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Sports Sunday
Sunday, May 20th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots from. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns Andrea boundary on. The shark before. Yeah I don't have any of them out you can catch TV about kids eat. Caught an alien ship not yet mr. question but I'll let you know what I'd do this is sports Sunday with Mike Lynch. Moved. Rude of you as soon as the blue. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor. Okay do and I can see you don't want a future career kimono and it was a good hustle and ESPN Sports Radio 1080. It. Our troops are here on sports Sunday. My camera shot reviews Jessie here as well talk to upon an MBA playoffs there. Last hour. Move on match in this hour by the way case you're curious about. Is riveting topic of the show last week you're still here. I kept it for now and it looks good you trim that up a little bit you know did I lined up a little better yeah American. I. I was messing around one of the tremors. And houses based on the next after the shows I ask this question. And it did Oscars so for now still here still McConnell commuted screwed up some concern now I just wanted. Because it's all new enemy threat I don't know what what number are supposed to put this on I don't know. How bad could look after this happened to that can mostly not just profits can look like this weird like half beard. So. That is kind of went for it worked so we're good for now what looks good thank you will see a lot of keep it put for now. Rashad wins. Or shot in his Twitter post him. Most people responded to your Twitter posts that keep it there although one person told me to fill in the chain and public Mai Chan doesn't filling mattered as a group here. Well but some people have to grow the whole way it looks weird slick the girls at your lip my hair doesn't grow here it's I think it's a good thing graphic ads we were here year. Entirely. Pit exit if it looks strange food each and Malia. I can. That is impossible for it to each. So let's talk about the big. I guess despite the biggest story of the day of the week and that is the supreme court's decision to end the ninety's hoopla that. Media says illegal to sports cable outlet for states and prominent. And now they are leaving it up to the states all of it also said that they are. Amenable to congress giving something with a federal law that wanted to. But they're going to leave it up to the states to make the decision for now on sports gambling. This was the New Jersey verses. Everybody. Case they started at the lower courts against all the sports leagues essentially. And they lost every step of the way and then went to the Supreme Court in the Supreme Court flipped the decision completely. And made New Jersey the winner and you'll now be the first state to. Opened their doors after this law to legalize sports gambling on Monmouth park horse racing track and down the shore down there and taxing your mind a couple of other shore house a couple times. And they have revamped the entire thing it's not just gonna be a horse track now it's going to be workbook. It TVs all and they are now it is super nice looking he can do is go and bet on games. I'm so I think Expos open like in a week that's how quick they turn this thing around him in that state. Other states us on or close to following suit with them New York Pennsylvania Delaware. Mississippi. And there's a West Virginia and visible once so far the closest you also. Legalizing sports gambling. And obviously. I think it's great. I'm somebody who gambles so this is they're gonna change a lot about what I do you may be at it opens the door for me to casually placed them. It plays in money at a game if I'm in an area that has won but it's not gonna change the way guy. Gamble they don't. But I think it's cool that it's illegal now because. I never really felt like it should have been illegal in the first place now I'm with you a Fella could. Should've never been legal especially peregrine and understand certain states in Utah you know some other. More in Argus. Religious states and things like that they would want that to be okay let's unbroken by. Org California Washington Edmund yeah well let us know kind of a doer and so I think it's cool. A public view in Arlington base for five years and I beat her gambled. Three tar by our gamble I like to shoot dice maybe place and you know police cars. For the most part a non. Among going to because feet or so ago to the crap table to government table played him 21 month now that in that role is not changed no and is a saint in general in general I just I don't really gamble like that. So for me unless there's a sports book somewhere that I can go and chill and watch some games and have some wings and I don't really care and even then I'll go home plate hopeless coupled to two dollar bets on some some games okay not a problem but. For the most part like from public view like I don't really gamble like that anyway so it doesn't change anything for me. I think there was that overall fear that. Man if you make this legal there and everybody's gonna do it going to be you know chaos you know in the energy everywhere and truth is like if you're going to gamble he reported do it anyway so now that and it was easy to do it exactly and other places like. Draft draft kings and things like that have all of these. You know fantasy leagues to can be in and went for money like it's become more and more accessible like you can go online in place bets. For vague answer things are so it's it's. Not stopping anybody gambling analysis cutting out the middleman missed evidence that apple might do it meant I can just. I can do it from our own you know. Whichever of local bars like that it takes and sports it's so I think that's cool to be able to do if that's which are into what went. And all the money that could generate four. The state hopefully technical and the schools you always talk about the schools and what they're one game policy opening day. Ever actually get that Cecil you know people make good on certain problems that lets go for some. I just like the sports books myself when I mean if I can even remember to do when I go to Vegas is that that's the same thing when I got to Vegas I. Gambling is not really on my radar. Every once while I. If I'm their during football season I will try to make a bad otherwise I'm. I mean I. Well I'd I'd take that back I was also there during the NBA playoffs you know that's I will only do sports books why because that you at least have some sort of control over. You know the conditions of the game you know people are healthy you know people are healthy wins are is all that kind of set there's variables that you understand it can control as opposed to just the role that it's not. How's verses you if you verses. Random chance I'd random chance as you and your knowledge for some what you can map exactly in the game that. You assume is not. Being run by the mosque and tell your head some eyes while evidence and the questions like would it. Would you be able to have that sports in my major chains like a Buffalo Wild Wings or some might actually shows and houses sports and sporting events and I what what would be. That the right avenue right venue for settlement that would be its own entity to where it's like at its own place and that would not be surprised. Although I could Selig large corporations like that having trouble. What the federal idea of camp sports gambling even though they made me yeah Tuesday it's. And then they'd have to essentially not have that in all the states that didn't legalize. So I'm not about the problem. I'm sure things are that a party happened. I'm went with a lot of major change but I could see it happening as don't know much your media must have some of these big companies in these big restaurants they tend. Err on the side of caution when it comes to these kind of things. And like Buffalo Wild Wings needs to you know be in the business of sports gambling but she couldn't hurt to be able to get back to people here. It it would just be I imagine it would be difficult from the fact that every State's gonna have their own legislation and some will be a little bit more laps and are going to be more regulated I imagine organ would be one of those states that would be super regulator because that's who we elected do. And it would just make a party you'd have to have a whole section is 21 and only which is your barbecue probably have to make it totally different probably have to be. Like a state like Korean. Non visible to the minors that kind of stuff and it would dispute in the back yes it would be a pain in the butt it would be a lot like the model system is today however has to be behind closed doors you know those video poker machines. So what. Break a minute what dissidents in times we'll show trying really hard. Couple more thoughts on this plus the text or the tweet that came in to me when I teased this couple segments ago. That is next year. On sports on the continent. 81 quarter. Sports center. Mike Cameron Johnson and Kennedy both. Sports Sunday. Ben it's excellent I've found there of we got us. And that I need to defend. I'm likely from the seven actually made Acheson of the disease and may have ice skate to this little sparkles were loved the song. Still we're skateboard like notes or Grover scare him. I miss skating rinks are the that was like my birthday parties were. Many many years in a row was that the the capitalism. Or infield technically but the bird till the jerseys catering. Have all the parties that are a lot of the amounts at a roller blades. Pretty gears preach us to suspect. I tried it recently issued by recent amendment five years ago. And I fell hard twice. So still very good and I hurt my ankle 'cause it was like. I forgot that it was a full ankle stable roller blade you know it covers rural ankle. So I tried to like use my ankle to fix myself innate I fell undermine that my body and I've crush of my whole way approach and I am happy self. Not great so not I am no longer is it is as I used to be. Not not is not as Agile and used it it. Get along numbers but your after rival paper and skater Johnson by group. Went I am today's world are scheduled to dad and and they're like skating world I've ever really went there and the clothes so early airmen oaks park is where it was and I was at live like. Within skating distance although you could skate and they accuse the name be likes those can't Wear those incidents of whales in the oval SO. I would Wear and you know regulation skate their change and issues. And then change back in my escape spirit Gresham was just an incredulous that so far when you live in north port aggressions and so far oaks park isn't close but it. It's closer aggression oh yeah yeah 900 oaks park I've. I'd never it skating because it was so early. I'm assist April so this is tweet that I got. At migrants from his seven from the. Mark he says sports gambling is like campus people are really wanted to do it were already doing it before we legalize if you own a computer Smart phone about this in the world and you've been betting on export some time now. I agree with tango 90% of the way. Or lease for 90% of people there is a percentage of people who would be more willing to do something when it is legal and when it is illegal. So about will. Certainly. Comeback. Earth that certainly happened with gambling as it has happened was we. You. You just you kind of slightly broaden the horizons of the people were willing to try right. And like I said I don't gamble I don't dump technically illegal if you do you like a Las Vegas app and you use a casino. Through here it's not a legal it's the they would be stopped if it wasn't it is legal. But now that it has the potential illegal here and organ. I guarantee you if there is a time walking around downtown while passports but on Sunday or something and I won't. All stopping and employs about a game because he's the right like playing the lottery he put two bucks on it and hope for the best Britain that's kind of just what it is and I mean at least to me it seems a little bit more trustworthy so it's gonna be regulated by the state. Where maybe the money's not going to be delayed coming back to you can you'll know it's you'll be paid out if you went to bat. If setter. So I think there's a small percentage of people who will be more willing to do it but overall I think their point is a very sound. If you wanna gamble you are giving him just like if you wanted to spoke weed you were already had a kindly. You know it is kind of one of those things like nothing has changed. I assume there are people more people that do it because it's more available to them so I assume that the numbers have gone up have. 40%. Yeah of the people started slow smoking we probably not you know if you didn't spoke before you probably still don't smoke you still think it's it's thinks you've probably still. Politely make you feel like it being legal hasn't changed anything it's that the same thing with prohibition like I mean. Are going to drink and people are going to hideaway office is kind of what it is so whether or not he made it legal. People gonna do it anyway and now now it's legal you don't have to really worry about all of the additional repercussions that may come with. Legalizing Canada has added about another ten to 16% of people in Spokane office. Area up there you go it's a lot but it's not that big of a percent right that's a lot of people. But it's not a 100% increase or anything like that there's a lot of people severity. Talking about. Ole it's could give mutations is an increased gambling addictions well. Yes that's probably true for a small percent of people people who already had gambling addictions are already gambling. Already going to the to the native American casinos. Article to the tour already seen its web sites are doing double bottom they're already going to five times already using the offshore betting accounts that are. That they can use it's already happening. So yes of course there is a chance and we're talking sports betting to re not talking like you know adding to the casino or someone that like most people don't like my mom. Doesn't give a damn about. Though warriors rockets game what the spread isn't everything in what she's gonna win she will go to the machines don't play those and that's what I'm sailing everybody. Doesn't care about sports right but there are people who hour. Degenerate sports gambler absolutely and on women's basketball yes sir in WNBA because they need they need to fix rightly bets on WB is weird right wouldn't do it would but note. Those people. How are big they're gonna be that way anyway. I've that's kind of my point there yes you may increase the amount of people who are addicted by open this up to everybody I think you well. I don't think it's going to be as big of a problem as people make it out to be its top. It's up some sort of big fear tactic that works to me. I don't know how it could be because you already have gambling legalized in the state is just a different form at all it is is just a different form of something that were already doing in the state. And again to two tripled out of my point people in Oregon. Can use sites like five times wearable Bana. And bet. It already exist so that's that's what I'm saying is I think in Washington as a model for some of those I think there's certain state rules like. So again I think that's an argument that does have some value to the committee some people might have that be an issue. But you could say you make the same argument for read human betterment for alcohol cigarettes all these things are all addictive. Bill can be addictive if it and if the wrong type of person is using and much like we'd like to know that they knew that it would make money and old make that much money that fast and these are mimic humans okay we've got to textile. Because we need some so once they see how many people actually gambling on sports. I think they'll take a look at okay weird we're gonna pour money board tax and that's that's going to be a minute and that's not a bad thing either because. The more money you give to the states. Hopefully. Presumably. The more money that comes back to the state and goes you in terms of services and things like that. And that's not always the case with no government corruption and stuff but. Generally that should be how it works. Now in terms of the state of war again. We had a guy on prime time this week who has been following the story from the beginning a you can listen to analyst of our podcasts from one as soon as Monday. And he very specifically knew about. Oregon and Washington terms of the chances of it being mean last year. He said he would not be surprised of organ is one of the first hastily wise because organ of one of the four states that was grandfathered in the when the ninths ninety's who rules passed a law was passed you make it illegal for sports gambling. Orient was still allowed to do it. Tactically orient is still allowed to do it they didn't. They stop doing it because they wanna be NCAA tournament here because against Italy would not. Put their events in states. That had supports him. So member of sports action I wasn't here for but I I've heard Andrew money about it trust me. There was an organ lottery thing but it was basically a part lays on on teams that was once a week for the NFL Europe. Though they came out. They stop sports action which was legal gambling for sports. Because of the NCAA tournament issue. By the audience of lay has come out and so we are now lifting map rule for now. To see what happens and now any state balanced and as a way tournament thing America aggressively about merit doesn't Ariba of their lifting map for now. This. So he said that he things Oregon is gonna be one of the first states to be able to do it because a they're ordinary canned. I mean Marty shown in the past of the willing to do with things like sports action and I would be very curious in what for me arms and organ. Because you bet the organ blotter is gonna have their hands all over again because guess what guess who this affects the most. The lottery in a lot of states because that money that people are spending to try to win big you might now leave the really really really really really really really small percentage chance of winning a lottery to a higher percentage chance of winning sports gambling. So you you can bet they're gonna wanna put variant on this absolutely. And it. So is gonna be that is gonna people back and books are we gonna see books and Portland Beaverton or ever. I'm very curious but the fact that he says he thinks is gonna happen here is adjusting to me I wanna see what form it. Somalia and NBA testing to see if maybe it's some sort of they've those kind of sub let to the casinos. Is you know we there is a couple here and we're so I mean they could very well be so they put like in. A chinook winds or something like that so or me or alienating you know which is right up the road so I'm just curious how works. On a set I'm probably not call and a ban on anything in dogs. And it's like one of the sports book because they've got meant cheap beer and wings typically you know so. Outside of that like I can watch the game at the house and cared about who wins the grounds verses Steelers. I think for me personally. I think it's going to open the door for me to try to every now and then as like hey. Where your sports book I know baseball pretty well finally NFL pretty well. I feel Philly really bullish about the scheme of five who would ever. I think it's gonna open the door for me because it's gonna be less effort now that like delegate map this effort but it's gossip and that I would normally do you. But afford us wandering around and in some like some of I met mr. Maher on the lottery. The size and the supermarket and wait along check out line I'm like hey leader Robert customer service and look at the Mega Millions and see what happens right yeah because it's easy. Pay the two bucks it's like OK let's let's let's give it a chance random lottery person but I because it's bear in every once a loyal wife and I've got some expendable cash lineup. I think that's gonna be me missing in my experience. And honestly I think that'll be a lot of people's experience into our regular sports gamblers is trying to. Right privacy of we'd written all try it if you've never done before Richie if you do it didn't do before it was legalized ultra. As if I like a great if not cool it's legal I try to no no big deal. Time I think that's gonna be me and I'm assuming montella to we're going to be now that's. Are going to be like I said for me. As sports guy careless you know me and it's gonna bring more money to schools and fixing some of these roads are doing whatever and in some. Education or doing something from almost demand by no means do their readers. I meant that it does seem interview from Washington says I gonna take a little longer but from what we've seen I think yes. I was reading an article and it was literally every State's chances. Of legalizing sports betting afterwards in some states are really strict laws against it. Very very strict and Al battles won that I was reading an assembly gets very little chance there an inducement wouldn't. But Washington was one word whoever was an article senator representative said the Cuban an open eye to it Washington has proven to be a more. Progressive state. Legalizing weed. One of the first to do it so I would not he said he would not be surprised that they also follow suit and legalized sports so. I just don't want right now Washington has I don't know the exact opposite is talked about it. He can't use his Washington address to do you like Vegas gambling yet to use in organ address his work address. Because he can't in Washington news so there are laws against the pair and so maybe that's going to be a little bit of oh. Of a wall against doing it but I I think it'll happen to this isn't our thing that happened. Almost a little later in an almost everywhere sooner than later and I think are really a few other we're going to be roofers will spur states to come of. Work we weren't mentioned with the first group the pilot which were New Jersey New York Delaware West Virginia Mississippi. The first five that I saw or like you are doing it in new Jersey's doing this week and I think maybe West Coast who might be the first ones over and help him in color actually California Maria the law going up the plays around a lot about this earlier this week. There's a map of there was a color coded map of what states were already had legislature in place for potential of this California how law in place. So they might actually the first ones to do it if it's rated ago and it's okay. We got it when we still have legislation technically yes they'll tell us what best guess what I'm saying is technically. We even before this were stolen passports gambling here because were grandfathered before states. But because the NCAA thing we did. After I guess I remember when that happened probably in the early thousands. Say it was about ten years ago yeah eight hours ago. So we we could still read you try to do it today we wanted to do because it's legal but. It was legally and a lot of what. I just I'm I'm curious how the government here is going to to work respect and Renault organ sometimes well to slow it comes and things like that. Coming up next hitter love it. Who won last. Both anti violence. Was Tyler school. In the brittle play rock paper scissors have decided whispers that's next or just it was fourth. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with my camera shot on 1080 friends. We shot one copy for scissors he chose to go first. The stated love it if you've got some of the shuttle for high schools and this is our weekly segment Jesse Alaska's questions. That is how weather here love it and he'll reward S points or doctors points based on our answers and and the winner at the end distance classic. It's usually about two seconds long. So just. Go ahead. And can start. Our rights. Let's hear. And I got some interesting ones today let's. Let's start with the one that just kind of popped in my head actually. I look over to my left it would IC on the NFL network marking ground. Running a touchdown he said this to you what's today or right I'm watching. And watching NFL red zone re one hit by the way I think this is a no win the earthly reason they're up 103 on Detroit and Cleveland can get that WOK all right yeah it's an us Airways Mark Ingram just ran in his second. Touchdown vs the Buffalo Bills on this and if I'll read them reply. And which literally has the perfect segue into this topic because it includes Mark Ingram who is suspend me. For the first four games of the season for her performance enhancing drugs. That opens the door for guy you may have heard of by the name of holding Camaro you heard of that and maybe possibly I think he's angered. Yeah an hour. It opens the door for him. To be the starter to be the every down guy Canada's start this season love or hate by the time Ingram comes back. Tamara is gonna have a stranglehold on the job. Love that. I'll. Well I think I'll I don't think Mark Ingram was ever really. The long term answer for New Orleans I think they needed a running back and he was. Best available at that point mark for the most part at least in in my opinion for the most part of history spend. Relatively. An impressive like he's had a couple of group good season. But outside of that man and he has a relief in the guise of think most people. Thought he was this was the this past season was the best season that he's ever had as far as rushing the ball. Is the most yards he's had and spent seven years in the NFL in the over a thousand yards. On the second time this in his career hat over a thousand yards six touchdowns for most of his career and and Reynolds and he'd know. He burst out this year for for twelfth he's suspended for what. Organs for what. Oh well and they need to happen have the best season. That he's ever had so I digress on my outlook Camara. He came out and showed you and limited minutes are limited touches that he can be a really really good running back if you pick them up and fantasy he pretty much saved your season. And a lot of and lot of respect so I'll look for him to be the guy a kind of move before any moves a little bit better and come bruiser this guy's kind of aside side. I'm gonna go opposite view to Germany he did refer to different reasons the first of wage. Is PDs mean nothing in the NFL every single part of this from opry he comes back and he plays because nobody cares. Nobody cares there taking steroids you'll not have any sort of like negative things from Sean Payton and the saints because he took steroids the other reason is. The big new running back is not a workhorse running back there's not many of those left in the NFL. Public Camara is. Exceptional. What he does but to be honest I'm not sure if Colin Camara is the type of running back who could be a three down running back. And stay healthy in entire season first of all. And plus I think this goes it's better utilized as a change of his guy catches passive in the back great dual running backs that. Horrible the morale there and gives them a lot of options Mark Ingram. There and my argument with the style of running backs they have are right now is. Multiple you need two or three guys are gonna come in they're going to be a bruiser Mark Ingram there's going to be a cat. Pass catching guy that's out in Camara. And it's like a super speed guy kind of change clearly which it's kind of also Albert mark for the saints. I hated I think they're using him when he comes back maybe he won't be as good as last year. These are going to be an important part of. Yeah I I think they Tamara. My steal the jobs but it might end up not going the same explain the fact that I think kind of hit on I don't know if you've built a view that every down guy but he might just be so impressive they just trying to I'll know within his rookie year was better than anything that Mark Ingram had done up until up until last year that is very true. So I'll take I'll definitely take that as knowledge at the end of the season AM. Seems to know like focus on him he was well known by the end of the season. Stick with NFL there are six teams that how. Tampa Bay 2007 Chicago Bears 2000 and the jets 2010 chargers 2013 in the 49ers. Also 2013. Those are your longest droughts. For the playoffs in the NFL loves or hates to of these teams will end their playoff droughts. This season. The 49ers are going to be good I think everybody knows it holy hell look at the NFC. Last in all the quarterbacks they haven't met division. It's looks really scary and it looks like by all accounts. Jimmy G is the best of the bunch. Like to have the best coach of the bunch looks like they have divorced him of the bunch right now outside of whatever they're doing and LA outlook for them to be very much improved. On Tampa Bay is one of those teams that are just right there they have all the pieces in place but for whatever reason. I think it's coaching they just can't get over how you know you gotta James Winston whose establish himself as a really good quarterback and lack quietly last year had a great season ending to a whole lot of picks. You've got one of the top receivers and all of the league and Mike Evans is a mismatch every single week. You've got yourself a pretty good young tight end in some pretty good clip leases on defense should be able to compete. Much more than you have an especially playing that NFC south where it's incredibly. Wide open you can really go in there and and you don't know which can you compare pleasure not sure which are going to get the saints just won the pressures they've had a couple you know season so it's always really wide open so is there any teams that are poised to make. Jumped to a playoff this year it's definitely those two the other ones don't have any of those. They don't have other also have quarterbacks that restaurant. I loved it but I dissenters were shot. I do think the niners are going to be one of the teams that makes the playoffs this year. I grew a lot of what is injury Rob Lowe looked on the beautiful literally the last years I Kyle Shanahan isn't very good coach sized I do have some concerns about the the rest of the team's depth based on how bad they have been. But high draft picks will help that in the NFC west weird to. Condition right now where the Seahawks might be the worst team in the division and the cardinals are gonna try to go Sam Bradford for a little bit. I think it's all rams and niners and balanced so that's that's one of the reasons I love it. The other team that I love is the chargers he AFC west is in a really really really weird spot right now the Broncos are not sure what the quarterback situation is. The chiefs are gonna go with a rookie. After letting go out Smith and the rest of the team does not look very good. Other raiders could be religion that is junger in good field to coach in this current NFL it's been a very long time since last coach. I think the chargers are primed and ready to go to make the playoffs here. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. The scenes are Super Bowl contender you falcons are Super Bowl contender the Panthers are playoff contender and that we thought last placement division title in the tournament. The playoffs this year is but I do think it'll be chargers. In niners have a chance breakfast. Homophobic Panthers. Aren't all right so going into the last round. Lynch has a one point lead horses of course he depth. He has won one allotment in the federal chorus no of course he does even when he'll walk that we had in the lab has. Theory goes that easily won and the air NFL you're bonded out mostly for an MBA Christian aren't changing it up NBA and his staff curry. And it. That treatment. Abysmal this series. All of a sudden there's something wrong with Disney and excuses excuses excuses excuses. For me to come back from concealed treated he did literally something wrong with this we eat it. Where. He's not giving himself any excuses. Now we are these non. A verdict. Stuff curry coming back home ORACLE Arena as the Houston Rockets. And have a staff nine hit five or more three points. You know what's coming and thought it was gonna come in game one it didn't Katie say today. Thought I was gonna come in game two it didn't change hard spoiled today. This is going to be staffed Curry's days to come home and get all the adulation that he deserves. And he's gonna do his thing like I'm pulling actively pulling for Houston Rockets to win this here. The staff courteous and boy and there's nobody. Ever shot the ball like him it's one of those things even when the shot goes up we all kind of we we cringe because you know it's kind of going in even when he goes one for five or one for seven or whatever he went for the past couple games. You know that there once that ball goes and healing to see one go in there and there and or orthodox are terrible shots. But they go and he feeds off that or how they're gonna give him everything he needs tonight. They're occurring with it would not shock me if he had forty. I also love it but I'm a little bit more concerned in less bullish on a thing you are Rashad I don't know because stepped curry has these teams multiple time series. The fact that he has hit 13 all the last two games to meet. Means that he is going to try his hardest to get open shots to get good looks and just dominate this game here's the thing. In this series. Chris Paul in the rest of the rockets are playing great defense on mount Currie actually has a history. Play shooting well against Chris Paul Chris Paul and his release from mussina gets a lead guards and Daimler. A defending them two good eyes and really really keep. Read them. Plus dep Cory has to try to defend James Harden and Chris Paul aside and breaking news is terrible and so that's a lot of energy being expended on that salaries are going to be able to. Have as much on the opposite side. But with all being said I really do you think he's gonna have a huge game tonight. I do expect the warriors win at home and I think you're right he's got the magic at home he's got that weird couple three or four of the game that he but he hits. Everytime only the first priority is our local. And the energy crowds and really push him over the top slow. All right the win there. Today's match it goes to move. The shot. Talking about no two is for sure I heard a lot of for a lot of us you know big man over the years you're. Miserable and so he. Amendment I don't know that's weird. I I I touched no mikes. So strange. I'm not Tony reality there's a goes we're. I when you were talking in the last point Jessie hit. Like five Boeing's. He was like what am I old like oh god. Primarily because I agree with her shots and don't lose. I can't say anything more about what Parse this time I go on for an official duties when we're solid rocket pursues though but your choice for your second. He goes yeah. And you well yeah you know it's coming as is coming home. He's a bad boy I do know they suits like him. Only needs to see one these are these are all like hot topics there and just boom one after another and I like tomorrow. I appreciate oil Mexican attitude of personality that I Chenault Mexican out. Source to him. Play the song that. Kind of an extra shot of the senate removal. Sports sports sports yes. Com or Spaniard and he acts not Santiago Hudson news of stronger you can correct that's accident. Weekend sports. This is sports such. My average job on CNN. I will defend and I will be there next week as lynch is now. Going to. Santiago. Which of course and German we will as the giant. First time in the San Diego. Going to be so much fun go with the in laws we. They were trying to plan a trip for all of us well all of us I mean the two of them. Two of us and my sister in law brother in law on their son. It didn't work well word Phillies with a sister in law brother in law I don't know why but. They basically went so yeah so ago about some house like that. Memorial Day weekend was the plane went last year replaying this memorial they were gonna go to San Diego Syria is morally we can actually get. Now we're going down San Diego for the first time on a second time in California remember last year went to California for the first time in my life. And we do the road trip down to San Francisco Monterey Santa Cruz now we go to Southern California for the first time in my life and I've heard enough immigrants is a San Diego and I am. There is because I I'll be ours it's my favorite American food. I don't know there and it's always up for a show that's a big claimed I meant like. I don't know if there's a cooler place to be number 170 degrees. All year. You're on the beach. Amazing food and beautiful people there's tons of things to do. Like San Diego and you're like right on the border. Really wanna go to Tijuana department. You can definitely do that probably don't wanna get shot right now but I mean there's there's always risk factors that are known details you know let it get shot. Live. Pretty cool story to tell but I got shot Max I guess you know so if nothing else Jennings makes. But yeah I'm I'm a big fan accumulating about Lehman. The big fan of tacos. That my birthday is Cinco De Mayo so just oh well look that's just me. But there's this place since I don't like when Mexican markets. And called me Rancho. Market think care and then talk those that are from. Every all all the food there is great care best tacos and the title than you're probably going to let them do to me Yemen. I honestly we haven't looked this is apparently my Muslim but they're like have been multiple times when there are places to. I don't know where just along for the ride and they're gonna take assault if it replaces or we get to choose some of those but. I've done very little research time we're flying down Saturday morning. And now we're gonna experience and you're different I'm really excited to you have an ice bathing suit my veins and I yes we know. Because you don't wanna CB materially from the I don't wanna see you but that is a mean the people in the being stolen check out thanks to goodies. Look there just ahead there may be sexy beauties but there's hairy legs and when men when you've got legs is here is mine. You need to Wear the board shorts and you know you're. Yeah you do you lynch you do you. And that's not dispute. That's her faith. So and then. I don't know rock. Our rob all the other people out there when the seasons ago I have them from doing the Speedo. Tom we've where wish for sure you don't just now and I assure us via that was Charlotte I've I have a feeling you Wear the Speedo when you don't have to. I used to. Yes not even more I used to like this is why you would Wear it and like. What are volleyball tournaments it's a water polo and stuff yeah we used to wire posed when team. So you kind of usage is one where it where it it will have like I mean if I went to a hotel or whatever I would. Where I can suggest you look at himself and here's what you Lewis looks. To get confidence because I'd. Back in the day I would get like. So little white. Seeing dozens vetoes that you know. I. RA all variety. Yes you know it gives him confidence to where it and fifty foot and mouth. Attributed Ababa in. We'll enjoy yourself next week plunging car and it plummeted reduce both of them. All of them from things I don't a lot I love making things up white people as it gets here. I don't want to say to go to sit up and stick it out. Parents. Source I'll be back next week with the Jesse of course. Well I don't know it's going to be on the exit obviously I'd I'm an unemployed will figure out good luck. Now about a week after that type of rigorous series and everybody. We'll see you next. OK okay. This superb.