Recruiting with Andrew Nemec

Get the latest from Oregon Live's Recruiting Expert! Recruiting with Andrew 
Nemec is the show for college recruiting fans, with the inside story on the 
Ducks, the Beavers, the national recruting scene and high school prospects 
across Oregon and Southwest Washington.

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Recruiting w Nemec 7-11

Thursday, July 11th
Nemec breaks down the latest recruiting news and who the Ducks could potentially be landing soon.

Recruiting w Nemec - 6-27

Thursday, June 27th
Nemec talks with Noah Sewell about his process and breaks down the recent success with Oregon States recruiting.

Recruiting w Nemec 6-6

Thursday, June 6th
Nemec talks with 4-star Kieth Brown, and breaks down the transfer portal and the problems it could casue in the future.