somebody stick with them. And especially after Stacy had the year before. It didn't see any reason there's no reason to move. Jumped ship from him yet it is winning games Korea. These protests in at least in an up or smoked and some action to stick with them SP SQ on that he had the whole thing you know pit. So dyslexic every other game ya now. Who sit. Continue on this line of conversation. A little lichtman up next we will get grants you the NFL salacious story whip around the browns. Are really popular for some reason. And I don't get Y I it's confusing me I get there on hard knocks but what's going on here. That's all coming up next it's Shelby's edition of stir in the seat right here in Portland sports leader Tenet the thing. By badgers are five is that you stay Tex signs of people Chiming in just upset Ohio State. This glove who don't want all that only have to do the most easy it's almost all state thing possible. Really first game is this is this wrong that when they said they're gonna suspended for three games record stylus. He's saying get a chance to armor and one of the good. But ignored the talent. We were aware that they've got to fighter's chance. Rent theirs this is puts in we're giving abundantly. Really don't say. Dude just OK you can see I can say we're gonna get blown I saw I still have some always on the team like you know I got to. Again they say about it. There is this excited to go play atmosphere but he's so big I think it's that I know what I when they said that out I was that'd be 2000 bug in the year back. After a few moments ago. That's our gear out Richard your eye surgery. And I'm too old man to ratios c'mon two seals and global Childers like as a really want to. Invite him to camp yeah but it. Halftime every game his knee drained of fluid it's shot after the game trained on up and after three seasons of that is a Kia and dude and how is those are the dazed. That's those are the days and missed last Nash surgery in the locker room now I think. So that's the case still don't river really seeing in that locker room like the draining. I ever you do that kind of you know during practice week hush hush to injury in whatever you had to drain but like. I I've heard stories from people who go to who you know Victor Butler talked to before when he was on. Cowboys they sell a guy he is like dude you know half of the locker room is just like mending injuries that did like the other half is planning in the one hole how this like. What's strange says Steve mind if you cut this off like to mash unit it. It's there. It was the act. I don't I don't district I will do Luke. Via. Down so that's where we are the talks with sat. Is that we have to talk about this about the Oregon State Beavers are the lessons when men like. Got a break him down treatment Obama them through. We'll go you can break it down for yeah for four. He sits there a backpack a come on minute you gotta go authors Sims are okay here here's how I actually look at it. It's like. Did being a Washington State and for the past decade Albright used to make fun of people who led portions yeah. And all now looking the past what three years of being the Washington State and you know just like after a meeting you have to be now disliked. You don't Capone with these guys for organ a decade of our early exits the Ryan these days yeah in the fab five. The cost. Is that the that you. Scott who Rose Bowl pal Ryan leaf. I thought this I didn't surprise the hell out of me he's accustomed they don't lose our 2000. No because it was in 2000 out so organ or estate years well here but they're going back toward. So yeah I'm currently see I got the list here at the list of Washington staple game so any net to scroll much by the way. Let's see here I got the Rose Bowl in 1998 at your Ryan leaf loss to Michigan and they had dropped another L yes in 2003. I say to tell us into the Oklahoma partners but hell is being Washington State yeah. It's your biggest Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl in 2002 in fact I think that was the green Peterson year. I'm pretty sure don't know agents did you a few years after that if that was the MS have been his freshman year or something. Let's see here with the pictures. There was the organs oracle in the 20052006. At her with digger the 2000 Q. Scoop it was better or in local game Korea and these coupons and that was then go on there. Answer. That's infected Adrian Peterson was playing at that time. Was Irwin was a win or downsizing. Or act and and the rest had no registered in for about five plays Hiro. Perfect actually in one I would argue. Just like you you did yeah I AP was. I was whose these Q and did it. Or again selling at a woman in my life. Contreras. Also I kicked it and a Coke all clear was handing the ball to the ref. The refs say it's organs all the apple has lately now I would have to say that that. And Dyer was down or that Q do things that went duck fans presented to me I just wanna backhand I can't handle it. The whole all yet know Oklahoma didn't have possession of the ball we don't fair and square my new unit didn't you you got away with one just admitted it's okay you got away with one time. Too I'd like to admit my favorite players when I was like in high school. They were definitely ducks it was different heads but for and then. The Michael James look my games. Dennis Dixon's Jersey signed in my house still. So that's actually kind of big it's his rookie honors today it is rookie Jersey that's reasonable or. I buried his rookie NFL Jersey you. I'm just glad to hear that admitted that you had a problem and you try to fix that went to rehab and I don't like ours here that you have a data sticks in NFL rookie Jersey side yeah wiry not on eBay right now. I want to see what kind of money you get for that. And on item Hanoi cinema the junior the day actually what he goes weird that sticks. Living earlier via CD you. Works out apparently well. Does he do with the rest this time I mean what does he just a gym rat and then he just hit sits in a quarter of somebody recognizes defense to extend the see that can thin note aren't wait for them and then yeah but just a severe make him on icon after I got over now. And William you know. We're talking b.'s right. The latest. Some industry to grow up sometime. I we were at B. Finnessey faux apology after spraying yet fantasy football draft this past Wednesday and a shy guy it'll Michael James niners Jersey. And op I got I got the temptation to go over and get pretty mad about that. Are you wearing that. Why what is the point to that and I what are here at 80 'cause these they would to a Super Bowl and you know that right. Do you are you wearing that okay if you haven't like if you wearing your Dennis Dixon. You're stuck in Dennis Dixon NFL rookie yours dear oh dear. Or have a series for probably the employees and a fire war Monday round brought you word Monday I would really question your sanity I'd say what's wrong with you. Like on hold corporate morial level I. I has dust on an island. As a fair assessment why you have get on eBay and trying to sell that thing you can do it to your five bucks or get out via the to fund should about cover shipping and well you couldn't I don't sipping on the customer right of course of course. So pay the browns are popular again for some reason right so they're on a hard knocks this year. And then. The other kind of big flashy thing that happened was that I think is GQ that's. Bigamy if guild was on the cover. In imam are walking excel laws are riding with a tiger by him with his. Alternate frisbee on the weekend headband. And dad and you have Tyrod Taylor possibly missing some time where after dislocating his pinky. So there's count on this type of home my god maybe baker mayfield and actually. Get in in play is going to be starter week one and then you actually have this story dropping this morning not too much breaking news provide to our scored has now been placed on the active list mean. Kind of something expected but. There's cat is built up a and maybe the browns are good that given this happens every year read every act every year we got to go in the breath to go to begin. If he keep on making that shot you'll you'll eventually hit for I guess if you stand at the free throw line all on enough between for our fitness steel. Bill bill so we'll go in you know the Melissa I was at. I. I was so amends though. Owens we're going to have his Jersey mark has admitted bra on stand I don't. I don't blame me for that I think that's. I think is okay do you was one of the most exciting players ever seen play college football. It would then when you go back like really break down his film. They keep. There's no change you can begin to run around in the circle in the pocket you like c'mon do you think it is maybe just the thought of Michael that. Yeah Vick threw a 100% like Vick Cephalon a schism. By far and away at least early in his career way was burned earth images yeah. I I saw a video of him. When he was on the Eagles into its DeSean Jackson we're just flicks the wrist Israeli and the ball seven yards and yeah usually use the best player put our Madden with yes because she if you're on. Every single time you Don and yeah you've done score it was completely unfair and then you had did you kind of hope that you could be the Eagles in do Donovan McNabb has Donovan McNabb in that game was a B version of Michael Vick maybe a little bit more accurate that. You're gonna win. I'm I don't know maybe that's Canada old that they had with. John in in Zell did any of some guy like baker may to commend and I think by all. I don't know by all accounts for anybody is watching. NFL or watching call Gervais can I thought why would you pick this guy he is obviously just a good college quarterback you translate well for. Lead. On these pre season game and contrary it briefly into defense is pretty big to pin on him up and Buddha. You I mean you least looks like. He's gonna stay in the pocket which I think I don't know why really has a big deal if you run out on Michael's sudden not a very good quarterback depth. But you he stays in the August supposed to go off that he is there any any delivers ball so. I think the big thing with the browns or the biggest story. I wouldn't say it's the the picture that big commission to the editors to take a second product seasons that the practice on hard knocks. I don't know that is but wrapped easily as a country singer you know the city like them one country singer and I in no though it's a totally. Johnny Cash. I think is that is name where you got to joining us yeah I don't know of any country singers. Not really. Whereabouts. I heard Kenny Chesney once that sounds awful I would Nolan and be ages Garth Brooks. There's a good idea on the islands and try to I should know somebody British thing you heard kitty just to name but now his music and at that point you all ironed out who I was like there's no action such fare yeah that was my all thought from Russia with little losing her daughter's name and ago I guess that's absurd album and than you wish your time I don't want turn that on but that's big director he was up their practice it's over with. The king he's just like snoop dog on to USC's practice you know little like it's. Big talk of the stars are flocking to the bra ounce. Young Chesney did he shoots he cited a practice I had that huge Waller seven offensive line coach who said that says. This is my favorite. Person hard knocks now did how awesome is it he goes that we won world war war and anti without stretching. You do go to dole or city. You can push ups who fit the pistons did do. Joseph Jeffs is jumping Jack anywhere in us stretching with their storming the beaches of nor have you I was like while he has a point meaning you know you have guns. So you about it they're pro more athletic than all the. It's to be fair my grow frozen World War II as they never pulled hammy OK let me ask you this yes if do you think the ear of ram pot World War II to peak condition could. Could beat you up you peak condition. My grandpa died eleven years ago he is he'll be a while. Well these days he spent two years a German view of the camp wool. That's big time okay that's gonna talk a near dropping on us that's that's security that it is will be. He probably didn't stretch either now see counsel Baghdad often the lord coaches right. After he said that I was like why doing the stretch are gonna look back on all the strategies to before but that's why we lost Toledo this anti stretching. Yeah that makes sense our people know me oh no not really gonna cook. It but I did. I mean your here Rick Cornett correlation that right I mean I guess you blaming every loss on stretching if that's the thing I'd like two world wars you're to ago. Right OK so then why pacers during non then that the case was that. The Korean War and non I'd guess yes I don't do much better like all the calisthenics or anything Massa almost itching to more or street. Well an act of good I remembered my grandpa won the state championship basketball orient. At a high school at Tony's kids and it and then went to. So yeah your grandpa can beat the crap out X it would be immune to. Not at actually. My data that might crimp the spiritual story. He's got an amateur is going to feed the horses. In my dad are shoot hoops and on the driveway and gimmick that was like 2530 people who interns around Gaza Bryce over the ball. The leg as you can pick your partners is to give rubles my dad throws the ball when those old man such shots ya. Hits it. Deckers can do that against his Knuble does the same time it's the second one row. Dag is third time's the charm to ball again and hit my grip at their one row is a teacher to do that someday Kapono. Yeah that's that's men grabbed by yeah it was a man's man of the 1940s and fifties yeah. Next. I don't know do guys on top UN just crap more on the docks here Elena I mean we could do that. We can talk about the mental health thing you OW one and two well known as men okay well here's the news. Yeah now I know I leave it right news. My dad loves next. You know as I sit up its commitments. So bush did bush is still too boring. It was bush hope all yes. See this next segment you're just yeah I'm gonna blow your mind that's great I love it some guys never heard of tush. Bush was like the better version of creed that helped. Read English documents works increase. Okay how about your song creed bush was the better version. Of nickel back ego. That help it's awful. Less said the better for accurate. Country or if and rays now have heard this on market. I. I don't think you'll ever encountered anywhere in December 33 yeah. Was really. Right. Right. Particularly pay for a mess and they're just the title of being a it's purely theoretically Brothers and I have to do not expose this subject creeds he denied it. Immediately denied it it's that's. Does that. Really I mean this is like this was a thing in the 2000 people enjoyed this means a lot. Yeah I know. I still carefully myself did you like you. I've probably enjoy it a little bit differently rock got a little bit on the radio almost been sold more. Just like bad and there's a publicist for war. What caught. Aren't that some religious or immediately rejected creeds I. A 100% this decree is one of those bands where you go through a process for the first time you hear I don't know Brian. Back if he can't on this its UQ are you go okay that's all right. That's that's fine I can listen to it. And then Europe for more times and then every single time proceeding or about owing. You just go to devil yeah like kitten now and then you just go no I can't have anymore. That's somebody that exposed decreed and they go no all police thought they could but he skipped all four listens and he just set I don't won't have it yet that bad here to she was working class. I was actually. I too little offended that you did that on long sorry the audacity. To. Can I tell yeah. I got exposures to something we listen like some soldier boy maybe. You he has goes into what the personal fire on will be good to watch earth when empire. With that. Yeah earth wind and fire feared that sickening said the money and still has to learn. Five but they're terrified is the better you today Tex signs Medimmune a very good point they're the lazy Pearl Jam. Oh. I like that that's hot now effective take now Marxist faces indicating he's ever heard her. Just how scary. Ever pulled jam. Eighty better Q you saw it I can give you one now I mean I'd say this boss is probably mad at me that I again. So are hosting a show of just taken like four minutes play a song. That tends to happen in the I have to go talk to him on the and a good admin. If he's listening. Now. Is going to be each added sports. Let's see there is responding. Ryan junior Graham and world or to. I would have taken hammy injury to get out of World War II like amid hopes that that I can really get at. I can do that Agassi the trainer at a record we're talking I don't know if you heard us we just talking about it like. That's a man's man right yeah hurt you when state basketball does all this goes to war they have Prisoner of War all that. And then that maybe release him back in the goes like in on McCain to do my eyebrows done and yet this bad. I think it's and we're pretty deepened this because I love talking about it is that I think that we just grew up that are really we heard time. Yeah I mean like OK so we were all we're abort summer on the late eighties to nineties. Our maybe the eighty's and ninety's pattern on Scott throw a twenty year net. And during that time we never had a cause that we were directly involved in the least as much as I don't know right. Most people they grew up anywhere before the night eighty's or seventy's it was something like. What if I lived around World War I world to the Korean War. The non. That culture revolution of the sixties like I live to mix in that was acting crazy. I don't think we really live through anything we erected and 9/11 I get that but like I did go to war there it was a kid. I really care about the ozone later in the eighty's did you really you are all back. Call it you were like for his ES he's maybe you're worried at all like the air pressures were destroying the ozone and there. Basket and yeah I've definitely I think it and I have been part of anything like man yeah you know I mean in the goes like. He goes like five in 200911. Happened but it. Yeah I mean you hear you probably have very varied vague memories of even the day I don't know maybe don't. But not really yeah I think it's intercede we've grown up in a time where there was nothing really that. We weren't directly involved in that whoa we had to like insert ourselves if you like people all does funny. Like people had to actually be drafted into. You know Vietnam or into the Korean Maury in the nineties I guess you could say desert store because some people did but as kids he never. There's nothing you're involved that utter. Those in my it was in these through this that's so old man talk well that's that creed inspired Todd. Reid dusted. I mean rhinos that's what you see during college you know probably never ever listen that music ever used a puff puff pass most in the creed. Was that in. Smoke pot listen to create. You mention. No I could actually went back last. Do you think this is to get into the mix and fifth fifth at the be in the back to class with a who's back and I use that had a con apartment. He is elected vests. All act guy they're humor to the Conti we had who's a chain smoker who. Top 101. And was just like a Bergen Bulldog about it no like I won my first classes in com wanna one was this huge auditorium and he was like. Well the first speeches with some figure the area up like. What you learned here's duck and it turned into a career OK I was like oh great way it was either a guy that is super into two equal torture and Nazis yes yes yes keep. Yet he basically just had cigarettes on the line then yes he was a chain smoker I respect those people because the longer you can live. Well. You obviously beat genetic. Code I don't know. And aren't we are way off track that's OK imagine that. Critics will take a look at the cultural landscape let's take a look at organ organs its schedules and see where we can find some wins for a state to see. If there're any realistic wins after the first four weeks for the ducks because they have one of the most notoriously ET schedules. In nonconference play but. Still a little bit of that little bit crystal balls coming up next here on an all these edition of center in the saint on Canadian defense. Now I've played this. My external trade I don't even tell the difference between them just enough. They'll lose genuinely likes bush. Thank you really likes that van Mikey wolf he will go to his grave saying that's a really quality. I'm sure about Luke man. Hope he's listening route to drill in the some document are these anomalous you don't think so he doesn't care about the show what's did so that article. So six. We're gonna come back next two week. I next week of course is the big college. Football kickoff org and dot so organ beavers will be starting. They're Tony 1819. Steve's in water gonna have all. Sorts of pregame post game and halftime shows for you right here on the fan we are now home. The Oregon Ducks speaking of the organ that its take a look at their schedule this season now it's been. Noted that's. The ducks had a very very ET. Non conference schedule. Can we all agree on that. Yeah. It turned rents by Congo banks Butler why would you schedule as far as I'm as a mode to schedule Illinois take your three wins again. And Holliday still end this is kind of a popular belief right with. Well a lot of what's going on with the nonprofits we have Washington efforts replaying operative log people kind of said why would you do that. But I'd do you it is a double edged so. Ord in that. You know they look beneath you actually come out with the wind and it comes down to a tiebreaker. In your league and maybe you don't even gets I mean in Alabama's case maybe you don't need it used to play. And you work conference title game. That we can look pretty good Mexicana bumped you up but the other part of it too I get which is let escape your Bowling Green. And stayed in San Jose state wins is taken directional schools and and just even Ryan in just hope you can win the rest of London. Just a risk reward thing yeah the risk of losing the game a loss is gonna look worse than. A cupcake win. I think most it was too I think with the dangerous. Part of this whole theory is what happened with Washington. A in the first college football playoff doubt you're that it played Alabama and the first college football playoff game I think that was via and they had a just notoriously. Easy schedule that season on people had questions going into saying like. Do you think they can actually go up against Al famine now that game was it at the plea blowout. But it was a you could tell very easily one team was far better than that are Washington just got out physical the entire time. And Alabama being Alabama who they're not around high speed offense just said he will run you Wragge we don't care area. Sec how worried that that I think might happen with the docs where. He I get it to have a lot of talent this year and everything Britney they'll just skate by and then. You know. The pac twelve south such a wild card anyway maybe he'll get somebody like Arizona State leak in there he get another win and then you find yourself play in a equality count like. Alabama it's not not really match up. But bottom line is though even with. Like that Washington example sure they had a cupcake schedule. But where did they lose the first round of the playoffs yet they got the book Cirque so it instilled the ducks there have this cupcake schedule. And skate the way through and then end up in the Fiesta Bowl or something in there who cares they're in the fiesta yeah so. I'm and I think from a player standpoint you in a that this is me. He being a kind of disconnected player at the end when we lost in the own mind civil war game to go to the Rose Bowl. Yeah I just disconnect at the end I was a little bit disconnected at the end there. And it was more the fact that we couldn't go there is bull but then like I got over maybe two days later because you're gonna go to the Vegas bowl and the biggest almost forget awesome. Because. It was the biggest and they give you you know per Diem money that we all just went and spent on alcohol. And then there's some people who now play in the NFL went and spent it on. Personal entertainment. But he's named Roy won't mention them apart. There anyway since. I don't know man I think. With the ducks it'll be easy though are. Again it wearable together come from I just think elect says it will from a player's standpoint like. You might as well just take your you know you Muslim taker wins and he says you know two wins and then. You have moments and going in because I know for a fact one organ state barely beat Portland state of law Irene because it's all downhill from there zero momentum out. While Penn blown out against Colorado State you know it okay well that's that's concerning me is. Then you only people who stay mile a second touchdown and for the state didn't win eight games. Last year this one again a lot. Your site near break men like. I like I think small of the ducks do you get all the moments and you get sliding use the self confidence and then come conference time loser is her first call him against their. Or Stanford that's agony on the 22. That is home that's one of the advantages it they have their first four games are Hulk yeah. And they all seem to set it up that way which you know is awesome because then you carry your momentum going into a going to conference play where what your next game is at cal which I can tell you from experience are now by you go to cal stadium it's not really that hard to plan I don't know I think there's like. I think the most people that we had there was thirty yeah it's a B forty it's not. Then get very full when we come back player Washington at home speed that's kind of manage and that the ducks can be Washington don't home which obviously it'll be super argue with they can do it then. The rest is season this is kind of it's it's the ads all there's. We'll open it in terms of this you could take a nosedive where you go five and no right after the first five weeks you've beaten Bowling Green Portland State's Tennessee State. Do you get a win against Stanford. You beat cal and they didn't look there stretch of schedule where you're going up against the Washington Washington State. Arizona at UCLA in Utah. That seems like kind of a death lined up to me where are you could really. Losing one game could set a bad case sherbet as. We're saying to beat the schedule. So to say to lose to Stanford shirt now also in your form one you go to two and three in those next five their dribble it. Gap right eye on I guess that's where it comes down to right is the you know what are your expectations are production I think a lot of people are kind of hoping that will compete for. You're up twelve title game I don't think anybody had the unrealistic expectation that they're gonna get to college football playoff but a packed full time game I'd be dice I don't know I'd I didn't think they could dead this. Mean they have town for it yet they just have to obviously show play. Just server it's gonna heavier. The and all that pre season obviously with other crews and they did and everything. And obviously goes away once the season starts but if they can is to keep their head on the shoulders and don't actually just put their head down and grind it away implant I think the desk and be really good. Looking over to Oregon State said first game of the season is going to be competitive. It's their lives and at Ohio State. So do you think that now that urban Meyer's coaching will score at least one touchdown. That's that's a two touchdown. You aren't there knoller Myers has to as were keepers. So. Going from Tuesday to two scores that's urban Meyer's birth yes it is just like fourteen. 2000 out right now came after that southern Utah you kind of hope that we can at least show what now we are at least even the playing field and no idea. That Nevada. As 21 returning starters or do they really neat and it's acts as a he had did the last time a petition them was would cap predict what exactly for when they beat Boise State. They've got Arizona Arizona State wash and say cal Colorado US the Stanford really you know. The kids hate that the death flood of bad I don't ever I'm sure hard not to like try to make out wins here but like. There are none of realistically see us beating Arizona State may be. I there's those days my sleeper team that they are that they are going to be beautiful earth. No harm. No. I don't know amended I think they're good they're good team but. Yet that November lineup is GAAP pulling your last three games being Stanford Washington and Oregon State are uncertain organ that's. And that that's remake your and I suppose you sure. That's where you make your case for club rules for The Beatles three. I think you know curry did I was oh god I was street to loosen it gives us Richard Lewis can't lose that and I sham that to a yeah man on the I'm going off its. I think that. We should go where. Bet they actually bring this scheduled this week in law. There's got still they shepherding guys theaters Brian and I couldn't so much for coming in who. He had fun with this is the. And deals again. The movie. My job. Did you sit here.