The Encore Audio Video Podcast

For more than 30 years, Encore Audio/Video has stayed true to one core
belief: technology should be fun, easy to use, and enhance your lifestyle.
1080 The FAN Host,Luke Andersen is joined by Encore’s System
Designers,Clark Von Trotha and Jeff Grove, to talk home theaters, integrated
home automation, how to get the most from your technology, and much more
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Episode 3: Outdoor Entertainment

Friday, April 26th
With summer just around the corner Jeff and Clark are into talk about the boom in outdoor technology options. And they explain how more options not only mean...

Episode 2: Room Design

Tuesday, February 12th
Where you put your furniture, how your electronics are stored and even the shape of you room can have a huge effect on your entertainment experience. Jeff and...

Episode 1: Home Theaters

Tuesday, January 1st
There are many things to consider when you are building a home theater or you want the best viewing experience for movies and TV at home. Jeff and Clark review...