Adrian Wojnarowski

Primetime, 1080 The FAN, KFXX-AM
Primetime with Isaac and Suke
June 12, 2020 - 7:47 am
Adrian Wojnarowski reports the NBA has a set plan for teams coming and leaving the Coronavirus playoff bubble. The time tables are as follows; 16 teams will be eliminated after 35-40 days, 14 teams will be gone by day 53... oh, and normal dudes will be guarding doors to prevent major athletes from...
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NBA, Las Vegas, coronavirus, quarantine
Dusty and Cam in the Morning
April 03, 2020 - 2:36 pm
Adrian Wojanrowski joined Sportscenter from his home (possibly his toilet) this week, and explained the many different avenues NBA executives are exploring in order to keep the NBA playing in 2020. One possibility that's got traction is finishing the season out in Las Vegas. It's a viable idea,...
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