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Sports Sunday
Sunday, May 20th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. Does it go in there and senator name that matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the unit inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch believes that room better. You've that is a car. Yeah but it's so weak car camera shot chambers would you stop going down its opening song. Looked up part yeah on ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy's. Yeah. Happy Sunday morning everybody. Happy Sunday NT. That's good console going on we did some good combo going on and here. We don't we're gonna do for the show today sports now. Two hours royal wedding talk maybe all equipment let's go. We talked prince. Prince Harry hearings at the one. Okay but I was in a patella I don't know I didn't watch leaving you definitely watched a lot of it was guaranteed. Now. Against sleeping better than 3 am watching it royal wedding in a different country than I don't care about. Jesse made that noise did Marie makes you watch it and you know. No no analysis how. I it's I honestly with Buckley Barry doesn't want to act and stuff. I don't know and Tom received a scheme costs are from it mostly have to do with how much it's been. And radio like it's it's been in Sports Radio like. My friend as he shot a jumper like. At a cricket Bullard like literally the congress is calling on him Patrick how would you rather be prints. Who is Harry. Now or would you rather be Russell Wilson. Prince hearing Russell Wilson releasing this year. COK so so this is where it was a it was like Russell wilt and Russell Wilson Russell Wilson had come here he has an entire life of literally no word hubs in terms of like money and if so Russell Wilson's command to straddle the rest of his life and you know he's going to be an up a royalty especially when the number one yeah Russell Wilson actually. I guess technically they have somebody from England on during this conversation. You said he has about seventeen million in the bank Russell Wilson has more on seventeen million in the bank. The Russell Wolff is already Roland better. You know logic cash than this prince over here it. I think I'd rather be Russell. He's he's worth seventeen OK it was chaos. I was literally kidding I don't wanna about the royal yeah. I've got to get sucked into this conversation and all that's good that that brings couple hold different type of thing like man who would you rather be it's like man was rather be prince of whole country or would you rather be like. LeBron James or or maybe not maybe not LeBron book means that curry. It's kind of fresh too so I'm probably step and look here. The biting bit of both the best reason to burst into from England could say as far as. You should wanna be I'm Harry over Russell Wilson was he gets eleven palace. Russell will secure by himself a palace dot. I don't think that's true though I think I think the benefit to being here or maybe it's the detriment beyond split the benefit in his eyes is since she was born. He has wanted for nothing he has had literally everything he he could have he is being considered. The most amazing person or one of the most amazing people and England divide I'm assuming some people in government. And for the rest of his life. You'll be considered royalty. Russell Wilson did not grow up royalty right Russell Wilson groping a regular guy. Yet to fight his way through the NF cultural Paul he chose couple different sports he picked the right one for him. I got the hocker right now he's royalties are Russell Wilson amazing putt. In fifteen years. When his brain is mush is playing in the NFL. Is Russell Wilson royalty anymore I don't think Russell he's part of it's not what is frank I don't think he's gonna have a must enhance my insects and which is awesome bronze or the prince of Canada. So Betty it was only after Massa. And LeBron is actually the king is king James. Literally that's I mean that we've all dubbed him king James like we've we've made them our sport's king. So I guess this is this tax is one might my agreement. This is stupid. Royalty is rich they don't have to do anything anyone in America has to work they have seen what were like. You'll have to live a certain way is acute you have to act a certain way you have to live to a certain standard you have to like. Rehab he's crew needs as the economy out of a regular kid you've got to go to some. In classes and you've got to learn how to walk with a book on. And you know sip tea with your that is the point though she's never had to work. To do is dark and handsome walk around him are cool though Samantha how boring would that be like forever ago I just like to be had to walk around yeah. Let me tell you from experience from personal experience now. No I've I can imagine no absolutely no if if if I kid nope I mean I can imagine like. It be you know funding prince opened at the same time like and boo like there's nothing to do all day. Lily I'd go crazy like one or whatever off work for it today Mike OK and it's. Who I like my son is at school Mike wrote this is in funds have to do so vacations burial of Nam and I can only watch so much more you hurt or judge shows from a variety of options deputy didn't cause more is somebody's talking about. So far. Always in the lead they never before and they never make it to the couch when they start squeamish or its leaders this. As the one thing though all but one argument and this is going to be such an American weird thing to come out of my my mouth of the kind of sounds like a little right wing but. What I love about the Russell Wilson over Prince Charles is Russell Wilson is the literal. Definition of manifest destiny. Which is. That is the backbone. Of are the foundation of our nation is if you are able to Manchester testing and be able to come from nothing and create something great. You could also chose a little more likable quarterback like I think people like Russell Wilson before most prevalent a lot of people while they don't like is if the series they like Tebow is the religious aspect a lot of those utterly disastrous week it's the if it's he's really rehearsed this is almost a man Brady. You know type of response to remind you wrote this down you knew the questions before coming. Yet that it adds that it's the it's the fact that everything he says is rehearsed that's why don't like Russell Wilson. Like your some real Russell Wilson marchers. Are stopping us now amid optimism about it. Not talk about the royal wedding. Come back from Ali and radio stations include typical. I'll we will have plenty of sports on the Saturday don't worry. I just wanted to start with what relating joke from the thrown up there and curtains at bat. Anxious. Welcome text and texts and a 55305. Fight is on Twitter at any defendant Michael instantly seven at ten and made 53 in just his matches yeah. A as the enemy and this is sports Sunday so we will talk about plenty of sports coming up on the show. Today. NBA playoffs. Into the conference finals in full swing. It's very very funny. How the narrative changes. In an MBA playoffs series based off of one. It's happened twice now mortars rockets years. And it just happened last night the Celtics answers talk about that talk about what aired live you should truly believe what we truly believe. That's all coming up here in the first hour. I also. Wanna spend some time getting into. The supreme court's decision. To. Legalize sports gambling essentially we've got to the states say hey. You decide whether or not you want to legalize sports gambling this is a massive decision. That overturned a what was Mallard 27. Year old law. That's not correct probably close to that. And they basically said look you do you do you go figured out yourselves new Jersey's already rated ago. They've already got their first sports are ready to go and in a moment park have been thrown. Up sports but the actual workers track. I'll orient we had a guy on prime time this week or in the may be one of the first days to do this because they were grandfathered in with sports action. I only stop doing it because of the NCAA. Somalia all sorts to talk about it back coming up in the second hour. And elsewhere if there's an. It was all I have benefited I don't know. To the in the playoffs there's and tune in week. The country and Hewitt about Vegas in the NHL how an expansion team has one win away from a systemic problem that doberman we can't I'm not hurting them so it's not I mean that's cool but it's it's known doesn't like their style of play well. All glory that's one of the reasons the other reason is that they haven't had to. Deal with teen years that's right Ian thanks for listening to prime time. Talked about. Richard dean and the fact that they tried to lose in the crystal winning it just it frustrates me is NHL fan of the team that lost miserably for the last four years. And had to build their way backups being in all clue who'd be better I better faster like. So maybe we'll talk about that. He can have feelings too can move. I can regularly I can beat. They are living their game win the Stanley Cup exactly let's go vaguest of our town I've either about the sex like coming up next we will go to the MBA playoffs. I'll love solid last night's game and the series more more the series and game last night. Celtics now too well and on the cavs after LeBron and his teammates showed up. And one in big fashion did that change the way you feel about this series mrs. sports on them. Yeah just saying move this yeah it's saying. Yeah same moon just. Weekends were amazed for sports. This is sports Sunday with Mike Gingrich John Kennedy the fringe and I was. Right here we heard Jesse resist congratulated me for getting us out on time and then predicament I would for the rest of the show which is probably true. But. Also. Tips for breaks and Odom. A minister's plan. Oh like this is straight never started about now a article like the middle. Tired from upper middle yeah I Hughes and aggressive like thirteen years and wheelchair Jimmy gimmick and forget out of Electric's. Because when he's wrapping he's though when he singing to me makes me. Noon. He's funny in like when he's at raptors games and all the teams that he would tricky so eat so cute because he really thinks that he can. At Drexel not a big guy he he's maybe. Maybe five it is all so yes so for him to equities while an up on was Kendrick Perkins so. So the Cleveland and cavaliers. Beat the Celtics yesterday in game three of the series to go down to one to Boston won 1686. Score out salute. Blowout. By Cleveland was fixing about the game yesterday demean. Is LeBron didn't necessarily. LeBron. He didn't go for fifty in just carry the game on his back that way he LeBron did it by being a point guard. He LeBron thereby getting his team is involved because here's the problem against wanted to LeBron was doing everything literally everything. And nobody else can get a shot that would also involved. Asking him between seven did game. Now LeBron to advocate in the twelve assists. In the entire starting lineup got double digit points as the count Cora the ventured off or trees under her commitment decision. LeBron went hey this is a working image the in my team is involved bam and on the human. So. Or thirty. A lot. So I I'll say. It was one of the smarter dominating performance is about LeBron that we've seen in along time knowing what needed to be done because the Celtics were too good for him just to go over 48 in saloons. It was finally gain. Weird. At least some of the other guys showed up. The past two games it's been LeBron. Verses everyone else by. Men certain guys have been like Kevin love the last game you know he had a 22 and fifteen he tried to help and it just wasn't enough it. I think dome. There was JR Smith. That's terror not gonna win anything so it's been this dude really caring in this team on his back which kind of shows you his greatness because even still. Like he had 41 in that first game and was just. Dominic and based. Wow there's really nothing you can do your really leading the team. Full full Barmes to Eastern Conference finals against what I think is the best team. In the East Boston so let's be fair your right but our full blown just assess where I mean that really an outside of Kevin Love. Who can't show up on certain nights but it. There's nobody else on this team that's worth really anything that really the cavaliers don't have one star named one team interest in council stardom it's not the Brooklyn nets. I mean any of the really bad teams but a playoff caliber team none and he wasn't starting until the use somebody did defend Al Horford. George Hill is an aging point guard that was supposed to be the backup in the starting. A JR Smith. Is never stars should every hour long ago starter in the NBA so it's LeBron was hasn't missed harder since six years ago. Larry Nance lose dozens are to be a starter Corey Clark synonymous team. Calderon note Jeff Green nose as it's no Rodney hood hasn't played because he doesn't want Plano. Now you're right it's a bad team. Name name the other miracles in other Smokey Robinson and Americans name the other owns. Mean they are okay singers with none of them were even close to see Cokie Roberts and that's what this team is meant. LeBron James writing all the songs making a whole loot all the music for. For the cavaliers and then there is a bunch of background singers that are mostly off pitch. Will knows it's saw me I don't talk about the game too much outside of two as we do there but let me let me pose this question to you. And you kind of you brought it up when you walked in united I was kind of party figure him along those lines. Is. It's amazing how quickly our minds change of the narrative changes how we overreact. After one team now clusters. The Celtics were up too well. It looked fairly dominant in those two games especially. After that big third quarter running game two it was close in the first half. And ever Romo while the bronze downwards LeBron going next year right out of the conversation wasn't about the series wasn't about the east it was about worst of wrongdoing next year that's fine. But. Now all of a sudden. Cavs win big. Still got a game. But now all of a sudden everyone. Is talking on the cap. They come to in the series. Why don't we change our minds so quickly in these years it's a seven game series which is. The best way to decide between two teams who was the best it gives you all sorts of wiggle room. To have bad games have different types performances to figure out exactly who was a better. And to mean. One game like this for the cavs. Doesn't change the fact to me that the Celtics are much better team. They have them much better head coach and that they'll figure this out and still win in five or six which was the original product and when the first home. All of a sudden now it's old. Watch the cavs went four straight when the series ago via via finals again we talked about it who also meticulous legal problem happened Kevin Love is gonna do that it has consistently nobody listened. One of those things I think everybody was waiting for the other shoe to drop like people. It was a foregone conclusion LeBron was after his sweeping two on all the way they did. We are going to Boston and they're gonna handle them and want to respond. So there are a lot of haters that the minute that you've lost that first came off the show king all the means and everything came out and you know people. They really mistakes in his greatness is let's just be real and it's LeBron vs. Everybody. You know he's the best he's the best team. In the Eastern Conference you know kind of all his own and everybody was ready for him to. To lose and you are for sure was gonna happen so when you they were too low. All look LeBron all the haters came out with them with the men they won the first game all the lovers came miles at all when you talk measures to size that are playing the entire terms with things like. I don't know man this is this the weird dynamic with Brian he's the only do you ever seen this happen. In his pars love hate via. I'm never like Kobe keep most it was yes it was kind of one of those things like you know every right Jordan. And revered and everybody kind of loved them and there was no real argument there who brought us the first groups like. You've really like on either side. These polarized it's it's great but he's not polarizing in a way that makes any sense because when people are polarizing generally. Generally. They are very very. Outspoken in their opinion of something or anything and have to people agree people disagreed super or right or. Their personality is as tight that aggravate some people. Right like not have done that person's polarizing but to me I don't like Russell Wilson because he has personality really about. But Scruggs is that doesn't feel genuine and exactly but that's that's a that's a meat thing I want people to be genuinely mean that's that's kind of like my thing but. With LeBron it's not that. Some people hit the bronze personality right some people hate the fact that he's reading the godfather and is he really read the godfather. Some people hate the way that he holds himself in the press conferences and how he talks outside of the locker. Some people love. That he is all over social media is an act of social media player some people love the fact that he. Coaches his own team and and gets coaches fired because he's back Hitler that he can do so he's polarizing for. Basically. Every single thing about him. There's nothing that about him and everyone's like. That everything doesn't polarized I don't think we've seen a player. I'll I'll think about it when you counterpoint to the reason a player like this in terms of how polarized me are for literally written the. Aunt and the other thing will say about the bronze. Every. Strategies. Every great player for the most part which won a championship has had a great coach I'm. Think we got through through through all of the history from. Tomjanovich with the rockets and obviously Pat Riley with the with the lakers and with the heat and almost. Who spend the bronze green coats I keep may Erik Spoelstra. An awesome coach which is go ahead and and zero that was his best that was it Erik Spoelstra was his best episcopal church look at. All of it is a good coach but having LeBron registry and a black one like. I think he won like sixty games like that first year and inspired when they were number one in the east like a derby for the all star break. Tyrone Lue. He's and he elevates coaches it's never been the other way around to Wear a great coach takes a player a good players as men you're going to be. A great player Kobe is lucky enough to have failed he had filled without fill for five seasons he won nothing bottom for another I would you know you've got firings. So. Who who's who's been LeBron is motivating he's had to be the one elevate. The coaches the pressures there's but it probably which is why I mean how who was Mike Brown coaching and he's an assistant somewhere I had total orders and it is an assistant there. You know where is David blatt. Is owed him. The only one with with the job still is like you said Spoelstra is because he's at least the good and an OK coach but he did he elevate LeBron absolutely well. Did he now. Maybe now. It was the second year on the broad sided argument Armitage scoring and passing the way you just kind of score for. That's the way it is I do that and burned he took more responsibility. I don't know how much. Are exposed to Allah give him all the and I feel like he took policy an amazing team that was built to win. But wherever they started that for sheer they were just like this amalgamation of parts that were working very well. And now all of a sudden they turn that completely on. And I wanna guess we'll just kind of about special I don't back I think he figured out how to make all those pieces worked the other in if you think back to the heat days. I don't remember. As in as many issues between coach and LeBron that I do in every other one of. A liberal LeBron bumping him and that'll you know there was there was an out of it but I mean so look at this team LeBron has right now and far less talented than anything he had to work. In Miami yet and still. Here is three games away from going back in your finals for a mystery so. Like Erik Spoelstra he had coached he's been there without she was up our park coaches for the past. Going on for years. So how and Erik Spoelstra hasn't been out for Israel. Since it did make the playoffs the next year like so you can't get thousands of prettier in all he has but also at the bottom of the east like that eighth seed which is. Incredibly attainable to whomever is the least terrible at that. What can you just he's principled and some. Sometimes I say Spoelstra is a good coach and getting a good coach makes things happen with sub par tower by Brad Stevens. I'm but yes about that's how the narrative changed with this series so quickly for me. It's still the Celtics series. There's still the better team. A still love you better group of players in the cavs do. And terror fears that after the game. That there was a wake up call for them impeached they can't get too comfortable after going up to the team might quibble with LeBron. If if that's true if that was just players because that's true. They expect the Celtics win game four because. They've played much better from cavs as a whole and don't expect cab to shoot 50% from 317 operative word. So. Anyway mr. McLaughlin just coming up next. The warriors. Rockets series game three is to write them and game one. Who has over the warriors go back to the finals baby came to. Narrative change again we'll discuss next report Sunday here's just a sports. Against Fords were the difference. This is sports and it went my generation guns on any need done. The friend. Kabul attacks from the last segment were moved forward. In the run plays like magic he's great when he tries to do it all at west rookies do too much and loses from their money here you'll. The round picks as teams and coaches got a summons his affirm his points animals trip. Jerk. And I think the problem is aimed at engine. I think the problem for LeBron is that. When he plays like magic and he built a bad team. He's always the most time. Because if he's passing the ball to his teammates they're not good enough to be consistent enough to win. Unfortunately there's no James Worthy Byron Scott on the other and to make some plays happen after Matt gets the ball. So that's the big issues with being Magic Johnson is the fact that you have to. Carrying those other guys you know to make sure you can Cousteau but those other guys are talented. JR Smith does not Parse so we can't be matched he's got to be Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant and have that killer instinct otherwise. Oh chance that roster. Well this is the best of leaking and it can't has he Canaccord insulted every time he's played with an all star it's been like you have to relegate yourself to this role you can't yourself you have to be my puppet. And then the next thing you know this is I cast that he has coming around because they're like oh well I lately been talked about going and playing and in Philly and how that's not a good fit because why would Benson has wanna play without prodding him that makes sense that. You win like I don't like a mechanic target Irving it's and broke you were nowhere near of the playoffs like I'm talking about just oh I just missed by couple games like you're. Thirty games away from being anywhere near a playoff team you got LeBron. And in three seasons you want the finals every year and you got arraigned on one of them putt and modeling is like card. Kerry is now a situation where Boston is. Better without you. Like when you come now the question is curry comes back. How does this work now because. Court Hayward is easy to work back in that roster court Hayward as little everything he defends he rebounds he can GG and he can hit the debt that that the jumper into everything carries chemist does nothing for you but sport. Germans the situation we are 21 on. With the best player in the best team in basketball LeBron James. And do you you really because like I mean come on look at right now like that an issue so I remade himself kind of put himself in a terrible situation that the people Cleveland. Well they baby can they be boss. Well. I kind of act the way elegant wood that argument. Is. I feel like big guard position player doesn't have to sacrifice as much. As the big. Position player in these big reason we've talked about a Dwyane wait what it Dwyane Wade truly sacrifice of those he was still level Dwayne wade. He was still drive and all the time dominating the game from the guard position Chris Bosh sensor that's on sack that's not saying is the big had to sacrifice because LeBron. Does well. But. When he goes inside Chris Bosh has to go outside the shooter right so he became corner three Chris Bosh. With Tyree in Kevin Love Kerry wasn't exactly the same but he was still able to do a lot of what he's good at Kevin lollar relegated to a three shooter. Now about Carey come August fueled more but he's not. He's he's still not the same player as LeBron dominate someone's attention inside I think. If you're gonna put LeBron. You need need to get him a great guard. And then leave him to be the great big because he just makes that third player. Essentially useless Schubert yes and so if he wants to win. In buildings and I mean you've big threes and it force now two hours but. I think if you want some way him and have a more effective team. He shouldn't tried to four I'm toppling the GM because he probably is he shouldn't try to force the team to get a third big player. Who's a big. He should just settle play like him and carried together and then use government to get better players around them as a whole. I think out of him better than putting Caroline corner having him go see him or hate everything at all. If they just kept Wiggins then this would have been a problem at all you have to wing. The players to distribute it to me it was this trade you know you could let him develop and right now underway since well nineteen points that he's put up and Minnesota is not as good as we thought it would be but he still saw he's he's he's like he's a good third option to a team right now he is a problem but yet and he was that's our main. It's addressed it's its address you have no idea and it's all at the lottery pick and that's exactly what they call you know so it could you could hit big you could. Lose all your money but the fact is he's still a starter which is one of those things that Cleveland does not happen outside LeBron James clearly put weight on any team. In the league and he is a starter and you can't say that about anybody that's on the browns rushed. Separate the separate Kevin. And we he's purity chemicals constitutional ask B. Oh yeah yeah that's what I mean that's what he does it cost was never able to be the same again I don't think level ever be the same again like I. Honestly there are certain players that just go to LeBron in the right. Now there are we shipping agents but they they play like they're coroner kinda sucked. X but they won championships Othello Hunter Kyra you gotta worry about that you were going to win. Like you were going to installation when occupant quarters probably not. And it was eventually gonna be your team and it was coming and you knew that but you didn't wanna wait you want to be your own star now you're due to he played since the all star break. And your team is winning without you in the playoffs and you sit on this I Republican Titus there are certain times with Perry and the boosting success and how could you not be a little upset. The others I sort of get to. The thing with LeBron haters haters usually admitted. Are usually admitted great players great people like Bayless etc. Act like the Brahms faults make him only OK I hated Kobe but the numbers were great I admit it LeBron haters act like it's on illusion he traveled in the replaying nothing he does is real enough. I agree with that I think what it is is LeBron fatigue I think in the era that we're in right now. Our social media missed a four hour news cycle all like kind of stuff and the fact that. The wavy. The fact the MBAs through wage is only a couple of teams have a chance when it every year you're focusing sole hard. On LeBron. Staff in Cady. Etc. every single year the year petite. And let's not pretend like for the last twelve years we have been focusing a 100% on LeBron in the NBA this is what what did you come 2000. 433. So what is at fifteen years now and it's been seventeen years could restart when he was in high school it was on SI. Seventeen years we've been focusing on LeBron. I think all the LeBron heat and not only do admit he's good as a property because what you're doing. It internally as a person you're saying the players are but I'm so sick of watching him play resettlement empty you don't want to win a title tired of it. It's like of course you know is great but you wanna diminish it because you don't wanna have to think about so much so naturally or dislike or die as it is and as a lot that is dealt. The pay and of course here and that's the definition of hate you know. All the good things yet you wanna focus on the ballot races are mentioning George Jeep. He flops when he does a Q Ayers is the free throw line ten times like if it was a lazy you wouldn't care you know also. What we we love we love we. Hey do we have a and that's just kind of the way it's it's I guess it's human nature of being haters there's this there's not cool. You know moment and that's what. Patrolling and that's given haters of the most but the biggest voice all of a sudden you can say what every you kind of want to counselor patrols are prepared. Apps like it's okay to dislikes. Umbilical warriors lose a put on my face of him are great pleasure. And watching them get smacked like this like is as we know we know the lawyers are great team and ousting must like LeBron DX a stone wanna see this team can win anymore like it's. It's become kind of frustrating born like some ideals to. I agree I it's not hate I hate that carry out hope anybody gets hurt unit of media after crickets and but you don't that's. That's what is Armey. You know whatever he still awesome east of great until the second best player in the world like I'll never not say that then I can go on their does that make him not any of those things just makes. Panel coming up next let's talk about that series KG. Has been the only solid positive for the warriors so far he's been second best player in the world's brewers Holland's topple. But the series is tied at one narrative as we talked about last segment has shifted completely. Again. Why in what do you think is actually the true narrative what's gonna happen. That's next here on sports on them. Classic here in the first Colorado sports Sunday. Lessig already. For the first hour. Your room and climbed by bill fulfilled a plan by the I have no idea. Nose. In the next hour coming out we will do handed glove and a corps of course that is at 1030. We will talk you legalized sports in I think. This is a really interesting topic it is also a little tentacles off of it. One of which just came across my A Twitter which Seoul relate to use an interesting argument that many people are making. So that's coming up next hour. And it'll probably be next hour but I texture of thoughts the fan tax on the 55305. And then of course you can that we activities and Michael is 27 as many. Shot that to limit by about three and just your producers that Jessica and ANC and AM talks MBA playoffs here in the changing there it is. Before we switch gears just spent time talking about the brunt of the Celtics and one flip over to the Western Conference finals which does have game three and the fan today. 5. O'clock I believe is when the tip is so 430 is going to be when the coverage starts here on hand surge is that well. After game one in the series. Warriors won big. He never really felt like it was in doubt and everyone went. Well. Here's the series we all want it this is our NBA finals. Am now it's going to be about years. Which I owl I will admit I was guilty of I felt the same way I saw the warriors perform the way they did know was late afternoon but the more than 13 the year Tom an element that much. Game two comes out comes into happens and Houston just smokes. Loads of now knocks him out of the park. And step only hit 13 again. And you got guys like Eric Gordon just going off off the bench. Pardons playing well of course Capote kind of shows up in the game knowing what who shows up for the warriors is Katie who's been great experts he has answers. And now like we talked about everyone's overreacting in the narrative change again. What was the narrative before the series start. We said these are the two best teams in the MBA. This is essentially our NBA finals because whoever wanted to re either of these teams plays in the east is gonna is gonna they're gonna. In the files. The news this is going to go six or seven games this is going to be competitive series. Why do we let ourselves get tricked likeness. Why don't we let ourselves go. Well. And now it's like well you know. Exactly credible expected right this is this is exactly juggernaut teams in the last gone out of it and fight each other to the vet yeah and sometimes Volvo's. Games are going to be super competitive like in the playoffs. You heard especially hit two good teams you're going to see a blow. You're going to see one blow up hurting. In the game this is the series probably gonna go six maybe seven games. These were the two bloggers I I assume that moving forward more to see a lot tighter. Basketball I'll I think tonight might be might go a little more kind of like game one way for the warriors. They play differently when they're at home. They just they they really get behind that crowd. Staff is just a different do when he's at home as opposed to when he's on the road. So Klay Thompson all of a sudden looks like he's you know that guy again but everybody over reacts that's the thing that we live it's too reactionary. World and I think Twitter and FaceBook is to Graham and all those things is giving people an instant. You can have an opinion as fast you want to and so sometimes all's opinion earned. Should just come out those right away but yeah it just kind of that's what people. People do so warriors went in all of us always talked about to get blown out and it was crazy because. Want to live here earlier about the rock is the best team they're the best in the West Point and their results aren't lawyers. They moved the ball already well that's what they do you have two point cars that run the pick and roll incredibly well. And they lost game one than it was all what James James Hart is the most over dribble point guard all of it he's dribbled 500 more times than LeBron is like where. All all they do is isolation like that's all they do is isolation like these are two guards that both average is just. Clearly isolation is all that they're able to do but that's what and here it is for the games as soon as you lose nets all the steps hurt. Is his. People just. React book about the wrong stuff bill like like that's that's when you when you win a game by say anything about steps the the vice anything about him not playing well they lost the game as she really she really a 100%. Sources say oh now sources are Sansa like it's. It's it's great investment it was and everything I think. Colin kind of touched on this on Thursday morning and it it was something I was instantly thinking about. While the game was going on in Alice. I I think. Ever since they had the most wins you know in a regular season. They realized how much they need to pick their spots save their energy when you're making a run all the way to the finals that's another quarter season on new year. On your season that's a lot of basketball. And so you realize that in this team since then has been very good about picking its spots. And it just scream to Meehan a team that. Even though Kevin Durant is having is 98. That they kind of like we got we did what we came here to do we got got want we got one and that's it. End and there addition change because of that because they're like conserve energy will be ready to go here in four days when we have all this rap. There was something telling it in that game like like five minutes left the rockets are up like. That this pointer up thirty or something like that and Harden Paul. All starters on the day. That everybody from gold that was a bitch remember Steve curse from school Popovich and published in the playoffs when teams get blown out in game four Ayman. That's a wrap. You guys can sit down we lost like where knighted gonna try to back up Lamas stars out there isn't a law this energy effort game we're not going to win games over. Bench guys put their engagements and that's exactly what Steve Kurd it with like 78 minutes left in the game Michael started on the bed she knew that it was this games there's no point. And is trying to do it so. They ES the rockets blew them out by thirty but just or you know 22 it should have been third put. Don't think that lightning is gonna strike twice especially when your plane. Or. That's a deploy I didn't even consider that bad. Even at this point they're still conserving energy because they know. Or at least their confident enough in themselves but they know that they should win the series. They did get about winning Houston that they needed. If they win both at oracle band they've got home court firmly in their favor and they even lose game five in Houston and still feel confident about winning the series. And I guess it is Catholic preschool Popovich. Now. Trying to think back. I don't have the best recall for NBA playoffs series but did did the spurs. In the Iran. Have games like this company was. Got smoked. Was it 2005. Finals with the Detroit Pistons and the spurs. What seven games. And it was back to back may close came close game blowout blowout you know close game close game. That's just the kind of the way away and so yes the spurs have deathly been blown out and it was right around that time middle of the third quarter pop usage you know it. Games over guys come come sit on the bench not a problem I'm okay like a lot of time as the public is getting blown out by the lakers and stuff you know guys. That's a wrap you know come come on sit down as we businesses are working right now there's no point you guys going up here. Inch trying to run up and down the court possibly you know hurt yourself trying to put on all his energy to winning game that we're too far. Maybe. Maybe too bad is also a strategy of motivations and look. You suck right now what's happening to I'm benching yeah because you suck right now it's not just of the game is over I'm gonna rescuing its. You deserve this is a watch you know they cannot and I want to see a watches and you ever notice why those guys on the bench they looked so sad. And that's my thing for the wars like I just. They've been on top for a minute but I think they Carlyle lawyers fans in general kind of forgot. Who they were. And where that kind of came from and the fact that they were a laughing stock in the NBA. For over twenty years over 25 years you know up until wrenching scene was a long time ago. And up until then or until what 2015. Were kind of a joke. For the most part. So. Refer them to lose like that just once when Thompson's face and stepped curry who I think is. Great player probably the most arrogant player in the league. Like LeBron it is prettier if LeBron James Harden or anybody did what. Curried as far as how he shoots and stuff like that. You blame Jimmy Page that the look at the spirit the remnants of what little kiddies out of my way of credit for this she hated staff carry your one. Of this Ron. When the first year there are good she used to ask some jerk. In our rooms and stuff he's the last look at the shooting we've never seen it before. And she was like this guy so I viewed this time I like to see if she she guy he got it immediately and now. And now and one certain to follow suit and he steps in urgent issues are coming good because you. Oh if it was a player that we are just kind of lukewarm about you know like we know he's good but we like you know it'd be like oh he's such. He's the big Easter in the world cocoa look at the arrogance there because we kind of light and has threatened. Things like that it's easier to swallow you you would unanimous MVP and not be arrogant. OK or I okay I don't I need I mean the rest of the guys been OK Jessica will be added that there is that. Why just go about your businessman because severe yeah that's the way all these guys like the bronze and airing it. KD's not airing it but that assessment on the floor honor on the floor it's one of those things are backed the Mario Chalmers during the argument to it. And and then like that the next time on the bench who broke over real mob that chart up. Like that's caught Eric Holder he walks in that's my that's where enough to say amen. I'm sorry to right there in front of whatever the case is meant that is coming up. Pulled up half court. Staring at the ball as as it goes in the rim and the kind of does his little Shimmy backwards 03 points from Ayers like oh like it if that was James Harden people hate the cut. They couldn't stand on my god is played basketball like it. If he acted. If arrogance breeds greatness and there's a reason why all of these guys have so much hate thrown their way there's a reason why the beard get so much hate thrown away and it it. Arrogance breeds greatness doesn't ease your way. Timmy Duncan was very urgent he's invigorated centers of bill and a lot of people like a lot of people forget about Tim Duncan to. But when you think he has is one of the greatest players ever play one a one B player Walt aren't yet. Not a lot of people talk about Tim Duncan like this ease the just gonna go or about your business into a hole Shelton that's the that's the payment and you don't you don't need to be talked about. Just go about your business he one of the greatest of all time he was called don't be an a lot market alive because he's talked about is because it's non is not an argument. That's why we talk about the best at that position it's not an art you know the best power forward or possibly Bisbee. Is Tim Duncan that's. You know it could be cagey and could be there could note it's and a and that that's their all the positions that you could argue this to guard with Coby and and Jordan. Multi Bergen to Jordan but you can make an argument for Tim Duncan is the one position any one of those like it's its instant. That's point guard could be magic could be this now it's it's time. So the narrative for me for rockets warriors. Integrate series if the two rescues in the NBA we are getting what we wanted to salute let's not write it off before it's over let's enjoy you'll likely be very. Good 67 games yours between these two teams. So in the warriors went. Which I always thought. But Alice in joint while and don't expect staff to hit 132. And expect him to get he plays different oracle whose team plays different oracle the crowd is incredibly loud and no stone let him on runs in quarters and that's from wars on our coming up next we will discuss the legalization. But sports games all in the US this is sports Sunday on the.