Sports Sunday August 26th Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, August 26th
Ducks, Beavers and Hate it or Love it 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns area boundary on. Adams. Surely shard of football done. Yeah I'll have Haley knew him out you've just TV about sixty team. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I do. This is sports Sunday with a Mike Lynch. Olindo. You can't these groom. Wore. Rude. Of you soon as the. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do that I can see you don't wanna be sure we'll hear c'mon gone north of Jerusalem and on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. They. Our Jim junior on sports Sunday in my camera shot with you Jesse as well till 11 AM on. College football season technically. Underway there were four games and what they're calling weak zero. Last night none of the four were of any note. Are the closest is Hawaii Colorado State and Adam gets a look I didn't want to open the score was close of 4438. Or something like that. Com the season actually starts. On Thursday. This coming Thursday and others not really any games in a death Thursday either the biggest game likely Purdue northwestern. I was one ranked team plane that's UCF playing UConn so snooze. You've got. Juan petrol to employing fewer job against we overstate. Enough Melvin craze in the first real game of note. Is likely Stanford San Diego State on Friday that a 6 o'clock on fox sports one. You also get Wisconsin in the western Kentucky that day in Syracuse closer residue. And we'll it's so. Most of the game at Michigan State plays you tossed into this there's some better games Friday before of course Saturday gives you. Full slate of games and we will be older react to all of that next week for the first time we get a reaction football show and so long it was so nice. And that's coming up next week for us but there was talk some organ Argus impact well because we haven't really talked like college football yet this summer. And dozens of SARS as frequent as well. So you'll sororities say there was a report from swords that okay where estate. I'm not predicted to be very good this year. Shocker they play Ohio State in week one and are gigantic 37 point underdogs last I saw. Miller who admire her house because he is suspended for three games but. I don't know if that's really gonna matter where games are. Well look I don't wanna talk I'm so I'm annoyed about it on talk about it if it. In their nuclear dime around us and that must be nice and a must be nice to be a reminder and so yes I can look pretty early on in honestly honestly. If I'm in Oregon state fair and I don't expect more than 23 wins this year right. And under over under is. Was two and a half when I saw for wins. And I went over as like if they can win three games wrecked the place southern Utah that should be away. You know beyond that I'm not really sure they have Nevada is it is one of their nonconference games in the maybe they'd be Steele won the pac twelve but. The into their schedules brutal and play USC Stanford Washington Oregon and back to back to back to back so. But views but that Basil pointed this is to meet wins is not the sign of improvement here right. A citizen Gary Anderson to a man I had I was wrong but. I think if you see the team competing better in teams. That's your sign of improvement. It on a lot of talent right now on the team job to spend just got there is the new head coach none of his guys are there. But he's also known as being a great quarterback is developing a coach he find examiner hurting and it also really really well we saw a lot of that Washington. And I am hopeful. That he will be able to do after the b.s because you said earlier in the show. No matter what you need a quarterback and our in state does not apple and that is that's going to be the key moving forward so looking for competitive football. And slight curve for the quarterback position of kind of where I'm going with of these issues. Armed. And competitive football is definitely the you know buster goal you wanna see that. It would be nice to see some winds though. Hockey I'll be honest like I can't what do you expect out from I'm not expecting much from from from this team and I think that's kind of been the theme for organ state football for the past few years just like. Wolf four wins is an improvement and there's like thirteen games twelve games and so. Four wins this is an improvement it. I mean considering they're scheduled. Yeah I guess so you know did this the season doesn't start on a great you know having to go around them or shoot and play. Ohio State we once you know 9 o'clock in the so that's that's already not a great sign for her beavers fans as far as how many years ago. Southern Utah might be their only win of the season. There's a great chance because I don't think they're going to be about it in about it. But then again we don't know like wheat that's something that's so little we know what organs they are on the ESPN page right now. Their stories and have nothing to do with Morgan State that are all over years organized talk about. Mid term football recruiting class grade and you taught ads or estate at organs they head coach like there's nothing about. The team or. The improvement or of the team or really the regression of the team or anything just what do you expect from me is imminent a lot of stuff now but a little on sale like really how much you we really heard about. Organ state football outside affected they're not looking very. I'm honestly would have got you and you work your decision. That's what I've heard is the offensive line is experienced which is probably the biggest plus they have there's a lot of seniors on the on the offensive line. Number I'm looking at our lads which is generally very very do do source for depth chart. And unless something changed didn't bright agreed to go to the NFL draft. And he's still listed as their starting outside linebackers so unless unless I missed him something changed. That's wrong. You know bid so vicious question marks around the beavers team there's a lot alike we don't know what's going on and we don't know who's saying we don't know who's starting. By all accounts as they Hodgins no one else looked pretty good for them. I thought he Wetzel who's a linebacker for them was really cute pactel media day like he was did talk to the media. You know we are at the quarterback positions up in the years to include Munich American and injury and play well I don't know I don't know there's question marks over the Christmas. I was what I know is the opposite line is experienced and that is the key to a young team with a question quarterback is at least having a decent conference. In a battle. Did I mean so oh. Or I guess or say this is one of those will wait and see you know really can't be competitive Kennedy a step up from where they've been in the past couple seasons nothing that's. The important part is they're going to be someone that can come man. And these new guy for Morgan State and Hoosier quarterback you know Shonn menu and was she hears ago now and there really hasn't been even a back up or some way that shown flashes of OK this could be. The guy that we're looking fortunately this franchise or skis and lead this program to the next level and at this point out is I haven't seen that guy doesn't sound like coach Smith is spelled Mecca. Yeah I mean but remember it's his first year its its hard when you get hired. That late in the cycle disability up on the quarterback I think it's gonna be. But that's kind of the worst situation to be into if you're in college football as. Well we'll see once the season starts maybe this guy doesn't pan out we make a switch like I he then no means your not certain under starting quarterback choice if you make the switch then. Now all of a sudden you're you're what allowing yourself to go back and forth. Which is bad for a team you want them to find a guy. Stick with the guy must've gets hurt or just awful and then make a switch if you need you now Billick kennel while we think this guys do but we're not really sure. I don't know. That's that's tough you're right it's it's tough I'm an assumed they glued to be the starter. And I'm gonna assume the offensive line only better than last year and meth hopefully double lead to a better offensive scheme but the Los Ryan all. Which was huge for you last year obviously and he he's in the NFL now for the bears and it. I don't know that's that's all that's log out for the season this is just going to be tough. I guess the one thing for the believes it kind of which bothers me a little bit is that. There's not a lot of local talent on the on the beavers team a lot of local talents ever really recruited. To go to organs they get David Morris may or what they do not a budget that not to say there's art kids from Lake Oswego and Portland insurer wouldn't stuff like that that are on the team there absolutely are. But of a roster of 75 guys you guys. Ten of them that are out organ organ remind you servants really that high school football players of the past few years they've that are from. Three Rivers from league and and otherwise to just for whatever reason don't kick recruited by or is that it is getting these kids it in the recruit members for whatever reason. They're not going after those kids and I can be a big you're you're planning on getting guys from Texas. In California. Who I mean by that time there already going to USC UCLA Oregon and Washington those over schools and then. Maybe we'll think about one organ state if all else fails well. So that's the thing MM. One of the things into an M accuses Knesset on the on his show on Thursday as in the past is that. Or Oregon State under Gary Anderson was awful in the state they dismissed on kids they didn't find the kids in state they they were just there it's almost like. And what there was just Gary Anderson it was all the recruiting effort from everybody ages didn't they were the best critic. And that obviously. Entered in state. What they have done is is this year recruiting may have gotten a couple of top players in the state have gone to or exceeding minute and such a good start. And you know sometimes organize a great high school class sometimes they don't know last year. Was amazing right now you have the number one athlete in the country and tell no Fonda. Who. Was that was I mean what USC. Was a top Camilla organ was really good high school talent wise last year. But this year not so much but to be still got a couple of the guys they need to be able to take him into bad you know every new coach comes in we got a potential honesty we got to keep parks state. In state kids in. That's helping having organs on really well despite the fact they have a bigger brands are back they can attract kids from other states they also get the instate. Kids and I think that's where ordinary and he needs to steel wheel gas and I'm an office is the thing about being too proud to go out and and kitten recruit some of those kids but. That led a lot of there was a point earlier in the season to where are accused me a few weeks ago we're. Westar Morgan had a projected underclass and organ state. Western Oregon and they IA my G I have no I want to question organs shut out all the wolves out there in Monmouth but. The that the talent level is insane you know as. The pac twelve or anything so you mean to tell me that this NA I a schools projected to be. A better recruiting class day an organ statement that's a problem and that should tell you everything you need to know about how the beavers are Al. I would assume that like central Catholic and Jess who can beat western art and Amaral Watson that's what I went to school there aryan. I mean it's fun it's just it's. It's not the same level so wing you're getting a better recruiting class and Oregon State that's. Beyond a lot flag I do think that that switch priority now has a better class but at one point yeah I think it was it was kind of that. So I'm hopeful for three wins for the views this year which would be over the over and her two and a half and that doesn't sound like anything exciting but. Like I said look for them to compete in games and look for improvements to the quarterback position is that'll be Jonathan Smith during that union urged. Coming up next let's get to the ducks who have recruited well and built a ton of positive momentum. How the world revealed improving on the field this year this is sports a Memphis. Weekend sports with a different. My favorite show 1080. Just no way my appetite or our appetite here for week one a college football looking at Saturday's teams. Didn't. Jacked up a little bit for it you've got of course Washington Auburn on Saturday you've also got. Or as in Michigan Notre Dame is on Saturday. You've got. How serious they start off today Texas vs Maryland could be a pretty good game. In a bug killers to I'm finished going down yet but. Give him a little bowl is the Big Five o'clock AB CM organ plays Bowling Green in the same time for productions out there. And a India he got some yes some big games on Saturday so it'll be a fun way to start season the men Sunday he got one Miami LSU. A brief on Monday Vito won Virginia Tech forced it figured the games. All week one very exciting I'm looking forward to our know exactly where all be for the next twenty weeks or so. I'm just keep it glued to the couch you know maybe with the exception a week seventeen. I'll be glued to the house and your physical part like. You and I and Jesse's well we don't get out a year until. What 1110. You know aren't and we try to make it really quick at the end of she at the end of show on football days is OK guys. Well see you later you know like we try to divide up. Peace out so we can get home but by Tommy your home at least for me it's. 1135. You know I may have missed. Who have food of the game you miss almost the plate first half plus the third quarter of the first game yes luck luckily the Miami games are generally not very exciting yet so. So. That's kind of the down side you know there's like this lol for like 3540 minutes. That we won't it's watch the game but we're definitely home and ready by the 1 o'clock game so that's always. Article that is true so you or your. If Bowling Green to open up the seasonal so let's talk about the ducks here for a second. Organ schedule is. Very easy to start. No longer important state San Jose state and then you get Stanford which is the first half game of the year. But 33 winnable games three should be wins for the ducks in the nonconference. And Natalie good because a lot all younger players getting some starts for the ducks this year. You know you've you've you now have Tony Burks James as the starting running back for them. Policy's been their for years but hasn't been starter. You still got a defense that's it that's trying to improve with some youth but you also sought jail and jokes and Troy dye who were some only defensive players. I think the thing for me here is the recruiting. Has been awesome for Oregon right there that they're getting. Is she put everybody they're targeting their depth. I'm hitting a bunch of players from California which is very rare players they go to USC. Are going to Oregon which is which is awesome but. They get a lot of momentum initials right now recruited. Not on the field. Or what you did. Was. You. Get one more year with Jim Leavitt you kept him. And I should help the defense immensely he is the best. Coach. You have on your team in Jim Leavitt you thought you might leave for head coaching job. Now you see bill Snyder's back again at Kansas State which is the only place that level would go immediately member he has an out clause in his contract to go to Kansas State. And all of those fighters back for five years so. Must Jim when the leaves for another head coaching job you've got Jim Leavitt as defensive coordinator for awhile here at organ which is awesome. It's what you need to help the defense improved. My question for the ducks is can mark sir royalty and offensive coordinator. He we did not see a lot of great play calling from him when he when he was here last year and Barry is a cause for. Turn for me that's my one concern. How are. A modestly against. Low on royal as as you or me as far as not opinion he can be a good offensive coordinator. I think it was a tough position last year especially after I'm just Herbert went down for. For what was set six weeks somewhere around there once you know and and and you'd be bought and a series of backups none of them were were really good and you know and of relief now offer words Royce Freeman. You how she would escorted all you know and I was kind of there was a there was a time where the ducks hadn't scored in like twelve quarters. You know first just for the record man that's. Just like three yanks showed that they didn't score a single offensive points and a lot of that was not have been. Of their leader doesn't Herbert they're sold just assuming that he's healthy all season. What we did see what Herbert was on the field it was night and day and when you when you have a healthy squad man of your royal that point. May you look at the world beater you fixed in my who's out they are just men make and all the right calls and you got two young guys out there just doing work. Well no let me tell you that's the best the great thing Grassley I've got a question marks about Arroyo's offensive coordinator. But Johnson Herbert is considered a potential number one draft pick next year in the NFL. And we've seen when he's healthy he is really. Is on point really. Stinking good so it's kind of like we're talking about Russell Wilson earlier in the show. May be just some Herbert is good enough that even if the play calling is him. That he can still covered that can be that good of a quarterback now also they also. I've got in as a worker talent shock this year who has passed from us from the depth chart are ready as the number two. As a true freshman so. If Herbert gets injured again maybe you go all the more chance was shocked coming in vs Burmeister who. I want take too much away from him because yet he was in a bad situation with injuries and offensive line wasn't playing it good. And he was actually came and just wasn't ready yet know. The other thing too is you've got a lot of guys who were very high recruits last year who were starters. Do more than ideology or Lenore. He was one of their top cornerback workers last year he's. Pegged to the starting quarterbacks right now Thomas Graham junior one of their top recruits last year pegged to be a starting quarterback for them so used in the secondary. But I also think about that that's a good sign is Samir top players he recruited variable to step in to starting roles in the second here. Well the one thing the ducks have always kind of at least in past years was debt nothing that was the thing that made him so much different in the pac twelve especially at a time USC was down. Washington was down man organ had. A bad view wide receivers and them and a bunch of different running backs that they could use it at anyone at any given time there was time. Where the running backs for organ included Michael James in the cared blunt you know at the same time you know I really if enough of your blood. Punch and somebody's lights out in Boise State. Who who who knows how they use that that combination progress the years so we've been used to seeing adjust a bunch of debt now for at least last year. It was the first time awhile that we can see that. We didn't see your quarterback able to come in and just move the ball down the field like the ducks have been really really lucky to go from. Dennis Dixon and Jeremiah was solely to. Who was school is you have to that once the national champion Darren Thomas Marcus Marty go to. Bet you they've you can double parked the court record record quarterback of quarterback and then once Herbert went down you don't have much steers and then. Once. Oh what's kqed Carrington erred. Darren Harrington you know left for into who once he left you didn't have much there and then once who's the other give your car through suspend its routine for. We enter a doing Stanford those links that you had when Stanley in his this year you have a lot of that last year I saw is now the question is you've got Dylan or Mitchell Brendan schooler and Johnny Johnson third your three starting receivers according to us. So. In a couple of redshirt freshman who or lower back up seal see them a lot of course it's organs offers us a lot of receivers. I guess that's the big question mark and offenses. Like who are those guys gonna build upon him yeah. I guess we'll find a lot of that out as far as. I guess how how well they tackle believe these are things I wanna find government through these first three games that season I don't know how much is gonna learn from them beating up on. A Portland State you know honestly saw how much you can learn. From them actually beating up on Bowling Green you know but. We can't see is how well they tackle in the open field that was that's been a big problem for the ducks not that they can't. Could stop people as they were they were doing these arm tackles that people just breaking through in the end guys from you know. Southern Nevada community college we're going for 174 yards on the ground that can't happen so. Are you able to teach these guys how to wrap up in tackle I think that's a huge huge thing for me I mean it's so elementary in football but that was the reason that's getting burned so far down. Yeah but similar majority Sharon approving an act in getting to the team to bedecked remembered what it's great that the defense officials willful really really bad one Texan I gotta go. Org an average 52 points before Herbert got her not a bigger royal family was getting the job done early he had to strip down like 25% the playbook. Burmeister came and that's the better you to touch on pop out 305. That is true. The offense was obviously stripped to nothing once the want Burmeister and coming in play but. We even when Herbert came back we I still had question marks about what Arroyo's play calls were especially once we got to India. Ball game against Boise State which was a train. Brack and I was the first Kmart crystal ball thank pushed himself woman of it could just be one game you know first time it was weird but. And a crystal ball did not succeed in his first head coaching job granted it was Florida international which was one of the worst situation calls for all the time. A proposal is actually but. He has not had success as a head coach I was only stop but did not have success as a head coach yet they went to Alabama. And kind of learn a little bit from the ropes there too so there's just generally a little bit of a question there there's so much positive momentum. But it's all on paper we have to see it happen on the field. Are coming up next it is time for hated or loved it. But first just your sports. Weekends were made for sports. This is sports Sunday when Mike and Chris Judd caught 1080 friend. That music means it's time for here love it. Were shot I believe 12 weeks in a row so you you have to pick whether I go first met. You're definitely going section and find no wait no you're the 11 yeah yeah I'm sure C chalking up almost had me to reveal a build rope a dope. The mound yet you can definitely go first Tucker you share. Sure sure yes. Report says the plan does really good when he goes first not second. I don't know exactly where that is allowable going second. He's trapped there one thing he's saying I'm more comfort journalists and lectured us about two poker face right now man you can go you can go you know it beaten the second and so confident I am. Oh he's 'cause she'd hit it hit half a I. Oh wow I don't know why it's I don't know him go sector. Well I wow okay. So this is by the way just to ask this question read their hater Leavitt he rewards points in the winner's team beat the host of last segment. Rita ran like talk about the creepy man in our parking lot so diagnosis means you ever talk tries to start the conversation brokered by yes so okay I'm on second and and sex and I had to go for OK okay and well. All right and now NFL today. Fancy based. And now I am now we're gonna fancy segment in him roll it will will give him. But hot is he takes to everybody that's about to do their fancy drafts but there are self. Kind of some. Curious what are opinions are most are Carlos tied. RA Carlos Hyde last year. Was either a back end RB wine or army to this and the season and he actually was it pretty good fantasy asset to have. On your roster now Bridget he has had injury history in the past. But you know. That's pretty common at eight its position where you take so many hits out with that set. Now that he's in Cleveland we've seen a few pre season games where he looks like she's premature dominating the touches in the backfield. Lover hey Carlos Hyde finishes the season as a fancy RP two. Gosh. That's a fantasy RB two. Yeah okay. Yeah yeah. Clarify they got an idea doesn't add on for I I love that. I think Carlos Hyde is still one of those guys and give you a whole lot of production you re able to see what he was able to do with not a very great. I don't know just he hasn't had a a lot of of great help however. I feel like he's as good as do Johnson if not a little bit better in some situations. The Cleveland as lucky enough right now to be in the situation where they have like three different running backs they can happen to go to. And of those three men I think Carl's ties the most seasoned. And because of that reason I think he knows kind of he can lead a lot of those young guys do Johnson. A semi that can be hit or miss we've seen him come out and be. Really. Big part of what office do with them seeing him be kind of a liability appoints. So I think Cleveland still in the session we're still trying to figure out what's what and so for awhile I think Carlos Hyde is going to get some starting. Nods at as running back for the browns and I think there's going to be certain situations where do Johnson. Is going to be the guy but I think every week Carlos hi is going to be some guy's gonna give you about a production I think I see him being. Did Geovany Bernard with the occasion as many balls on the back field as far as how much playing time next. I love this one as well also lets just say you have attend personally right which chip even though most of like 1210 seems to be VP even amount of of teams that gets into a league. So RB two means in from ten at 1020 and running back rankings LB RB two. I very easily concede Carlos Hyde being that if Jesse is if she continues to do what Jesse said and get most of the touches and I guess in the pre season game. I think that the offense now has enough weapons on it in Cleveland fell all while the running game to thrive a little bit better and and I also truly think that the running back position and in Tennessee is so top heavy. There are plenty of guys who could very easily jump up to the RB two mental be on the top like 6789 guys in the league and they are really really separated from Matt top group. To the next year. And next year is full of guys who do get hurt and includes like LeSean McCoy. Merger the Canon it's full of guys have question marks like Jordan Howard or Derrick Henry or Joseph makes imports dated Johnny I think Carlos Hyde who. Just two years ago was the top ten running back or top fifteen running back Tennessee football. And on some hard times and sever Cisco with some injuries could very easily. Off and so bankrupt or been to. Moving on. Now. And to give you a little print this earlier when you checked it out or not is on you know. But it's a former chances are probably we probably know. A former. All pro. Running back has come back into the fold in Washington. A future hall of Famer. A man that has put up a 2000 yard rushing season and Adrian Peterson at the age of 33 has come back after. Well various guys stores ACL smudge you. But hey Adrian Peterson. Not only will make the roster and Washington play all sixteen games then. All sixteen are you needed to start secular and all sixteen. And I I've. Love it or not you know. Really the only reason he's Adrian Peterson has missed games says based on suspension. And the year that he was injured in the police lose the first game of the season. Outside of that man he's been a model of consistency as far as what he's been able to do yet that first really good game. In Arizona and then he was really kind of unheard from since then but we have now we know there is don't have a lot of issues. Outside of Adrian Peterson at that point here's the situation now to where he is. Where's he playing at for Washington again you mentioned rob Kelly being a little bit overweight they've had some issues running the ball. On the one thing you know that Adrian Peterson because he didn't get a lot of touches last year his body is still. Kind of OK he started seven games last year. And of of the ten that he actually played he didn't do much in that time we saw when Adrian Peterson doesn't hit a whole lot he's able to come back that next year. And be really really effective the year after he missed some time with the injury he came back and had eleven touchdowns and 14100 yards. The year after he came back from the suspension. And oh he he. Played really well then so some later Peterson is in my you can definitely helped your roster I do see him play a lot of games and special especially because there isn't a lot of depth with Washington right now. I hate it a 100% hated Adrian Peterson. Is not going to be running back in this league for much longer I guess they lost guys through a season ending injury to appear Ryan and the other running back or can member's name. Both got hurt and offer extended period of the periods of time. I think he people stick around early in the season until they get some depth back I don't think he's gonna prove enough of that on the field for them to keep him around. A we've seen when he's in situations he doesn't like he's a bit of me. He beat if you rag especially in New Orleans if you remember when he wasn't getting carries behind marking you're an album to barrel last year so I. I don't think he's gonna stick around very much. Jessica looked good in the pre season yesterday. Oh boy looked good in the pre season meant that means literally nothing to me he hasn't played in months cores to only been training amounts that. I think it's over three appear in the deal and Washington is probably one of the worst scenario security because there are terrible team with. Excuse me a really really poorly run franchise with the guys who were kind of all over the place in terms of skill set. And even if he's playing well it might even make the wrong decision in condom because she's gonna ask too much money in the future self also hate. I hope. That last point that Rashard made about you know things just didn't get very mean touch is Lester got here he suffered a neck injury and and after a few games with a lot of touches really didn't have a lot of touches for Arby's so. I like that argument there anyways is going into this final. Question. Assuming it's going to be the final question. In all our time. It's not. It is nice job battling back for shod that it actually like. The early and really. About you're giving me some. Found some some mind twisters are now are you shouldn't. Player comparison or player. Where a player of the national review. I'll do comparison a person I GAAP these guys. Have a connection. Based on coach. Both have had basically crew years under these coaches one. As a breakout player the other line. Well seasoned. Guy that's made it all the way the suitable. And these two guys are Jimmy grapple with a Matt Bryant. Now both have played for Kyle Shanahan Matt Ryan had a career understanding and Jimmy G last year was a break out to end the season. Love or hate. Jimmy and Ron apple will finish this season. With more touchdowns than Matt Ryan then. Com. Shift. Mona Mona who. Only Josh. You know and armor. But I hate that. Just because. Look at this NFC west and NFC west is just loaded. With good defense and wool particularly the rams we still don't know the Seahawks can't be they do still do have some good defenders. On their teen. One of the Griffin kids is actually you know really good news team issue which should should we protect you live both Padilla they have multiple forms of bumps thing about the one of the actual start I don't know. Armed so I don't I don't know but I'd. I look at this NFC south and really outside of that saints' defense on early see a lot of great defense is there a minimized the Panthers are are good that you don't know what you're gonna get from the Pampers on any given day especially after we completely went out last year so you're you're still kind of up in the air there. But Jimmy rob we'll somebody with a lot of weapons are usually what boat with a lot of skill but I just don't know PS the weapons that somebody like. Matt Ryan has some reason the Matt Ryan has been able to be in that conversation of that as the best. A quarterback or is an MVP is because you have a guy like Julio Jones we all considered to be a top 12. Receiver in the league you have a guy like Mohamad who have a Austin Cooper you know right there to play tight end who still number one league you have a couple really great running backs because while the backfield so here and a much better position to make sure you can spread the ball around outside a mark he's good when. Name are real weapon that. That Jimmy rubble has on the office to really work with you're just not sure yet so for that reason. I'm saying that this is. A great question and it's sneaky because remember Matt Ryan was bad last year yet he was married Bryant had twenty touchdowns last year Garcia where I'm coming from on this I'm seeing where your coming from a good but I'm still going to hated. For one simple reason. What I said in the preview segment earlier I don't think the niners are rated a pop as much as everyone says they are I agree with were shot they don't have the best talent. Around Jimmy drop below whereas. Julio Jones Thomason you don't forget they drafted Calvin Ridley from Alabama who was and the two running backs can both catch passes really really well. I think Matt Ryan's in for a bounce back here this year the falcons were still pretty good last year with him struggling it's when he touchdowns. But I think the niners will not be quite as good and I think the falcons will enter that conversation went. The vikings Eagles saints and rams as teams at the top of the NFC is very easy to forget about perhaps that badger last year but. Matt Ryan. Is still one of the best passing quarterbacks in the NFL one badger doesn't change that I loved how Shanahan for Jimmy drop below inserts his car really do. But at some point the lack of talent on that team right now. Is going to hurt his touchdown total problems. And I think the falcons are rated take that step back up to where they were when they. Should've won the Super Bowl against the patriots couple years ago. And I think Matt Ryan bull easily throw for around thirty touchdowns again which an ankle pass. To me your outlook close the path. Thirty would probably pass what is this court thing that I think I saw was interesting Jimmy drop below has moved the ball very well. In between the two warnings but once he gets in the red zone he has failed to punch in with touchdowns interest and ask. But those kind of interest I I agree I think Matt Ryan's gonna. Edge amount but it does worry me there with the you know it is insert key Asian. Factor there well. You are was a good dolphins minus one point alcohol was what killed them. They didn't kill him but it cost him his job and his family so. And maybe maybe he'll recover we'll see we'll see a zero early. You. I'm all right well the winner today. Mike rich. Won't shoot. I was close and I all honestly would call good. Shoot whenever. Whatever dude. Just just just I hate going second. Started I can't believe me he goes second ID. He itself felt bad counselor Crennel should use at least one of these w.s well all I see it was a pity was a pretty choice I guess. I won't talk about to be man and a parking lot that's an extra sports and. This is sports and they're human like every shot on 1080. So there's a new treaty and our parking lot I don't know where came from the wasn't here on Thursday. And I was last I was here and it's here today and is sitting right in the front parking space right in front of the to hold her. And it's creepy is got a dark tinted windows it's been dark blue in color. They. Again sometimes the white van is creepy if it's beat up and dirty. Believe Beckett is the orchard and right yeah what it's dark blue I feel like shady things are. Early. It's treat your wins and old like white van like you know like. Something like that is one of those things lethargic is our life there's something creepy I'm going on Raja and in the advanced the great. That's what great fans great India souls Washington workaholics and guy Carl has. I'm van looks like a raped and when you're from schools it's what you're so early prodigy on it and to make it the great fans. Yeah whose Zach is fun that's essentially what's out there than even creep your bands of the ones that don't have windows on a few seen those are close it out or something under. I mean no there's just like where there should be windows there's just like more car. Here is our creepy you can't see anything it's just like those are that those are bands designed for you to be kidnapped and so this way you don't know where you are I just I don't like Vance veins creamy out and knowing minivans whatever but what worked fans were fans are creepy vehicles. And maybe it's because anybody who does something creepy. In a movie is always driving one of those no window vans. They slide that saw a side door opened their seven people there grab you pull you inside slider door close speedway. Like an old school. I was thinking more like him it. Oh. Thank you for smoking or that movie I've only seen parts of it I'm single word the guy who is the cigarette guy they'd they'd pull limit to abandon stick play. A hundred nicotine patches on him. As like you what Buick spokesman similar solicited doable as nicotine. And it was one of those like they pulled up. White van no window slid the door open drag him inside cyclist the you know really of course like the Dark Knight. Like all the Joker henchmen are in Mecca if you like but I think the precedent for creepy events were set and silence of the lambs and we've just got to. A Texan says Buffalo Bills and yes essentially yes that was. I think that's. That that's the the coup de gras of all creepy bands Buffalo Bills set a precedent that. You're gonna creep people out this is how you do it puts the lotion on the skin rules against the host did you ever see. The prisoners prisoners will be. Will form a view if Jake Gyllenhaal as a detective. And forget the other guy this couple that got tutoring junior I think is an open so. There are vehicle of choice to creep was an old army. One of those like you you're driving it's not it doesn't attached to your. This is more Winnebago doesn't attach your truck it's just you drive from the front it was old and have like that or NG white color to it that was creeping terror to. Cool bands in history and someone districts and voting habits are being teased him schooling or three school we demand that the eighteen man. The eternal right outside of that you know me every everything else is just we my eternal enemy ninja turtles yes. Yes yeah. He team is critical it is and it isn't creepy man Bubba or behind you isn't it if you urban and hygiene then I'll explain later. It it. But good for us today they socialist thing attacks in the better each and its excellent pop out there if I remember. Twitter activated the standout Michael is 27 that tailor made five on threes are shot in jest is that just jas and the as the man. We're back next week nine to eleven. And a we will. Explain our Seahawks schedule next week when that's going to be happening a week after what's gonna change what's going to be happening on Sunday as. And Dow remember we are the new home of the Oregon Ducks. Next Saturday wall to wall Oregon duck coverage for week one against Bowling Green. And we will be here Sunday morning to react to all things college football next week. Thanks much for listening. We'll see them. Op. This put. Yeah. I.