Sports Sunday June 17th Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 17th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots from. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber lunch meat free Andrea boundary on. He's not sure it's sharp the football. Yeah I thought hey you've now you can catch TV about kids eat. Caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. You can't. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I conceive normally sure we'll hear from under an analyst of Jerusalem and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Our troops here on sports and M I get a shot with few holes Jesse until 11 o'clock walker back together this week. It was nice it was so nice girls good good seniors and it is Father's Day after published at the close call but. Do you as well and over shoddy. Kind of party started. Earlier in the show we kind of went a little mini Rashaun grant. And LA you know what we have done this segment in quite some time during the regular weekly figure were styles like really not a matter Raza you know. And it kind of to see your children but yeah this week you kind of humility will fire off on Thursday so I want to open the floor for you and your. Usual spot 10 o'clock segment for a shot rents were published so fellas it's not a negative about fathers and no it's all remained. Oh it's not. Really it's not a negative about the day itself. Father's Day is awesome because number one it's in June. It's usually pretty nice weather you know you never know what's gonna get from others towards him absolutely never knows you're your Mother's Day. It could be raining system you know the second weekend of may so. You you do you don't really know which you get there but it usually fathers stated in a long lines a broad interest absolutely launch. Its restaurants are thinkers and Brooke special for Father's Day you know so. That's cool you get nice you know if you want to go outside and barbecue and have a few brews are everything that's cool. Here's my beef though like. We care so much Obama. And rightfully so. Mom's arms July mom is awesome you know mom. You know is the nurturer in everything she's the one that wrapped their arms around the babies and kisses to boo boos and all that stuff mom is there to make it all. Dad has always kind of been like that disciplinary. You know. The one that has the play that teacher mentor. Kind of role as opposed to they don't necessarily get to be. The nurtures much. But I look at commercials and stuff for Mother's Day and it's by your mom there by a mom. The new Lexus so mommy lovers get this pandora race and things like that men. What's the Father's Day. Cut commercials in the slack off mad dash or does want these cargo shorts does listen to a commercial Greg before we came back on area that was Suk. Felon trigger grills because we're gonna be good for Father's Day conflict with what is Ulsan. But I shouldn't have to really playing on Father's Day I am of the belief that man that should be done for me despite a Mother's Day I don't expect mom to be in the kitchen. McEnroe Marcelo. That's our job humans there that's that's the son or husband or boyfriend or who members' jobs so. So your saying basically that. This is necessarily of a feed a family thing but the wait is sold to us by commercials in the media and stuff is that. Just get that something is that dad. Their father's vision and it's like it's their because there's a mother's name but he was all the stuff that you get for dad for Father's Day is sport for the family. Like wash. Kenderick displeased or for me get me grilled that I can barbecue for the rest of the family neighborhood. Leo go get you tool belt so you can so I can build stumping for you guys are go get your toolbox like. Like give me something from me on a lot of times. You know Men's Wearhouse is awesome. One tie in on earth cargo shorts socks and underwear you know those are typically gives. That men get for farmers golf balls golf balls and I can't tell you one last time all of you my son go to the driving range sometime. But I haven't played even nine holes in awhile. To get any golf balls is almost kind of from. Well. Is it your sink as her talking about the sub prime time this week to. And said was. That. Father's Day he shouldn't even be about gifts. Father's Day should be about what the father wants a 100% on that day and generally. That means alone time. Watching sports are going golfing or war something in the realm right there have been generic guy stuff but whatever that individual guy wants to do. Should view of Thursday as you know issue if if he likes is a long time meant it. The mom and the son of the daughter should drop the day look the data possible time you know and committed to bring about one of his favorite meals to. If that's not gonna happen best regular people want to feel like during bowl it's not going to without action should be the that if that's what the dad wants for polish day. And one almost a drag to weddings. I dragged to a wedding but I'm not a big. Mike wedding you know person are you gonna do it plus one yes Michael like a big wedding person anyway I think it's awesome you don't buy it. This is gonna be like couple currently winning in Odyssey adding you know about it until like maybe yes to your day. Yesterday morning so none of time is here Federer and they weren't that good that was almost hell I was I was impoverished. And Arnold really knows. If that's the coolest way that is not going this way is from Austin I was bureau and how route to get married on Father's Day. Well I know. I don't know if that's life I feel really matches. We got invited to wedding. We're gonna San Diego. There was a Memorial Day weekend. MAQ they said the RC PL like a month and a half before the line. That's like we had Fisher plan but I'd like to go to your groove on my good friends from college I'd love to go to your wedding. But it's on Memorial Day weekend and you let us know like way too close Memorial Day for us to play in this. There's a we're gonna see Indy or San Diego already you omitted changeup to go to buffalo. Should it be a good time though it does you know at the wedding if nothing else man you know weddings are always kind of you know pretty good food. Around pretty usually a pretty good news or spoiled from mine now dish aren't going to be no again then army and it's it's got to be kind of hard to top the lynch wedding man there was. There was fresh cuts of of a pastrami. Felicia is still want some BP to him and then there was filet mignon and lobster. Now somebody. At the table. Ordered like the fish or some flavor chicken or something like that and the flaming arc came out there like who really want is they're gonna premium chicken do you want yes. Please put it on my plea for attitude waiting lines absolutely so good so what is in Syria today is Father's Day. Assuming you get to do literally everything you want what is your perfect policy to comment perfect Father's Day once you get home what you did once again home. Shoot. Probably say man. We'll something Kara. Then go ahead and probably play a video game I think imagine there is Omar mine. Let me see. Is there's no I don't really want to watch the golf tomorrow drilled over the one wants the US open looks fine so your policy do and everywhere so I'll probably just do after doing that to channel surfing. Or nice steak nice little revised you know to put on you don't want to have to make I'll do. If it's for me and always have to do who went for just right you don't want to have to do I don't want to bush if again if it's just you know just me and then man I'll definitely put that revived. On just myself and have a broom and just enjoyed the rest of my day from the watch Covert ties on you to Britain and so that's that's for that pretty much is. Would we'll have a mileage if that's what you wanna do in the perfect go to far make it happen like that I have to go to locals like for. And my mom's gonna do something from you there manners something like that so. So really it's unfortunate it's like why but I won't be eating like a that's usually how where if you don't wanna do that on Father's Day YE. Hawaiian being forced because someone wants to do it for me you know my mom wants to reform and so I would definitely. Letterman moms you know. Ray cook so. This Texas my friends got married on New Year's results that I yeah. Chaired. That would be me I actually Maryland New Year's. Our. It's at the time it sound like a great idea until it's time to go like celebrate and you know two anniversaries and figure out it's the most expensive night of the year. But at the tunnels also news of the of the biggest party of the year. Yet but there's also nears yeah I think that's the thing is when the people are being invited to those putting Zoellick. But I'd rather just to do my New Year's stuff or go to winning only two days earlier at my Father's Day needs to move the football season absolutely agree. That would be awesome. Yeah agenda because on Sunday you would just watch football can take it in September like followers they can be like the second weekend of September but would you rather have a peaceful holiday or nicer weather so that you go out like weather in football. That's why I say September would be perfect but you're not guaranteed as she kinda looking like up until like I think in the Portland is you're not gonna get this on September and yes we will we have until like September 30. October like seventh to be able to get it you know really nice wedding in 89 degree during. In September yes let whenever listen one of the board organ colleges like. Man that that first week is caused her to legs and of September. Like that first week was always gorgeous and secondly was always gorgeous focus on the course exactly. So hazardous and always super nice out here so I would I would count being nice I'll take. Second weekend of September Pollard parent. Texas what you wanna do you for your own personal policy if you had a 100% choice of fans excellent at Byron 305. We'll read some of those but also it's been a really interesting and weird sports weekend in terms of what is available to watch. What do you chosen and why this is. Sports Sunday on the. Weekends were made for sports. This is sports Sunday with a Mike and his job on Tim Tebow thing. Tens and you'll hear it here Sunday morning. It is gorgeous outside. Hopefully you enjoyed the fine weather on this Father's Day we did get this tax and I feel very very bad for this person. By twin three year old woke me up at 6 AM after I mean everybody breakfast cleaned up and witnessed multiple meltdowns I am now heading to the gym to walk on the treadmill for three hours of its most. I'm sorry I'm sorry it happened at sucks OK but. Tread meal might be code word for all the bar for three hours and drama Soros and I'll be back could be. Although I don't know why he would say that's us he just tells the truth I think it is because it treadmill quote unquote because his wife is probably listening. But how does how does she know what what he's typing in the texts. I guess and that is exactly what I'm there a sweet wins but mostly want twins are good and opened the sport and hit it but that's. I don't know that that's ounce can nightmare it does a ligament there so I I'm sorry sir floor. The bastards here froze to you still got plenty of time today so hopefully it'll turn itself around and when you get back from the gym and or the far whichever it is that you are doing. The your wife and kids will have something nice and if you can go relax for the rest of the evening. Maybe and positive thinking rights you know him a puzzlement latitude you can get. Senior perfect Father's Day at five popular Republicans like do you. Today or any Father's Day be your perfect example of a Father's Day for you test that and a five factor of five and really show arrange week. Slash weekend in sports. To be great. But it's been strange in the reserves fisheries because it's all of the office sports but are normally happening or happening at the exact same time. You've got the US open. You've got the World Cup you've got to college World Series and you've got Italy baseball going on right now as well. What I'm very curious to see those New York sports fans that are not big fans of all of the kind of secondary sports. I'm very curious to see what you guys are all watching right now. This for me the answer she breezy on March in the World Cup. And it means some of the game certainly 5 AM tomorrow watching those but. While they come the morning the World Cup games are on their music two or three today has thrown on the TV I'd been so engrossed in almost every civilian have been really really did for the most part. We're watching Germany Mexico and here as it was going on saw Spain Portugal and it's entirely a couple of days ago I came was awesome. I watched a mini games like that I love soccer though and I always loved the World Cup the World Cup to me is a really really really fun turn the World Cup is on. The US open is a lot of people's favorite major of the year. It's been really really brutal on the players this year loans of over power people complaining about the course. But. At least for me I'm a huge golf fan but I'd love to see US opens expose you aren't supposed to the toughest tournament of the year asylum to see these professional golfer struggle. Wasn't the US open here in northwest clinical pool here last year is read here in this years ago in. I was not anywhere near as hard as this I don't think this has been. There's been quite the record when disaster for over over par shot yes they were complaining all bar slash U armor that's saying you know we saw the same complaints over the greens. Bulldozed robot controller that everybody was up in arms about it so. Via a mummy this is this is that. It's that time of summer to where. You know the call you know dog days again the World Cup is super fun you know I look forward to world for more than I do like Olympics ardor of the calendar that's fun. Woke up is way more fun I had in Washington game just some you know I'm usually really busy during the week. Umps are planned be able to watch someone play and Laura is not the US media Ross Paul the US's. That. There ago so I've definitely mean a few minutes ago no I did not know that. Really edited and qualify this year it is a shocker incidentally I was a big one too that I didn't know qualify. You should do. Even if you watch one game in this World Cup. Make it the woman are to happen if you confinement a replay of the Portugal Spain game it was a 33 draw but it was. Absolutely. Phenomenal it's hate us the dumbest thing ever start to finish. It was amazing and since that oh my god come on like. Seriously like we'll have thirty innings of baseball before we have a tie game four we were dropped. Liked well so here's the thing in the shoot out give me something to do some blindfolded us again to the knockout rounds there will be shoot outs. There'll be penalty kicks but in the group stage dissolves about points of view to drug at one point top two teams in the group. Move on to a knockout rounds were. There is no ties. Whistle what are out of all these things were you watching is the World Cup amenable Austin put would you be your choice this week probably woke up over cultural series US open and yeah. I'm name or assays will still in the college World Series of get lost yesterday in North Carolina hum Luka what you looked six from the tournament. You have probably do better and probably World Cup you know during World Cup is where I would. Where I would go with that it's the most exciting. Arm you know soccer school it's constant movement and you know back and forth from time blogs stagnant for the most part. It's always moving so discussion here you say that though because most. Sports fans who don't like the secondary stuff he'd soccer of the World Cup I mean it's it's if you don't want to grew three or warriors yeah. I'll definitely watch. So I mean now what I've been likened to Washington Premier League just on my own on a Sunday no never but except when it here except V. Washington with you when we used to prepped in the back to your guess is the only time that would have or soccer. I put it on here on Sunday mornings on around them out to be in on here you know parents and Al never. Watching it noted that there are the several a couple of called me and those total. Never ever. Bob Watson what do you Jesse have you lost intimacy can pretty caring about any of this I don't you know the TV on in here. Lau and now it's not a married that's how much of a years making the statement yet no TV on. Usher in the beginning I was before over the shuttle's Oliver prepping a launch in the World Cup in here and he was looking at the reflection in the glass. Seeing them Mexican scored news like oh well I think I was in high school house like. Why are you watching in the reflection what are you watching and and ask and yet those demands nothing about a man he's in the thirteen gonna get thirty all all watched that what was that. That that. Lingerie football league before a large sucker. I mean and you love football live man. You should love food they ate three and three the Big Three coming can off of five days did you even know that battle before. Because I've I've sounds awful. The victory was actually kind of fun no. Longer. A reminder. And here was trying to placate there's some really cool old names here that I like yeah I would like to see some old school legends. Games. I don't see like just some you know and so it may actually play five minutes in the never play again. Did someone on the soccer market game did you see Baron Davis at some gym. I had Stephen Jackson. Given somebody the blues. Like the voice of average Joseph at the gym and a well Sam it still is you know these dudes to instill other still Jack and still hope they can still. I did did you see much Syria Mike Bibby looks ridiculous. Many hold Ohio a key eight Mike Bibby right it's it's kinda you know he did hit it's it's crazy like I played my identity and his arms were it and it finally ate that horrendous tattooed that he had on his arm yeah and good for you Michael ware looks wool. That's well look like. Yeah I think that's almost too jacked mentally there's a little too much just on never wearing a shirt for American Jack like. And correct me up at work every day. He kind of looks like a weird plastic hanging dollars something it is weird he'd eat doesn't look quite right. There's sex then I'll take a hike with my family about fathers are of course the guy with my family have coffee made for me place multiple prisoner of some friends and have dinner made for me now that sounds fun. So organizer fathers are at their I don't Reynolds but resistance as a college allowable from prison walls were prisoners on the awesome. I played it in advance PO time advance. You put your life higher GPA great sporting GPP it's like a PPP yes and also we played. Ultimate for his view is on the games. Who of course we played tennis and be might really competitive and stuff. We'll see what else and your son and explaining why basketball and soupy. Well no they just needed a name color but it was a drills like regular. Seriously. Do we it's a very similar aggression it would accept it just basically. Introduced you to maybe sports that you didn't get to do in PE because maybe they're a little bit more generic so it did introducing the things like water polo tennis. I haven T we went golfing we spent and bowling we we actually went to the bowling Alley per week and went bowling so all these things that you don't actually get to doing. But it it allows you to commit introduce yourself to other sports agreement necessarily to do. You went golfing at a PE class that couldn't have been more than what fifty minutes there yes if you like it was a skip other class yeah. Yeah this I was in high school ring. Hot. We did or sophomores but we did get to go to Hollywood Bowl and noticeable instantly apparent. That sounds much for the mighty costs relate. For every two weeks she switched from one volleyball to basketball. Odd ball. That IP that a regular and he got everybody's TE we advance we had to advance yet. At this Auxilium jealous hating each counselor sign off on meth themselves this. All right coming up next time freighter loaded the first justice percent of. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with Mike and Rashad 1080 friends. I'm 37 year. That music means it's time for him and love it. I don't know who goes first. Having your year one last time yes I did you go first. Suggesting what do you have forest you don't like sports right now so what do you have in your hot sports questions O yeah yeah I'm I'm so into this World Cup in the baseball and everything you know baseball doesn't mean I think he's really I don't and they spoke well well World Cup and based a gas while I. Willful fill okay that's empirical test that would that would be an unfair for a shot. I've lost almost a road game in baseball is my sport and let's face it I don't know what to ask largely bunch of those days guatemalans. What procedures like the same amount of points or whatever is anything being young being deemed their youngest and it'll all just I just give her shot the window and stuff like I compare. It once a year let's start off with them this actually I know is gonna I think. Can indeed. A difference of opinion between the two of you guys are just kind of brought it up. Which part of the conversation and all that jacked up ex NBA players. That you're about to see on at best one in the dubbed Big Three kicking off in five days a year and that was taken out of time to Israel hands. I know Wisconsin and I saw Obama faced the fees I thought it got canceled out see there we go there we go see that's that's because. It's not an ES PM product therefore ESPN doesn't care about it ranked. Now. With that said the three league does have a fast paced like it's three on three they have the inventive four point shots. Now that's that's I mean I can't wait to see staff curry in that the Big Three league shoot them four point shots. DH came and stepped on the same team. Necessarily win in seven years episodes must act when they retire this is what's going to be around and how. Has a quick season. I is gonna be over by August that means the playoffs everything I mean that's basically. The NC this season and the playoffs or the length of like. Half of the MBA playoffs is think about that go with that makes every game count from the start love hate the Big Three league which kicks off. Once again in five days will gain steam by the end of the season. That even ESP and won't. Be able to ignore variety. While I love it and I think it's known. Are pretty cool thing especially seeing some of you know these older athletes. Is yen and there's still so much money made from baseball they're still really you know make your mind from that also it is world. And so they are going to be making money. From. ABC. From. All the other is in the O shows wherever else all the World Cup is going to be kind of televised man. It's it it's an it's an awesome thing that the three ball or whatever it's called tickled the victory. They did it's it's an that's an awesome thing but the one thing it lacks right now is stars know Al Harrington Stephen Jackson. Relive the two biggest stars that played there the entire time Allen Iverson came up through all of like you lynch mentioned the 56 minutes. But it's gonna take guys like Toby who have nothing to do wills playing YouTube is gonna take some of those. Coby T Mac type characters to really come in with there was with the name and with that cash day. To really move the needle if it's ever going to be on ESP and they have to get some better announcers it's kind of a full court are like half court. Game right now that they kind of place I think aesthetically they can change some things. To make it more of my guess visible by ESP and by how ESPN's the same network that. To get to promote the world's she's on the World Series of dominoes. The World Series of poker. Some of those other things so they can make it a little more exciting is that we I think it'll peel it suit but not this year. I hate this is while and maybe it's just because this is how I feel. But I have absolutely. No interest in watching. Over the hill old vets like a three and three tournament that's a short season and has a rules I have no interest in it I don't care. I saw this it was all over Twitter I don't care little honey it's Kim last year I saw this on Twitter. For months last year. And didn't get interested in it and I don't know anybody who was in Washington until Jesse city was actually interest in and I didn't know anybody watch said it was funny. It was funny to see kind of the team combinations it was funny to see some of the names are coming back to play. But it's just beyond that I just didn't find it very interesting how many of these. Kind of secondary offshoot pleas from the main means that we see and how many of them fail almost all of them right. I think about the NFL I think a PX and think about Arena Football League and I think about the US falling all I kind of self. All of them failed. Because they're not the mainly. There and they're not what people are sitting watching. They're not their favorite teams it's it's a novelty it's an interesting thing for a little bit in because of that I think one year two years three years it'll be interesting. I think it'll fizzled pretty quickly. I don't think you guys are giving credit for the names I mean there are some pretty legit I mean it's basically I wouldn't say any stars but it's like. A league full of retired NBA beat stars like. You pretty much know every single person is an Alley and ignoring Al Harrington you know hold the keys of peas star accused more room. You know upbeat start the league is Kevin Love. Like that's that's the that's dead at the big east are that that second group of you know topped. Fifteen to 25 players in the league you know that's where he has been a multi as Micah. You know ago I see stars you know at best. Thing make him pull up some of these teams here. And grant in the Big Three MVP was Rashard Lewis but he was a monster three was an all star and Rashard Lewis to his credit was an all star at the Mike Bibby was. Winning in his time was amazing Chauncey Billups. To Mark Johnson Corey Maggette I mean there's all people the at the very least you know and they were like good basketball Jermaine O'Neal is plain in Mary he's got a team. Like Kenyon Martin's. First names and they're like they're not eight not like you said Kobe Bryant the all right and I think that's was Dante's and take one of those CoBiz are one of those guys come in brings in cash don't. Would be interesting seeing a Kobe get in there like you get so bored but I mean we all know his knees were. Done by the end that's never gonna happen. Let's. Players that get Stephan there after retires then everybody's going to be watching and our I moving on. Kind of the collide theme here that we started the show where if we all know he's leaving this is kind of something that ultimately seems to happen when it. The stars in the small market they wanna eventually. Leave. Find a team that they can win. A title with after they realize after 789 years that is just never gonna happen in the market they are and that a lot LaMarcus Aldridge. Love or hate its clients. Lose right now just like all the others is for shadowing and inevitable and with Portland. And Damione Lewis. Not warrant. I would say hey. I think dame has his own due. Name. For sure. I can better ordained seems to be junior left and that's the one word one reason that the blazer fans really latched on him. Is because I think he's meant everything she said I think opera it's it's. Weird I believe him when he says that he wants to be in Portland for his whole career. Why has never said to my knowledge that he wants to be in San Antonio his whole career. Kweisi there was such monarch she wants to be the best bird to ever play these are things that Damian Miller has openly said. LaMarcus Aldridge is kind of one of those flip flop you guys you didn't really know where you stood with him you know play Damien at least. He's you know kind of forthcoming enough to let you know kind of how he feels about stuff so I think when things start to go south we'll all know it will all see it won't be quiet thing on Damione Lewis part he's got to make sure everybody knows. How frustrated he is we already know about the meeting that he had with Paul Allen you know I guess that was supposed to be a quiet meeting but everybody can be found out about it so. We know he's got the guts and fortitude to step up and say man I'm happy with the situation so I think if she does some like trust me there's going to be some noise it's not going to be is quite squad. I'm gonna say love illicit love Jesse and and it's. I agree with the shop for a lot of those points I do believe Damien Miller when he says he wants to stay here personal career I do believe Damien Miller when he says he wants to win a title here. But here's where I think is going to happen. I think Damian Miller is going to fight tooth and nail to get a better team here and I'm not sure that Paul Allen. Neil Shea or whoever else is at GM in the future is going to be able to pull that off and I. I think there's going to be a moment. What he's maybe thirty to 33. He's got three or four years left to being in the lead point guard before starts breaking down and he's gonna go. Why am I not doing anything to win a title in my career. Why am I not doing anything to try to make myself better when I've done literally everything I have I could for this franchise and they have now been able to do it for me. And I think he's going to try to leave. I really do believe that it now the blazers in the middle win a title or the bigger. Super great draft pick it turns out to be the only player but no he won't leave but I don't really believe that's gonna happen. I don't really have a lot of trust currently in the front office of the blazers I used to. Right now I don't. I used to be a champion for formula chef but he was a genius in making agreements recently acting like this team a stock. In the same perjury they have been for the longest time and not going to be able to break out of it because of that. That's soccer if that's human weird but the rest let's attacks and because of that if thanks for calling me to go and I appreciated. Because of that I think that eventually you'll try to. All right so. I'd agree with you might. I think teams. Eventually gonna leave this just inevitability in two days and yet in just I'm. Not gonna happen unless you get some sort of believe draft pick which I don't see happening in the future. Finally. Those hear about this Martinez Brandon. As you say things that he's gonna have another suspension coming down for her. GAAP Oakland thinks that the gonna have to deal with another. Suspension from our teams ranked who was traded they traded for him in the body and traders and the traded form. So normal it's expected that he will not be available for the team to start the season in this is once again he's already had two PPD violations this could be his third strike clever hey we've seen. Our tennis France last snap in the NFL on. While. What is the penalty for three. Is it physical up. There's just for every time there's only baseball and actually the PD penalties in the NFL. You know just I honestly don't know the American penetrated wears a baseball third striker don't forget it. It's immediate suspension a 160 game suspension in them permanent suspension. I don't know in the NFL. I would definitely don't know Kane and it under the new substance abuse policies extra six strikes results and I wonder if gas he gets six events. I love helped tilt he'll play again on the one thing marte was Brian is a six foot five. You can't teach that he is a guy that you can mend that you put them on on a wonder you know cinema streaker. Anything like that meet you got pretty much guaranteed gold he was golden for big bend. Heard a few years that he played there. I'm sure for dialing deer car it'll be a big guidance is bail them out of some situations especially considering that. Marc Cooper has had some problems drops he's over the past year so marte was trying to surmise that can really change the stretch the field for you. He's just an idiot and that's just kind of one of those things he seems like one of those guys gonna costly get in trouble. For the same thing had a mentor who told me don't never be the same for twice. And she's gonna be the same fault every single time he gets his opportunity to be and I think you just have to accept that your Big Ben had some words form. During the season and McConnell what you know about how he lives with his teammates but I know here and Antonio Brown had an OK so OK relationship so. He's talented and when you're talented you can be kind of it. But the jerking and kind of these as dumb as you want as just scored so as well Fisher county you'll be in the league for launch it we talked about this. Before. The show. Maybe maybe it was last speakers like that but. It's amazing what you can get away with in the NFL oh Jesse I talked about this it's amazing what you can get away with them you know felt. It's amazing what type of player contracted we're talking don't lose pilot wasn't drafted in the MLB. Whereas the NFL draft anybody who has any sort of history. I domestic violence or sexual assault during kind of thing like that close female during the nationalism and production. It's called historic by yes so I think he I think two pages the right answer this question right I think Martin Bryant will find another job of I think. One other T-Mobile sovereign because were shot is right he's tall he's fast and he's proven match he can be an impact player when he was with the Steelers. I mean that the times removed on the field Ben Roethlisberger he would get. Multiple times and SEC Gillick seventy yard touchdown catches he's burner and he's got good hands and he's not the best personality he's. Costly says things that are. Ruffling the feathers of the organization. He's been busted for DDs been busted for substance abuse stuff like crap but guess what. Talent tops in the NFL and literally nothing else matters so. I hated you'll certainly get more chances than him. For all around me and you guys have hero to make. Young. As are gonna love this on your right. We got a rapid fire rapid fire. Rapid file I mean I did actually permit and this. Honestly guys are gonna probably agree on both both these guys are gonna agree on this is fighting. And it but. Lover hey this offseason we will see LeBron client PG. Thirteen unite to make a new super team in the west face. Move bronze star gonna go to situation we have to build the team he's gonna go with team set up to win right now we can just be additional piece things. I love it because you once you get three or four more years the last drop the best possible players available right now that's him that's why and that's all George self. I think he'll be able to build a super team into that. All right Jesse beautifully shot and I guess yeah I was quick love that guys did that awesome. These are accurate aircraft fire. Like I don't I don't think we've ever actually the only do rapid fire actually rapid fire to excel or shot. I don't know. We come back. We're gonna do closing credits right here on fan. Weekend sportswear. Sports Sunday. My favorite shop talk 1080. So great record it's a great song. Fisher and language are well taken me one last time you hear the one time before that I needed to get this done. And Israel and I didn't like that. Last rapid fire around. Was just as Jesse agreed with Rashad not necessarily a meeting could point me it was a good point out I think all the answers because disagrees with Mel does Jesse supposed to be an impartial guy who. If you make an argument that is a solid argument give you point. That argument right no. The second question I A agreed with Mike but you've got more points. So needs exactly. I have to say I think Jesse agreed with few. Even though I mean salient point he gave you the point cousy greed. The report describes just prove that I try to be an impartial unbiased. Opinion here English is could take the loss this could I could. Thought you might not like it's. Okay. What what are you doing a damn you're not dead yet you know so you know here in Vegas us again this weekend has been to slight chill man. Do you were so exhausted when we got home as it happens I listened gives decided I couldn't wait to my bed last last week when I got home like and I don't slip and a nice hotel. You know it by myself and you know. Turned down serve all the stuff I just. That which he backs. Can tell stop using down for the pills they suck we suck everywhere studies like six of them we got broad shoulders and so please stop. Nobody uses those there can be some they're not comfortable the memory foam. Yes spring for some memory for you put your head in them and they sink into the bottom in the near surrounded by mountains all of sudden it was stealing those pillows every week. Because if I go in his memory foam pillow that's coming. Straight. Just saying those kind of things. That's what makes I love hotel beds generally but I couldn't open and I cancer but so. Our arrangement but. Quarterback next week thanks for listening thanks for texting Twitter again actually to defendant might miss when his seven Matt Taylor made the final three images that just may have seen him and thanks big post NBA draft salons and such talk about would match. More trailblazers domestic stuff on the well. Or maybe they'll surprises. You know amid deposit that moment. Trademark for 2012 Olympics. They won't listen up. He MA guys positive mental attitude and grandfathers everybody enjoy the weather enjoy it whatever is that you're doing and we'll see you next. This superb.