Terry Porter Interview 6-2-17

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Friday, June 2nd
University of Portland Pilots Head Basketball Coach and Former Portland Trail Blazer Terry Porter join the show.

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What a back in crunch time brought to you by crunch fitness always now 95 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership for presented ever gonna bring on guests haven't had a lot of wild so we figure. What better time to bring on friend of the show and Jerry Porter head coach up on the hill at the University of Portland act Terry Porter thirty. On Twitter coach Ozzie off season been so far for him. It meant good but it been busy and busy so we are reverse side it started its intent on campus for summer session. We're getting ready for a July recruiting circuit so we're. That it's calm but yet it still cut quite busy. And I liked I like staying busy but did in the big news this week coach is the TT eighty bracket was released officially be all new. That your squad was gonna be involved in tournament now we know your client. The defending national champion Carolina Tar Heels went for what goes through Terry porter's mind we know you got a star game plan and for the Tar Heels. Duke the great opportunity. To be it would be a part of throughout PK your ability. Filled night on his many contributions to collegiate basketball but for our program to get that type of exposure to different player yes. He hardly one of the best programs in the country. It's great. For us coaching staff for our vision for. Our fan base and to be able to have it in our backyard. And I liked it causes a remote little place where I was able to just be glad to have much are you thank you from the raft of sorts. So Manuel was is great for our kids just have that type of exposure and top. That a bit my our benchmark for a early give us a chance to really be able to law. In all learn most gangs that we planned impeached data really carry on and two. Our rest of our our season. We could you have you have eight new recruits coming in Muslim is going to be sitting out increase Sean Clark but you know when you're looking at a team that is young mixed with some of the other guys that will be back. He's like an after have a talk of all right guys let's calm the nerves we know this is a big fun opportunity to play Carolina by. When you see on the schedule it's hard not to believe is an 181920. Year old kid you don't see dad and get a little giddy. Well they are dictated I think. That's gonna happen and India and register to vote bird goes up 48 hour before tip off there's going to be some. So Murray are guys they're very excited that we've got third you know we want them to have that and they want to game whom we have to try to just didn't want to ball goes up and there. The total budget due on stuff that. We've worked on him prepare for. Throughout the whole summer and could make him a little bit. Be more reactive as opposed to just speaking. My Mac when it all happens. When you mentioned determined honoring film night and how big it's going to be with all these teams playing in it. Can you just take us down memory lane a little bit the first time that you personally may be met Phil Knight and what your relationships like with him. Yes so the first time I've met mr. Knight there was actually doing the the final thing NBA finals only host to replace Detroit Pistons they had. And then sent out on the campus on the I'm not Nike campus and obviously all of the national media was there. I'm detained some McCain chose a bolt came some of the players from there and I got to Castro. Obviously they can't let them and not just to commute for the first time. That way dollars just still can't hear about this story knows there's this amazing. Here's stored and how it all came about and you know not a beer beer around in this state and how he has. But the impact at this stage and so many ways in and helped estate grown so many ways to contribute some where it is time. Regret it and I think it's. Is great. The collegiate basketball world has really come it is just. Because he. It is so one of a kind processor. Now we're Tiger Woods Terry Porter friend of the show had coached. At the University of Portland indium a follow on Twitter at Terry Porter thirty. You know coach I got to imagine you're pretty excited about the were pretty classy you're bringing in your your your first kind of official recruiting class. I just thank your did did you use this as a recruiting to at all you know did to say to these kids say man you're gonna get a chance to play against. Some of the top programs and in top players in the country and in an early season tournament. Yeah we had a kid wanna come just for the time on all of you good to see what apparently was made and an outside so with these alien have to play against you know. One of the top ranked school in the nation at that time and also have a chat to turn on the ES PE and they don't Thanksgiving in. It's just we we deftly used that as as part of trying to up. Give it is to old broad sample what our program like Islam and we talked about our nonconference schedule we wanna do to plot where it is. Always challenging for Russell we can get ready to compete. And our confidence in the WCC. So. You know any type atomic like this is just. Dammit if it were quick to kid they know about it. They hear about it did you put Mikey of all I know it can be especially uniforms specialists use and so all that is. You know important go to given us an opportunity really used that talent grow our recruiting. Trails and down try to get into market that we haven't had a much access to give him yet. Women do in the south seizing coach I mean you going you have your one there UP geared up for year two we got some downtime when it would even doing. Well I got there and I. It was sitting down on top because we've been focused on our kids and a national kit and Google is suspect got on campus so we've been. Try to get them acclimated to very important we did we try to do some fun things with them around to around. You know try to do some that do some charity stuff around talent just to give them. You know gimmick that we don't know what the town about. Received campuses little bit. Quieter than it normally it is so we're just trying to take the time when we do have a chance to tiger about to the city. Yeah but I would Terry Porter head coach of the University of Portland they're going to be plain and it PK eighty tournament taken on North Carolina and your opening game be defending. National champion died I didn't wanna get your thoughts on a couple of NBA things. First to start with. Your memories of playing in the NBA finals many NBA finals started last night's unfortunately turn ended somewhat of a lopsided game but. You obviously had the opportunity to do that a few times in your career just this kind of walk us through us. Average non athletes what's that like beyond in your head going into playing in an NBA finals game. Hi puppet as you know ratcheting up dramatically compared to about I mean we obviously have to media. Potential but now it's more global than what was player and we pride in having many global. Media. Attractions and things the next but it took a player's standpoint you're just excited to meet you again about the journey you've. In our big cry and of deceit in the decline in the playoff camp and be given to continue to have access. And you know based faced adversity along the way it would then fight to those authorities with two guys and all the hard work you put him together to embassies. That the political it is truly. Ethnic in regards to just. Heaven that opportunity to play him in both these a little bit different country. They've done it three times now we defective chips that are bit about it. Now throughout the first time it was the first time no one expected us even come close to being. And make him a tepid job Weems a the first Howard made it but it was. From a shame and and a lot of abuse you just look dramatic so like I can't believe we need is great news about them. You know in that you just you know you gotta do you have that talk about the game and we got to do this without. In restart talks about strategy and amnesty doubting him you know how you gonna guard guys and everybody is it is and sold. Laser sharp focus. You can you know you could possibly be made Dayton told. The the courtesy of every play every second every minute and the importance of it. Well because it's these these two teams for the third straight season a lot of people think this is gonna happen next year in May be the year after that. Out because of the way the rosters are currently constructed. You get a lot of taco well there's no parity in the NBA is bad right now. Do you feel it's any different than what it was during your time amazes is the one year off and it's it's not that drastically different how do you feel the current state of the league. Because they're leaders I think there's there's enough. In the obtained. I think and then people all of us an acceptable even back then we played the west and the east exhibited these. Was. But look at more competitive backed Jimenez is now. And the rats was a little bit deeper. But these for a while pleased with still what a lot of championships for the west they're by atomic weapons is beat up each other and in the west mid east summit where. Well I think the league it's been a strong player never to have strong superstars. Guys that are very engagement. And talented Lee put the current events that affect fan base felt would like to see that bill also. You know social media does open up so many opportunities for guys to connect with fans that. I would never known her round and not think it really helps. I think. You know the game I think to have some think they got to work on I think there's. There's very to go to guy sitting stands out I think that's something that picked up to Qatar I should put him going for. Sub Arctic both sides want to try to come to a common ground. Trying to figure out the best case and try to give guys a chance to rest but also make sure that. On the fan bases. I'm an optimist sees those guys especially when it's only. And when you go east to west you don't you don't and one time I think that is something that we can the players association reacted dress. You know last night goes I watched the documentary on magic and bird on the MB I know HBO and they they replay that it's one of my favorite pieces on his three watched it just as I like it so much. And it's great to get kind of those. Yeah flashback those memories from Larry from magic themselves. How often does coach Terry Porter right now you got a lot on your plate right now about how many times a day do you maybe have a flashback of a moment in your career in. A certain game or certain playoff game or anything like that. Our main whenever the playoffs around not think about a turn that was just such a special time for me I was last appearance. They're great defensive player awesome performed well this is part of a team that really has. You know good runs so that. That at this time when you miss playoff always think a lot about just. The preparation and how we wouldn't you know you want to give him like an X series. We pray at Phoenix and you know it was a forced Sears would go home and it is by twenty we've come home and did come by when and it was just one of those saying that. Who did not have stopped some type series. Horse here is against you taught Karl Malone and brought him. Can't stop and I mean it does it commit resolve wiggling. Being around me without Zito can't be played and I. I go back to an obvious to refine my memories are great man. Reasons. And also it's just those who faced with a towel with this remember. You know you all the builders groups in the windows. And what you don't seem to be here with just enough so. So of course we go to that it was it's a great time I think a lot about those playoff times. Great stuff has always Terry Porter head coach up at the University of Portland TrailBlazer. Legend in game of follow on Twitter at Terry Porter thirty they're going to be in the PK eighty tournament opened up with North Carolina. On Thanksgiving Day coach thinks so much of the time and we're we're we're glad to hear that your offseason is going well you're staying busy and we can't wait to like catch up with you again here soon.