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Sports Sunday
Sunday, August 19th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns area bounty on. Adam Scott Shannon Sharpe. The football done yeah about aliens now you can catch TV about sixty team. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday with a Mike Lynch. Who would go to. You can't he's groomed. For the rude. Of you seemed his for the. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do that I can see you don't wanna be sure we'll hear from under on it was a good hustle and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. They. Our series series here on sports Sunday tiger shot review as well as Jesse until 11 AM the better you today techs on is 55 after a five as a reminder. A this is for backup spots at the moment but we may be using you as well if you would like to be involved in either shot or eyes. Fantasy football league with the dirt in Sprague fantasy football draft which is this Wednesday. At TP were too big gals in progress for some barrels road 6 o'clock registration 7 o'clock draft time. A you have to be able to be at the draft and bring a laptop or travel with you. If you like to be involved please send me he or email address to be buried today text and by countries are five. And if he do you have a couple spots open up we bowl ad you. A two hour legal entry team element she can still make in the Washington right to delete. I'm so if any yup they're about to be put a pin may be a position for now please showed us your email. And ability to its harassment by a vote of five this Wednesday Beaverton they gals. Progress rate barrels road 6 o'clock is when you get there 7 o'clock from the draft starts were shot and I have a league Jesse will be there. Luke and will have believed it dirt Sprague have a league believe buck and increase or has the league's wag my heavily. Think he does hot chick Lee Morgan this year who's a promotions gal and other might do one or two mores wells a lot of us are going to be there so. It was a fun time of it like to be even if you talk about hang out how to live below are the hot girl. As you do not do your league but sadly are no not sadly. It is sadly for you how why cancel the sleeve that I am currently do. I've liked joy luck early please cast on me you go say hi to the heart growing. And you can sit on the draft with your own computer to be offered about Graham's gonna go ahead squeezing payments and a half ago or a member is just one hot girl the rest is he's taken the rest likely going to be. Guys. Properly use commissioner buys. The hot growth station at the moment all that's misleading. So yeah. Mean you can still be more like the idea of matters well a you know Lima let. It's all to stay with. Oh with a one week we're champions league champions. John yeah. Leadership I think it would change the name Miley this year to do you drop on prime time that is become a favorite of a lot of people. I am a balloon by that drop. My adding Miley is going to be that in our league is I'm trying Jennifer. And apps. I'm I'm Jennifer. Earlier this is we know our season we know you listen to drop them talking about for those who don't know or don't listen to prime time I probably wouldn't buy. I was set on the air that's a realtor that's. What I mean I've loved the context assault I was I was talking about. Very very large speak for a. We're talking about the start of the Jimmy drop lows seen on the day when it. And how her brutal football news and I hit it in that drop I was a person. Who was walking up to her. And I was talking as if I was her breasts. So it down because they're equally hard to keep her shirt idea globally and go. Those who dropped I don't know why I said by just cut was a payment happened ridiculous when he drops. As a party guys and crimes should know. What what his party has been known to have. You know and our vices too while listening to prime. Trees to us and why smear enough ice those that. Like its own party. Prime time no one seamless. I which is making a comeback Assad that miss Aimee I'm gonna get a Ziemer. Just for nostalgic reasons for nothing else they're not good street. Do you yeah future for did you presume I remember zeman that if you don't actually have have had I did not have them yes. They were like. Liquor ups rights. And kind but the senate did it was it was OK and look let's be fair here. I'm assuming you've been nice to at least one mile the Smirnoff ice and really Hannity and yet you have to pound it are you to new launch target there on a mud Neal and however yes I will. Now it was my hard lemonade to part of the rule is it to the and Alton you know. And it's done that since I was like sixteen. Oh and before he countered I don't you need to employment not all adequate. At Alice zealots that to definitely that's definitely drinking may for 16:17. Am out. Let's stop fooling people think and that labor stuff is for adults may want to turn like when he three. You stop drinking anything that's like where are musher rights or racial although legal drinking age is 21. So this is me for a nudge nudge 21 year oh. Yeah you're steadily made for 21 year olds. Unfortunately Arafat however I only had to do it once my life and it was really painful. Because it's it's so cold in carbonated but it chug Unionists it just hurts so way anyhow just told me that says powervu chugging Beers great. Early yet. It's a different it's a different kind of pain when was the last time you'd be Obama. Pure bar owned beer bong yes I shot him to be recently but I beer bond probably seen here actually six years ago Jesse. Bill longtime IA have shotgun recently which IA. Come to find out still a shot gun jammed in Ben's. That that that was always my thing like twelve ounces down they gotten my three quarters of this and right boom gone I was decent chuckling and I was actually out. Really good beer bonding or we called funneling button has really easy to me and now he's just just open the so let it go on down just open throw. Credo Credo is there a sense of many jokes for that and a look at me creative. We're beyond talking about your guests only about NFC north's we will continue to our previous. So are the Packers. I am getting to the point or by a. Am worried for Mike McCarthy's job he's been on the hot seat for a couple of years Aaron Rodgers doesn't seem super happy. The team around him is just not that good anymore. And it. Know last year they went what a knee. And what do they do to improve the team that year I. I see nothing offensively that super improvement here and Alison they're often to line has been a lot. So they stay healthy they'll will help and actually I'm rob has been hurt too bad. I I don't like this team this year. It's weird to say can you would think an error Roger's team would be old still win ten music to play awesome and maybe that's the case you can woven that but. I don't see it on trusted. Armed. Physical part like the pack is haven't really been a good team for a few years like they've been lucky enough to have. Not even arguably and is coming from Brady and Brees biggest fan. The best quarterback in the league east for the past five to six year and he's been able to make happen on his arm and of course have a guy like Jordy Nelson definitely help now that your security blanket is gone in Jordan Austin. Well here is John anyway users will not he was hurt but I mean and we we saw Rogers makes something out of options out that he took. A packer franks and made a five course meal out of it and that's pretty much with and I'd even like Nathan's franks Ike. Our yes that's what we have now with Green Bay Packers via RS hot dogs you have. Aaron Rodgers was useful mignon and middle of that just trying to make every thing else. Better and unfortunately. I don't know if he's going to be able to do it this year coming off that's older injury. We know is going to be different I am I think we are no errors will be the most. Almost competitive guys and and info on your kind of talking about the relationship with Mike McCarthy. Like here's the physical part and Rogers is too much of competitors so let the team sick. He wants to win too much. The judge throws heads up and say men's group on one play and I don't wanna coached a play with this guy and everything he wants to be out there he wants to win. Every single game as you can tell by how old he was on the sidelines last year when green it was losing a lot of those games. There was hot frustration. In his space because he wanted to BO players so he's too much of competitors to lose and because of that McCarthy's and keep his optic and robbers can keep that in. The yeah I mean their. It's such men as many you're not gonna give him because really re honest. McCarthy as a coach probably should have been a few years yeah just being real parent that whole end up Aaron Rodgers just keeps getting games and gets hurt last year and so. Well now he give why. We weren't as good but they finish seven and I'd like he comes out there and he went ten games and all of a sudden Mikey get keep your job because you potentially just made the play us an error Rodgers is probably gonna win him. Let's chat with them packer fan yesterday and I'm like this what kind of I think is really weird about the Packers recently the way they are drafting like like like last year they're draft was running backs this year it's like half. Or out like a half quarters half wide receivers and so you just end up with this weird. Unbalanced roster of talent and you and eat your console Lou well oh crap now this your got up I got to focus on. I got a draft three running backs don't. Alexander. A corner in Josh Jackson and they left outside backer and that occurs here. Or in Brooks. Whereabouts in his fumbles all defense which. No literally land they had a horrible defense but the thing that in the so so then go when they get. They did eight round. Wide receiving talent as well to try to help Aaron Rodgers who you Witten who fired his quarterbacks coach which I know why you would do that he the best quarterback in the NFL the got a great relationship so you just fire him without talking to her Rogers. And then you you get rid Jordy Nelson which I guess he's overpay a he's older he. But the same time. He is best friend basically on the roster number one target and a guy that just catches touchdowns for you. And then your placement forum is Jimmy Graham who admittedly is an interesting. Mike acquisition but the same time hasn't been good in four years so. You're just like what are you doing for this poor guy to help them get to another Super Bowl win more rain before he asked to eventually retire and. You know the Packers are looking our sorrow would like to know the Packers are our cheese name McCarthy in particular Mike McCarthy is Doc Rivers. We all know he's not a great coach. But for whatever reason because he keeps winning games now because he had some talent around him Regis he guess. He just gets to keep these you know every single year regardless of how bad. He actually is as is out of what happens that's where we are with McCarthy and he's just lucky enough to have. The best iron football misting in the just say yes. Yes just. It's rare for. A T not T give. Build a good offense around another defense is questionable times that they released to build a good offense around them. And they capped a good offense around him until he had a neck injuries and left Tom Brady is always had due to good offense around the mall though. So it doesn't look good offense it's got to be a good offense once the season starts. And when routers he's such a special quarterback that he could make the the average looked good degree. And that's good. But there's only so much you can. And value of dirty Nelson anymore now that you know oh. This is going back some time and other Greg Jennings is long gone music you know you're you're good receivers from the past have left. Nobody else has taken them and I just about the Adams is supposed to take a man but we haven't seen Mac yet. And there's all again there's only so much you can do turn on him plus is offensive line needs is to help because he hit way too much which is why he gets hurt. So the Packers and Norway too long you're sick several rapid lions and bears briefly this is sports American. Take here on Sunday morning hunt trap off the and a twelve. North division preview though I Wear longer than I thought it was going to. The last two to Israel left of alliance in the bears are sort the audience and think everybody has this team. Where they always think they're really did in the may never turn out to be that good but to me that's the Detroit Lions. Because. I look at the way the roster is okay. And only agree quarterback. Running backs that you should make productive receivers three of them now because king holiday is going to be there be the offensive line is give the new head coach is coming from the patriots are great defense there. In their defense is decent to good of with a good defense coach might be really good. I thought I like to Malacca yet. Detroit almost always disciplines. They almost always finish around did that just missed the playoffs barely make the plows to lose in the first round. Why is it that the lions never can get up over that hump they have a good team. They've got a one of the better quarterbacks in the league and letting it wastes because they can never gonna get over that evening at home. The lions again it's one of those teams would you again you expect a lot from. And then every year's slight her at the one year where they want the playoffs was the election. Because two years ago yes we have a couple years we want to playoffs. On things are really hopeful there I think that was the year after they had mega trump. And it's. It's it's not thing about. Stafford not being counted because if you look at this raw oysters. It's it's not a bad road not a bad roster you mentioned Holliday who you got coming back. Oh look here blah wherever he goes just a few he's minister world champion is last you two teams he's played. I used to be really helpful for mere Abdullah's to absolute least kind of a secondary got a blog because duel as the workhorse was not working. The change of pace at Abu look became a a running joke here on the show yet on on football Sunday he became the butt of of a whole lot of jokes put. Blunt being the starter and then to loved being that the second or maybe the third embankment all now all of a sudden. You look serviceable as a post someone's trying to carry the load for routine which are not equipped. Again mass Stafford is good Golden Tate is one of the more underrated receiver only when people start bringing up those tie up. Ten receivers like why ever says gold points and I think he should be mentioned is for our as well maybe not at. Top 1012. Receiver. In this league so you've got a good team and your defense is always. Solid ish you know it's okay yeah British interest is gonna help though I mean Matt Patricia if you can yields stay out of weird trouble and then. Yeah you gotta you gotta good you know you got a good guy in in charge to make street makes a great cause defensively and he's patriots fan Patricia. Didn't always take great calls on the stretched. There was a lot of questionable you know cause that he would make put. I guess is as their head coach you have to be. Somewhat willing to to live. Well some of those mistakes and and he was he hired Paul has limited the care. Alliance I mean I mean gadget a cougar offensive coordinator is really good last year but. This is hard to talk about all I baloney sucks. It's it's it's hard to talk about the lions because they're just they're. They're just so mediocre the lions the Bengals they're just one of those. Those teams that are just right there doesn't he doesn't. At a slightly from the Pulitzer. All I mean. Yeah some of their better team. What was your kids ever really. When Donovan McNabb Dwight Freeney Barbara Harrison tells me with two years. We but it was only fair amount. And we. Mean. He was good and he whose cancers is yet a 170 dental records ultimate. But surgeries is this is a funny thing to UConn wasn't very good there and it was it's funny but he's OK I don't know as a defense Corbett it's going to be that. It. And then if there's I did the bears fan you admit to risky whatever is not really care I'm really curious on market offers premium offense coordinator. I wanna see what his role as I know that Matt Nagy is like academic all plays. Because he was the chiefs and according to when he was hired by the bears this year but I wanna see if mark helpers from an interesting concept that you learned under chip company. That will be different mutiny in the NFL as NFL is kind of trending more towards the run on pass option played our he'll play. Or seem a lot more I'd love to see mark health French. And what you can do in Chicago in terms of helping to. Create a playbook where it would maddening as homage to him in Chicago here helpers was one of a. Time to really develop and I guess. Personality you know as far as being at Kos does or does have a whole lot to do it is you know more than just x.s and those men are you able to sell yourself to these men and mark. And you really able to do that on the college of maybe as a coordinator and and though he might be a fine group. We all know he's a great football mind he has great up an opportunity to develop. Some really good office behind what. Still we're still waiting to see why he was the number two pick it too risky so I mean you take your second overall then you can obviously play. And or at least. That's that's the expectations that are going to be you play. So we'll see what to do is able to do I think we all saw some stuff that we like last year saw some stuff to do it like so you're not really sure how to take that because the Bayer's U payers as. Never really you've been. A team that's an offensive minded everything about the bears always been on the laurels of defense and now you have to be able to. In this NFL either it's all about offense and protect the quarterback power you want to put in place to make your wish him success. That's my biggest question for the quarterback if yours mark health which. What are you gonna do to make him more successful in this quarterback driven. Yeah and the slumping TI gets too risky is interesting because she's Joseph just. I did the pick when he was drafted because you don't have much of a history when he was drafted. Out of North Carolina and last year he looked okay attack looked lost at times and is it true rookie quarterbacks he's announced a number two pick you expect a little bit map but. Number key he didn't even start your living up Michael and Michael I don't like our ten million dollars now he's on. But. I damaged city in and how it's received a whiff. With mark Alford spare I this I wonder if hell for issue. Can I guess resurrect career. By doing this because the review and to TV after he got fired or and he did a couple the TV things for years to. And now he's back coaching and I think he belongs in coaching I just. There was such a demoralizing way for him to go out. Yes it's just the armor on a whimper on a big wet fart like with the four wins and three once for once. Or winds conducts them about your health perch for. I'm. I think it was a piece very it was really add. Her a look at up above all our men and you know and I think that's how we. We tend to remember him is that three to four win team we forget. About the team that went to the national championship under helpers that was what twelve and one you know the year ours so get there for me. Two and seven in pac twelve play in a subsequently led to him yeah they and then that as well as this slow decline because the year before. I was like 994. AM in out they went from double digits in nine and then there which is this huge drop off to 41 match. That year than nine and four win year was the year the blues hugely against TCU the in the Al mobile. But the two years prior to that he went obviously too eleven into him thirteen into mid comfortable playoff in the one herself. The union won a men's women's championship made it and actually what people think the ducts and put all my game. Because they lost so how stable they actually did literally. Down by a like three or seven going into the fourth quarter so awesome like it was a bad game. Actually I think we forget about the game though the week prior where they completely took Florida state park yet so as not to say the tone for Winston for double play actually so as not to say that. Mark helpers can't be a huge help. So what they're doing the Chicago at this point of the they can do any worse in Chicago there's really no expectations so any thing. It's a step forward for one he's not call plays so. Bad it is we're gonna deal this year in the play call and and they were received and some of the packages run and just in the overall improvement of risky in some dolphins players or do they are very on the bears are the kind of tanked two to rebuild. Coming up next is here what time the first justice where there. Weekends were made for sports. This is sports Sunday with the Mike ignorance just spontaneity and a friend. Or is it means it is time limit for Phoenix or love it's. Jesse Alaska's questions. You Laura points or deduct those points based on our answers the winner will host the last time they get their music played for us so let's get under way. Those award just keep piling up for yes and no wall of China obviously one less piece of would you like to go first you are automatically winless. No Mike Lee definitely this week I won a B two people should you know yeah yeah no it was kind of like it come from behind victory firm Weil really happen. And the Gilani is. On point when it is today Israel and he gets it meant no door shut out tomorrow Diane from the moment. Com how go out these views if you like better vehicle and it's a matter. Yeah I don't ever likes to go whatever went on for a separate and like you went hammers I'm delight in ogle over read listen to what you have to say to analyze men you know make his tour which when he's fast. It lynch is going first. Keyes did when wide receiver and San Francisco. He had an interesting. Start to his career former. Track long jumper. Fast as hell. That was considered essential rush situation all deep threat in the B name his career and buffalo however. His rule seemed to change. Under Kyle Shanahan it's him for Cisco playing his first year there. Along with Jimmy upload it seemed to even pull off some more. Into what was quite a campaign there are in the last 56 candidacies for luckiest Goodwin last year. He's had a great tart start to pre season this year love or hate marquis is good when. We'll have his first thousand yards he's mr. Love that's an easy one for me you all got a thousand yards last year and I'm gonna get it all your Jimmy drop blow not. Just a couple of games of Jimmy drop below to me that is going to be in absolutely perfect fit. Four for him he isn't just in case beat us to meet keys. He's our only turned into kind of a slop speedster not just I'm gonna run down the field for the bills and try to an eighty yard touchdown pass every single time. You seem to reduce safety never Jimmy girl hello I'd easily get more touchdowns and only had two touchdowns last year ossetian billion touchdowns. As well obviously I think the entire tired niners T. Is going to look a lot better due to the fact Acropolis a full season there's all this is how. And that does include marquis is good when. The only worry I have is he smaller. So if she gets hurt. Which is certainly possible for guys his stature than he thought he our season will not happen. On site to carry out American hostels and love because honestly felt he should be able to do it as one of the top receivers. I I'm I'm bothered as well on the end lynch mentioned he had almost a thousand Martin last year 962. To be exact so he was right here mind you this is with. A Bryant's lawyer with a home. All before Jimmy drop out here when I think of him I can't help think back till last year. Because he just lost his baby on the complications I think just hours before he played. Anyone out there and I think firstly caught 83 yards. From I think that was from Brian Hoyer. Here's a guy that he knows how to cast ball look he looks a lot like Brandon Cox did when he was in New Orleans at first is that I that can break a long one real easy you wanna do. I'm curious about how well he's gonna run routes because he is tracks are so yeah as that. You know that Norris speed so mean route running is probably the only thing I would. Really wonder about. They got through 221. So you've got time with him and drop below to really did well the report with the run game and everything I think he. One of the best receivers and he was top twenty last year and receiving yards and really without having topped. All right. Topped wanting. Let's name. That we all know around here. I mr. Rolls Royce a scream in pain now. Now mr. Freeman's been battling in training camp and in the Broncos training camp. With a bunch of burger Booker African food and I am not mad at for the starting Q big. In Denver now Booker has drawn both the starts in both the pre season games. For me and has been working with the ones at as wells have been rotating the backs and free looked like the better. And could possibly draw the star pond. There are third pre season game which it we'll know is you know kind of what we're probably gonna see weak line. This little bit more difficult lover hey Royce free men we'll finish the season. With 220. Touched so. 220 touchpad that basically means we're gonna return unit works are horseback but we're probably not gonna use you a tie in the passing. Who. Do you have an example of who had about kind of slashed your. Does ups soccer had I don't off the top mine and it. That's going to be something along the lines of led Dovonte Freeman who shares touches with a guy like typical OK yes sure I'll love because he's. Obviously better than Dovonte Booker Booker has never turn. Out to be much of anything. In the NFL I'll act him out you talk but he would actually turn into a decent horseback you've seen. Last couple years she cannot people hole in my job they've given every opportunity because the other front running backs have been struggling. And and he just hasn't been able to do it consistently. I was. Yards a carry which is very solid for rookie. And I really do think I've read a lot about how people are very high Royce Freeman. And how he is going to be a starter almost immediately that I will love that he missed 220 carries. Because. Yeah I think you can get to. She's a love it armed. I think Royce Freeman from everything I've read and everything I've seen. He's been the most impressive running back from Broncos can't I'm not sure if you guys know much more about what's going on that you training camp and how do. Everything I've read man he's pretty much out worked. All the other running backs on a squad so he had as you know four yard touchdown run but he's really good. So far in the pre season I'm Michael instead I'll yet and then gritty. But he has been incredibly productive especially in the small sample size of the game precinct a look at him as a guy that can be. I really electric running back if you remember anything of art Harris Freeman he's one of those guys elects to create. Looks for the guy. To run into thinking actually kind of you know prides himself on being one of those guys and for really for as much in many hits you took. He never really missed a lot of time as as the running back into sentences and he came. Was number one all time and was rushing touchdowns or yards or one of the to a camera what exactly it is right now but I do know with oh with. In this division man he can be incredibly incredibly effective for weapons of and don't forget that he can also just applaud them back or Freeman. I think 220 touches is. Perfect for him it wouldn't shock me if he had and 3040 catches of the. Just say you know that last pointless a little ways it was for the yet touched NC is passionately Oca which. I was a good point that is actual. Denver radio one of the big reasons that they drafted him as because this. He produces touchdown that's something that Denver has lacked so even CJ Anderson who was good for years was awful aren't. Once he gets the goal and he was like job market and I don't mean and that's been where so far. It it's like in its wean the two warnings. Royce hasn't looked great I think he slipped okay is like once he gets inside the Tony he's kind of like to Howard that way all the sunny spells that goal line he Brady get there. It is different back. Right moving on so you know. It was a pretty good round for Rashad hurdle points three points behind certain. Aspects of our. Would you guy is I'll give this. Our video of Berea browns would rather talk Carlos Hyde or Patrick my homes. Our problems are Patrick mounds. Hot it's hot. Name coming into the season app actually in fantasy series being drafted probably being over drafted right now a lot of people really think he's going to be and its. Next big thing big arm electric gunslinger kind of like Brett Favre does throw some interceptions he got Andy Reid is he gonna follow with his quarterback again in about his running back. Interesting story lines they're traded. Alex Smith Washington and Washington. Wondering can Alex Smith. Do what he did last year his best it's typical season by far second best quarterback in the league last year love or hate Patrick Holmes. We'll have a better season than Alex Smith. Love that's such an easy one for me for sought out so it is going to be one of the war front organizations and the on the Washington Redskins second of all the kids c.'s chief sir good. And Alex Smith was obviously good quarterbacking good enough but Patrick Holmes has an electric side of him and Al Smith never did. Alex Smith is great game manager Alex Smith is a guy who can certainly run an offense efficiently. Using a West Coast style shorter passes occasionally can iron out. But really not that well we saw the pre season game I saw highland this actually when I was gone I'm. That's from homes Tyreke till he. Harry kill overran three triple coverage was nuts like ten yards she was open and homes. Perfectly doing it right there and no he won't forget and the running game because don't forget Korean hunts the running back there. And he was the best rookie running back Kendall last year and he's gonna need to get his touches amount of Patrick Holmes working in every day starter. Usually smarter than last year to give him that chance Mi seventeen to start as well get some of that under his wing where we can started here. Love so. One thing Alex Smith has always been Peru's most of his career is captain checked out eve you really be your hand on the ball deep because you don't know exactly which are gonna get Alex Smith. How about this point of her patient. That pass to lynch talked about 68 point six yards the longest and there wasn't a pass that was longer met the entire 2017 season. From any body so you mean the pair him what to reach those speed. And this arm strength heat they can be 23 corners. Every single night with the same streak play if they really really want to Patrick Holmes is a guy and also he's six. Five I can kind of move a little slow he decides to escape the pocket my agent is he gonna be. Lamar Jackson State in the pocket no but he's big enough and he's athletic enough. He's gonna make something happen he's a pocket passer that knows. How to move and can throw the ball anywhere on that field a look at a packed homes to BR I mean for all time. Dare car. Yet has been dubbed the best young receiver. And AFC west I don't know we can really say that anymore now Patrick Holmes is really on the on his backside after that so I think my home is one half of 25 touchdowns. You know close you know little. Hanks. Nice and calm we won't look mojo. I was like man I know this kid hello I didn't I didn't. I loved it originally because I got Texas Tech quarterbacks and these are produced though laws it's a style or system thing. But then he started get a lot of love and in a sort of seeing some of us from the pre season I was like well. The defendant a little gem here in the middle for sure I'm so. I'm all aboard the patch model and our I'm higher on him the name on Stravinsky right now oh yeah yeah yeah. Of course with that said. What a ferocious. Attempt at a come back by Michael lynch. But. It was rush on Taylor Bryant and they got the win pull for go old. Well by to weigh in on a military equipment yep yep yep yep yep you lost by a 11. Now I'm telling those great comeback there. Raked back attempt to down when it now. As one of the worst holds that in view of Benigno and into the third round and he's almost pulled it out almost that out or close only counts in horseshoes in and and so. Cover shot of social segment. Through most of next year on the. Weekend sports where the difference. Sports there. My favorite shop talk 1080. What time is conceived 1050. That is putting on top and we just we almost never have time to come back. This I mean I have a co Olson compliments I'm trying to be a little better about the clock on the show times it doesn't work. I think we get into the football season and our communities and stars our whole show's really off to that tends to go for like thirty minutes. The funny thing about fantasies of the that we we get to that point. Words at 958. And trying to rescue Altman to make sure everybody in general I think we have a countdown on the TV the set as man starts in like as a since turns 10 o'clock. Everything freezes and so that's the part that's that's always fun and then we can tell luck right now. During the season's over we'll get text all professionals from the start of show. Pretty much through the end of like cater to love it like right around at that time people's kind of optics we don't get as many. Man football starts at 10 o'clock no more text like him. I think it's crazy how like the minute we get at 95899. We get any more messages about anything. We can have men. Live webcam strippers in the studio and nobody's saying it's everybody's. On looking at their phone for fantasy and you wanna go for anyone to do that I can get more girls are right now. Problem I mean it's college. It is an NBA instituted a whole show at like extra pushes perform think if we can do that then we can do whatever we listen we are the people show here. At sports and football sides so that the people wore them. Give them that whatever people want the people can't get worshippers right now easy. To say and like he's like they're awake and now he's he. Mean and the days have Overland it's you know it's 1052 and I'm assuming they worked hide until like 4 in the morning. Probably my fingers but it never sleeps though let them so their phones allow wait for the call and wait for the call. But see we're not good and gave him. Or this is just offensive. Missouri just for this for leisure as for them because transfer and well my have a couple are still with it. Since and there on the radio or and there will be on you must opens suvs the only ones that really get too quickly we can kind of in the picture because everyone else to go out to be a cropper where over mr. Clemens of the work that tonight have been bankrupt. Now so its debt OK so physical part of state there are a lot of places that I think what you come to Portland you kinda have to go. The amount of donut guy but I understand I've here in Portland Maine and you go to who don't yet. You live here you have to at least on a crop these. If nothing else to make sure you get since takers and they buy their food. They have like the best food town for whatever reason strip clubs are always had a with a phenomenal. But responsiveness through town they have some man listen I've heard them guard goes bankrupt firm much. Humans and sometimes discussed on the view. Mr. review review stake. You don't know of them. I'll definitely do that it's a juicy view of Jews Houston absolutely so and you can go from stage right as the latest dance heaven conversation you know with the weighty issues. She's entertaining you. And so I'm not a big strip club guy I don't like at all I've been to one or two but. Michael I guess the question is do you talk to him and usage they were just before bringing you were just watching it. You just like today I thought it was conversation that depends I don't like Gibson is in your lap. Cancer is different is for personal but no yeah you definitely can't you know depends on how many people around if there is. At ten guys around you know around the pole than probably not you know but if it's just you and maybe one or two people sparkle with. Conversation. And if this is where you are two of the people I'm not gonna the best time. Well I mean we're about domestic. Talking about the state that's the only reason I'm going like come. The only thing let's unlike you like I grew up I don't like strip I'm like I'll would much rather. And not you know that's is gonna a couple of there's other things we can. However. If you're pro am time or loser to start coming to Portland and you live in Portland and you haven't been to a crop. Go ahead and grab some food. If nothing else and then enjoy the it. Bullets in the just don't think you go for the number in the statement plus and know that the army outs is the plus. In the state Jesse writer. Honestly I'm I'm I'm along the lines and I'm not a strip club bank at either. It and the last time I went. Marie had some friends in from around town that like that kind of stuff so they convinced me to go with them. That plays union jacks on Bernstein's car that was called this press. I'd just written it there is a chick up there are eaten sandwich on the stage while she was dancing and I yeah same eating essay in which I was like tapped out and died and and then maybe some people find that I he asked I don't know it was it was weird if I didn't just not my thing to stump. I've been a white stripped of all like there was in Vegas go figure. Indeed. I took us today thanks so much for listening you'll find the pot as the lesser of Tyre podcasts online afterwards. Fabric it's my moment it's her birthday too happy birthday to remember that will be calling them a minute so. Expect called me from Austin and dumb and yet and we would expect him nine to eleven and men. I can next week is our last week of being sports back maybe maybe we got to be sought the marcher and a full season starts once September 6. So will be will be around there the search and beautiful balsam enough for near fantasy football signal welcome back. Remember if you have any face a football questions you ask us in the text line you'll answer that are you two attachment. We'll see sweeter than. This part.