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Sports Sunday
Sunday, August 19th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. We can sports where the difference. Does it go around Saturn and a little bit of we'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leaves them room better. Your dad is a car. Yeah it's the week are Henry shot tailor we use don't go to Dallas could really sunk. Look up Clark. Walked out on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friends. Well hey we're here nothing's wrong we're flying time. It's I'm a little. Welcome thank you it is a full sports Sunday nine to 11 AM today I think food. Oh super lasts or Sunday maybe next week is the last I think next week is the last week of sports Sunday and then we make the transition in the glorious transition. Two football Sunday. Which is an art name of our show obviously during football season and we rule next week explained to you the whole timing of the show it kind of gets a little Milwaukee throughout the fall we missed some shows of the CR seven early game. We have a normal 9/11 if they've got an afternoon game if they have a primetime game we have an eight to 930 sort all sorts of stuff that we gotta keep you apprised of so. Next week we will would get shipped to date on kind of how that's gonna work. But we are here nine to eleven today will be your nine to eleven next week and mineral all kind of get a little bit different as you'll transitional football Sunday I cannot believe. How fast football is approaching. It's like it doesn't go away anymore you know there's always a story about football NFL or college so. Not all of it and have been elm great stories. While former Rudy there's a lot going on football we have an I mean at least you and I. Having talked about we can say anything about Urban Meyer we've been really says anything about the situation is OK state that is it. With the with the kid the only in the a password that's Marilyn Marilyn excused themselves are yet so we don't say anything about that so. Mean there's almost an hour in football and. That is true you know. All last week I was out last week and you did it the AFC and NFC south division preview correct. Yes so this week really doing the AFC NFC north. Division preview in the next who will be the west divisions and includes York Seattle Seahawks in your. There are Cisco 49ers and probably your Oakland Raiders depending on. Who authors listening so we will do that next week we've got the Norris divisions as Chris Berman would say. Are coming up on the show today but let the reason I asked is it coming up faster than normal is. Normally when we get to early August in May be this is just me this year we get to early autism like. Well all coming back he silicon at the schedule you start seeing all the stories and hard knocks start senior all the stuff going on. And this year. I don't know why. It's what is save in nineteen. And I'm going. Wild. Focal starts in Kabul were you doing your own dozen college football star at a random week early with like three games to only get like him. On August 24 game or something like that usually somewhere right around there that's when college kind of start with always like we got 25 there are four games on August when he can't let me let me guess like apple action state. I played him now what are your on the right track here like on sure it's going to be all those teams but I'll probably watched half a quarter less than half a quarter. And it'll beyond red. What else is going to be on Saturday next week. I don't know. I look in my guys didn't see what is up for a pretty sure I'll find something else to watch besides house you masters is Duquesne overall wait a minute. Stopped traffic on 230 and that's not even on TV. You've got rice on her eyes ticket price vs prairie view. That's on ES PM plus which I guess you can't watch is in three anymore during the football season what's your report of Connolly yeah is for news. Really can we talk about the team. The easiest simplest thing sure I'm. Among super throw up. We even mention anything about arm trying Jennifer Reitman CJ McCollum I don't. That's awesome so there's been you know there's been certain things have happened we know we as human gone for like well yes so we'll get to Poland. Hawaii Colorado State that's on CBS sports network to watch that. It's super welcome your spot watches as many as TNT 7 PM New Mexico State vs Wyoming. Mexico's they can be when we come back next week cultural fault and have started. Yes. Yes it is so that's far enemy number I'm looking forward to seeing some Obama weekends are going to be dominated now. By foot and yet again and so looking forward to that and it's always nice when it's it's still nice out. So you can still barbecued or in this football where these are always he's the best times. To tailgate you're team is still full of promise everybody in the pac twelve and through every conference in college football. This thing in the same thing for the most part national championship so that's arteries clean slate so. My wife and higher we we were officially started moving into our new home. And congratulations thank you Saturday is the day that are cable Internet gets switched so perfect. Cultural ball starts will be in our new house we'll have our TV and Internet switched over. I am this episode also balls back ago and I think also this is not a reason to live football surprising me this year. Is I was just gone for a week in Vegas literally like six or seven days and this is one of the first times. I've ever taken a trip. Work even though I watch sports on the trip there what to sports books. I have no earthly idea what's going on in the sports world like you telling me all the stuff I was like oh I forgot that I did see something about the I'm trying Jennifer. Right that was even on the top my mind. I forgot sadly that the Maryland player castaway. I forgot your Meyer investigations going on because I haven't. It was the most disconnected I was from sports on the vacation I think in my entire life. So we got back Friday. In emulate. What's happening that's good I mean that's a good thing to get you to something other sports like for me this is this is always fun because I get to do this once a week. Maybe twice you know one win high school football starts. But for the most forget to do this wants you heard talk in sports separate them and in some cases through three different three our four hour shows. So. I'm sure at some point you get burnt out old sports like for our go I'll go 34 days and not looking anything about sports yeah it is. Venice area Ronald say this about even jobs that are better jobs of people want is eventually you know you you'll burnt out. If you're just like demon research in sports stories every day and get to talk about getting a little burned out some times so yeah I mean that it was appropriate time vacation community is because I was. I was reaching that pinnacle point where I was like. Urban Meyer. Talk of how fit it though yeah I hear you cited a whole week of not having to talk about it which is great that's you know that's awesome. You know one thing up a figure out about working in media and radio in particular. Is or especially sports radios that. When you're not doing it people wanna ask you about sports and I'm like oh no bro like I'm not a the X I don't I don't know whose goal in the Super Bowl ever some or go to the bar so I was one Barbara this is really. And shook everything a semi pro I've I don't know man I'm just. I dislike talking sport I enlisted personnel are just just the guy wrote amnesty guy I'm just the guys it's funny sort you're not here I know people are constantly asking you about. Sports and yet you probably baseball we mourn. And I mean some of the about the local teams Ricky you know some walk up with family it would be but the blazers what we'll scallop doctrine elements like. The school I appreciate if you would come up and talked to him but you know there's awesome to be famous. Most famous man hero of the underlies them. And second of all it is nice to have people come up and say hi at the level that they do to me because I'm not as a pursuit. So it's not as frequent as I'm sure for them. But yeah just you know you'll have to talk about sports and may join us ahead as we can chat about anything you know. Well sunrise sports is a good lead and that is true it's an easy restore of a recession. Are so. We will talk about the NFC and AFC north divisions which I guess we'll start next because I need some time to find out what on earth happened this week. A so I'll be the rest of this hour we do a hitter a lot of coming up at 1030. In then I guess if god trying Jennifer and me god this week which was hilarious and son. We've got V Urban Meyer stuff we have the Marilyn stuff. I'm sure there's more all we in the NFL it's that you senator serving we saw some relieved bad illegal hits yesterday in the and blowing him well reasoned that the air quotes are all of that there are quote unquote they were called illegal hits the question is were they actually no they definitely were so we'll talk about that probably as well so that's coming up on the show Texas and the better you today attacks I've 55305. You find us on Twitter at Mike Lynch 27 is mean or shots out to the main 503 just is that just yells and a as the anime and and other station is at 1080 the fan. So up. Let's start when if you wanna start AFC or NFC north. It's brutal even with Packers relieved in the Steelers. I'm going to me will stop a top team in the division yeah let's start with the more interesting or the least interesting is probably. Grunow I think innocent populous centrist and all online at least you have Ayers and only you have Oman. I mean like Packers in Bill Clinton and Barack surrogates in north and let's do that although I think the browns are very interest. AFC north coming up next here on sports Sunday on 1080 nothing. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday whip my camera shots on Kennedy program. Quickly before we get into the divisional previews. Are promoting. This year's Dirk is great fantasy football draft which is this Wednesday. At the big else in Beaverton. Progress ridge area down there on a barrels road. You gotta be there at 6 o'clock you have to be there for some ball he's gonna be there at sixes and registration opens in the draft will start at 7 o'clock. May she read a tablet or phone or computer that can run the draft when I'm doing like aboard offline for opera's doing it all together. On laptops and tablets weakening amstel did draft together. Both were shot and I have leagues like we have every single year. We both might have a couple of openings left so if you are interest in him can make it this Wednesday against the Beaverton big Al's 6 o'clock. Show up time 6 PM and in the duffel start at 7 PM. Shoot us your email address on the batteries attacks on at 55305. This is not exactly a for sure if you semi milieu getting into the league Rea have a couple of people who were currently a little bit flaky. If they cannot make it then we will include you in our the instant view of the email as well as the invitation to leagues so if even if you if you're not only gives the people come and hang out. And grab some drinks at the at the big yells out there and hang out of all of us who are going to be out there will be Meehan were shot and just she'll be there and I'll Luke and will consider in the seat are going to be there we've got obviously durden Sprague have a league. I believe that buck from a dusting cam has the league. We've got a hot chick league this year which is Morgan who was one of our promotions goddesses whose gonna be there. And I heard round one rumblings that Crawford might be coming up for a but that is an unsubstantiated. So she doesn't need your email pat the batteries it takes on a pop out to Republicans like to be involved in it as a currently a backup. And we will edited list and then we will. Send me email out tee you if we do you need you for one of the spots in the league and much appreciated this is always lot of fun Millen do in this event. One of the few events that the that were shot and I get to do your recent years so it's it's certainly something that. If you haven't been to before says the ton of fun it's a tunnel listeners because there's like eight or ten leagues all of them are ten to twelve peoples of our people there. Were going to be there are seeking comes say hey if you'd like canned it's a fun and I'm looking forward to it so I've got a W in this league. I think all of us of one memory caller social championship Sunday that yes names of the so it's supposed to be called specially during like champions and Super Bowl week. But so I'm looking forward to it man I got a lot of people from last year that has said they want to come back and competing leagues and Yemen should be a lot of fun. Got a couple repeat people myself a lot of new people's well I was out lassie conceived. Promoted it on primetime and said hey. You wanna go you do immediate and Tawny mills so those people who work some of the new people who will be coming into the league with me this year. And I know Jesse didn't respond to my tax attacks generals like okay. Q did you Miley estimated to be twelve people if he wants for her shots that's fine but you can respond so you're still might be for. Yeah I I really it's been kind of a crazy week is I was we we hosted the out party for. A graduation party for space sister linemen now am. I have the draft to today that I am hosting in my house is wells and quarterback not hosting staff so he has been cat crazy week in. And my other jobs been crazy busy as well so I am been ahead in the ground style not that area very good at getting back. I haven't made up my mind yet. I guess I got talked her shod see where he's. You know he might have already filled up the entirely with all his. And I can take twelve Perot like we can figure it out now we can I don't know I thought about the idea back and back and forth between your guys is Lee you know since. In I'll probably never Gillie in my own self. The movie by Alan Schneider nice nice explorer we should go ahead and and you know rally for those old yeah that was only. I'll champion as well well it's really Fuzzy feeling great champion and every year like Jeff comes up he's like thanks for showing up and I'm like yeah yacht that likes. Why. Well I would not miss this for the world is literally I would say next in my draft like my favorite day of the air cells. It is I have draft. It is a lot of fun yes and if you if you've never been. Even if you're not. In an admirer Shively you'll hear Jesse react to loudly from across the room about synergies draft obscenities no sanity is all they're going to be out there. I can't remember I don't think he occurs when she. Fell and I might have the acting out a joint bill two years ago yes stopped taking George bell and he was so mad. But last year what I remember is I was doing the hot corner segment. And IAE Mike hicks came up and I didn't notice it until like twenty seconds to go. And I talked Frank Gore would like my fifth I think it's because I couldn't find anybody quickly enough and Jesse just looked to me from across through what I. I. And I was like OK I was trying to multitask here but yeah. It's definitely easy to get caught up you know with the would drive the one point one year my Internet just wouldn't work and then the other year. As the year actually won oddly enough. Are attracted to people that I did not want and man there's two people ought to be explored and those two people end up being the best two people wanting one of which was. Is Hugh Elliot and I was not happy about regular at that appointments. Who they'll do well. Issue now we're South Korea this year were rookies is going to be one of the top five Texas on Barkley he's gonna and fast rule. He's been looking good tempers are it. Lets kids MS Wednesday this Wednesday acting LT Retief you have to be there she history melt battery today attacks on five Arthur obviously if you'd like to be. I considered as a backer of the league is perhaps try to fill our leagues at the moment. And again be rich and big Al's arm bears rode kind of in the are there endear him let's get into our continuation of our NFL preview of the divisions we did the east divisions two weeks ago Rashad did he and Jesse did he sell divisions last week. Then we'll do the north. Divisions this week let's start in the AFC north and let's start with. He Baltimore Ravens the the biggest. Intriguing thing for me about Baltimore and maybe this is gonna sound obvious is what is Lamar Jackson going to be union. We've seen some weird stuff for the in the pre season so far. He did did the whole opinion if you remember in the old actually started Robert Griffin the third is currently listed as their back up over Lamar Jackson. They brought Mark Jackson ended. As well Mac game we've also seen. Reports that in practice. They've been putting Lamar Jackson a wide receiver while Joseph Flacco has been quarterback. Or vice Versa Alec this weird double quarterback system caused Lamar Jackson and his. Really athletic so he can kind of do at all. In on this very curious to see. What their plan is for him because he's the first trump regrettable aspect of the first trauma first round pick Joseph Flacco is not get any younger. And obviously Flacco I think it'll bull as long as he's healthy over the sort of the whole year but I'm very curious if they get Lamar Jackson vault. In some trick play packages or anything like that. And almost fastened about Baltimore I think you're gonna see Lamar Jackson field on not a lot but. Enough and not think you have it when you have an athlete like that if you have Michael Vick. It's gonna put that guy on your pitch like he's got to do something for you out there. Player the comes to mind for me is Kordell Stewart in and I think that's been. The one comparison that we've been kind of giving to mark Jackson's because. He can't be relievers you can use him a lot of different package he's big enough to where you can mine about. As a slot receiver and especially in the red zone situations and play jumble and see what happens we've seen and heard people. You know and route two touchdowns collars so we know that he's athletic enough. To make it happen but also have a margin total football as quarterback for Baltimore. And he gives you away different look than Joseph Flacco is gonna Flacco is not an escape any pockets he can. But it's it's it's not gonna look pretty well Lamar Jackson doesn't and he has. Madden 2004 written all over him and he's Mike and I think he can be one of those guys that really changes the way. Baltimore is doing things you look at the rest of this AFC north and and you got to at least two other teams that are going to be competitive and oddly the hat to him talk about isn't the Bengals and the browns and Pittsburgh are obviously going to be better. Baltimore's brilliance in the situation they gotta do something fast as they're falling behind even. Even people are really optimistic about Cleveland is doing right now after Baltimore and you can't let them gain. Is Mitt. In sync with the Baltimore that they always seemed to be good in playoff team. But yet we never ever look at them as this great team before the season starts early recently we haven't. In other nationals actually questioned right and they've got kind of hodgepodge of receivers and and running backs their defense is always pretty good but. If you look at their head coach and John Harbaugh and you know he's a great head coach and that's a director that. Can get you 78 wins a year engage in the playoff picture they're almost always hang around that 978 made. Wild card spot in the AFC north tiger if you are I think that. I worry with the browns necessarily the browns will be better but I don't know are going to be better in the ravens. But that they will certainly be behind the Steelers who were still the class division still a Big Ben a quarterback. As long as he stays healthy they'll be they'll refinement and Antonio Brown whose best receiver in the league. Yes it's arguable but not my mind you've got one of the best running backs in league Olivia embellished sort of a solid defense and they bear salute class division in my mind ahead of the ravens. So shall I say as far as the browns are coming this year I think issued a browser gonna win. Five to six I think that's. OK for them but. I'm talking as far as moving forward like did you look at the talent they've been able to collect over the past couple years like at a point miss it's it's. I think it starts to jail and others think it's matter of having the right leadership and that's what I mean as far as they have to do something. Pretty much assume is like you said Joseph Flacco is getting older. He's not the guy to emerge Flacco for a lot of years is really do I think we think of Imus. This scrubs you know Flacco for a lot of years is really good and Super Bowl winner and as one of the few guys to go into New England. And win enroute to going to the super doubles so. It's important to keep that in mind I think it's you when you have a kite like Lamar Jackson. It's important to groom him to be the future difference. So what about the Steelers entered into you this year because to me here and basically the same team. Honestly young bell stops pulling out and comes back that right there for me that's the most Internet dark and just think think for me as I mean you have a guy. Who's been regarded as the best running back in this league for the past four years and this is with injuries with suspensions and yet and still. He's able to just produce. That's the part for me it's like Ella and any other team for the most part would. You know jump with a chance for guys like maybe a bill on I think they will be jumping had a chance for. Somebody like him who's from all accounts it doesn't Sally he's been a back teammate. Than selling it in the back yard in the locker room when he gets suspended you know he got suspended for what for it was a for weir for PA I think it was I think Newsweek if I remember correctly but not spend about it we men like that and I get it like cut. I totally understand but it's. Momentum suspend the wife weak in my Matta about it from a player and I'm not exactly from a player like I said if this guy has a bad teammate and I would totally gets it he's been. Well accounts he's done everything he was supposed to do when he's carried his load he's done everything he's been supposed to do a we're supposed to do for his friends are so. Why he hasn't gotten a contract that he. At least close to what he wants is crazy to me. Yeah why why will won't the Steelers pay him. Those are go to another plan in place they've you know. All here here's the thing is there they're giving him gigantic amounts of money on a year by year basis of the franchise tag right. Instead of giving him a contract. And this is the oil look at I understand that a lot of teams are going away from paying the running backs because they wanna go like committee and it works. In. Decent way for most teams. But. We have seen. Great running backs carry teams still to this day. Ezekiel Elliott when he came in as a rookie. Thanks for the offensive line a lot of the two completely carried it back cowboys team to the playoffs right. And you saw when he missed a lot of the season last year just how bad they work just telling consistently work. Were were very very high answer calm market this year the pastor running back who shot from the giants. And in the pre season he's looked amazing. And all of a sudden were instead of us going off the giants are meddling in a ceased humor gone or maybe just maybe their playoff team again he got a lot of Beckham junior back. Eli Manning is as Dave Dave said hey he's our quarterback for the next couple years you know ultimately running back. Great bam perfect maybe on Dell's been huge impact player for the Steelers on the Steelers have a lot of great players must not just on bell but. If I was Pittsburgh I would just hate the guy I understand the running back position is fickle. But in terms of injuries but I wouldn't risk losing him because he's so PO do you. In a year than have him go off for three years for different team and and get hurt and is I would lose you still look at it. I was 26 in council AV up from seventh summer maybe onslaught. Old by by NFL standards quite yet he's still got some room in some time to really do some stuff and I had. I totally understand if somebody's locker room cancer. If they don't pull their weight don't feel like if you anybody watch hard knocks and saw the whole thing with court Coleman. And here's a guy this dropping passes on the field over and over and over again and then have the nerve of corners that while most sport with secretary magistrate okay. Case. Not a problem like PGA does sound like they beyond done any of those things here's a guy that says Matt I've. Done my part I'd like to be paid sport especially in consideration that some of these other guys that are getting paid have been done what I've been so he should pay before. Anything you see with a bang osu this year so I'm pretty boy I'm Victor boring you know. And dull an American players who have. They just don't they don't treat me at all I missed a good Daniels went three years ago there were a fun team to watch mentally that team is gone because you Jackson left. They're gonna get office according to some left. That offense is as ugly so there's nothing yeah I mean I there's only of angles away in seven games games you know they're good enough to do that. Matt Barkley and Jeff Driscoll the bankruptcy and welcome welcome and hunger. Cancer. Are coming up next stick into the ground a little bit with hard not to seem so about some of the stuff go on with him this off season. And the we will move on to the NFC north this is sports Sunday here's Jesse with sports. On weekends where may through sports. This is sports Sunday when Mike and Chris Judd on 1080 Beltran. Other 6 yarder Sunday morning macro shot with its 11 AM we are continuing our previews. Of the NFL division leading up to our start of football some in a couple of weeks. We just talked about the ravens and the Steelers in the camps gloss over the renewals because sorry that confidence thing. Other browser very interesting though and they are on hard knocks which inning doubles the interest in the team anyway could get to see some of the stuff as the offseason in the pre season. Goes on. The browns to me are one of the most fastening teams in the entire NFL. Because they are a team that has won one game in two years and yet. Hue Jackson. Still owes his job. And they finally brought him what appears to be a competent quarterback. Ended drafted but the number one pick a quarterback who. Was a risky pick. But have a lot of a lot of high potential a ceiling which is very browns' pick. They brought in some talent getting Jarvis Landry just cordons coming back the this I'm Carlos Hyde at the running back position the defense has always been fairly solace or not overly worried about that. But. They actually appear. To be a team ready to improve finally. They finally look like they're going to get out of the doldrums of the one and you wins and zero in seasons. And I mean I don't know what that means there that means five wins this year or something like that but what a market improving balance be from zero to five and I'm just fascinated by them they're interesting team and uninteresting characters on there. Guys who. Who I mean maybe just because of hard not to release passing them are fun to watch him. Oh and by the way they just got Josh Gordon's. Car so you're looking and saying listen to this office just close your eyes and just. Imagine this is just any roster was into the skill players Jarvis Landry Dayne Joseph grew. Tyrod Taylor's quarterback job is your running back. Josh Gordon on the other side grows tighter. Policy ideas or your running back but you know NATO is currently in the you know person that you really for the moment. For the moment so and then you know Josh Gordon's combat then that's scary. You talk about you look at the rest of this AFC north. That might be outside of Pittsburgh. Name a name a better group than that right now and then Utah there's only one team right now on the so NFC north that has any trade potential. And that's Cleve you've got according to quarterbacks and if you watch any pre season. Baker may took place. Like he's he's been my age it's pre season I get it he's played against some ones he's been really impressive and he's made some rose Chillicothe oh. OK he had one sideline throw that was just gorgeous in that first week ago OK that's a that's at that it was an it was an out route that's like that's an NFL throw right here and you do you saw some of those drives. You know you've got a quarterback that you can groom and to be something great right now Tyrod Taylor. Is showing that. I should still be the quarterback and in buffalo and you've got all of big potential maybe trade one of those pieces and say man let's Billy and where we kind of need to right now I think the browns are awesome position. Again I don't think you're gonna win eight games on when twelve games but could they can't go out and win by six. I think so you tell me what these guys those receivers in this running back and that quarterback in that division they can't beat. The way I look at it is the very much the way that I think Lynch's looking and it all I'll believe it when I see it that. Week we talked. Heard years on the show about the Jacksonville Jaguars like probably two or three years before they actually finally popped last year about oh my gosh look at this talent look at this town look at this town look at the talent. And what did it take it didn't take talent to come in there and get the jaguars moving the ball and playing defense it took. Tom Coughlin coming in there a bit not even a coach to come in there and change the culture that football team to get the right. Guy in there and dug around. It it as the head coach at which I know. Lynch doesn't think a lot of him but it has proven writes I loved our camera and kind of I've I feel like you've had that conversation with Mir like I don't know about him. As a book as NFL coach rob you think he's kind of Vanilla. He is Vanilla but I lucked out where he's producers how public knows Tom Coughlin and Tom Coughlin the Vanilla guy he's out he's out there. Well being Vanilla and nonmilitary aid exactly so it's worked but it it it took changing the culture. You brought in talent. And you can tell like on hard knocks Jarvis landry's and they're just screaming from the mountain tops trying to change the culture. But the culture changes in the front office it changes with your coaching staff and what do you having your coaching staff a coaching staff that's 11 game in two years. Only did bring in Todd Haley to be an offensive coordinator did it then met with the hard knocks if you've been watching it one of the most of saying things to me in this happened in week one was. In the first meeting. Ever put multiple coaches including Haley said. Who were not doing this right. And hue Jackson basically said shut up I'm the head coach I get to make those decisions. Which I thought was kind of interesting considering you won one game in tears. Yeah yeah so at any moment maybe it's also your fall from for crooning about culture so you said he was doing good. Good job army and us a sense but I don't know if that's mr. McKay no we got a look at some things that you know about them. Hard knocks I think can make you a a huge fan of someone or make you think someone has a huge huge you know a lot Jeff Fisher. You know I just gruden dislike Jeff issue even more. Than before and it for hard start. May hue Jackson so my that is kind of thought was we knew he was good coordinator but what can be is ahead coast some of the things he's saying it's like. OK you know outside of that whole exchange with what time of it and say man you're right hum hey this is. This arm on the captain of the ship you're gonna do word I say we're gonna do or you can leap that's the way any head coach from the worst team in the league to the best and they all much. Listen to my assistants we're gonna take every bit. Of of information in the weekend to make this a better frame but. This is this is my ship and I'm gonna you know but it's art so I totally got that part power you know so. I don't know I just think it's one of those things he's he's practiced saying some of those things now why are we walking stop about stuff right now this whole walking stuff this is the issue this is why we're. Oh and whatever like and I think it's things like that's like OK and showing those things in practice like man this is not a weekly football. I understand the dictator coaching. Like I understand it worked for Bill Belichick it works for certain coaches but it didn't work for Josh McDaniels eat it for a dictator whose thirteen Mike and I just say for dictator coaching to work. You have to bring something to the table bay. The table are that the the players look at go oh yeah yeah this guy's got some credibility one resolutions to that hue Jackson have. Like I'm sorry Todd Haley has leaps and bounds credibility over a guy like hue Jackson who hasn't done anything other than when one game in two seasons. A Todd Haley at least has been at the Helm of one of the most elite offenses that we've seen for a bit in the last couple years so. Wing when you hat when you bring in a guy like that. You don't dismiss what he has to save up what we're doing this wrong elaborate on that now whether you agree with thinner it or not. That's that's accused the head coach what you should take that person who has that experience and elaborate. And then maybe you don't got it right there are just I think that's some and I and I call we get that runner got some say two men want his memory dorms you know go to you because what you. He's doing is wrong or offers okay well I think there's a different way and Todd haley's kind of shown so like an event. The location of your people watching her in boxing he's kind of look. Kind of feel lucky well there's always a YE blame Ben Roethlisberger hated tie it and so there you also like so that's how you come hold all criminal and Alibaba. Yeah also ran a great offense but it helps Jeff hall of fame quarterback. You know it definitely helps that you have with Jesse and you consider. And also helps jab Hines Ward did you have a lot of these hall of fame people in place. He would do better you today attacks on us 55305. A couple text real quick palatable to Brown's regret not taking us home Barkley wants from you when Jim money. I don't in there and our Greta they needed to take a quarterback Barkley might be great but you're not gonna take him number one overall when you're desperately in need of quarterback. So I so they're gonna regret it at all. No matter take Mick mayfield over Sam Arnold but we'll we'll see about that. Of this tax system browser in the same category as the timberwolves in my opinion lots of talent should be good and I won't be surprised that they are that they got to deal for a buy stock. Opposite of the spurs until we actually saw the mark and a bit against them. A miniature rolls and be given him a little bit too much credit because the duels have actually been in the playoffs have been good. But I see the point you're trying to make is it's a team that you don't buy and until April 21 on the certainly going to be browse. One other question before we break here. Is very simply. Why on earth to bill's fans hit Tyrod Taylor so much from one another town. Because I think he's actually he's not great quarterback but he's a serviceable to good quarterback. And now the bills have. Mean Peter manage in return and Josh found little had I've had this conversation I'm gonna go and say at least seven or eight times since Tyrod is traded. It it blows my mind and and once again I've called out. Built mafia or I. You also. I. Well Apple's market immediate threat to their Oracle's mafia's everywhere in the us the one who didn't let humans and does it hurt who was. Buffalo. AJ McCarron McCarron I'm fracture of his left Colorado great thing is is Josh Allen's turn. Sure logo. Are coming up next let's switch gears in the NFC north the Minnesota Vikings a Super Bowl favorites. Did they get better. By getting Kirk cousins that's next here on sports on them. We can sports where the difference. This is sports and that in with Mike and Rashad on 1088 the fans. Last segment of the first hour of the show we're on 11 o'clock sports Sunday micro shut Jesse with few better you to attacks on us 55305. Keep separate those with textual read them on the air and. And read them off as well and unable to get the men during your segment we've just previewed the AFC north division. We'll move on to the NFC. Norris division and we will start with these Super Bowl. Opt not favorite one of the many favorites of the NFC as the Minnesota. Vikings. And it. They were amazing team last year obviously. And they may just Richard quarterback they like his can't go he went to Denver they signed Kirk cousins of the first ever fully guaranteed contract. In NFL history. I'm ninety's so million dollars over three years. And I into me that's the most interesting part about the team because they're basically the same team. They get delving could come back from injury remember he was their high draft pick from Florida State last year he got hurt very early with a torn ACL. Are they were still final poll MacKinnon in the tedious Marie MacKinnon has now gone to San Francisco. And if so gummery and Delmon coach has their top running backs. The receivers are largely the same they're tight end is still Kyle Rudolph. The bid defense distilled top top defense the biggest change of them as I got Kirk cousins over case keep him. And frankly to me. That is a change that that brings you from. Great to the best. Because last year. The vikings. And unit they were almost unbeatable folic it went thirteen in three. And Dallas with case Tina and look Kirk cousins is better think he's Keenan is a moral lecture quarterback in case you know we've done a segment Kirk cousins. On the show in the past and his stats for compare some of the best in the league over the last few years. So to meet. This does nothing but make the vikings even more of a threat come playoff time because they will make the playoffs. Not a finished first last year so they're scheduled to be a little bit tougher than it was last year or so is kind of the realm of being a good team as you get all of your first place teams and are scheduled. But. With Kirk cousins I don't think there should be a problem and to me he is ready he's poised and ready to turn from. Undervalued great quarterback to now hold. Maybe not superstar but constantly talked about record directors will be immigrant. Listen I'll say this if the Minnesota Vikings have a winning season. Or are able to go to the playoffs considering the schedule and they have. Then if there's no reason this consider that anything other than the best listen to some of the teams they have to play they start the season fair Cisco. Would a lot of which a lot of people are considering the second best team in the NFC west you know right behind the grants. And they have Green Bay and here it is in the play there than they play the rams in week four in the play Philadelphia week five. And they play New Orleans week. Then they play the by the patriots Green Bay the patriots Seattle back to back to back. From oh weeks twelve or fourteen like you go ahead and you go thirteen and 312 and four with this schedule van man. People should bow down in the units in the NFC north. Will be here's the thing right so we've talked about this and that it is very issue the AFC is weird this year but there's like two ish good teams. The NFC is loaded. The vikings Eagles ran as the saints niners the Packers. Etc. There's a little gap between those bottom two teams I mentioned in the top three are just powerhouse teams absolutely bonkers besides for the most. But. Man if I had to pick wanna be really hard hard pressed me not to pick vikings is based on the teams they'll. Obviously you could very easily make arguments for the rams and Eagles and I'm and I'm sure I could do myself thanks. Right well I think the saints are good but not the same levels those three teams but. When you have the defense as staunch as that vikings' defense and here's the thing. The vikings defense was really good last year and I'm certain certain ways but today they underperformed and a lot of games. They are really good team is they get back to what you expect from the vikings defense a regular basis. And you add Kirk cousins of the softens which is filled with studs. Remember out of fuel and his breakout season last year and got some funding is coming back got multiple running backs got Kyle Rudolph. That might be the best team in the NFL right there except I think it is the best team in the NF all right fair and I like the way Eagles are built a man that vikings team is scared me. No yes they have a it's easily the scariest team in this whole division I mean the Packers as long as they have Aaron Rodgers. They'll be fine and they made some adjustments season. But there's nobody that's really the patrons of the NFC north there's really no one that's even close to them and their talent at this point. It's it's it's really. It's night and day just between them in the Packers is just it they're a totally different team do you think that. With Kirk cousins being added into the fold into the schedule is tough what you just read off hostile deal to go twelve or thirteen entered. I believe I'd. To tough schedule. You know that the schedule this this schedule it it's. They'll they'll have to prove it you know I think to the the reason that we covet teams like Pittsburgh and new England and for a long time Seattle is than they were able to prove they were able to go out there. With a first place schedule hours here and still. Have a great season and still win twelve games to a thirteen games. Are they able to do that and I think that's that's really the question for Philadelphia as well you had a great season last year when you do have to play. All the top teams now that you do have to play those guys. How are you gonna fair and I think that's going to be the big question I think we'll know everything we need to know about the team by about week six. Three they go 33 rooms okay they can still going on on a big run but I think you'll be able to tell everything that we need to know about this vikings team by at least weeks. Every got a break let's keep it back on time let's wrap it up next on. Oh by the you know the Packers are interesting because of Aaron Rodgers but. I changed in his comments for businesses receivers are being lazy in the can catch the ball and the worst roses overseen. Trying to light a fire under them. They've also been the same head coach Mike McCarthy for so many years and we've kind of always heard little rumblings of them being unhappy with him there. I wonder if this might be the season were all kind of falls apart. The lions and the bears. Bringing into your head coaches. Are actually. The lions are missing team to me and I'll tell you why and then the bears have mark health portraits of the discussion is an office of analysts assistant. Or Tennessee was using a bill to do there's about twelve inexorable move on the sports Sunday on the fact.