Sinner & Saint 4.21.18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, April 21st

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I'll never dreamed I'd. Anderson. Astronauts. Home and barely in her honesty and I also went to a school bands and girl. Let's take an act of 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. Oh bargains hot air balloon agenda and try to do my technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it if you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Center on those same grow its. Rhetoric and they were before so I'm here sports scene here. More reliable renewable school. Our blog maybe it's. Our minutes hour two of this. And radio program if you missed our one you can go to an eighty and dot com and in indelible Schwab tires odd cats by finding the on demand button. Then regular person and probably answers. Pictures problem there EU. Will Perkins is out this week he is on a tropical vacation to the floating island of Hawaii. And Joseph Fisher sitting in big frivolous or Jill. Issue. Okay. Down all hours Joseph pass that ignited them applause. Working with our computers it's like them little hapless without will rendered in the does. So much of the production staff and of course you fill in in you do in the gulf show before. Even though I don't believe it and we mentioned a lot of talk that is what is going on now. Yeah they get a big wheels in stride because it will do to will select and maybe I can give them like at golfer dummy segments like. So I can't hit the bolstering ain't what you and I did ask most offers to court ordered that that you're you're safe there yeah that's not a segment that's few days there and talk about that yet exactly. So anyway as you go back and listen to also listen back to the first human to. New little feature on there and share your thoughts. That write your congressman liked it. We don't get that feedback. We talked a ton of blazers there I think for both a little exhausted Gromit. I think your listeners are tired of it and the poetic justice that was this week. The blazers give. All. In game three on a day where the sunshine comes out and it is the day after the Portland I Ayman project. Announces its intentions and its whole strategy to bring. Baseball. So pour end. And Joseph I know your big Orioles in NASA question for the break. What you give up your Orioles stand him immediately. If it was announced that a pour baseball team coming in starting next season. Immediately. What would you need to see them play I guess is a question. Who's with the hat or how important is how important the mask to to become an Ambien salmon some terrible. And have salmon color uniforms and caps. Yeah I don't know on fly too well I seated there fly fishing ship very clever well I do you catch salmon fly fishing others like a certain and fish had to go for. Anyways. I don't think it would happen immediately. And I am keeping them myself on this in my heart a day with these hypotheticals here. This is not to do that's that's the fun of it we go back Doggett blazers if you want to they've got a really very real Rio deficit right now you regard that market are to have fun with sunshine don't add peak numbers they eject it would take a little bit but I think. It'd be buried. Quickly transform into Portland blink fan you know whatever the mascot is I mean. I had I I think I'll always be an Orioles fan yep and I can share affiliation and share my love. And if this is the hometown I mean I was born and raised in Walter insurer would Portland I've worked in the Lok I mean I it's all been a year for himself. To have a baseball team. My second favorite sport right here in the hometown. Sorry Orioles I hope you can understand. I mistakenly sent up into baseball before the break and somebody called me on on so they liked it on the excellent protection gave me a quick thought. Ranges Portland to the baseball world will be you know like I think there actually is an element too because what are the things that I have noticed. About Portland is that you know you gotta get this reaction from people loads and it's based on the v.s could care about baseball because there's never been a Major League team here. And they pull up attendance numbers from Peter's games ops numbers PCB globally baseball. People like soccer before September showed up here. How many people will ravenous. Soccer fans how people ever gone. To a soccer match and she jumped up and down for two hours created a song book. Build a thirty foot banner for a soccer game before the timbers game here we have some of the easiest fans I've ever seen in any sport let alone soccer. And I am not a timber stand and guess what. I'm not a soccer fan and it doesn't bother me one bit that they existed baseball and a bunch of people love. It is not going to detract from your dated day at all. And I know that traffic will be workers and things will be bad and you have this big ballpark and him. Traffic already so armed and the fact you're fine there you're gonna have. Handful of gay games and again erupted almost be in night games they're not gonna Specter daily commute if anything there because one congestion point. And I get it if you work or live next horrible part of my bother you but guess what the Portland diamond projects put in 8000 new units. Of housing they're too they're probably gonna deal with the parking if they get the site of the looking at next to the Mota senator. There's already working bears so you've got some infrastructure things I think that they're doing it really Smart. If you put a baseball same team here. And you can cut out in the middle of the summer we work a little bit early and go and sit and watch each game in the afternoon. I think you'll become a fan of whatever the Portland team is so quickly. Because it'll be your team right in your column every single day and it becomes a baseball town. Everybody starts talking about I mean if you know what the hell's going on the game they lost last oh yeah and you get and you get a pennant run and it'll it'll it'll grow weed I mean it's like if the blazers make a run. The last time the blazers yulia had a chance where they were knocking on the world championship played in the Western Conference finals collapse against the lakers. But I know that socks and stings answered. Plot. Going into that I did a basketball fan my whole life I think I was. 181819. Years old. And I were a bunch of people that were admittedly not basketball fans. But as the win the first round series and people don't like. Bleachers to either pretty good chance of when a second round series. Our bullet. It is now there's a buzz going in the office of nonexistent basketball band and prior to this year than they get into the Western Conference finals tickets series lead everybody wants to know what's going on it's infectious. And I don't care if you bring in old cross team. If you can find one more reason for the team to have a little bit of a frenzied. I cut up and balloons fever when they won a championship it's fun to have another sport professional sports game. And there's no denying that in this country the Big Three sports are NFL is king. MLB like it or not is number two in revenue and random number three is the NBA the NBA I realize is creeping up on it that's not a conversation grabbing but if you could have two of the Big Three sports in north city. You'd it's going to be. Awesome. The only way that I candidate could describe it in only put it all together I said to another coworker the endowment you tell me I can get out of here at. 536630. Go right to the ballpark and how to gain at seven. In the middle July. Like are you kidding me. That's all I can say are you kidding me that sign me up in an aids like I said it would. Will be immediately. Now but it would probably be pretty damn quick bowed convert over to pour. Yeah I mean it would be really hard not to. Catch whatever fever there is that it believes you've seen it with other. You know. Whether it's on und team that moves to the city. Or they do expansion whatever happens the way the first season of a new team people to rally around and just get to know. And it will be a new neighbor people will be curious about it they'll be a big buzz around the city. And if the Portland diamond project in the way that they've been doing things can extended to one ever management team ends up running whatever team comes cedar. Or whatever team they create and you can get something go to the first couple years may and that would be osmond's it's excited and I know this is all hypothetical I know most of you eight baseball. And I know it'll all the way it's all on the calendar but I thought there's something poetic about the week the sun returns. Blazers have just been. Awful awakening when they get Kenneth smacked in the face by a team each. A lot of people thought he should be in the playoffs to have this Opel on the rise and I think it's pretty cool. I know I can skipped out on the details that's. In part because you're going to see more details come out every day about this I just hope the people in Portland. That are that are leadership positions. Can work with this group and find something that's going to be a win win and and we can be baseball fans whoever treatment as bill. Lets. It down our rights. It's from the second most popular sport in this country whether you like it or not to the cage. And then another sport we don't have in the city the NFL draft is this week the schedule came out earlier and the Jacksonville Jaguars got new uniforms or cram that all into one segment next. An instinct and the. This is those cinder in the same tall and 1080 you don't share them. Joseph Fisher you Haiti on The Rolling Stones and Clinton hell I was just saying it sounds like my dog just died in them. Saddam Ole wooden porch in the middle of the country somewhere just thinking about the good times they had together. Up in spot say I'm I'm with its ever hit in my vision when they hear this on my dog sitting next to me. Sitting out there it's getting a little bit or yeah a little bit more wholesome yeah I get and a in the beginning now as is like home. See this this is this is summer afternoon music hey Ashley now on set it on a nice Arnold Paul me now I'm glad they didn't. It's easier than trying to get hammered here statement on the porch just be in the dollar and quench my thirst now getting a little communal laughter liking it on the stones and one half whom they drink there. It just yeah it's hard off a little depressing and we've picked out OK guys they get it back. None of that on my car on the homeless animals song just window that. The wind it down candid yet quick shout out to CCR canal is listeners of that the other day with the windows down some Fogarty that is 100%. I've gains this question that Tom Petty good windows down music. Skinner. Yes and Skinner on we noticed there's something about Fogarty voice them and you know hey listen I'm 100% with the big that's the stone's argument that pressure. CCR I think that. If we did a power ranking and we will do now completely and prepare and board of liberty with the blood. EC DC. CCR might be. Other guys who say I got there by about 3053 your favorite classic and not my favorite but one of the favorites. There is anything. That are here best window down. Music. As a couple of these thoughts on the blazers are. Some guys suggested that indeed that the baseball team the TrailBlazer and just do it everybody's the giants and the thing. Those good there's a lot of people chime in and about how much of baseball on yours though listen if you get it. I remember the last and they try to make this push you get a bunch of people in the city kind of coming out of the woodwork. With support so hopefully the seal job report that pretty. It is a big week in the NFL blow that delegates who have before we get into draft talking probably good time to mention. The fans NFL draft party. Pupils are shown up at 3 o'clock I Isaac who will be their whole show from Al that are. And it and I don't wanna pack at the station on the back too much but I've been lucky enough to do the the second day of the draft shows with snoop the last couple years right. He's still good its draft analysis yet if if you're if you're a fan of the draftees had a home and watch it I would implore you to. What over a listen to and as they do it. So there's an incredible job with that. And it's almost as delightful is how much. Isaak. Aids the and yet part of is that it I've done the show with suit is that the day after. I think it takes it up on purpose I don't know I haven't been invited to come back to maybe I'm not a guy. By guys usually takes date to the draft op because. Friday you're getting just as many picks and into the third fourth third second third round your analysis all just starts to become the same for each position. And again I'm always shocked by guy everything seem knows he'll be a lot of the experts as well go in and you know can check out those X simultaneously. And it's a lot of fun to kind of listen so compare and contrast in a moment ago map but it. I know I'm at a beauty and check it out on party called trying to be there we'll see if the whole schedule works out my favor I would love to be there writes a column value can meets maybe you can meet Joseph Fisher if you come to the lab tap house on Thursday and you know what even give a 5050 shot it's totally worth a might not even acknowledge my guess. Lleyton as they mean to you. So so with with the compliment of suit and however he does on it I admittedly I'd do not any draft analysis I do not. Go and try to breakdown the players I think him just like. Most people that are football fans in the US. I can tell you the quarterbacks that people think you're going to be in the top I've watched any film on him and give your breakdown that is. Any guesses that I have merely gut feeling. The Seahawks to probably take a lineman. On offense and defense of their first pick. And you can not going to be the guys are because it not going to be from Alabama or from any of the pac twelve schools. And I won't recognize the name and I'll read the analysis the public doesn't get an ATV accident. And that's about all linemen. It's. Joseph how do you as a cowboys fan how do you prepare for the NFL draft outside. How big a moment is this review. Emote well the cowboys have drafted. Somewhat okay the last few years they've gotten good line in Byron Jones has been a good safety shut up we don't need a breakdown are you one of those guys that have a draft board I am always bracing for the Jerry draft board at. That comes out like weaker it's so before drafting of that old economy and mail is. Top pick and I have like a change. Team for the next ten years insight. There's always on the Jerry those out there Jerry and a little more analyst and her baby Gabriel that in 'cause that's the dentures phone and that's it that you have so I always kind of braced myself for something like that like oh they're looking at this quarters here they're looking at this well it is days have drafted pretty well in the first round in the years is Jere read eating more and more Al Davis every word Ayers. All he's there right. He's there and been there for a few years of modern day Al left but Al Davis Davis is that more of a kind of crazy look to him. And I think when it Jerry hits that. Aged Al Davis data I'm trying to think of how old Al Davis was when he passed. Care Jerry's not quite an age yet. But it's I think his actions has spoken forms. I guess what I'm waiting for Al Davis basically surround himself well enough yes and he could draft he's Johnny means that we know that Jerry Jones wanted to. And he got talked out of it yet and affable people around so what I'm waiting for and when I say Al Davis I wanna see Jerry Jones start coming were kept track suit. And I want him to have all the decisions. I mean he's crazy he's getting there. Yeah these hopeful and blow Al Davis and he may not get there which will I think. Would be one of the great tragedies and sports if he never makes it to track suit. Zombies I think that would be I think that would be a lot of people would be missing out on something you know they never got to see the real Al Davis. For the young people in east I guess that's. So the raiders owner now is Mark Davis yeah it's all here he had his Lloyd Christmas Erica I think I did. When is it mark Davis and obviously I haven't no way of knowing this at all by Al Davis is very much able to run that show until his death so very much his son probably just let him do that step in Jones on the other hand the son of Jerry Jones. It doesn't do that he. Willingly will take draft cards out of his dad's in India like we're not taking jogging and they'll cash and he is not afraid to stand up to his battle. Are you excited to see one they do in Dallas. For the draft class in Philadelphia I thought it was really cool and they did it time lapse photo how they kind of built everything you know I I think I saw that I am where they built on the steps in the UNJ after a few on a song that they wanted to had Jerry world is yours Eric. I yes they are AT&T stadium and that thing I'm. Anticipating. Is whenever that Eagles pay. In the third fourth fifth whatever route it is in the mayhem and they have their gas to pick person comes out. Because I don't know that I had so many people saw last year ever back wanna say it was drew Pearson. Came on the stage for the cowboys take in Philly computers. Former cowboys yeah norm and so he came on the stage for their second or third round headache. In front of the Philly fans in Philadelphia and he went off sane. And the next pick but he and at times when he plays innings when he came down up yeah then any UT that I build on what then why. Happened. The Eagles ended up going toe weighted several this year so I am fully anticipating whoever they guest picker is. To come out there and definitely rabbit in. Face of Dallas fans in that Dallas collective there at AT&T'S him fully waiting for an unexpected day and I'm diskette and you know how that's all rub in the wound. I hope there's a group Pearson. Or Philly like I hope they I hope they acknowledge that that's one of the cool thing so used to always be the draft was at Radio City Music Hall. And it was just kind of the same thing and you get a bunch of New York fans there and they do fill fill a huge show that their own pick the jets would do their Olympics he get a bunch of New York. But seeing the the little grand tour this is year two of it'll be very injuries and see how they kind of put their own stamp on so that part I'm actually cooled. Again the actual players. Who's going to be in who's going to be bad for your year. And honestly one year in you'd never know how did you draft classes and much and getting super earth. But the likelihood is that this year this is a little bit different with all the quarterbacks muddling around op. I think that. First five the first five picks are going to be fascinating. And I came to national by team staying I don't know why but it just and while I know why that always happens. Yeah but it's finally almost somewhat. Forget and we get locked into these mock drafts and then the draft day comes in like oh crap is that. There's a trigger in the Eagles and rams they traded up a couple weeks before the draft when they got wincing off will yet right now the jets averting moved up in that three spot right outrage two weeks yes exactly so but sometimes they get those. Those last minute movements in the top five and rely solely crap all right here we go so from the text line when Jerry finally goes nuts I think he'll dress more like how it attracts. I preach human impassive whites then that's in with that and ranged leather coat the old dog don't forget bolo tie old bull attacked Gionta had a bit dizzy whispers that he all the way where it's playing around with expert. They don't like Opel jam on that middle of his cowboy hat though he had his feathers all around it and to starts drive a Cadillac with the longhorns on the funds rose. Rose. Cal within their champ. Pay. That team stays at owners coming go even though he is seems that he will never die. I think that that guy's got like how old is how oldest I know he's got a guy like forward donor hearts on ice waiting for him when he's rated ago laid up. All right we got that one are replacing our Eric Holder urged eating. Syria has revived years old 7575. I be able to order that. Your weight and it kicked the bucket for the admitted this guy Jones Bentley. That's not I the values is gonna keep going atrocity yet that's that is part of a bag gets feel like I'll craze has gone into another jones' hands but like I said Stephen Jones he's at least senile in our isn't seen India that should saying he's somewhat got a grasp of what to do. With everything we see about concussions and everything else that you need somebody with senility it's beating the franchise that there's a little jokes to option I think Jerry Jones is the perfect argument for the NFL look at what not played football does to you. That I play at Arkansas into acting college. So. Have to forty years I guess this is it college before that you folks forty years fifty yeah it is but he didn't play is thirty my math is on point to Saturday and you're. Ill and it when he was that Bobby Boucher forty year old freshman out there. All right we hit baseball way that football we've hit the blazers but we've avoided the rest of the NBA playoffs and if you're blazers fan this is he reuse these great. First round of the NBA playoffs there are stories bound. And you get to those in the next segment listening to the center in the saint and it it. This goes sooner in this city and Dennehy. Any objections of the song you know. Big church. No because. Don't think I know what it is oh bloody chambers Brothers that that's my age show itself did well this is early seventies that. You know from an old soul and some attitude. It could take your time after you're done Rolling Stones chambers Brothers that your homework and you've. We'll see we'll see what's on the docket as far as what music music you listen to well I just told you. Rates have the edges but it has been add to the Q and couldn't get them happy new year. All right so we ever really gotten through and went from a time he had everything here but we'll play around Wimbledon crystal balls as well but the playoffs. Outside of two series. As open. Legally I think really interest certainly compelling yes maybe maybe three series that if I'd been gone now. But the blazers are obviously getting oust and we we brought it up sky out of curiosity realty. How good horror the pelicans if you are looking at this from a national story you have a three seed. That is right now down 30 and you just look at this from from an on blazer fan perspective. And it's really injures him at the pelicans are doing because they are. There'll lobs city reincarnated. And Anthony Davis scored half his points just rolling downward Equus value to. And or putback dunks right on top use of her pitch. I. There's an important asked her to ask a black citizens has written about very it's but yeah and so. But I mean is there any potential for the voted to go on beyond this I don't know so that's one of the things it's really difficult the cavs pacers. Series as and awesome and that the pacers or arts. Huge surprise they shout outs in the middle of our food and that was Richards Eric Robert the blazers 2.0. It vitriol depot has been good but. Well John bode well of which is that is it hard today or it's off to I don't know. And it's like at a disorder between its economic certificate bush on the ball behind Donna that's. But god image is a new game last night but that those of seventeen point lead at halftime and these two teams played last year. And the cavaliers came back from a 46 point halftime deficit but it's funny that's it's not really the same pacers team. Would you look at it but something about the way the pacers. Historically. Have banned. Eight thorn in the side team they've never been a champion I ain't it collector Reggie Miller Rick's midst. And and Mark Jackson when he is on that team and all Georgia's other. I say it seems like they've been a thorn in almost broadside regardless of who's on the team. As Lance Stephenson. That's like that's like kind of where the pay half of them is kind of a neatly team thinking don't do you get here. Yeah. Would you and how much faith do you have in LeBron being carried this. Ramshackle of of the cavaliers team to even first round victory he's never lost first round series yet be wild to see that in it's almost one of those things were. All believe it when I see it I'm gonna take LeBron. Who we is LeBron as the greatest player that I've ever witnessed you know. Yeah we tuchman is in last admin on the show you probably one fleeting memory watching live look at chances fade away I don't we don't think we talked about it last time we got it but yeah Blake. Very very limited. Memory memories of Joerg Fischer yeah sell like abroad is that did for me it's. He is the greatest in until I see him lose a first round. Yeah talking about him again ban against and doing so. Yeah shout outs that Nate McMillan he's getting those guys ready to play in their grown and they're showing now. Yes and it'll be even even at the cavaliers pushed you kind of wonder happenings elsewhere in the east. Which I think I think east is super compelling. But you Joel beat come back a wanna say in the east there is in a scream yell and say hi everybody has won at least one game so far in the yet and we had Washington pick up a victory and Milwaukee picabo victory yet and not just pick up the victory just crushed the Celtics and restaurants I okay. Sorry apparently at a much easier. Yet and and the the interesting thing is is like you said the way that they've won these games attitudes or bust as a team that's to me is really interest because Boston is missing their best to. They are very yon and somehow Brad Stevens the rated that's coach history of the NBA even as. It blows your mind your sorrow and remote Senator Clinton ballots and that or the it it is it's but it isn't that weird thing how much respect. The Brad Stevens version of the Celtics dead end and play without even Gordon Hayward and winning the first two games is great but. They haven't won anything now in house so and I know this is in his first season and image which I championship series last year. But as the Celtics. Are going to be better next you're no matter what happens this year because you're gonna get two guys back. But Milwaukee is a team that I think little underwhelming this year a lot of people came in with Greek freaked fever. And really wanted to seem to go out and do Witten and now you've guy. A little bit of a glimpse of hope that this could be a deep series and the other one that it was gonna did to was Washington. Finally getting a victory against Toronto and the way they did it so I was talking about it earlier if you missed it. The blazers I think need to have a little bit of an edge not be afraid to get a fight. How about that in Washington it's honorable there five technical. You know and they're just going that it but it but Washington is. A very supports they're supposed to to the way the blazers are right their two guards or their teeth. And they've got pieces around them having the ability to go out and push around an implosion will little bit. It is something that the blazers seemed to me missing at least right now they punched in the mouth but pelicans and they've shrivel. But you watch Washington get put in a 20 spot they came back with fire in theory and they were afraid to go out and start a fight if they had to do they were gonna get pumped. And winning on their home court now you've got. Again series they can be even up with one more home victory. And you when you get down to these three game series in the NBA that's wouldn't become so much on I think day in that's the thing is these teens those are realizing who. Oh crap for a certain and indeed the scheme worked in five games oh like this is where it's gonna start talent who really owns a series like this Philly Miami game deny it's like what she's very young team like Philadelphia where I get over excited. Okay so see it happen in the Philadelphia series if you if you missed they came out they oust him in game one to go eat. Dwyane Wade has a big come back we surging game in game two. And then in game three EU have jewel become back mis dominates so they've been it's it's been lopsided victories for Philadelphia but there's then end of game instances on both sides. Where you have the team so in Miami I can't remember who the player was but they'd they'd. I've made a shot late that he didn't need for the victory kind of an canceled injury thing and it in a little but a blow out right. And Jo Ellan bead and this Philadelphia 76ers took offense to that underdog you did too disrespectful but it. Well then last night they went and they did this and then go out they did the same thing to them earn Thursday. There's. So they go out to do the same thing and get a late. Game. But it doesn't matter they could get we'd like to have blowout victories Joseph beat saved you. Yeah that's what do we would blow over pretty out of a lot of fun to win. So you can see either immaturity in these guys and if if you can get oh another vintage performance from Dwyane Wade picking them to win. But I see what happens if you can get the sixers to Parker because yeah they're the darlings of the NBA right now but again another team that hasn't won. And they've essentially got a rookie and they're gonna probably make a rookie of the year approve it did Benson instantly his first year. Joel and beat has not bend in the spotlight. Intel this season and this is a brand new 76ers team. And and others that should lead an alien Redick on their but it'll be interesting to see what happens. If you can get deep in a couple of these theories then and it's it's funny how. Used to be haves and have nots in the east. And in the west was always the deep oriental these series we're gonna go and and that's were all yours sweep possibilities are. The fact that Karl at the talons is disappear from this this Houston Minnesota series it would achieve when that first game and big catches. Ons the spurs have no chance against the warriors the blazers birdied down and out. But at least there's one compelling series and the reason I think it's of interest and how fun is washed. I'm Mitch gulf well it's funded also disk and you know bitter sweet as you know thirteen to rope and yet. And it would've taken another hour don't you mean. Story and the trailblazers who lives when we did take given we do you bring in Edmund and then we'll be right there Ahmed original plan to do it again until a blue eyes Greg was a good record at work. So it's a bright aged. Our guys they all I'm gonna say is entering into would have would have to slow the bullies get out Clyde Drexler on the T want to take joy. Just say oh he was a bit. It's not can you'd like everyday he he. Acts given to all. You have an over abundance and good good guards are it. You switch tech segment is also all of I'm at the kibo. Maybe it. I don't now in their crystal balls like we do. Maybe that had done things differently Joseph and I look at our balls next sentence and it. One other thing from just around the playoffs that. I failed to mention that last segment we got a little. And a little heated in a couple of those battles that. Seek justice when children step on the mask pupils compete. Disrespectful. But this is the bat mask breaks his leg I have a break with that indicate him giving people tickets that were blue. Fractured I wonder if they have a back. And let me ask you look at notes that the goggles built into it biggest fears that imposing dude with the outlook. Mass exodus superhero or super villain you wanna look at them. This is normally the time when we make all the picks for all the games only handfuls game. Today but since Joseph you join in as for this special. Occasion it's it's the Joseph Fisher version of this and saint you'll be back with the next week and I don't know. What you'll schedule is if you're gonna hit us before the playoffs are over them and have you picked the first round series please. That's unfair. I'm literally picking the winners of the first I'd say what you are going to be Smart guy Jules Fisher. And you're gonna help out all over listeners. And and pick the the first round it's a pick along with because it's a mobile. Week but I'm all from the EU in the U. You gotta roll from there that's I'm all right you're OK with that sounds great I think we should start with what we already know. Getting you down the fun and giving you view that out again. Are targeted at the obvious yeah I will start their blazers game four tonight at third this afternoon saying tonight. 2 o'clock another airplane at this smoothie king arena. You know it's mimicking its like the of them frozen margaritas. They're all over the world brain right now in. So smoothie king senator you've got blazers pelicans. One more victory and the Phillies advance in the second round who wins this yes we Pella can. Alone Favre and yes they will whether it's tonight whether or not and we really an and we Palo will occur in the given these stupid an awful duke game again hasn't gone nearly. Our Joseph whether it's tonight or tees they I don't know I don't even want them to come back to Portland after the last three games that we've seen what the reception be if they came back to Portland would still be that regular Mota senator. Lighter. As you know lions just heard of the lose hi David for the blazers a benefit I said it's good to get slapped it down in New Orleans because in you can get from. Please US based injuring nine away or that season away for that matter. And freak problems. If you've been Dylan's I have not on a minute I'm pretty sound yes from what I've heard that with the with the with what happened in game three I don't see any chance blazers win all the attacks on people said here comes or row. And you mentioned it earlier the only team ever force game seven. Or Portland trailblazers have been paid agent alienated if you know in one they'll be they'll be a part of the population have been on how they went in and it's going to be a. We think. We just start and that's that's. In retrospect that's the most Portland thing ever to come back from a 30 series lead and then just the least came seven. Wouldn't it or I hate and that you should really get my content that because then they'll be hoped it November that its public art. Up my theory was that they were gonna win game three and four come back to Portland at least 125 will stick with the trend of the obvious that I Golden State's up three you know I assume that you have no reason to assume Pittsburgh's winning game here. No way that was the team I wanted to in the first round with this bird's nest. And ours and that sucks study here about Gregg Popovich and his wife I mean that's oh of course not that. That's a terrible story yeah I mean and now he will not be coaching for game four tonight. Or tomorrow right. Which is understand yeah yeah and that that is that is a tough and it and it casts a bit of shadows of the NBA playoffs about it yet. But. You know I mean this this was kind of I think. This series along with the Houston Minnesota feel kind of inevitable. Houston's up 20. I assume you have been sweeping the and it's comfortable with the and eleven sleeping okay but I do have them winning this it's. I. Tom Thibodeau and I thank you have to go on again like that he's brought back Derrick Rose in Geneva is afraid of bowls and I apes because it's a rules for making it to the playoffs but they need to make some drastic improvements with that kind of core that they have. Be atop fourteen in the last meeting next year round if Jimmy Butler healthy I think the different team to two during the regular season I just think Houston's too much I don't suitable overwhelming in winning a game. Will stay in the west since we can hit the other three. Oh Casey and you'd our. Going into game three. So it's tied 11. Birdie mentioned that unit on that you think is kind of story of this. This series so far but the thunder also. Three superstars on the teams the 45 matchup. I see it going either way you do Uga. I see this series going in Oklahoma city's favor there's something about stars. And star power in the playoffs. That stand out to mean that team that thunder they've got it and I think that playoff. Is what he's told myself I think our ads Russell Westbrook they. They got to get out of the first round if you don't wanna be. The laughingstock MBA but too late is that I think places that at this point. This team had. That the thunder passing get out of the first round with that T I think I had to give the blazers if we need to thundered at least I've ever had acute and they are that's a zionist but I think the obvious and I'm glad they you'd done it I OK I like the young B and the -- team would want someone asks Jane to be right on the emerging superstar you saw that Donovan Mitchell broke the record for most points in his first two playoff games. That record held why. Michael Jordan hall and it that anytime you break a record held by Michael Jeffrey Jordan I think. Good company some figures on. Mostly because the routing reviewed. In this series but I think that's among the best series. Okay is in the plans to go Casey for the star power and because you Todd and even think they were going to be here to start the season so yeah awful surprise located in get I don't think they thought they were going to be here in the middle of the season so let alone that ended the season I let's move over to the Eastern Conference Toronto. Has a 21 lead. Over Washington in the wanted matchup if you Washington when it more. Maybe one more but I got to Iran there's something about this Toronto team this year their bench it's a little bit different guy different feel. And then they'll only used to LeBron James and an extra. Moose and you kind of period to lead a little worried a bit and it because then again that's just raptors basketball is you know. Faulted LeBron James at some point I have a hard time picture in the rafters. Went in and BA finals. We have them lose and at some point I think Washington's win a couple I think this goes to seven. It's. That the two least trustworthy teams. And in the NBA I don't trust Washington I don't have Toronto the Toronto and seven. Would be these act quickly. Give me the winner of the seventy match Abbas and his 21 lead over the bucks or. Give me Boston I wanna take Milwaukee led. Yeah they've got a very interesting season fired chase get halfway to the season I'm gonna trust the Celtics I am I agree and I do now on Miami Philadelphia's six rematch of received Philadelphia at eighteen to one advantage over the aged he. I like Miami and wells struck. Glad oh really let's go Philly Philadelphia for sure you pretty said you get the cavaliers beat the pacers yes. I've there and they're a 12. Hole. To the pacers. I campaign against LeBron James I'm with you on that one I think what we disagree on the thunder and under beats Oklahoma City gas on the take Philadelphia community. Think the jazz and we'll see what happens. Wheels out again next week the new producer of the morning showed us to give them were in Brian Buckley is going to be in with me next week. Big thanks to Joseph Fisher for Stepan in the and on and will. Thanks everybody for listening. Have a great week enjoy the sunshine. And we'll be back next week with more cigarettes thanks all right this stagnated band buyback.