Stewart Mandel 8.20.18

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Monday, August 20th
Sports writer for The All-American and The Athletic joins to talk all things College Football

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Lot of story lines off the field the AP top 25. A lot of throughput now previews and we wanted to get our friends Stewart Mandell who runs Z all American on the athletic. Want to get his thoughts on the pac twelve and talk about some college football so he's joining us now the Atlantic dot com just click the college football section you'll find all the great work there. He just put out his pac twelve preview. On Friday need joins us now thanks for join us in Portland store we always appreciate the time man on our producers said though coming back from break. You really locked in on the urban Meyer's story what are your thoughts on the urban Meyer's story Ohio State how do you think this is ultimately gonna play out. Like an at bat that second question a lot magnate I don't know cannot but make them truly fascinating you know out. One of them you know most successful coaches in the country what do you must accept the corruption in the country at eight. Hang in the balance we know there's. The eight they would back the war there with team. Told the result of the investigation of you get it there. Your recommendation the president and nobody got me could be. Kind of depend on what they found me kinda is entirely and the Olympic out. We will leave. Will they pick elite lead skilled enough to bring him back Willie the fire well these summer between organ pieces and as I. I thought Pete Campbell on gotten literally interesting story today can opt a lot of people. We knowledge of the investigation and that is it request never happened particularly completely. Is that just a very narrow investigation about. Between fifteen and then back American power Meyer handled it or is it more about. Picture that we can emerges that meant and all these things he's gone are gonna is that correct that pork and why would cap back on a lot of them. Aren't targeted. Coptic. From a football standpoint and another hypothetical for you but you know on hot Ohio State might be was out and it might be with him it could be a couple of game suspension. It kind of what you heard out of out of Columbus and how this affects the football team going into the year. Well everybody obviously spinning it moderately insane. You know preparations are going well under her truck Bryant case if you look at the recent history. You know plate and an interim coach. Haven't gone well now I have been. How much talent as anybody in the country outside of Alabama on an even now acting now. Like hair. That aren't there a lack Burke Colin. But I had to get my Dick can prediction last week I couldn't have to win the big hurdle in their division. Not argue because it's going to be so. It and the people that you stand you know they sit it out like a four game suspension package are hard to determine how long suspension should be in the situation. And then he's gonna come back there either having not in the team in pertinent quote. All throughout the Internet and start looking I don't see how that are you Booker. Now the other confident now Steward to my beads going there we won and beat them and pull of the upset. After. Stewart Mandell as I guess now the all American on the athletic on the phone while website does a great job. And writers there Tyson Alger our buddy he's covered the ducks now for them as well. Right so let's get to the pac twelve here you got Washington over Arizona as your predicted pac twelve title game. And you've got Washington going eleven in line. Breaking them down do you think the Huskies are playoff team. I think that they have all peace with India playoff team I think the biggest question frankly at the arbor in the first week because they're between the committee. You know we are going into their act within the current schedule their that would be down. You're going to be more exactly the kind. It could be let me to be protecting our. You know he made it law. There are only one that's quite a poll trading out of commit a playoff but it. I certainly think that it is looking a lot can connect between the pour your starting quarterback when you know record setting running back and obviously the public figure to be. Another dominant defense. I mean that after the pact. In on in your predictions as all the fact of north it is again Morgan come a knocking on the door in on and just sit a step by an obvious from Washington is that. But also stamps from what needs to happen for them this year when he is to go right for them this year to be back in that same conversation. As those two teams have been atop the north for a few years now. Blog number one job Herbert staying healthy for all season. We haven't it's partly April attention and claim that he deputy yet actually and start hurtful piece that'll. You know obviously. I think there fortunes are tied directly to him. Now the period the how to run in Italy we'd get become. Oil and and thinking organ ought to cut and cap the running game they're running back problem but the first while kind of a pop I'd start coming back. And then obviously actually win a championship that he can pick out a lot better last week in Lebanon are you getting better. Aren't they were further along Lockheed and Angela Carter and I thought it would be it was. How bad things where remark property but I'm very optimistic about this year it'd be hard to get it that our copper scandal really won't know until. They didn't act not actual play how good they really are. Is longtime college football writer Stewart Mandell is our guest here on the one surprising thing and I I had to do a double take on this one I know it's your one by Chip Kelly getting four wins this year in two and seven for UCLA you have them last in the south. Why what what is about the Bruins that leaves you just not confident at all that they're gonna beat anybody. The cover is there you know blow back. The defense completely bottomed out by the end it Jim Moore and here. There's not a lot of union you'd expect few years ago and guys like Anthony bar miles act they don't have that kind of player now. Look at pick our trip through at least not the defense. Offensively you know obviously they're great American quarterback who's gonna is it guys there. Seemed kind of odd when you brought it will be at the Crabtree from Michigan. The least bit noble. Which they appear requirement for his offense. And I don't think any bake at running back so I thought Payton in the coach and get things going there but I think realistically you're like a victory. Yeah you know every with a toss of a playoffs and there's always teams that are in the top ten and fall down and then teams that are enact kind of may in 1990 range that they are able to surprise you go climb up a little bit. There are there any of those that you're looking at this year either from either Rangel in the Constantine you're seeing and showing up like that does not bonded they can have a bad year may be a team adds. In that ten to twenty range that you only get near the right amount of respect. I think he'd eat should be getting more respect they won eleven games streamed past four seasons during the big truck hit it should be last year. They bring back the best defense in the big twelve. In their market actually can win the big twelve I think there's a window. An opportunity there. Obviously Oklahoma. Per year in the big army field but it gives people or whatever made you an action. Think that it completely overlook the next year on the other end of it you know you can ever. You don't want to keep teams met up nutty people came up in the top ten local law that part predict that important piece of pocketed the reason you think your company can. Appeal that kind of on the order Notre Dame. Expectations are very hard for them that they did have early that beat them last year but I I thought that. I think that that from a quarterback Reagan and bush. Membership and happy that he could win the game as an arm. Now they don't have jobs and running back it's half out there's two apple but what planet are trying to capital trapped. For that I could pick up back acted Peter name being. More Guinea pork tight jeans. Rather than borderline top ten team. What are the coaches on the hottest seat in your opinion going into this season. Are a lot of who is on the hot seat right now I believe our program is. Obviously David being the coach can't. The guys like that at at as of this moment. You know I don't know that there's obvious. You know like we were going to collapse it and wondering if they're gonna get coaches that Auburn and Arkansas implicitly that. The park taking Urban Meyer out of the equation obviously because apparently it could be lobby at our pick the and very got a reprieve last year packed packed it. It's still very much and are the one high profile one Libya Iran and LG I don't think the error that you be an upbeat actor. Relax your first. Full speed in the primary coached but expectations are high there. And I want people Buchanan the consolation prize in the first place you can wanted to. Give a picture Tom Herman and on paper that is not clear she activity that act. You know to be a problem for him. You mentioned Notre Dame to enjoy Brian Kelly's name gets thrown there and once in awhile and good you didn't mention them so I'm just gonna kind of assume you don't feel that it's such a hot seat season for Brian Kelly but if it's there are couple glamour jobs that somehow opened up. Do you think any of those programs would take that chance on a guy like playing Kiffin. Not not yet. You know I I could can Bryant they're. Colorado this year he's you become home on aggregate picker depart darling you certainly. I think at that point has proven. Where he gave it access and edit connection is especially opera not a cutting off by the ball. But it not play in a car that he could be in the past but he's doing that they get harmless. Early harmless to your collection that that you particularly coached at. I'll let you every little thing you're here because he's headlines in each direction. I don't know I think. I think eighties at the top level programs would have a hard time. Just are mad at frankly I'm thinking you know he's a controversy awakens something crazy. That made the aids. You know next level down are my team it just really want the tension conflict. Could take that chance. You know one program that we've got a lot of fun kind of going back and forth about is a team has shown up and almost everybody's top five or six Nance Wisconsin and we do mean honest on the returning. I guess what I look at Dem Nolan said. Is that many can't seem to have won national championships with the sub par average quarterback play MS your plays like Alabama's I guess my question about was consummate beat. Can they get good enough quarterback play to get them there or are they good enough tells her on the roster offensive line running back defense too wind in spite of their quarterback. Well I think are out Eric Bruntlett. To rely on an exception last year they are made a lot of big plays. He's not strengthen their team I don't think he's as much. We as people necessarily mean. I think we're confident that actually capable winning the big can't make it true while coach it's certainly going to be their best offense frankly that they patent. In a long long primary. My concern and bam and Michigan State. He's he's frankly the programs that don't aren't top ten top fifteen million top twenty recruiting process and make the most of what they have. That's a great formula for winning ten or eleven games maybe wing at Hopkins is not a great part in in the playoff. Backing against Taliban. Or piracy. And you know another one of those led Georgia Berkshire colleague guy so at my contemporary problems there. You know and added to cut and successfully had ever take five years back there out. They never actually played for the national championship. In just getting into the playoff I think would be. A huge accomplishment in my out to accomplish that that program that in turn would probably elevate it looked pretty good. Now like a Milan I think I have them in my playoff were doing predictions there goes Stewart and now the all American. Go find it go read it it is absolute must must he must read stuff at the athletic. Great job Manning continued success and allocate W on the road.