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Hot Corner

Hot Corner, 6.3.20, Hour 1

Wednesday, June 3rd
The MLB might have been delivered a death blow to their possible 2020 season, Lucas Giolito speaks up and we talk about the limited amount of African Americans...
Hot Corner

Hot Corner, 6.3.20, Hour 2

Wednesday, June 3rd
Portland is starting back up their water fountains for some terrible reason, as are Costco and their samples, we talk booze, because, well, duh! What video...
Hot Corner

Hot Corner 5.27.20 Hour 1

Wednesday, May 27th
Patrick tells a plane story, strip clubs, and how do we feel about an MLB season after the latest league proposal?
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Hot Corner, 5.20.20, Hour 2

Wednesday, May 20th
The confidence in baseball starting is waning, MLB released safety precautions and we wonder what everyday things would be hard for us to stop doing, and we...
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Hot Corner, 5.20.20, Hour 1

Wednesday, May 20th
Food we've been eating more of during Covid, the Avanti Market is having some rough days, movie talk, and Blake Snell said somethings that a lot of players are...