Sports Sunday September 9th Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, September 9th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. No match ups. Does superstars. Voted game. Today. This is football Sunday on the fair and a comprehensive look at today's National Football League action with your host Mike Lynch and Rashad Taylor. And we all know what you have to do remember no one and I mean no one. Comes into our house. This is football Sundays were my favorite show on 1080 no slam. Well it's that time maybe. You really doesn't let the oh yeah. But at the mess we are there to. It's an awesome well we are finally. After many many many many many many many months of waiting many moons. We are past week one. The Sunday of week one of the NFL football season. And that means. Folks. Bet on football Sunday and we'll have the failure to scramble and I'm thirty. So if you out there have starts the questions in Tennessee teams and you do because this week one and nobody knows what and it's gonna happen. Text them into the better you today text on a 55305. Because our text them they'll get them and then at 9:30 AM. Probably 945 we will get to as many of them as we can. And try to help you guys out so upright Coughlin a couple of times just are minor bit of detail expose them but Dario won on Twitter today. And I know you were shot to have a woman we can talk about. End. We want is always the hardest week if ABC football in my opinion because you're you're going based on your draft. But. Oftentimes reflects your full second or third wide receiver position you've got a choice to make or running back position you've got to trust me. And it's really tough to make that choice does he really took a connect after this year. So hopefully we can help you three of us have a pretty good track record of of making the right picks for you guys. We haven't don't have any scientific evidence about it can weaken we do that this year like can we just kind of well just throws doing it MM he never told us how we did so I was assuming we're doing great news is there's no need to tells a greater Durham. No actually what happened was is just eight just to the point where. We get so many questions and we're just kind of actually just kind of flowing through it influence the written fluent threat I lose track. And by the end amid MI I don't. I I can't honestly tell you if I'm accurate on what I'm telling you as far as who we think whitener tightening animal on their cell. Well I just an awesome battle in the end generally I think we do pretty good job I think we do good. I. I think. Honestly. Yeah and I diving review were a fairly good job I'd I mostly try to keep track of the really big ones and it's. And honestly that's the one for typically work and turning from each other and I don't know that's probably like a 6040 split around well. The bull puppy out system goes into the batteries and attacks on 55305. And then of course the second hour of the show we're gonna be. Thoroughly distracted as beams will be underway. But that's okay because it'll be fun radio we've also Nelson's West Coast bias is back which is going to be attempt fifteen today or before hated to love it where refocus on the West Coast story. We wanna talk about display Gambill today in the 10 o'clock segment. And of course coming up next once we once we get underway we wanna do a quick little bit on college football from yesterday before retiring to the NFL. Ducks and beavers both went over a CS opponents win big. Stanford beats US seen in aim pretty ugly game to game the way because. Really low scoring game kind of boring to watch. You really only had a couple of really good games yesterday one of the most Colorado Nebraska Colorado yes. Played super well malamute and we also had Clemson Texas in them was a good finish and I listen and see them. Now mind too once I I didn't watch a whole gambit and I flipped on in the fourth quarter rock shows are at a bar right sort of pay more attention to it in the fourth quarter. And the deaths it was just a good finish and Mac himself. Those will talk about some college football coming up next segment but. I wanted to start. With pork for a shot. And viewed parking situation of from Friday night because I felt bad but it was also. It was so bad it was funny to me your tax were so. Desperate. And you were trying to are you real I think you are trying to have me help you know I was trying to be got to my job row why doesn't know how to help at the end of the day I just I don't. I'm a person the prides himself on being dependable insanity doing the things that I'm supposed to do so. Must both be doing the high school football game dammit I'm dual and the high school football game and I'll be there do you know may shark and carry that out. So if you don't know anything about. Parking fer you know. Jail sports for the most part referred my high school sports in general for the most part it can be difficult you know use your resume there's a parking lot which can't use either that is too full. Order. It's for staff and students only your something corny like that or there's just nowhere to park around her school. Lincoln high school happens to be. But the definition of worst parking situation. Possibly from what I you lived downtown used to walk past Lincoln a lot I don't remember seeing parking lot. I don't know if there is like I'm a much know what to grant Lincoln has more I don't know if there is a parking lot at all for links on driving around that school which is downtown. Saw. It had to have been I did my update and had to have been like 65653. Something like that. And at the time looking for somewhere to park and I circled around from Lincoln what you believe is like on fifth. Team. All the way till like ninety intent just looking for parking spike every. Lot was full. And I had no idea there there was a board game or casino these peoples like man where is important to him and it was. Was cracking at the doors game musher who they played but it was it was loud over there the entire time but thank you doors fans because as the U. I can find where to park and I missed the entire first half. Football wasn't awful there wasn't even a thorn skiing it was a forums vs Seattle game which is why it was Dolly packed I don't get it. I mean in Portland Seattle is the right you know it was a robbery well so those newest stories vs rain which is a big deal him in the and WS cell. And that was why it was extra bad and swagger felt so badly centered idea because he didn't know before replying that knives. Is slow and once lacks fall like typically you know I've pulled link somewhere around there you'll have to walk. Four or five blocks to the get there but I would do that I was prepared to do that so NN news way ides. That's also cut off all for not being. Soccer fan and was not showing up earlier I mean again I guess so like I said typically I get their right around. Fifteen minutes before kick off you know sometimes more a matter if it's it's a little further away bush. Yeah this time at that and worked well the funniest thing to me. While there is couple things. Again sad but funny to me was I was like dude just. Stop looking around the school go crossed the for a five bridge. In part on like twelfth. And then walk anyway Rowe your your iron on ten here like brilliant. Tell it like it's your vehement and just go to earlier Parker met fan you're not here and I hear me right now legend I get one of sane there's no parking around here this is the worst in so. It took about I got there just before. Have time and but for five minutes left. A before you have open venue McKinney told me so I called Giles Lisa housing Joan you know I talk despite years if you can't find parking at all don't. Get in trouble or having just go home. And you like parked in front of the businesses driveway with a clear no parking sign there yeah. And I was like dude don't get told for high school handle all the moves with the with the security guard and all type of stuff to say amen five. Starting toad or something you know I end up moving it just a little bit but I moved it into yellow zone like I was in incredibly reckless our own advise anyone. Schedule and some of the left out boy it was halftime you miss the whole happened and I you're all had a melt like you know I'm gonna miss the whole game. And I get a chance to do you know an update him so I'm you know. Moved into a UEO spot. Ago that's at least. Better than woman clearly says no parking in from him with the yellow spot clearly means hope parking too right we are thought I saw the bit Syria gets a little harder Alia and it was dark so but and maybe the cops are giving a little leeway because there's literally no market. Yes so I mean that I could have been that could have been the deal either way I didn't get a ticker anything this time knocking on wood. It all worked out such as when there and Lincoln didn't do as well. Leukemia they got they got destroyed men and now. As the generals OK with that but as of PI don't read your mail reporter you I don't know where they're made in Los I'm sure Andrew mimic this is shaking his head like that I knew it. I told all the I told them. Are well if you like to hear a shot at the national football he's one of the reporters in recent front and I from 645 until. About 10 o'clock sellers. When you can hear and do a couple hits from whatever team has been sent to. And that's a refresh and nick and next week I believe we are doing mountainside the new high school out in the abuse. And this indeed to kind of like introduce mountainside to the USAA since her bring her school's a little dependent saying. And I'm sure shuttle beyond today at a good interest in PIL game. Or but its tail non conference game still porcelain conference I believe so I don't care some people that played. Played each other in the CIO book in Cleveland and Franklin played each other and the first week them riveting as we actually post go. Her daughter was friends in Europe but yes or television imperial all season long and occasionally I'll probably do different ones there is. They're important in the sewing can go to settle the issue listen to that. Are coming up next. Let's recap yesterday in college football. In as a reminder. Text in your fantasy starts or questions to be better you today attacks on a five factories or five a little incident at 930. And I'm 45 and a follow us on Twitter and you can treat the menaces while I'm out like this 17 or shots until the red 503 just is such as Yasser and he has the MAM. And other famous activity within the next ducks beams when big impact twelve. As a bit of resurgent week in general discussed on full also Memphis. My camera show. I did you hear your Sunday morning to possibly with its 11 o'clock waiting in the covered just yards Broncos to. Today. Premium eleven kick is that why am 25 and believe. Them. For a dive into the NFL today your fantasy question which is coming up next former Texan but are you today Tex Arafat by profiling d'affaires to start the questions. Let's talk college football from last night. Analysts are deducts abuse briefly I don't have a lot to say about either game because frankly nucleus just parlance. And they both played really really really really well against us CS opponents orient with absolutely destroyed in Portland State which was expected 62 to fourteen. Just Herbert continue to pay potential Heisman campaign by going twenty of 26. 250 yards four touchdowns. At a summit this is because Portland State's Doug did but he threw some beautiful passes and making a mystery a little floaters dropped right into on a dime to receiver running into the corner of the end zone. A Tory Burch James had a hundred plus yards siege of her daughter a hundred plus yards in the running back position. And it is Portland State it was a good game. Almost where he can say that with that but honey guys caught passes. 1234567891011. Guys caught passes in the game especially spread the wealth. It was a good way to do to fourteen Rex Burmeister one. Prefer three for sixteen yards will do you know but I was so excited to see teller shock in the scheme that we did not. That's unfortunate. It was in the know should expect parish that well people are saying he's gonna pass Burmeister to be the backup is a true freshman. And I thought this new perfect chance to get up to it but alas he did not play it. Oh I mean I'm. You always want to get the win and if your. Portland's figure does happen to really be. On this stage at this stadium happening you know getting paid you know Baghdad traveler and yes so this. It's it's one of those things like he'd nobody really expect that a lot from the vikings that being said I've kind of expected this from the I've expected seventy points you know somewhere around there because they're playing and have cius team. A team that's really has to be honest there's not talent Portland State is. Man a great local program and they can't be really competitive and seen them be really competitive against FBS opponents by. Insists it's their. The ducks are. The ducks you know at this point and they they they look a little bit like they've you know like they have in years prior so. I don't know I wasn't really pump of course Justin armour is somebody that's he's going to be arguably you're second greatest quarterback to play itself so far. Marcus Mario and and I think he's right there competing with that Joey hearing for the joy here spot at number two you know if you actually. Like you said does win the Heisman you know or even finishes you know second Eisner. Gets his team back into a ball game situations and I think he's going to be right at the anything goes high in the draft which a lot of people. Think just Herbert could very well be the number one overall pick up. Sure there's some guy from central Idaho that's got to be considered the number one overall pick as well but for now all the guys that we know. We know they just and Herbert is kind of entering that verify they are not rare fighter with that that. That stays the guys by an Israeli and yet I got distaste for guys like Sam Arnold will start in the game to Josh Rosen and those guys so. Now let's be fair has been so far it's Bollinger an important states so well mentally Stamford which I think is coming up in a week or two may. It'll be tougher test of course for just Herbert but he has looked great so far. Organ state meets Germany's top 4825. That scores a lot closer in the game was organ since scored 31. Points per hour. 41 points at halftime and then we scored seven in the second half so they they took their foot off the gas a bit. The biggest impressive thing to me was their running game in this scheme Jamar Jefferson. 238. Yards rushing. On twenty she carries a minority of his peers. Had 91 yards rushing on eleven carries this kind of kind of tool to make a monster going on quarterback position again. As CS opponent. A team that's fellow in two but. Impressed by the running him for the leaves. A you know for the second straight week you know this is this is kind of one of those things last week on the played Ohio State. You expected them to get you know blown out of the water but you saw some good things offensively to say that well okay we'll. You can actually score some points and they went out their own southern Utah and score some points I was looking back at some of organ states you know two games in a row. They scored 71 points or 79 points in two games they have scored 79 points in two games in like four years you know two consecutive games so. You're looking at a team that's. Looking like they're able to move the ball and I guess at Ohio State game show me everything I need to see. They hung 31 points or Ohio State in the horseshoe which is something that. Only one of the team did all of last season and that was that just happen to be key issue in European states so. I mean come on look at this org it's eighteen saying you know why can't that be that surprise team in the pac twelve that nobody saw them. I think. Yeah I mean I think job misses their offense is better than we thought their defense is as bad as we thought because they also give out points southern Utah which. Not great. But spam Allison to get to seven to close to a hostage but the offense is good and that might be able to ultimately get the opportunity shouldn't if they're able to convert on the ball if this. No yeah I mean there offenses is it's like that it's it's good and it I think it's going to get. Better as the season continues like this that I'm just looking for things like. Quit and for some of those things they used to do it I give me so much mad at. You know the defense you know because under real man petrol defense as a whole is great. Like I mean Washington. Maybe the exception you know and and Stanford but outside of that. Like there are a lot of teams that stopped guys in scoring over 24 points like if you play a pac twelve team you know it's going to be. A foot race a lot of times and it's going to be America and so. I can't really blame or to speak for that your little not a great tackling thing but I think those are things that you can prove. The I was watching me there's Austin Michigan State came last night. And I forget normally announcer analyst but he goes. After such a bad bowl season practicing neurosurgeon week from the pac twelve which is not really what you wanna hear but I guess that's good for surgeon week. And that resurgent we came via two of the better games of today. At least in terms of closeness the machines hitters are sick it was pretty boring it was really low scoring by Colorado Nebraska. Was on 1230 was on national national TV was on ABC. And the Colorado wanna him 3328. On the fight Scott frost and I think some of it has to do with Nebraska didn't play last week but he got rained out or lightning doubt whatever you wanna say against Akron. But Colorado actually looks part T good they destroyed Colorado State in week one which is usually a tough game for them and go right into Nebraska in the old robbery and it's kinda get renewed again which is pretty cool. To win 3320 Stephen Monty has looks really really good this great town common experience quarterback there from Vermont has been their for a couple years he was backing up. Can remember his name now a guy who went to be in a phone kind of flamed out it was a hard knocks couple years ago. Use backing them up and now is starter and he's good sought maybe Colorado actually going to be a pretty decent team this year. No Colorado has been one of those things have been creeping. Creeping up they've been able to kind of Foster really good group of receivers for the past few years and so. It was not a huge surprise that Stephen mark says that they look at the guy who's that this is a thirty year thirty your starters junior. And pastor didn't have the year that I think you want to have out with 1617 touchdowns with 910 interceptions so he was. You know that the definition of a middle of the road quarterback with a little bit talent around I think this could be the year that monitors especially considering that to his first two games he's got seven touchdowns and only one. So this could be a team that. Again surprises a pot of people in the pac twelve now does that mean you don't actually win meant no like that's just not saying they're going to pac twelve championship. But let's say in their nobody saw him come and all of a sudden you have to kind of circled that game on schedule because it's not going to be out. So I was a good him at Michigan State Arizona say it was not a good game necessarily but there's an essay wins a game winning field goal for maybe fifteen for a Michigan State to. Will struggled last week with Utah State they price lost to Utah State to you and that means Michigan State not as good as we thought. But Arizona State to annul her and dare I say Herman Edwards. Impressive. So far even though no expected him to be impressive. In his first against function to interest him. Everyone old term an apology now no I'm just joking that it college does need to come now I did it but I mean this is what you wanna see I think this is. It was. People have expected from Arizona State like it's like they haven't had a good Ross and good players shares of it has. Is haven't had a great leader to be able to take it to the next level may be Herman Edwards with. His wealth of knowledge in his years in the NFL in his years being an analyst for the NFL maybe that's exactly with some of these young kids need is this year. You know. Winning stuff you know maybe is not always X and oh sometimes you just need to be motivated and we know that's something Herm Edwards really. And the collar to an L machine say it's 11 ML but the big game in the pac twelve was Stanford USC number ten Stanford number seventeen USC was the big game in the country if you. If you wanna say because of the rankings animals not ranked include some animals are good game and a big game but. A Stanford USC was the big one and at Stanford absolutely. Dominated. USC in the game defensively to win seventeen to three GT Daniels the freshman for USC got hurt early. He came back employ eighty threw two picks no touchdowns. This was his first real test of your true freshman quarterback in your played a big pack told him against the best defense in the pac twelve what are you gonna do. The answer was literally nothing and USC got. I embarrassments camp staffer Ruth and his game until the entire way and Chrysler is back battle after that really bad first game he went for 136 Ers and the touched. I mean I've been Chrysler was on I think he's going to be. It just fine you just had a really bad game first week it happens you know from time to time but taking Daniels. I'll be honest like. Sixteen for 34 of 215 yards in his first. His first start earn enough for start put you know as as a true fresh rose petals first pac twelve start against. The what's now considered probably the best team in the pac twelve in Stanford I'd. Stanford is going to stuff fuel in America score a lot of points against him even when will. Those who say even the ducks at Mario there were times for Stanford looked like they were really going to. Just blow them out of the water and everything but they kept low scores a lot of times when they had to split. I don't know man I thought thought it was up Arnold was going to be a much better game up on USC was going to be faster than. Our I guess they are and I think things can still change just the second game of the season generic wonderfully Stanford we can types of things. But overall men sixteen for 34. Is not not a great game we did pro tour in fifteen yards as a freshman. I'm I'm OK with that give him some more time to develop there were times where Sam Arnold looked. Not very good either as a fresh but you were able to develop and grow so on the give the benefit of the doubt 52 games quickly. Other parent told notables. U dub him in Washington State won big over low parliament's senators despite the worst team in the FBI asked and they got shut out a lousy third when nothing. A Washington won four. The 45 to three over North Dakota says nothing notable there. A UCL if Oklahoma on the road looked okay in the first quarter and then Oklahoma to Oklahoma things they've blown out. 4921 chip Kelly's era you silly starts Owen to. We always have the lower our expectations a little bit it's gonna take a bit for him to get his office for all Americans he has a lot of players who it is players. You've got. Arizona look an awful. Under Kevin someone Houston destroy them 4518 Mac team was the 9 AM game I was watching Mellon. Literally for like four straight drives in the beginning Houston did nothing but threw deep passes in the connected almost every time or the receiver Houston dropped. In Arizona didn't do anything to stop. We'll Tate did not look good until pried the middle the game reaction while throwing for three or 41 yards and two interceptions. He'll Iran for one Tyler summit alienate rushing yards I don't know what someone's doing. We'll Tate is an amazing running quarterback let him run the football. Don't make him a pocket passer because he's not going to be as good. He has to do both that's his thing that's why he was the Heisman candidate last year and the highs and kept candidate this year until now and it. As got a little run its super crazy for a guy like someone to get smile like a little Tate. And having had a journeyman sell some guy that knows how to kind of create their own offense a lot of time and say what you want to. About Johnny men's L now man Johnny men's L freshman quarterback from Texas a and M. Was a beast and he can do really whatever he wanted on the field you gotta go local will take. That can kind of do the same thing eighties as you can see is a pocket quarterback he threw 341 yards didn't have any touchdowns. But 341 is as a whole lot of yards to put up so you have that that guy let him do what he does and it's a little weird that someone. I think each feels like he has a lot to prove right now and that he doesn't need. Two have that electric quarterback of the ones that he's had to be able to kind of carries team I think he might and when you get a gift like we'll take it take advantage of. And then they other ones you had. Cal would begin to Miller Chris Wilcox I gotta say great quick turnaround from just smoked Oxnard to get them last year to be a decent human RE two and a this year. William haven't mentioned was. Erica oh you talk you talk via northern Illinois seventeen cents or not much craziness there. The actual weekend good wins Bergen Oregon State good win for Stanford a bad loss for USC. In Colorado amid an Arizona State getting wins over probably better opponents so. Little little bit of resurgence for the pac twelve this week in week two coming up next it is time for the finish she scramble. That means it is time for you to text ready to attacks on 55305. And older starts and questions we'll get to as many as we can next here's Jesse with sports. This is what your dad when your wait until the last minute it's your pick. Fine whatever I have this guys. A thicker kickers. Listen up you Tennessee coaches like every shot they're here to save your blood with some last minute injury news of roster advice and only reason. My team in this is terrible as it is with everybody on the team was hurt. Literally every single player on my team. Was hurt this is fantasy scramble part of football Sunday and 1080. Pulitzer in S hear that music again. That open again so I fear segments every week is defensive scramble. We get a lot of traction a lot of people are curious thus RC questions and I like helping people. No electrical. I don't know. Knowing. Help pools I just I just want you all the loose at all. I was one Wembley luckily guys are in Marley so it's okay well I wish both of us. I think that's true. And make you. So let's start I got on super early. This morning from your listeners that he was not gonna go listen but so I respond to him on the tax arm of one of the south there for anyone who's. Interest in these players she says and non PP our league have to start one. At the flex Jamal Williams asked the Packers were him I frozen milk Jarvis lay injury Corey Davis or Michael Crabtree I told them it was between Jamal Williams jars lender to me. A Jamal Williams is the number one back in Green Bay at least early in the season and Alison I kind of think he's going to be even more back all season number item this year. And it. Especially because it's a non PP our league I like to Mo Williams got a BenJarvus Landry Landry in a PP early use money gets it he catches a game a lot of points but. I think Williams is going to be good and I think the Packers might have a lead over the bears in the scheme we're gonna run the ball a bit more. And for the first time a long time I think you're Packers like you find a running back who is consistent enough. To be irregular work or starter for them and I will take to Mo Williams and those those groupings there. I Jamal Williams as well. It's hard for me not to go Jarvis Landry I think Jamal woods is going in the situation with the it's a really good defense from Chicago. At least one defense it's steadily improving as well. Especially adding someone likely will match their roster within the week I think they're going to be. Really he's not playing every steps and there is no snow limited you know well over I think that'll defense is going to be you step to show. Exactly what they can do and how they can help so. For that reason I think I'm gonna take my chances with. Terms Landry and whichever corner erred DB has to try to cover him. So as Williams Landry and hill Corey Davis Michael Crabtree. It. I'll although Williams as well hey he's gonna get a lot of work today as I think that. That Chicago. Defense is good and is going to be on assault against the run by it at some point I think they're gonna try to get. You know Williams going in and probably end up with anywhere between eighteen between two touches today so I. I'd roll them out especially because it's not PPR and red zone opportunities are going to be is yet. And then I don't know you know right now currently it's like sixty mile an hour gusts and Cleveland so that. Although kinda plays in the Landry Jones as far as the short passing game. And it's a short passing game and it's also a lot of wind so. And Nnamdi BR so. Jordan Howard and the bears ran him back or James Connor. This is an interesting one to me because obviously Connors committee starter in Pittsburgh for the time being until William bill decides to return from his hold out. Security here is how I usually play week one this is generally my philosophy. I don't start someone I don't know anything about until I learn something about them yes that's a risk if they have an amazing game. At sucks the left on the bench. But it's tough to take a risk on somebody. Like in my opinion like James Connor could you just don't Null. How is going to be able to play in replacement of Libya bell Jordan Howard's not the most exciting guy. But Jordan Howard is a heavy touch guy he will be a red zone guide and despite the fact there's not a lot of play in the passing game with the bears. He is still a good fantasy player because of his touchdowns. But he can get when they're in the red zone and for that reason I'm gonna take him this week. But I've always liked the Pittsburgh running situation I just don't know how good James Connor is he's the backup. I mean there's good reports about him but I don't know him because about a minute pick Jordan college or an hour. You said you liked the rent situation in Pittsburgh. A lot of which is because there over the lines great the other part is because they Hadley beyond belt to really be their rent situation when your. Smyth James carries have to come and try not to mess up I think it might be a little bit different when he's. Has the full brunt of often too low which is which is he's gonna have to I'm gonna go George Howard I saw what was able to do last year and he is. He he's a real deal and how they come and take him against the Green Bay defense who can at times in the past has been Swiss cheese. On the other Jordan Howard I know that the one thing that. The packer fans that I now. Are worried about is that line backing core that front seven and kind of getting old aging. Matthews being a year older. I'm honestly. Believe that they should be close enough at least through three quarters to where Howard's gonna get enough work he is the goal line guy. And within the twenty yard line I don't think that there's been a more efficient running back. Getting into the end zone and Howard. And the last two years he is a guy that finds the end zone when he can when he gives his nose in their side I'm gonna raw power as well. PP are tight end Jack Doyle is how arrive for I was reading this have been noticed Tyler Wright for not starting today. Snap count Tyler croft is starting today. And I effort is on the snap count on the gonna use him in pass passing Jason's but they are not playing him every single down. And knowing our efforts injury history which is long and decorated. I'm going to go to Jack Doyle who is a favorite target of Andrew Luck before his injury ago. And in a PP our league I think that means 56 catches for him even if fueling gets 5060 yards are gonna get some points for the PPR aspect of it. As I I used to love Tyler heifer I have for many years in a row and he is not trustworthy. He can go super big and then he can get hurt now play for nine weeks so I'm gonna go to act. I'm gonna go Jack Doyle as well again you've mentioned him being and looks favorite target. Lots of tight ends have become a security blanket for. Deferred NFL quarterbacks and I think and look really uses his so I think Jack Doyle is going to be. So my analyst and really depend on today so we roll out. I am it cop I'm gonna go Doyle as well I think and then at the nice thing about. Indy is your you find that. They used their tight ends lot pluses tight ends you know you add a couple years ago Hillary and too tight ends the both cut eight touchdowns. I think Doyle Amy brown are both totally usable tight ends today. Man they don't really have a third wide receiver yet so I'm I'm deathly gonna go Doyle over. Heifer I've heard is still in prove it mode he is on a limited snap count but I do like the fact that basically they're just saying we're gonna use use those receivers though. If he can get through game be healthy maybe catch a touchdown then maybe you're thinking about deploying them over. Non PPR at the flex Osama clergy it was kind of sounds easy for me it's the same argument Emmy earlier in the segment a goalless home court. Who's got some Bledel I don't I need to see it from James Connor forests are trusting him and replace him or played on trade in court. I'm I'm gonna go on contrary and on this untimely moment ago James Connor this is one where. The offense and buffalo so bad and I know they're gonna give bullish on so many touches by. When you literally think about it you. You just load up the box against shady. And where is in. Cleveland you still have to worry about juju you still have to worry about paying you still have to worry about obviously Antonio. Around. And then you have that great offensive line and I mentioned the wind already that that's going to be going on in Cleveland which means. It's gonna push more of a running game script so I would probably use James Connor over cheating going. I PP ER earlier reflects Dion Lewis James like Chris Thompson those reductions and a PP our league. I think that's remote viewing Jake I'm gonna go DR Lewis a missile and Chris Thompson is coming off to the very serious ACL injury he was amazing before he went down. Last year but now he's in new quarterback a different offense I don't trust the Redskins at all. James White in a very crowded backfield there's a lot of options in New England amount fully sure who's gonna be used in every situation. Rex Burkhead is good in passenger relations in the red zone but her seems like a little bit amiga DR Lewis because. Think about what kind of a pass from mark Smirnov is think about what kind of an offense the titans should be running with Mario and a a lot of it's gonna include. Our run pass option plays and screenplays plus some deep threats passes while. I think DR Lewis next you Dirk Henry who is not going to be a big pass catching threat it's gonna be really interesting this year and Tennessean element realism. I think I will go with the james' wife just because. Mean number number one he's just Super Bowl. MVP it's a little bit kind of hard to go go against him especially considering. The other option you have ten. And he's gonna have he has a report Brady is okay catch and bother back really just into it as much as Dion. Yum boosted. So I think I would probably rollout white you don't know what you're gonna get. With Rex Burkhead. And then you have it's Sony missed Michelle because last name is he's now playing in Wednesday's second place you got to running back today. Again as a at the pats fan Rex Burkhead couldn't. The nursing an ankle injury here way after a second third place and pressures of the government. I. I I think a good James might as well they've like I was I was on Rashad is. And it you know Super Bowl MVP James why annie's team captain James Lang. And I and Michelle's. Not suit up today and sunny wish now that Amazon though he's out today. Me I believe are going to use Rex Burkhead. Quite a bit but they also kind of said they wanna Yzerman because he's been coming off that injury because Rex Burkhead always coming off an injury James what's gonna get some touches and in the passing game work. He basically had no wide receivers. It's a run he's gonna just relies C yeah nine I like him and he always gets an open field catches inside that fifteen yard line on those in the hands and I like them. Let's take a break coming up next we'll wrap this something do you have anymore get them into the better each and attacks on her 55 threes or fossil summing up to get to. And we want to do that next here on football summon him for. Also and they wouldn't like commercial I'm Canadian dollars and. I want final segment for crazy start sick questions get him in better you today it's excellent five and 305 we're gonna get through as many as you can before the game skid when your. It was the party rosters will lock. Next question blows Ben Roethlisberger or in true lock this one's interest sing normally I always say Roethlisberger in this one but. The weather in Cleveland not pretty for passing the football. How I simply don't injure look on the swim even though I'd I would choose Roethlisberger normally about whether scares me off mechanism to those. When. I'm gonna go I'm gonna go look I think look is a better thrower of the football so a moment ago if Andrew Luck you know injury and all. Most of Fiji's better throw the football and won't look any is that players. I think this is pretty easy. Just down to. I I think in game script is going to be you're gonna have to pass. They're gonna have a relief that opening game for Indy. As opposed to him script in Cleveland's going to be once again they are going to try to run the ball. And limit the passing because. Passing is gonna be hard to do in those that windy condition so I also will roll out luck. Hilton. Digs Smith Shuster to Bundy atoms which three do I start this one's easy for them go into I'm gone Stephon and them on to Monte Adams. I knows the issues is going to be the number chicks Antonio brown and know he had some good looking games last year. I'm not fully sold on him this year yet. I allow audible or drafting him higher for big money and auction drafts and I was like no Natasha not touch and it. I've seen way too much inconsistency from sector receivers in Pittsburgh wrote lately to trust him yet. Again we discussed the weather that's gonna be an impact especially on a guy who's gonna be reliant on deep passing routes from Ben Roethlisberger. Summoning goatee while most of Monday's Dovonte Adams. Then. Step on digs Dovonte atoms. Really like Zhu Zhu. And did whether I know. The alma go to the two oil as well. I'm just gonna same now. We've got locker Wilson quarterback question again a little luck I don't know who Wilson's into the football team Doug Baldwin is better Brees hurt. And Denver's defense although the secondary is not quite as good. Slows for solace Chris Harris and a number a minute a look at Mellon falcons don't trust that your you know wanted to look as well. I think the Seahawks want to be better than people think I know I think there's still going to be a third their division for the two can be better. Than people think but just not this week so blown into. PPR flex Josh Gordon or dent in their functions or. Not so easy because we don't know what Josh Gordon's going to be. Part of what the game plan's gonna be for him today we don't know they're there they're saying that he might not be deployed there all the time. Functions is now the number one wide receiver Carolina. All in all sit just wouldn't. Big big play Josh core arm but know the weather the weather don't forget the weather here. I don't know I don't I don't like fungus at all I really don't bomb I shelty functions because the weather and deep threats not gonna happen today. And I just soared. I'm gone found just brought a hate I hate functions that he's been so bad and since he first got into the league and everyone was so high on him being good. Klain. So Charles clay. Or. The kettle guy from services go. In a tight end spot in any non PP our league. Oh it's tough for me. This I think Amelio kettle on Mellon until Charles clay is always. They are to like maybe get one touchdown once every five weeks. But Kindle is the guy who I think is going to be able to be a good target. For Jimmy to rubble and neither are very good so that's really tight and options that might look at upgrading at some point but I'm gonna go kill them or. Little who Osaka Charles clay. I don't know. Peerman may computer in his quarterback. For Charles the risk for Islam as well most of the yet uterine and there are a moment ago with a moment of cables. Cattle. Oh OK okay it'll I had I don't like what do you got and don't like anything about buffalo right now nothing rip. Birkhead or EP. Expert hitter Adrian Peterson Peterson will be the starter for Washington today. And to Birkhead because the receipt is Sri computers and allows complete years I don't trust them. Our achilles' back of rent. Isn't. I don't know camera while I'm Chris Thompson's gonna get the third down via. And there really have a back up right now could never once hurt that's when I'm Adrian Peterson rob Kelly is gonna be the backup but did they. Didn't want him I admit it they don't want him they don't want Margie peer to peer insular too. It they're not gonna get any word yet on taken Birkhead. I think that the papers are gonna have our defense of Leonel papers know what they're doing all the way offensively. Donald got a real problem so Monaco burger this honestly is kind of hard for me because. Peterson did look pretty good egg in its. The Broncos but they also the playing against what Arizona today is that is that when I got the thanks in Arizona still pretty tough against the run so all. I'll still probably give in despite the fact they have JJ watt back in the have clown means healthy. I'm still probably. Right out yeah I'll still go look at. This is a really hard we're Frist blossom we have some think yes fraud questions appreciate it. Trickle on Smith who I didn't know who wasn't floated up his loot he's the guy in the New Orleans who's competing with cameramen are deferred for touches. Taiwan Taylor who editor who was talked to a the titans' third receiver for the flexing your files and Chris Carson but I don't like him against Denver on the road. In the first game I don't blame you for that no DJ Luka today so if you order this for sure not playing Chris Carson. Between those two. I guess I'll say Smith because it's Drew Brees vs marks Maria and that's an offense that the likes to spread the ball around. I don't know how good is going to be throughout the whole year I really like Karen Meredith Fisher once he gets back to being fully healthy but I'll take trickles both of those your two prisons. Yeah records with it. Who who are we talking about exactly. Trickle on swift Smith. Who the receiver for the saints yeah okay and Taiwan Taylor who's a receiver for the tight. Which unfair how we got these honestly don't quite I want Taylor was like a twenty and it went right around I don't honestly know how to those guys though I would go Chris carcinoma all three you mentioned Chris I would I'd. And Chris person's gonna get the work unsolicited and I if you're dead set an uplink Carson I would takes meant by it I mean it in the end. In my case you're dead set on not playing Carson which you've probably should over these guys I would go Taylor. They're they got that surface is scrambled today. Thanks so much for participating we'll do it every single week. If we have a nine to eleven show at 930 if we have any time I'm thirty show at 845. Bullets you know about that as we wrap up show today. What's coming up next week but coming up next let's switch gears to you NFL chatter we have a lady on bill talk. We've got West Coast bias at 1015 and we got hitter limited 1030 that's all coming up next hour on foot balsam mountain into the.