Tyson Alger 8-10-18

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 10th
Covering the Ducks for The Athletic, Tyson Alger checks in from Eugene with the latest on position battles, strength coach Aaron Feld, and why Oregon felt it necessary to sign a 3 game deal with Boise State.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. You talking and so far from the aura and I'd say every effort scrimmage coming up on Sunday and announced today. Coleman home a home home and home. And see what caused that against please stay yesterday. A lot to get stuff going all the dog treat that would bring on ties and honor our body does it us for the athletic can give a follow on Twitter at Tyson Auburn ties it would suddenly are you doing today. But don't that is just down here outside of Eugene practice complex and and join the fact that it's about it. Order now yeah midnight. Go home. Not quite 95 ankles enough little but I do wanna start the day out with a hard hitting questions for him we we spent like the first half hour on the show on and today. Could you. Could you handle the 999 challenge which is nine Beers nine hot dogs in nine innings. Who. How many are. I sixteen ounce beer eating cheese that are very blunt and we're talking like normal standard ball park job. Well what. Does that it's variable we don't have any answer to. Okay. I could not do the hard part. Fox part. But yeah I I yeah I can do it felt like 99 yet it's my I. I I went commander until afterward. Many people of like a 995%. And you know there. Ninth and ending up like that let's let's talk about what you saw down there today I see your tweet Johnson notes is kind of about injuries. I'm running back position wide receiver position what was going on down there today practice. Yeah yeah it is if not then. That stance toward different then you see him council the first. Two or three weeks of fall camp where guys are just a little bit and got you know the docs say they were are definitely out reaching down so there that looked like a walk onto the ball. Giving incorrect. Today you know you have Haiti it popped the Tony good exchange neighbor down a couple of guys took a little bit. Banged up on but not here is they're. I still expect that to be at rilya count on not. Wondering here over the next couple weeks this he had just Allah those series play out once the season starts because Iraq. You know Tony Tony exchange and as has been good spurt over its current level and by Hubert dealt really that good and I'm excited him he does. At wide receiver just a little now are behind you graduate of what Forrest. He didn't really practice the first week coming up a minor knee procedure. He's getting back on the field not include people go yet but he's that's like coming along in India and some are kind of chemistry work out stuck with this team right now. Our time would Tyson auger the athletic covers the ducks for the athletic on Twitter at. Tyson auger what what has been I mean even cover in the is now for a while this is the third and coach in the third year for organ. What what is the biggest difference I guess you've seen the just from the ins and outs of practice and getting a glimpse of the way they do things the way they operate what stood out the most TO. It's very disciplined in an aircraft. And and on the disciplined assignment. I don't think there's a single coach in college football could come around they were not disciplined were not your time all sorts. In releasing genuine democracy on the staff and the players bought and then I I've been really impressed kind of like yeah. To steal trade income culprits here the horizontal leadership I I had a decent athletic today about how. You know freshmen are just gonna play you know in all or are still smoke and park media. And in the way crystal ball sees it is it's probably that can contribute to the team I want to. I don't want any barriers that would make them feel like they're freshman. You know an adult leader. I don't want to take responsibility about service are in any turned a crackle of I'm department. Stuff to do and the way in with a child I mean last year. Last year you get strong strong strong strong strong in the spirit is strong but you wouldn't wait that's like Q. I help you out on the football field that is not just you know do you know for the sake for the sake of. Never silent ties an already athletic you mentioned the newcomers being able to talk to the media which is is some of the change of pace. Well what are some of those newcomers and it's a Nazi mention for Dell like he redshirt last series shut out so foreign Campbell us is kind of shown that they have a chance to play a little bit here in their first here on campus. You know that that that's that's expedient that's as good question that there are a lot of kind of registered freshman. I as far as as true freshman I mean they have they have several achievements on the bottom line in coach Chris smaller park back out this year where Kabul probably cycle through that aren't. I would be surprised. Just to see Brian hasn't it complaint kind of like you adults are obviously had been kidnapped last couple years. He's not obviously it and he introduced our industry are gonna cover are shark in the ball you're a guy speaker in the orient. Algeria. Are. Very fun the cockpit and he's looked at practice so are by. I'm obviously not a coach it is like it accurately ya great quarterback yeah I make an open more money. And by Becky he looked like yeah vote to ease a big kid he's got strong. I'm I'm I'm really how he plays in the first. Into the season where you probably will see in the back and collect your reps just because the canoe and CAA rule that allows customers to play in support. Now and it's a good one element of planets give four games in for freshman quarterback needs to on Monday that redshirt year. And I'm curious to ask you about it and this is adamant that we've discussed on the station last week or two hands and Diebler cautioning against it some Diebler just dive in head first and that's it. The expectations for the upcoming season just that with the closer and closer we get to the start of the year the irony higher the expectations. I continue to go deep do you think organ fan you hear from them probably that I do with your stories your tweets that kind of stuff. Do you fear that expectations are getting to liar or should they be high for the season. I mean the fall camp I mean every article is quicker and eleven wins you know it's. I hadn't. I think organ has a very fair expectation. Are a very curt and expectations now. A lot I have to go right and I think about on the order by you know that the one thing I've I've kind of realize you know his fans haven't expectations but I mean there's this sort are not shy about saying they want when actual title. I directing Carolina new hash tag dictate the patch. You know they they place a lot upon themselves in running its yes they have a new coach on this staff by. If you have a potential first round draft a quarterback if you have a defense that. At some group like it did from one you're 201 that. Are some in the first garnered a lot I think it's completely realistic that they'd be. Think that they can hang at least with the Washington emperor in this actual work and you know looking down south seas and you are American morning. Organ organ had a couple down years last year that the that the turnaround and I completely expect that this team has it stands right now. Is much better than that he won last year and the schedule plays out Walt and so. I'm wearing can I it's okay to get excited but also to marvel at a young young players like air and and the time in a lot of ground game when they're close and there are indeed different sort of park project out that the potential. Now we're tied with ties an already athletic on Twitter at. Tyson auger is some news yesterday they came out and I have been frustrated some because of their history against the team that. Organ announces its three series against Boise State's tartan and and I am fully years into Johnson and play a Boise one of the year's. And and the criticism that I've heard from some is it why would you even scheduled as a what was the bonus of playing a Boise State. Do you agree with that does this count as a big nonconference land what do you make it and schedule in those three games against Boise. I mean you I don't think you can win not not not one against quick state that I mean this year our current terror. I conduct my arm poetic art how to add this nonconference schedule is so. I mean it's it's you kind of got your point that you do want to greet really and non conference games and at this entire list capital strength of schedule is if you are getting into the conversation a playoff or. You aren't bigger risk in place tough team early in the Yzerman and you risk losing a game I mean if it. If you go to war in history did not never. Really shied away from playing in big gains in only eight played a few years ago they had that big big home and home series of missions state. Nebraska the last two years in the Nebraska. Is an at a peak yet still a big power our program. And you can project out you can. Concurrently announced Ohio State coming up they have Auburn coming out. You know it it's. I think it's just turning and it's because the Boise State in Boise State in the dark haven't done well there you go back ten years he can go next month at its. There hasn't been a great match organ but I mean. That's six years from now like and who knows where either prosper and are at this point but. From from our standpoint I'm I'm out about it because I like it some talk about. As a writer it's a lot more I am doing my job a lot more going into week we're going to Boise State or delicate and a Bowling Green or Portland State that sparked. Alex is Louis lead in story in those lithium Alamo we'll get jealous when you did write a story. I'm gonna take some editorial credit for this desire I'd live on this is a great idea and I knew wanna know more about this guy and always make in the media rounds and stuff now but. I you wrote a piece about Erin sold 45 things in honor of the 45 day challenge trees that. He's still on the sleeves down there what what did we learn about the new strength and conditioning coach for the ducks. Yeah I'd eat eat eat quite a character down here in the you know I've been in. Pretty impressed by his late Q kind of I'm market and so you and strength err I mean he's. Coaches are giving him credit left and right for them group Eckstein scene and players and I'm wall art I think I'm about what you see on his. A little bit of a caricature but it it based out of kooky is I mean post. Producer art didn't like Britain says he notes yet at this is authentic you know this is feeling but. You know this is also there's a guy who is practical Lebanon earlier with the way that you instantly program. He has loads of certifications he has master's degree. You know he either guy that hasn't mustache and unions. You know looks like your typical strength coach but there's there's definitely a lot more to our economy sky. Actually I'm on. And now is fun to read go check it out subscribe to the athletic Tyson art. A the F letting him a follow on Twitter at Tyson alright thanks man we always appreciate the time a mistrial on those 959 challenges hears him. 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