Sports Sunday July 1st Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 1st
Early NBA free agency reactions 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. You can sports we're good difference. So before you go underground and Saturday and we'll definitely matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the unit inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports under Mike Lynch Lisa my own bed. Your that is a car. Yeah but it's so weak car and Rashad Taylor we do some don't dumps big stung hooked up part yeah. On ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friends. They have a Sports Radio show. You have that are MB of free agency opened up last night at midnight or 9 PM our time. And started going down immediately serve with a bang. And then ended with a really really really sad to fleeting whimper wet fart by the bush you know what far by the blazers. And all total workforce is a superior Carly what's that mean you Reno nobody's story everyone knows about speed. And there's so much to get to a normal relates to kind of banter in the first segment and I do you have they've been to herbal story. About how I went to be hard to Shanghai totals yesterday but honestly. That's gonna have to wait until we have some dead time a little bit later in the show maybe the final segment if I win his development. And oriented stolen talk about that if you and is. Because I honestly I just I did we. Can't wait. This. Yet last night was one of the more depressing moments I feel like blazer fans couldn't hat. In we just kind of got to start. The event session now. So taxed us at the paying tax on at 55305. You can tweet us after needed a fan I'm Michael is 27 for shot that Taylor made 503 just your producers that Jesse doesn't A as the mam. Invent your feelings about. Obviously it very little happened last night for the blazers put a whole lot had a whole lot happened for the blazers last night so taxed tweet. So coming up on the show we will get to Paul George we will get to acquire Leonard we will get to LeBron James. We may get to James once in suspension if we have time we do other guests to order a teaser it is. Oh yeah 10151015. Mar Marwan isn't senior senior not to be confused with. Omar was in junior linebacker for university work yes hustle talked to him at 1015 moms and had a love and of course committed temporary but. Kind of just wanna open up the first hour for blazers an MBA taught in just kind of go because. Last night at nine. There was this. There's always this vibe of excitement when the NBA free agency opens because you know loads and shams all those guys the reports are historic flood union. Image you see Paul George stated Oklahoma City which is crazy right being able talk about it later but as a blazer fan you see Daniel at all. He chose to stay in Oklahoma City. When he's been destined to go to the lakers for his whole career. While OK maybe maybe that means somebody will change you know you get some false hope right. And then you start seeing some of their stuff 200 Jordan on the mavericks. Finally not gonna walk and a house and I'm going right back to the clippers again stereo back. You're Chris Paul resigning with the rockets yet the LeBron meetings for starting you had some rumors about why Leonard. And you're still kind of you're just wait right because he notably mill she loves her first few hours of free agency moved. The first move announced couple years ago was offer communion like in the entire MB of free agency and it's never some image you expect. So sometimes I can be good thing. This year. I was not a good thing the first move that was announced. Was that. And Davis have signed a one year four point four million dollar deal. With Brooklyn nets. And first of all. First of wall. You let your your heart and soul go. For four point four million dollars. You let you you'll be clear. Energy heart and soul guy your teen go for four point four million dollars. And notably is assessing tax issues and on or near the salary cap. So I know they can afford four point four million dollar contract for one freaking here right. So that's that's problem number one number two. Dealers' best friends on the team. Taylor tweeted minutes after this with a broken heart emerging. And he made another cryptic tweet later what I don't know what it means so I think everyone has assembled a nervous right now and we can detail leader to trust me we have a lot of stuff to get here in this setting up seems. And then Jason quick. Tax Ed Davis. And Ed Davis responds with I am I told them I wanted to stay. There's transit tipper. And oh by the way he's the best backup center in the NBA. When you've got an inconsistent use of Turkish pitcher may be gonna keep for whatever among the money is you need back kind of energy and in solid defense and rebounding off the bench. So. The first thought was of just pure confusion. Would you what Ed Davis go if he's only gonna demand four point four million dollars. Anybody meticulous if you truly wanted to see important amount go to Brooklyn oh quarterly report the boy whose opinion you gotta get smaller. You know I guess in and says that's why you get rid of one of your your biggest guys in the team one of the guys actually plays because Davis. A stood next aluminum few times he's not like a big. You know burly guy I really like he's a tall slender dude humans and so. And all that he's worked shirtless photos you. Shoot very Brit but I left again have to stand next on. Duke insane with amazing traders you know in the NBA but. He was one of those guys it was willing to be inside and will with a bang for rebounds in the go up there trying to get hurt a little bit and you'd just set it to heart and soul of the team. Now that he's not there on a team full acquire bois who who. Who is Erica. I don't know if you haven't Ed Davis was also your energy off the bench a lot of a lot of being a great bench player is knowledge come into the game and make an impact in some way it is necessarily have to be scoring how many games did at Davis. Essentially saved for the blazers when he came off the bench for the senate towards the end of the season he was big and I'm really. Learned that thirteen game win streak the blazers had met Ed Davis was he exact altogether perhaps looms he was a big part off the bench I think he really gave Collins. Kind of a lot of confidence because they're on the floor together and it was it's. You took the couldn't really stop anybody down there's was columns can still move for as much he doesn't know how to do yet. Collins is still he can still be an official scorer on the computers in what he does next year with Ed Davis was that do that. He would just make it happen. How many times have you seen him finish with a with a with a dunk when he was surrounded by three or four dudes we're used to write this toppled as the floats something up for charges you a little floaters on my davis' Nam and Anadarko every single time and that's have a guy needs of the nets man congratulates them they got to substitute player but really for an early this year than next you know just let's let's keep that in perspective to. But for four million dollars like. Another horse in your thrown around four million like it's nothing you know drop by and and it in the NBA word dudes are getting. You know a 140 million for for 23 years and four million dollars. For a guy like Ed Davis seems like the blazers were being cheaper and I'm not sure what he's asking for me let's start there too but. If you might say that I want at least four years. You know a hundred million I mean OK but subway but just not a that is what you know that's not the case though it's gusty accepted a one year four point four million dollar deal. He would know magnets to privacy he wouldn't have tried that and I take it from the warriors I take that from the rockets I take it from at the bronze they're from the cavaliers like there's certain teams that yeah I'm gonna go ahead and take that four million maybe even like talent that nets though maybe telegram's is due popular and yet nets becoming a blazers of the east they're probably going to be better than the blazers in. Communities. This is there's no way he asked for that much if you was going to accept that little on the first day of free agency. The first day it was allow you are you reluctant officially signed and we know that they're talking in the background stuff but. And it is there's no way Susan it doesn't add up it really doesn't arms are curious again. I don't wanna keep banging on this do William and put all all these decisions are made in owned by by any ocean item and it's. I'd start to start to look at a much this is the first part of what we what we're talking about a little ours as far as waking up to to some weirdness today like items I NC I saw last night I saw. Ed Davis for years I was like OK to them and that's where my please report stopped. Open it up and said to the war the nets. This league why did you pay Ed Davis more than four million dollars especially if he said he wanted to come back especially if you are star player. He is one of his best friends on the team. What more so here here's the thing in this communities for next. The only way this makes sense in my head. Get LeBron. Trust me I know she Ambrose and always use the same logic that we use. The only way this makes sense in my head is it they know there are better player is coming. For that money plus more as the only way this makes sense. Is it a really good player is going to either Phil Davis issues or be at another position of need. I think you have to get rid of that four point four Fred Davis or whatever he was asking for this the only way that makes sense. But yet I also remember that this is Portland and a free agents never come here and that are going to be a progress report. Sure did not wanting strategy genre freeagent but he was traded so don't throw that up there nick stock just last night bull. And wait. And the first bit of news we get. I tweeted that I'll think this is the only way it makes cents a minute later. Portland assigned Nextel skews to a one year deal. And a white that is that's the replacement for a dims so I don't know we'll show is doing let's try to unpack it maxed this is sports Sunday on the fan. Your Sunday morning my son Jesse review until 11 o'clock we're trying to unpack what on earth military is doing. After the first not even about twelve hours exactly free agency the NBA this year. In tire per segment Ed Davis has gone if you missed it yesterday he signing one year four point four million dollar deal with the Mets which really disappointing to baffling. Absolutely baffling not there was not one person. Such and there are couple people queued who's never responded Davis or Davis isn't that good economy plays or games did you watch last year. Now I know Portland loves to follow what you really below average traditional players a lot Thomas Robinson her. Healing tool freely into those employers Luke Babbitt. But this is not just a below average rotational player this was the best backup center in the MBA. Your energy guy was eagle on the army on China I'm trying to think I don't know a lot of back of senators trying to think a total exactly. I know him because he's a blazer you know I'll watch a lot of plays or France or in a room there's there's not there's really not another option unless you're an assailant JaVale McGee. But even men I think Ed Davis won more consistent in to bail me. And the warriors only run a senator anyway. They run what's his face out there for like three minutes and then bring him McGee in the Pedroia mom of five's doesn't really matter. But I'm. I think he is the best backup center in the league he was energy guys who says it does just doesn't make any sense and Damian Miller loved it just doesn't make any sense. Deal by a dyed tees this for the the break the only way this makes sense for me. Is if there is a bigger move coming. That uses that money. In some ways she performs that you get a better player either at that position or at a position of need now I know the blazers are so they wanna plays are called that the five. If it's at another position of needing your prozac at the back of general maybe that's how that works. But I also sit there and go. This is Portland. When's the last time a good freeagent Nat that's been an impact player has really signed here. It just doesn't happen. So the only way this makes sense is if that's gonna happen. And then I do it's never happened. So what are my interest here the military nobody breeze doing. Or that my logic is just it's not doesn't make any sense of. Well apparently all say either knows more than us. Or you know something that he actually knows more than he doesn't say or you just know something that we don't or whatever the case is vote. Are the way I I don't I think he kind of likes it that they kind of likes the fact that we don't really know what's happening you know week we're kind of all on the darker and now he sees first couple moves and instantly like black can't be you know you look around the league and all that the splash is there were made all the free agents from Yonder Jordan to. You know obviously Chris Paul and Paul George and and you're like oh and the blazers skit. Picks thousands and lose one of their best players like ordnance that hasn't started. You know justice hearing it it it doesn't sound awesome so. I think that's where a lot of our heads are you look at all of these these stars in these teams that. And most of them in your conference all of them actually in your conference you know. Even with with with a reason going to the suns making themselves better after getting the number one pick like all these teams are getting better around you. And seemingly you just kind of got worse by getting rid of a bench player Margie the blaze is been struggled. At for for a lot of c.s especially in the past but that's been a big struggle like with. That's why dame play so many minutes per games because you really need scoring help clear and Ed Davis just became one of those dues especially this past year that. Was a really reliable player off the bench in this is not something you give away especially to the nets it's really weird because at Davis is. One of those guys that all shame for broad and when you first came to Portland Maine kind of kind of stole from from the clippers and so your. It there was that initial. There was a good move tournament wasn't good move and I I think at the time Portland was like OK here are they I don't think they realize how good of a move that was until. Ed Davis came Ernie played a couple years mailing while that that's probably one of the more underrated moves that he's made is it GM and to let him walk. For so little. Is what's so perplexing because obviously that relationship was there and Neil all she respects what he can do with a player. More so than most people in the organization at least initially so now when he's playing. Probably his best basketball this career you let him walk for what you can get an 89 guy on the bench for. It just as a million euros of extra cent Daniel O'Shea. Has had many. Shrewd moves earlier in his GM period many of them. Robin Lopez treated me some to only trade. Both of them getting pulled late for draft pick. In Rhonda how's Jefferson like the twentieth pick and then sending him to Denver to ease of Turkish who turned out to be a more impact player. Although more consistent can we just talk about the one thing that I've received kind of a loss over as far as O'Shea it says a lot that. The squad the blazers had in 2014. All of those dudes left. You don't like or what do you. There you go you know that the arms decreased to address a competitive team in the Western Conference you know that that. Was really primed if they stay together I think really could have been able to do something army grandpa all the derby and the lawyers. While Arnold I think they compete with that rockets team though I'm hoping that they just get swept out of the jam by them. But the fact that you LaMarcus walked. And then Robin was traded. And then. You didn't even tumors treated tumors trade you do any offer Wesley contracts like you. Huge you gave away your bit all the heart of your team for what. To start over with with jest but just staying dame is he dead and now that relationship with dame looks like it might be. We it's because. Dame is organizing meetings with Paul Allen on a war or should be either artist wanna talk to. Yeah that's a problem Owen and if your remember. Paul Allen only showed up at one pre draft work this year. Pollen is obsessed with the draft Paula shows up to every one of those every year for the most part Fisher he showed up to one. Which to me screams. Loosing interest. And horror. Doesn't want to be your annual Shea or whatever the case to be but it after case just fireman Paul if you don't like him. You're the owner of the team and maybe standing now because he wants to get fired maybe there's some things and also is clause in serie a contract or say you argued fired or get X amount of money year. I don't know there there there's a there's a million things and then these are all potential these are all potential things but at the at the moment it. Just judging from the character of all say your quality of care. Judging from how he comes across as Arnold know the man personally so I don't wanna talk about his care but judging about why he comes across. Are how he comes across he doesn't seem like. A dude that she would get along with for very long you know he seems like you have to do him in increments small increments you know. See America party just in my for the game yes and then he doesn't seem like you guys that you wanna be around. For almost over the way people feel about heart. I don't wanna be mighty do you do it after a little bit. Just yours so the blazers signed mixed else gets to a one year veteran minimum deal. As the first movie we see after letting a Davis walk. And again. Pure baffled about Manama Parker pure confusion. I don't understand the move. You'll you'll Anderson movies you need more shooting and music do you good three point shooter at least he was in college and he's proven to be somewhat of a good shooter in the NBA. But. He's another guard. Do you really need more regard they can't guard anyone else did I just drafted two guards. Do you need another one no we need. More arts or arts yes right. So he give up you you you give up pack comment ten. And you sign next doused his who's the exact same player. Expects. Averages over his career almost identical. I may be holed cheaper maybe. What is happening. It does it literally does not make sense to me and that's why I keep going back to that argument there have to be something bigger on our rising because this doesn't make any sense. Let what are the chances of being true. I just don't think that's. Like who's out there are elections is for you comment piece of trees and yeah but I don't you go to the lakers are. This took on the lakers you know number one target now also mean. And I don't I don't know are we noticed with Sany more like armed kind of at a loss when it comes to a for the moves O'Shea is making its almost like he's trying to tank like he wants the number one pick in the draft so was like man let me get the smallest possible. And and I know the answer we're gonna get has always shooting you need to be spread the ball around or. And you know things have don't have to be so I don't go out on our targets in 2015 draft him. Now we got to get him he was a former lottery pick him look at how to ordered 200 of assure you isn't he can defend his long. You know you'll get all the GM's lover you. Yeah billion all the GM broke answers and it's really not like Ed Davis was like a I don't wanna give the impression that we're saying he was like this world beater you know or or this you know complete game changer but. When you come into the game do you need to be able to make an impact and seven rebounds a game and that's an impact that's. That's that means you're around the basket your active you know that's good especially considering that your only playing. Oh maybe seventeen minutes a game of seven rebounds is really good there's guys that play. All you know 42 well for humans. Where you yeah it doesn't as a play by no nos resulting slushy and abroad who played forty only in the playoffs. Yeah but there's guys that don't play you know 38 minutes in the league that don't get seven Revis so to be able to come in the game and that small. Window of time and make an impact that's a great thing be able to block some shots released chains and shocks me that's a great thing and now that you don't have that. Now it's. Kind of problem. Maybe they're saying that that step forward they wanna see from Meyers Leonard this offseason me ask. Did he was working knowledge OMB and use one of the guys who's Dudamel a five on five of their Raymond Jim and whatever city it was. He took a picture of him burn Meyers at a posted on corner of them was my little one passing everyone the ball million views document. Enjoy on beavers is looking at a with. And all so they're not really playing basketball and bright they're just kind of mess around product but. I. I don't know I'm baffled me just unload meaty stuff this is a good shooter he helps the team a little bit. But he's gonna get so what you venom from blazer fans just because of the sequence of the news. Because July dropped four point four million a lottery that's going on some of those commitments Oscar and also you know expanding office two. Jack Thompson and you know that's that's time I think it's fun but again that's one of those one of those god plays or guys have been mpeg content came in the game of he. He was import was on the floor you know like he would he would actually be able that we are seeing him. Have some strong finish is at the rim like back Jonathan is a guy that wasn't afraid to drive and and and kind of create some contact in and finish so. Kind of set to see him you know not be able to come back to get if you look at shooters and guys and it is. Ought to around the floor. While he was one of the guys I would take let me let me be honest about this. I think pat -- tin is the typical. Got a blizzard fans love too much in the value to highly. But I use upon player right you do you certainly made impacts at times. Content is not and he's not he shouldn't be a regular MBA player on the on the blazers team either you showed us so both of them going like cool. Again it it makes sense you're saving some money and I'm guys that you don't need to keep so OPEC conference not better than stuffs its. There about the same but I guide I think for the veteran minimum Stiles is probably cheaper absolutely chief so whatever like it's. On that comparison. It's a throw him out really it doesn't make an impact on how do the team I'm saying you have got comity is like. Free mode target for blazer fans to love him for no reason because he's he's he's just fun to watch it is exciting he's not that good little player to keep. Toronto community and our reason I think content one of those guys if he played more minutes he could probably give you. Or to reduction I don't know Russert are there. I think you before I'm a mud you people think production is you got to put up eighteen to 24 points a game a man he can be one of those guys comes and gets you a great thirteenth. We we miss a guy like nick to now for his consistent thirteen points tonight. Like there was a chance there at the time to reflect nick mortgages courting more that you get forty tonight you mid nineteen lest I know you give us eleven like I think the blazers are. They need that thirteen points a night from from some guidance on how to comment and they could be BG Wi you don't know the only place for him today earned and eight are you aren't. You have stretches were played 1015 minutes a game he's in deep and you play well she played well ish he also had a lot of bad possessions he's on a great defender a mile. I don't that's not listen to me it's a non issue do you didn't sign them that was expected to me. It's fine but. We got a break coming up next Damian Miller is cryptic tweet last night. Freaked out. Blazer fans and I don't know demeans cumulative means did you see her own currency analyst let's discuss that measures just who has worked. Weekends boards where the difference. This is sports a bit quick migration job on Kennedy. Ran. Players or fans weren't happy last night and that included Damian Miller wasn't happy last night. He tweeted they broke him part of mode Jean when he had Davis signing was announced that they'll the loss of that data sessions I. He had an ST a few. To a fan who told meg Davis wasn't that good and it was climate bill and go and then he posted just two emerges he signed. Or two fingers depending on how you look at it and I don't watch. And minute. MBA twittering a little bit nuts trying to figure out what that meant. And it. Doesn't just mean late peacetime what he's going to sleep does it mean piece like seal later piece like he's done. Does it mean to timing like you face to some of the too tiring you know what. Like what does it mean. Why won't it is amazing how much like this bothered blazers Twitter last night but it. Did and viciously and quite like subs man nobody likes that you don't know recruit him OG menace who call themselves you know you're you're you're you're saying something to someone we just don't. No move to most of us know who around. I don't know I think James kind of pain himself into court. Judging from the way things have moved in this just which are the blazers. Judging from the way things are moving. It doesn't seem like they're building something Notre Dame to win now. Look and introduce what 26 at this point or it's crisis or so and so he's he's as hard as part he's and it now but he's got another. For years you know to have to have to be in this position right now. 27 so really another 33 years four years to really be almost when he actually turn me in large area you know so. You're looking at a guy who's getting older you know especially especially for a guy that plays. Among the most minutes of anybody in the league I think there's been a couple of years were dame has been the leader is not among though leaders in minutes played. So it doesn't seem to really building something great around you at this point but she's been openly saying for years. I'm going to be a blazer one against Portland swirled Wednesday. But I think Dan wants to win too and he say in how much rent the place they somewhere and no you wouldn't because at the end of the day dame wants to be the best. And he wants to be considered the best and cares that chip on the shoulder because he's never really been considered. Among via leaked and so if you only way to be only as to after uterine. The reason that Karl Malone is not in the greatest of all time conversation. And he should be. He remembering. It's one ring gets put that conversation is meant Karl Malone was the most from the number two all time scored. Number one all time free throws me I think he's like number 45 rebounds like all tar like almost bespoke because he doesn't have that one piece of hard work. He's not considered among the elite Charles Barkley either. Only day wants to be thought wipe out of like that so when it comes to. He's. I think name is going to toll which is gonna make him look bad because you're saying I wanna be your one beer one beer but. And don't put nothing around you you've got to do what's best for you and your career because that's how people will remember you and salsa and a I just. I agree I think a lot of a lot for a long time I was I was like yeah to me he sued a guy who wouldn't leave it seems like a guy who was super loyal to his team. But Durham the longer it goes like this. Where. Despite improvements they'd be in the regular season preceded. This year. Nothing is an improvement in. Policies for transfer it first rounds when it first round loss maybe get to the sec around get hammered by ever replay in the second. There's really not a lot of improvement. Outside of regular season performance. And you know. At some point. You're right if your guy who wants to be viewed as a lead and I know David low does. Then that's in you're not and it's not happening here. That little voice and has in this are popping up. She leaves scope of problems political play of LeBron in a mental problems like comedian Mueller to reload the best he said it multiple. Case yet and may give me a guy like Daniel Miller and you'll see you will be able to do like that's a guy like out a message are we were taken Tyree over day. There's a lot of guys including me there was like man's better player Tyree. Right now I think Dayne is. Second or third as far as we can point guard Salim Amin and unaware prisons in the moment mace first team all NBA this year deservedly so. I think games for us to talk my point guards he's. Number three to me amber for her this for him Sam like it's that it's a short it's it's still first team on the other issues it's in his fourth as the bills have Chris Paul. Let's Westbrook and then dang you know as a point guard Jimmy Daimler olestra. I I make that argument ever much help as a leader or as their leader I think that they've dame head Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. He's in the conference finals every year. Probably you probably right I think you have to give Daniel that he's he's a much better leader than Westbrook at the very least they're not. Getting swept in the first round of the playoffs so I. I think all the what's frustrating is your guy okay you got to the best player in the league but food is saying that your. You know games the best he you know he's one of the best players in the league and you know there's no shot in the a year where. The bronze looking in he's looking apparent self with small stars you have no shot Portland like that that's what's got to be. I mean even just the utmost frustration. For Portland fan is you're you're just. How do you get there you'll have to draft that and maybe old she is doing the right thing maybe is blowing this up so we can draft somebody but I don't know next year's the draft to do that oil. Write him if he that's his decision why didn't she take two years ago when you were three wins away from the worst record in the Western Conference. Why why did she do it then. Why are you just now decided to do this after you've already gone through two more years of team similar to prime. So back to the of cryptic commotion between humid. This this text or believes I think it's just him like signing out like peace out bonding time that's how he took it like signing off Twitter. But I can also mean peace out like he's frustrated me and wants to leave. This one says is that the two fingers his symbol it doesn't he do tap with two fingers on his watch. I don't know I've I've heard it that close of attention assuming you figures uses. But I hope so opus livings. While Russians beat Spain by the way in the World Cup on penalty cats there's a massive upset. Massive upset. Is also an author Joseph is it just happens that smokes for a pair respond news. There's defeated it comes those of us. I just. If I'm David Miller right now I am so. Pissed off. That. But Gilmore most of the blazer fans are right. Yeah I mean will mean he's rich too so he's probably mad but. Not that mad he's Matt's where on his yacht or mad somewhere you know where where it's where it's super warm and not overcast right now. Barack let's break there is a little bit of positive and yes for the blazers is not a some minutes and this really happened yet. But I did see an article about possible candidates for the the thirteen million dollar trade exception. The the big lament they got in a couple of candidates I think are really really really good additions for this team. That would actually be positive for this offseason so Australia's next heroes were summoned him. Ginn sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with my camera shot on Kennedy's. Yeah. Don't forget the blazers have that thirteen. Point five million dollar trade exception they need to use before. In his July 25 I believe is that they need tees up by. And I saw an article posted it yesterday. Might have been from Jason crickets from one of the blazers beat guys. And it was here's some options for of players who might be available in trade they could fit that thirteen point five million dollar trade exception. In America two of them on on the list that was posted that I think would be. Really good fit for the team. They fit in need. Both shooting and defense combined it'll play the three. And they are both very very good fits of the blazes could somehow pulled off. And both are on teams that may be making moves to try to clear some cap space to try to get. LeBron or some other big creation the first of which. Is Robert Covington. From the Philadelphia 76ers. Coming 101. Team all defense MBA this year. And is also a minute double checked the number here in a second but as they like 38%. Three point shooter. Perfect. Coming in to me is the perfect. Fit for that trade exception spot. These three who plays great defense who can shoot the ball really really well. That's exactly what she needed if you're just going to trade exception money you're not really it's not gonna get your cap and any sort of crazy way. Why don't. That to me is like option number one if you near Covington the sixers are trying to get everybody go to Covington clear some cap space for them. To me that's a perfect. I like Robert Covington. And I think he was a really big part of what the sixers were able to do in the first round of the playoffs. Again these three India where he's also three new guy who's not afraid to hear reminds me a lot of papers. In the and the since nom nom whether he's a skilled as Pippen bring in the Baltic port. No but I think he's a guy that can finish over the top view if he needs two of these craft you know it's. Make it can create his own shot. Again 38% from 336 point nine last year 36 point 9% don't 37%. Firm from three point 03 point range. Hum an ism is a big tough dude like you just not gonna blow past. Average tall point nine points last year again and everything about the players we're talking about is your missing a thirteen point A game guy you don't and you also don't have that guy that you can say okay you go guard. Westbrook stopped him from scored back oracle guard Paul George where was killing the most. That's who needs a body in front of them and that's what he can by four and I would love Robert Covington coming here I think that would be. A great pick up I think he fits exactly. But the blazers are as a franchise like as culture. I think bakery another wall and there's a guy that they actually were linked to a couple years ago. Instead they went with his teammate Wilson Chandler. On the nuggets three Indy guy who shoots 35 point 8% from the floor. He averaged ten points and five boards a game last year but he has had better years with with the nuggets. And from the report we saw the nuggets are gonna try to get LeBron or at least sit down with them they're need to clear some cap space of medieval Barton fifty million dollars. And chosen one your daily opted into his one year pull point eight million dollar deal which does fit that money in the in the trading session. I would prefer coming to an over Chandler but I think Chandler is another guy who could fit the team well in terms of that exact need of three Andy. Column a little more lukewarm on. Wilson Chandler I've never really been a big. Wilson Chandler fan when he was with the knicks thought it was you know OK but since then I've been. Hello to he's a really panned out away I thought he was a post would be I think most people thought he was supposed to be. But I is it. He's a good player he's he's really forget apple and I think that's the thing Robert Covington. He's gonna make sure he has an impact on the game where he score here. And I think that's the kind of guy Wilson Chandler's like a rhythm he he gets a couple of go and then also you'll see him play some great defense and some chase down blocks and some of those other things. For the most Parra coverages out in the duke it out really want to start rotation like today Matt it was a chairman but I would. Africa I think they're both upgrades via. The other options our logistically composed of this. TJ Warren on the suns will an option that would fit in. He's only 24 the only problem with him is he doesn't shoot the three ball he's a great defender. But he only shot point 2% from three last year so this is not a three point shooter does not. You've got. Matthew don't adult. For nine point six million bucks for sure narco. He's 38% three point shooter but he's also a small guard is also Matthew Delgado. Have you seen how much energy he brings I'm from and kept them. I mean I I hear is he's a fine player who is fine player but not necessary I'll I'll be OK with ago. And then accordingly Wheeler one positive shooter not exactly the best defender but a really really good shooter. Shot better than 40% from three point. Two seasons. Courtney Lee's been knees he's been a consistent NBA player you know he's a guy who's dealt with some injuries and stuff like that was faced some. Was and the injuries of Wickman Courtney Lee is that is an okay player I wouldn't mind him. So coming to number one option for you. Covington is number one option for me if he is available if we can make it happened and are you say. Go make it happen but we are talking about Neil O'Shea so be prepared for Mexico had hit. Just saying literally ten yard line up this year for the blazers yes there's got to be ready really quick Massimo when it's all quicker so we're gonna hear all speed and mediocre defense. So be prepared for Matthew dove almost guarantee the American Dover Dover instead of anyone of those guys that we just named off that would be. Good it's all the promise twos if it runs out the trade exception definitely have to use it. And if they start running out of options that are just pennies and some went over to exactly what's gonna happen. Covington is good enough to be signs morals as is. This old Joseph Wilson Chandler so they don't really need. Tell to sign his plea Abdullah got dubbed over eleven people are you know to him well. Tunnel at least I don't think I could be wrong mix stuff is gonna contracts are could be incredibly wrong about somebody not warning. Delgado I just know that I just seems like just the the blazers last old shaping. Is get America so. Before you put a Melamine proverbial blazers coffin for the day. Does one engage your thoughts on the on this question. Do you trust. Mule show enough so. Back you think there might be at least one decent or two decent moves coming up. Maybe maybe not earth shattering move is good to decent moves try to make the team better before the end of free agency. The blazers perceived as a. NBA I think only one of the team got a bomb from some of draft grades of saw. You let go of Ed Davis for four million dollars which is baffling. You signed knicks found skis for a foot silk looks look looks like a minimum you've got rid of another. Guy who's considered you know of a blazer. Fan favorite and parent content. There's nothing you've done in this stretch that's given me any confidence. That I should trust the process no pun intend Philip. Detection testify about their five the only reason I ask is again mr. Miller brought up in the mean in the show the only logical explanation for the Ed Davis Buddhist because something else is coming. As the only logical explanation to me and I think you mentioned it SI did it's it's to me there's ace there's race he saw a sliver of hope beat. He tiny little piece of hope. That you wouldn't be that stupid. In make that move if there wasn't something else coming down the pike. So that that's why have a tiny bit. And but you're right so far the last two years. It's been a lot of mistakes after after a couple of years of good boots. Larry this is the last great like OK guru for a long time I lose so pro O'Neal shy. I would I would argue against people who hated him because of some of the moves he had me he had been. I mean it is as close to a genius is a GM what has little. Spaces he had to get impact players he really was any is a good talent or value that is some and he still is. Is a good town about a year like he found mole heartless and scrap heap in Orlando was the lottery pick who had done nothing. And turned him into a solid and frankly very important piece of the blazers. At the end of last year. So you know he's he's been good at bat. But so that's I still like to give him Mac could. This then again I'm also sorry to lose the patient to keep giving him. Yeah because it's one of those you know kind of what have you done for me lately you know type of situations like you got. A bigger job was saved this year thanks to all the injuries in the Western Conference the blaze were able to move up to the third seed. Which. Guys like me kind of feel like you probably shouldn't of you know if everybody is is playing in not hurt in the bottom of the blaze curtsy to get maybe 67. Eighth you know possibly fighting for mil for that last spot you know I think they don't make the playoffs he's. He's fired amid this is really a thing about dangers can too damn good to keep his team out of the playoffs. That's is really what is daylight you can't fired GM who hum I'm in the playoffs every year with a roster that I'm able to happens Daniel are being too damn good and carrying his team. That's keeping morale. You know if if dame doesn't have the season he has. Man the blazers finish ninth or tenth melting holes is gone just and to consider some of the moves the these may request a bit however. Can't have team can't farm team of the team the currency could just. Does it doesn't look ring and you can you can't you just fired the coach of the year in Toronto and if people look at Toronto crazy like man for real you just let him go in just one. The most games franchise ever won four games like you just let him. He's let GM go and he just got your team took third C that's that would be the conversation around also like three games from missing the playoffs. In the weirdest western Thomas who's gonna long time yes so I mean this is it's one of those things I think Osage doctors can say about the fact that dame is just. And Miller does that do. I guess what I I think Adam. The two words that I key on when you asked that question was hope. And try. So with that I would say yes there is hope that all Shea will try. To do something. Here that you tried to make trades or draft. But only got the report to be promising for me Simon's point fourth picks so again conflicting. Didn't try very hard if you promise that we can't tell me both Michael and tried to make a trade in the little sold Simon's appearing there it's when four was you did. You try to make entry into anything your lying now like I am with you Mike that the moves he's making our. Really confusing if you don't have at least an attempt for something in the pipeline to get. A bigger freeagent then you you normally would drop partly somebody that's better the name Ed Davis and like you said that's. It is not the best center in the lead obviously but as far as backup centers he's the best if not one of the best. Back up sinners in the league so you you have to have something. Better coming and then your what was your sixth man mesa. Here's the problem. Is this something better. Right now. Is like the call why Leonard Paul George range of player. And what are the chances of that happening but because that's the Portland may may like to me is it's like point 2% of those those kind of players are coming here. I know Cleland will be a train. So I suppose that's maybe a higher percentage because he's he is not a choice. But. Still pretty tax might be missing someone who well there is better. He could be using that money for for who is a you think is a solid choice from Portland in that doesn't involve the trade exception. Trading session is a separate thing we've sought about coming dinner or. How Wilson Chandler in the trading session great Luke. But you need to get rid Ed Davis to get back counselor. So who also is author who who you wanna see if it is a potential guy could comment that I don't I don't see. Gaussian I don't think there's any potential guys to come it as I just think that's. Kind of kind of the issue or not it's it's unfortunate it's just no matter where removed. But you know you look at Paul George signing with. Okay see and you say well maybe there's hope that. Maybe now guys are as I was shocked by up I think a lot of us were shocked by that you know I was I was being imposed Paul George was for sure gonna go to LA got it. Is yen little special multi the stuff like okay we'll. He's gonna go there and now like OK you score and everyone and he is back with a four under. That's kind of scary and all of a sudden like now to get a full. Year to have to be with each other talk about what we need to do and I signed a four year deal for you do three years plus not a matter ambassador commitment prayer so our mission now it is from every big player takes a one year deal with a player option the second here and obviously I think Paul George will from the lakers and this isn't for me. In the skies look at the lakers gone. Yeah I'm good my hat's off. I don't I don't know how how desirable that makes Portland apparently got a break coming up next let's get to the rest of the NBA stuff that we haven't gotten to yet. But Paul George signing. The LeBron James free agency all of that coming up next here on sports and amateur.